Jersey Championship Wrestling


  • May 18, 2002 – Jersey Championship Wrestling in Lyndhurst, NJ before 125 fans: Damian Dragon b Deranged, Jay Lethal and Ray Child b Eddie Batten and Eric Baine, Middknight b Greg Spitz, Simon Diamond b Ace Darling, Solution b Shane Sheridan and Andrew Anderson, Inferno b Molson, Qeenaan Creed won three-way over Insane Dragon and Billy Reil, Brian Christopher b Dave Greco.
  • June 15, 2002 – Jersey Championship Wrestling’s Jersey Cup: American Dragon b Lee Great, Dave Greco b Dixie, Mark Briscoe b Shane Sheridon, Scoot Andrews b Jason Rumble, Colt Cabana b Damian Dragon, A.J. Styles b Qeenan Creed, C.M. Punk b Billy Reil, Reckless Youth b Insane Dragon, American Dragon b Greco, Andrews b Mark Briscoe, Styles b Cabana, Youth b Punk, Dragon b Andrews, Youth b Styles, Inferno b Jay Briscoe (Non-tourney) and Youth b American Dragon to win tournament.
  • November 16, 2002 – Jersey Championship Wrestling’s TV taping in Bergenfield, NJ: Julio Dinero d Christian York (double pin), Solution b Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to keep tag titles, Ace Darling b Don Montoya, Rick Fuller b Matt Devlin, Reckless Youth b Inferno, Live Wire b Dick Rodz, Knoxville b J.D. Licoius and Johnny Ova, Danny Demento b Prof. Steve, Tyler Payne b Tiger Mulligan, Jay Lethal b Rob Eckos, Youth b Fuller, Boriquas b Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Dirty Money b Mike Mayhem, Damien Dragon b Shawn Sheridan, Simon Diamond won three-way over Inferno and Crowbar, Reckless Youth b Darling to win TV title.
  • April 6, 2003 – First JCW/UWA TV taping in New Jersey: Bandido Jr. b Fantastico, J.D. Licious b Dickie Rodz, Bandido b Black angel, Cartel b Corona, Damian Dragon and Foxxy Dreams b Dan Berry, Livewire b Jay Lethal, Dave Greco b J.D. Licoius, Los Boriquas b Boogie Knights.
  • September 28, 2003 – Jersey Championship Wrestling in Jersey: Team Ethic b Boriquas, Inferno b Johnny Thunder, Mike Kurel b Wenzel, Al Snow b Homicide, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels b Christopher Street Connection, K-Brawlik won gauntlet match, April Hunter and Slyk Wagner Brown b Rob Eckos and Josh Daniels, Shawn Sheridan b Johnny Ova, John Walters b C.M. Punk, Ace Darling b Stryker, Jay Lethal b Simon Diamond.
  • February 22, 2004 – Jersey Championship Wrestling in Garfield, NJ on Sunday: K-Brawlik b Scotty Charisma, Mike Quackenbush and Gran Akuma and Icarus over Wild Cards and Jigsaw, Red Hot Russ b Mo Sexy, Damian Adams b Dave Greco, Ryan Wing b Matt Morgan (not WWE one), April Hunter b Kara, Slyk Wagner Brown b Johnny Thunder, Shawn Sheridan NC Damian Dragon, Ace Darling and Stryker b Hybrids, Lonzo won Battle Royal to become TV champ, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido b Kamala and Prince Nana.
  • March 27, 2004 – Jersey Championship Wrestling in Garfield, NJ before 300-400 fans: Mike Quackenbush and Ultramantis and Jolly Roger b ?, Teddy Hart and Danny Doring b Jose and Joel Maximo, Sons of Gustavo b Scotty Charisma and Ryan Wing, Brawlik b Danny Demanto, Balls Mahoney and Johnny Thunder and Wenzel b Chemical Candido and Prince Nana and Prince Ali with Ricky Steamboat as ref, Tiger Mulligan and Red Hot Russ b Chris Idol and Eric Cooper, Tudo won Battle Royal with Les Thatcher as ref, Miss Kara b Alicia, Fred Sampson b Damian Adams, Shawn Sheridan b Dave Greco, Ace Darling and Matt Striker b Rob Eckos and Josh Daniels. Iron Sheik also appeared at the show.
  • June 27, 2004 – Jersey Championship Wrestling – J Cup Tournament in Garfield, NJ: Dave Greco b Damian Adams, Mike Quackenbush b Jigsaw, M-Dogg20 b Rob Eckos, Natt Striker b Dan Barry, Shawn Sheridan b Sabian, Super Dragon b Altar Boy Luke, Josh Daniels b Tyler Payne, B-Boy b Chris Idol, M-Dogg20 b Dave Greco, B-Boy b Mike Quackenbush, Josh Daniels b Matt Striker, Super Dragon b M-Dogg20, B-Boy b Josh Daniels, Homicide b Slyk Wagner Brown to win JCW title and unify it with the IHPW title, Super Dragon b B-Boy to win tournament in 23:52.

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