Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling


  • August 21, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Eugene, Oregon (Sheldon High School Wrestling Gym): Vinnie Massaro won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Hateful Will Heitman and Rage b Virgil and Simba 6 Killers, Gentleman George Michaels b El Flaco Loco, Slick Cedric b Adam Thornstowe and Bonzai Bruce Bukakke in a 3-WAY to capture the vacant South TV Championship, G-Shock b Hans Mueller via DQ, Thunder and Richie Magnett b Paul Isendor and Malachi, Road Warrior Animal and Critter b Big Ugly JD Bishop and Jeremy Blanchard Via DQ, Jeremy Blanchard b Vinny Massaro via DQ to retain his South heavyweight title.
  • August 22, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukee, Oregon (Elks Lodge): Dynasty Blanchard b Virgil, Hans lost to JD Bishop in a gauntlet after going through G-Shock and Hateful Will Heitman and Simba 6 Killers, Paul Isendor and Malachi b Triple X and Widowmaker, Rusty Springfield b Rage, Vinnie Massaro b Adam Thornstowe, Slick b Bonzai Bruce Bukakka to retain his South TV Title, Thunder b Critter in an Oregon Street Fight to become the #1 Contender for the PNPW belt, Gentleman George b Thunder to retain his PNPW Title, The Blanchards b Richie Magnett and JD Bishop by DQ after Road Warrior Animal interfered.
  • September 12, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Portland, Oregon at Milwaukie Elks Lodge: Rusty Springfield b Simba 6 Killas, The American Idols b Triple X and Kodiak, Bubba Blanchard b Cedric The Hitman (Oregon Street Fight), Jeremy Blanchard b Robby Lance, Jeremy Blanchard vs Maniac Matt Borne brawled to a no contest, Chi Chi Poison and El Lightingo b Hans Mueller and Dynasty Blanchard, Critter b ‘Gentleman’ George Michael to win the Heavyweight Championship! (Gentleman George held the PNPW Title for almost a year).
  • October 10, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukie, Oregon before 200 fans: Slick Cedrick b Widowmaker, Rusty Springfield b Will Walker-DQ, Walker b Little Nasty Boy, G-Shock b Kodiak, Triple X b Tony Terrific, Matt Borne b Hans Mueller-DQ, Critter b George Michael, Chi Chi Poison and El Lightning b Bubba and Jeremy Blanchard-DQ.
  • October 23, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Rainer, Oregon before 320 fans: Slick Cedrick (TV Champ) b Rusty Springfield, Widowmaker b Draven, Hans Mueller b Chi Chi Poison, Total Devestation b The American Idols, Tager b Simba 6 Killas, Hans Mueller and Bubba Blanchard b Chi Chi Poison and Richie Magnett, Critter (Heavyweight champ) b Gentleman George (Bulldog Bob Brown Jr was the announcer).
  • November 7, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukie, Oregon at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge: Tager b Rusty Springfield, Will Walker b Simba 6 Killas, Tony T. b Kodiak, Triple X vs Widowmaker ended in a Double Countout, Slick Cedric b G-Shock, El Lightningo and Chi Chi Poison b Hans Mueler and Gentleman George Michael, Critter b Bubba Blanchard in a Best 2/3 Falls match.
  • December 5, 2004 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling – Doernbecher’s Children Hospital Benefit Show in Milwaukie, Oregon: 20 Man Royal Rumble was won by PNPW Champion Critter, G-Shock b Rusty Springfield and Triple X and Dead and Bloated and Team Hans and Wildfire in a 6-WAY, Chi Chi Poison and El Lightningo b Tager and Will Walker to regain control of PNPW for promotor Mark Dykstra, Slick Cedric b Tony Terrific, Richie Magnett b Draven, Big Ugly J.D. Bishop b Hans Mueler, Critter b Gentleman George Michael and Bubba Blanchard in a triple threat match to retain his Heavyweight title.
  • January 9, 2005 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukie, Oregon: Cedric defeated 7 other competitors in a Survivor match, American Idols b Moose and Draven, CC Poison b Tadger by DQ, Critter (Champion) b Richie Magnett by DQ in a NON TITLE MATCH, Richie Magnett and Bubba Blanchard vs Gentleman George Michael and Tadger-Double ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, J.D.Bishop b Critter and Slick Cedric and Hans Mueller in a 4-WAY to win the PNPW Heavyweight Title.
  • January 16, 2005 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Salem, Oregon: Critter won an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to regain his Heavyweight Championship belt, “Meanstreak” Mike Dempsey w/Brian Sommers b G-Shock, Critter b Richie Magnett with the Spear, Gentleman George Michael and Tadger b Little Nasty Boy and Draven, Thunder vs Hans Mueller ended in a DOUBLE DQ, Slick Cedric b Bubba Blanchard in a Oregon Street Fight.
  • February 18, 2006 – Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Portland, Oregon: Caden Mathews b Ric Luxery, Jason “The Exterminator” Sullivan b Mike Ring, The Blanchards (Jeremy and Bubba Blanchard) b Vinnie Massaro and Big Ugly by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles (As a result, The Blanchards do not get another shot at the title for 90 days).

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