AEW Dynamite 12 28 2022

AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash Results
December 28, 2022
1STBank Center in Broomfield, CO
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go live to the 1STBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado with Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone on commentary.

Bryan Danielson vs. Ethan Page

Bryan Danielson comes out to a huge ovation as the crowd tonight is loud. Ethan Page is introduced next with Stokley Hathaway. They are booed loudly.

All of a sudden MJF’s music hits to a mixed reaction. He is shown in the VIP area of the arena. MJF is with who says is the only hot chick in all of Colorado. Danielson gets distracted and is taken out by Page. MJF on the mic says he thought Danielson was the best in the world. MJF is drinking wine. Page was upset at MJF. Page picks up Danielson and slams him down. The crowd begins to chant let’s go Bryan, who hits Page with an elbow strike followed by a series of chops. Page reverses it and hits Danielson with chops of his own. Danielson comes back with chops and kicks on Page. Danielson’s chest is really red from the chops by Page. Danielson grabs Page and puts his ankle in a lock submission. Danielson has Page locked up and grabs his nose and then stomps on his leg. Danielson stomps on Page’s leg and then follows up with kicks to the back. Page gets up and hits Danielson with an elbow and follows up with elbows to the back of the head as the fans boo loudly at Page. Page gets Danielson up on the top rope and attempts to suplex him as the fans chant let’s go Bryan. Danielson hits Page with a headbutt and knocks page off the ropes. Danielson then hits page with a drop kick off the top rope. Hathaway attempts to distract Danielson, but he sends Page to the outside and Danielson leaps through the ropes and drives Page into the guardrail. Hathaway distracts Danielson who then goes back in the ring as is met by Page who takes him down with an elbow.


Back from the break, Page is in control. Page slaps Danielson as they cut to a picture-in-picture shot of MJF drinking wine with the woman he has by his side. Danielson hits Page with a German Suplex. Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count. Both men are up just before ten as both men exchange blows. Page is in the corner as Danielson hits Page with round kicks as the fans chant yes and no. Danielson has Page up on the top rope and drops him down. Danielson hits Page with a serious of round kicks. Page goes to the outside as Danielson hits Page with a drop kick through the ropes. Danielson on the apron attempts a flying knee on Page, but Hathaway pulls Page out of the way and Danielson crashes to the floor. Page then slams Danielson on the floor. Both men get back in the ring and Page covers Bryan for only a two count. Danielson gets kicked to the back of the head by Page. Danielson then counters and slams Page down and hits him with kicks. Danielson cover Page for only a two count. Danielson has Page in a face lock, but Page manages to get to the bottom rope to break the hold. Danielson gets up and climbs to the top rope. Page is able to get up and hits the ropes. Page climbs the rope and Danielson elbows Page, but Page counters it into a huge powerslam off the second rope. Page covers Danielson 1 -2 – NO! Danielson kicks out as the fans chant this is awesome! Page then picks up Danielson for the Egos Edge, but Danielson slips out of it and nails Page and stomps on Page’s chest. Danielson has Page in a headlock. Page passes out and the ref calls it. We go to a shot of MJF in the VIP box looking on with the woman he is with.


We go to backstage with Renee Paquette asking Wardlow about his TNT Title match tonight against Samoa Joe enters and nails Wardlow in the knee with a pipe asking him if he wants action.


We go backstage with Renee Paquette asking the doctors who is checking on Hangman Page and his status. Page said its day by day. The doctors told Page that he is following concussion protocol and could return in 2 weeks. The doctor said if he keeps getting physical with Jon Moxley it could delay his return.

Jon Moxley & ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. Top Flight

Moxley comes out with Claudio through the crowd to a loud reaction. The commentary team says that the doctors are checking on Wardlow’s knee. Top Flight is out next to a mixed reaction.

