Pro Wrestling WAR


  • November 12, 2004 – Pro Wrestling WAR in Santa Ana, California: Charles Mercury b Quicksilver and Ronin, Billy Blade b Vennis DeMarco, Human Tornado NC Supa Badd, Excalibur and Disco Machine b Lil Cholo and Silver Tyger, Austin Aries b Scott Lost, Scorpio Sky b Tony Kozina-DQ, Jack Evans b Super Dragon.
  • December 12, 2004 – Pro Wrestling WAR – 20 Man Gauntlet Match in Santa Ana, California before 85 fans: Ryan Drago b Vinny Massaro, Charles Mercury b Ryan Drago, Charles Mercury b Joey Epic, Charles Mercury b Supa Badd-COR, Charles Mercury b El Generico (Montreal), Bo Cooper b Charles Mercury, Bo Cooper b Billy Blade, Tony Kozina b Bo Cooper (who laid down voluntarily for the pin), Tony Kozina b Davey Richards, Tony Kozina b Human Tonado-COR, Tony Kozina b Kevin Steen (Montreal), Scorpio Sky b Tony Kozina-COR, Jack Evans b Scorpio Sky, Super Dragon b Jack Evans, Austin Aries b Super Dragon, Austin Aries b Scott Lost, Austin Aries b promoter Gary Yap (dressed as Messiah, with Messiah’s music, and even taped his thumb) – – Blitzkrieg came out in street clothes and gave his gimmick and mask to Jack Evans, who will face Super Dragon as Blitzkrieg II on the next show.
  • January 14, 2005 – Pro Wrestling WAR in Santa Ana, California before 100 fans: Davey Richards vs Charles Mercury ended in a draw, Big Babi Slymm b Human Tornado, Bo Cooper b Tom Walters, B-Boy and Scorpio Sky vs Tony Kozina and Chris Bosh ended in a NO CONTEST, El Generico b Adam Pearce, Austin Aries b Scott Lost, Super Dragon b Blitzkrieg II (aka Jack Evans, who was injured when he landed on his head trying a corkscrew 630 splash. He suffered head and neck injuries and was kept overnight in the hospital for observation).
  • February 13, 2005 – Pro Wrestling War in Los Angeles, California: Ricky Reyes won three-way over Lil Cholo and Eric Matlock, Davey Richards b Charles Mercury, Scott Lost b El Generico, Tom Walters b Jardi Frantz, Silver Tyger b Hajima Ohara (Ultimo Dragon Gym), Austin Aries b Super Dragon to keep WAR title.
  • April 10, 2005 – Pro Wrestling WAR in Santa Monica, California: Charles Mercury b Yoshida, Super Dragon b Davey Richards, Team Epic b Scorpio Sky and Markus Riot, Trent Acid b Jack Evans in a street fight (Evans took a bump off a storage truck), Human Tornado b Scott Lost, Austin Aries b Adam Pearce.
  • October 21, 2005 – Pro Wrestling WAR in La Habra, California: Hook Bomberry b Apollo Kahn, Team WPW b Team HRW, Tony Kozina NC Austin Aries, Super Dragon b Markus Riot, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan b Lil Cholo and Altar Boy Luke, Davey Richards b Shannon Moore.
  • December 18, 2005 – Pro Wrestling WAR in La Habra, California: Charles Mercury b Markus Riot, Human Tornado b Biggie Biggz, Kevin Steen b Alex Koslov, Jack Evans b Super Dragon and El Generico and Joey Ryan in a 4-WAY, Low Ki b Davey Richards, Aaron Aguilera b Austin Aries to win the WAR title.

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