Ring of Europe


  • March 25, 2006 – Rings of Europe in Voeslau, Austria before 550 fans: Van Water b Sigi the Swisstank, Tengkwa b Cactus Kovax, Darren Burridge b Bad News Bones, Baron Von Hagen b Jamie Gardner, Barish b Van Walter, Mike Quackenbush and Delirious and Emil Sitoci b Matt Sydal and Steve Douglas and Tengkwa, Murat Bosporus b Steve Allison, Arik Cannon b Ares, Massacre b Cactus Kovax, Joe E. Legend b Cardinal Colen, Iceman Harrrop b Hate in falls count anywhere. Jonny Storm and Joey Fleisch no-showed as they missed their flight.
  • March 26, 2006 – Rings of Europe in Krems, Austria before 300 fans: Baron von Hagen b Barish, Delirious b Tengkwa, Arik Cannon b Emil Sitoci, Matt Sydal b Jody Fleisch, Massacre and Humongous and Bad News Bones and Sigi the Swisstank and Razor Blade b Darren Burridge and Cactus Kovax and Big Van Walter and Hellvetics, Ares b Murat Bosprous, Jonny Storm b Steve Douglas, Headshrinker Alofa b Iceman Harrop, Chris the Bambikiller b Joe E. Legend-DQ.
  • April 1, 2006 – Rings of Europe – Switzerland’s March Madness Tour 2006 in Weesen, Switzerland before 120 fans: Big van Walter b Cactus Kovax, Vries Kastelein b Jörg Guth, Shadow and Jersey co-won a 5-Woman Battle Royal (Included: Lacrima Christi and Queen Maya and Shaylyn Blade), Jersey b Shadow in a Women’s match, Excellent Crazy Style b Salomon and Benny Montana and Marc Strong in a 4-WAY, Arik Cannon b Marc Roudin, Absolute Andy vs Kaio ended in a draw after Double Countout, Steve Douglas b Tengwa, Emil Sitoci and Red Devil won a 4-WAY Elimination match to win the vacant RoE Lightweight title, Daniel Signer b Bad Bones to win the vacant RoE Swiss Openweight title, Hellvetics b High Class Catch Club to win the RoE Tag Team titles.
  • March 29, 2008 – Rings of Europe in Krems, Austria before 325 fans: Ares b Michael Knight, Chris Colen b Kardinal Karol II, Steve Douglas b Marc Slater, Joe Legend b Emil Sitoci, Marc Roudin and Sigi the Swisstank b Diego Latino and Mirko Panic Steve Douglas b Ares, Chris Colen and Joe Legend, Michael Kovac b Jake Manning, Steve Swallow b Absolute Andy.

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