Darius goes right after Moxley sending him to the outside. Dante is caught by Claudio and is slammed on the floor. The bell now rings as Moxley and Claudio double team Darius in the ring. Claudio hits Darius with knees to the chest. Moxley tags in Claudio who picks up Darius and drops him down and then then hits him with uppercuts as he gets to his feet. Moxley is tagged in and hit drives a big boot into the jaw of Darius. Moxley follows up with chops and then bites Darius in the chin. Moxley has Darius on the second ropes and digs his fingernails into the back of Darius. Darius recovers and pushes Moxley off the ropes and hits him with a drop kick. Dante is tagged in and hits Moxley with a drop kicks. Dante covers Moxley for only a one count as the fans chant Moxley who comes back with elbow strikes to the chest of Dante. Dante comes back and nails Moxley as both men are down.


Back from the break. Darius has Moxley is an ankle lock, but Moxley breaks the hold by kicking Darius. Darius comes back and covers Moxley for only a two count. Moxley attempts a suplex but it is blocked by Darius. Both men go down and Claudio is tagged in and then Dante is tagged in. Claudio sends Dante to the corner and hits him with uppercuts. Claudio then follows up with a dropkick as Claudio covers Dante for only a two count. The fans in Broomfield want the giant swing, but Dante is able to gets tagged in. Claudio grabs Darius and swings him around! Both men double Claudio. Dante drops Claudio and covers him – 1 -2 – NO! Claudio kicks out as the fans go crazy! Claudio coves back and drops Dante. Claudio charges after Dante who ducks and is nailed with a foot to the face by Darius. Dante covers Claudio for only a two count! as the fans begin to chant this is awesome! Claudio hits Darius with a high boot to the face. Both men double team Claudio, but it is reversed as he sends Dante to the outside. Darius avoids an uppercut from Claudio and covers him with after a backslide, but Claudio kicks out. Claudio nails Darius with an uppercut as he covers Darius for the win, but NO! Darius kicks out as the fans chant Holy S—! Claudio hits Daris with a huge lariat. On the outside Dante is nailed with a Paradigm Shift on the floor! Darius comes back and Claudio pulls out his mouth guard and then boom! A huge uppercut to Darius. Claudio covers Darius for the pin!


We go backstage to Renee Paquette with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford and Best Friends, Orange Cassidy and Danhausen. Sabian says that Trent gets a title shot for the All-Atlantic Championship before Sabian. The match was made official for Rampage.

FTW CHampion Hook vs. Baylum Lynx

The bell rings and here we go. Hook drops Lynx and then hits Lynx with body shots. Hook then drops Lynx with an overhead suplex and then hits Lynx with cross shots to the face and locks in Lynx who taps out.


Post match Stokley Hathaway, Big Bill and Lee Moriarty come out. Hathaway calls Hook the Southwest Airlines of AEW. Jack Perry’s music hits and Moriarty tackles Perry on the outside. In the ring Big Bill and Hook stare each other down. Big Bill picks up Hook, but Perry who takes out Moriarty comes in the ring with a 2×4 and nails Big Bill in the back and sends him retreating.

We go backstage to Chris Jericho and says that Ricky Starks mocked JAS and told Starks he is small minded and a flash in the pan. Jericho said he going to school Starks in Seattle and he won’t know what hit him and he always wins. Jericho tells Action Andretti to go back to the indies and stay out of his face. Jericho says that in Seattle he will embarrass Starks.


We go backstage with The Mogul Affiliates. Swerve said Lee doesn’t have the same vision as he does so he had to get rid of him. Wheeler Yuta enters the picture and asks Swerve if he wants to get violent and dirty, then meet him on Rampage.

