AEW Rampage 12 09 2022

AEW Rampage Results
December 8, 2022
H-E-B Center (Cedar Park, Texas)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Excalibur, Jim Ross Tony Schiavone are on commentary.

Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita

The men are already in the ring. Both men lock up as Moxley has Takeshita in an arm bar and takes him down. Takeshita gets back up, but Moxley, with the arm bar takes Takeshita down again. Moxley has Takeshita in a headlock. Takeshita gets up with and breaks the hold. Takeshita and Moxley then exchange chops to the chest. Takeshita then hits Moxley with a huge drop kick! The fans give both men an ovation. Moxley puts out his hand and Takeshita refuses. Moxley kicks him and has Takeshita in the corner and hits him with chops. Takeshita then hits Moxley with an elbow strike. Moxley rolls out of the ring and Takeshita then hits Moxley on the outside with a huge leap to the outside. The action then spills to the outside.


Back from the break, the action is back in the ring and Moxley is bleeding from the forehead. Moxley is dripping blood. Moxley attempts a piledriver, but its countered by Takeshita, who then comes back with a huge lariat on Moxley. Takeshita hits Moxley again and Moxley who is pouring blood rolls to the outside. Takeshita drops Moxley with a DDT on the ring apron. Takeshita covers Moxley, but only gets a two count. Takeshita hits Moxley with an elbow strike. As Takeshita runs at Moxley, he is hit with a huge lariat. Takeshita hits Moxley with a huge knee and brain buster and then covers Moxley, but only gets the two count!

The crowd on their feet begin to chant this is awesome! Both men are on the top rope. Moxley drops Takeshita from the rope. Takeshita gets up and hits Moxley with a rolling elbow strike. Takeshita then hits Moxley with a blue thunder bomb and covers him, but Moxley kicks out at two! Takeshita hits Moxley with a German Suplex and covers Moxley again, but a bloody Moxley kicks out again! Moxley comes back with a series of Elbow strikes and hits Takeshita with a paradigm shift. Before Moxley can attempt the cover, Takeshita kicks out and the fans go nuts!. Moxley comes back with a knee to the face. Moxley has Takeshita in a hold, but gets out and stomps on Moxley. Moxley counters as the fans boo. Moxley is pounding on Takeshita’s head from behind as he is on the mat.

Moxley has Takeshita in a choke hold and Takeshita goes down and passes out.


Hangman Page came to the ring with a mic after the match to confront Moxley.  Pag said the doctor’s won’t clear him because of his brain, so he has a good excuse and then attacked Moxley with the mic.  They brawled around ringside.  Claudio and Wheeler then came out and tried to break it up.  Moxey was shoved into a steel ring post and went down.  Claudio and Wheeler pulled Moxley away. Hangman had to be helped to his feet by the medical staff.


Regina Di WAVE Champion Hikaru Shida defends the title against The Bunny

The bell rings and Shida is distracted by Penelope Ford who is on the outside. Both women then lock up and go down. Shida nails the The Bunny with strikes to the face. Shida picks up The Bunny and slams her down. Shida then goes to the rope to and misses hitting The Bunny. The Bunny has Shida in neck hold with her knees. The referee calls from the break as we go to commercials.


Back from the break The Bunny has a kendo stick and nails Penelope Ford as she goes down. Shida hits The Bunny and goes for the pin, but The Bunny kicks out. Skida then nails The Bunny again and get’s the pin. Skida now gets a shot at Jamie Hayter, who comes out to the entrance area…


Big Bill (W. Morrisey) and Lee Moriarty vs. Izzy James and Clayton Bloodstone

Moriarty and Bloodstone lock up. Moriarty drops Bloodstone. Clayton comes in and Moriarty has both men locked up. He takes both men down. Moriarty tags in Big Bill and smashes James in the corner and then nails him with a big boot. James from the top rope attempts to take out Big Bill, but is nailed with a big boot. Big Bill covers James and gets the pin.



Back from the break we go backstage with Kip Sabian says he has hand picked an opponent for Orange Cassidy. Danhausen then comes in to interrupt Mark Henry as says its time for the main event.

Orange Cassidy defends the AEW All-Atlantic Championship

Orange Cassidy and Best Friends come out to a huge ovation. They camera cuts to the front row showing young kids dressed up like Cassidy as JR says there are little oranges in attendance tonight. Funny.

Cassidy’s opponent is former WWE NXT UK Superstar Trent Seven. He comes out to a big ovation from the fans.

The bell rings and Cassidy puts up his arms to put his hands in his pockets. Seven blocks it and both men do a twirl of the mustache. Seven hits Cassidy with some big chops to the chest. Seven went for the chop, but Seven avoided it and then Cassidy high fives the ref. Seven causes Cassidy to go to the outside. Best Friends and Cassidy stare down Sabian as Seven comes and hits Cassidy with a huge chop as his back is turned. The music for The Butcher and The Blade hits as they come down to start a brawl with Best Friends.


Back from the break both men are back in the ring. Orange Cassidy and Seven are on the top rope as Seven suplexes Cassidy and covers for Cassidy, but only gets a two count! Seven has Cassidy in the corner. Seven nails Cassidy with chops to the chest. Cassidy then takes out Seven who goes to the outside and takes out Sabian with him. Seven is back in the ring and Cassidy attempts to hit Seven with a DDT, but its countered. Seven takes down Cassidy and goes for the pin, but only gets a two! Seven has Cassidy in a hold and hits Cassidy in the side of the head. Seven then nails Cassidy with a short arm lariat and we have a near fall! Cassidy tries to get to his feet but is still down. Seven picks up Cassidy and goes for a double under hook, but Cassidy counters and hits Seven with a DDT. Cassidy is up and goes to the top rope. As Cassidy comes down Seven hits Cassidy with a punch and then a twisted piledriver. Seven covers Cassidy and we have another near fall! The crowd chants this is awesome! Cassidy then hits Seven with an Orange Punch and Beach Break for the win. Kip Sabian then takes out Cassidy and Penelope Ford has the referee tied up. Sabian and Seven then double team Cassidy. Dustin Rhodes music hits and he comes to make the save as he takes out Sabian and Seven with the old school Dusty Rhodes elbows, upper cuts and then power slams Seven as Cassidy recovers. Sabian and Seven retreat and Cassidy and Rhodes celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air.