AEW Trios Championship Match Six In The Best of Seven Series: Death Triangle vs. The Elite (Falls count anywhere)

Don Callis is on commentary for this match. We go to the backstage area and both teams are fighting in the back stage area. All men are slamming each other into the walls. PAC is slammed into a trash can. Penta grabs a trash can and then sets up Omega, but then PAC grabs Omega and slams him down on a pallet. PAC climbs what look to be bleacher seats and takes out the Young Bucks with a moonsault! Matt Jackson superkicks PAC and then covers him for three, but only gets a two count. Nick hits Penta with a moonsault on Penta off risers. The Bucks are bleeding. Nick from the elbow and Matt from the forehead. PAC and Matt are in the gorilla position area. The Bucks and PAC make their way to the entrance way. Rey Fenix climbs up to the big screen and hits everyone with a huge corkscrew! Out of nowhere Omega hits Fenix with a huge V-Trigger to a mixed reaction. PAC picks up Omega and drops him with a huge German Suplex on the ramp. Nick breaks the pin as the fans chant this is awesome! Both Nick and PAC suplex each other to the ring. Fenix then covers Nick 1 -2 – NO! Nick kicks out!


Back from the break in the ring PAC and Omega exchange chops. Penta is now in the ring and kicks Omega in the back of the knee. Penta brings a trash can in the ring and Death Triangle puts the trash can on Omega and hits him with triple dropkicks. The fans are behind Death Triangle for this part of the match. Penta hits Omega with a chop to the chest. PAC follows up with a kick to the mid section. Nick Jackson comes out of nowhere and kicks PAC. Matt Jackson hits the ring and drops Penta. Omega then drops PAC and grabs the trash can and nails PAC over the head. Omega then puts the can on PAC and then hits him with a V-Trigger. Omega picks up PAC and drops him onto the trash can. Omega covers PAC for just a two count! The fans chant this is awesome!. Omega goes to the outside and the Lucha Bros hit a fear factor on Omega on the floor. The Bucks break up the pin. Fenix comes out of nowhere and takes out Omega on the outside. Penta has Nick on the apron and hits Penta with a big body drop on the apron. Nick nails Penta off the ring apron onto the floor and Matt covers Penta, but no! PAC breaks up the pin! PAC goes for a shooting star press to Matt, but he roles out of the way. The Bucks hit Penta with a BTE Trigger! Matt covers Penta, but PAC comes in and breaks up the pin! The action for this match has been all over the place. The fans chant we want tables! Omega has Fenix and drops him down onto a table with a one winged angel. In the ring PAC has Matt Jackson is in a submission and he taps out, but it’s after the bell as Fenix is pinned after the insane one-winged angel on the table.


Match seven will be in two week in Los Angeles at the KIA Forum.

Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale vs. Tay Melo & Anna J.A.S.

The bell rings and here we go. Willow and Tay start the match. Tay is grabbed by Willow and then its reversed as Tay puts Willow in a waste lock, but Willow breaks out of it. Willow kicks Tay and hits her with over hand chops. Ruby blind tags in as Tay retreats and tags in Anna. Ruby drops Anna and hits her with right hand to the head. Anna gets up to her feet, but Ruby continues with right hands. Ruby tags in Willow and both women double team Anna. Willow scoops up Anna and slams her down. Ruby follows up with a splash as Ruby covers Anna, but only gets a two. Willow hits Anna with a big boot, followed up by a high cross body. Willow covers Anna, but she kicks out! Tay has Willow in the corner as we go to the break.


Back from the break, Anna is in control. Tay is tagged in as they double team Willow. Anna is tagged back in. Willow fights back and drops Anna with a huge lariat! Anna is able to tag in Tay and Willow tags in Tay. Ruby hits Tay with huge elbows to the face! Tay goes down and Ruby picks her up and drives Tay face first to the turnbuckle pad. Ruby nails Tay with the no future – huge kick! Ruby covers Tay but she kicks out! Tay hits Ruby with a huge pump kick as both women are down. The ref begins the count as Willow clear out Anna and breaks the count. Ruby picks up Tay and drops her with a then goes for the pin, but Anna breaks it up. Ruby hits Tay with huge chops and Tay fires back with chops of her own. Both women hits each other with double headbutts. Ruby falls on Tay as the ref then makes the count, but Tay kicks out. On the outside Anna has a chair, but the ref takes the chair. As the ref is distracted Tay grabs a chair and hits Ruby with a pump kick and then drops on her on her face. Tay covers Ruby and get the pin for her team.


We go backstage with the Gunns. Lexy Nair is asking why they are leaving. They say they are late for dinner and will address their win on FTR next week in Seattle.

After running down the card for Rampage, we go backstage with Renee Paquette talking to Ricky Starks. Starks said he is going to get revenge on Jericho in Seattle. Starks thanks Jericho for the compliments and says that is will be a master class when Ricky Starks whips Jericho’s a–.


AEW TNT Championship Match: Samoa Joe defends against Wardlow

Samoa Joe’s music hits and out he comes out with the TNT Title and ROH TV World Title to the fans chanting Joe. The fans are behind Joe for his entrance. Wardlow’s music hits as the fans start to chant his name. Joe looks on with a smirk on his face as there is no Wardlow. Joe grabs a mic and calls himself the one true king of television and says Wardow is suffering for stage fright and that he called someone from the Broncos to fight. Warldow comes out and medical staff tries to old him back. Warldow hits the ring and goes after Joe with chops and body blocks. Wardlow sends Joe to the ropes and tackles him down. He favors his fight leg as the fans chant Joe is going to kill you. Wardlow drops Joe and nails him to the face. Warldow picks him up and hits him with huge right hands. Wardlow chokes Joe as the ref starts counting to five. Warldow breaks the hold at four. Joe comes back and nails Wardlow who drops down. Joe chops Wardlow, but Wardlow comes back with chops and closed fists on Joe as the ref breaks it up. Joe comes back and hits Wardlow with a knee breaker as we go to a commercial.


Back from break, Warldow is on the outside as the he gets back in the ring right before ten. Joe continues to work on the right knee of Wardlow. Wardlow makes it to his feet and Joe hits Wardlow with chops as Wardlow goes down. Joe has his elbow into the knee cap area of Wardlow as the ref counts. Joe breaks the hold at four. Warldow is sitting on the top turnbuckle as Joe hits him with chops. Joe attempts a superplex, but Wardlow gets out of it and he hits Joe with a huge swanton on Joe from the top! The ref begins the ten count as both men are down. Joe is up then Wardlow is up. Both men exchange forearms. Wardlow comes back and hits Joe with a German Suplex. Wardlow is slow to get up. Wardlow is sent into the corner and climbs the ropes and then nails Joe. Warldow covers Joe but only gets a two count. The replay shows Wardlow may have jammed his left knee when he came down. Wardlow headbutts Joe twice as Joe goes down. Wardlow covers Joe but NO! Joe kicks out at two! Joe sweeps Wardlow’s leg. Wardlow gets up and Joe hits him with chops. Joe has Wardlow up on the top but Wardlow grabs Joe and powerbombs Joe to a mixed reaction! Wardlow tries to pick up Joe but his knee gives out. The fans start to chant Joe as he chop blocks Wardlow’s back leg. Joe has Wardlow in a rear naked choke and passes out as Joe retains.


After the match Wardlow gets up and Joe is looking on. Joe walks over to Wardlow and nails him with the title belt and gets out of the ring and grabs a tool box from under the ring. Joe opens it and grabs scissors. He goes back in the ring and looks like he might cut Wardlow’s hair. Joe then headbutts referee Joe Turner. Joe cuts off Warldow’s man bun and hold it up and waves bye bye to Wardlow. Darby Allin’s music then hits as Joe looks to the entrance area. Darby comes in from behind through the crowd and nails Joe in the back with the skateboard as Joe retreats. Darby picks up the TNT Title as the fans go crazy. Excalibur runs down the Rampage card for this Friday and says AEW will start a new area next week in Seattle with Dynamite as the show goes off the air.