Ring of Honor “Caged Collision” PPV

Ring of Honor – Caged Collision – Pay Per View
Date: April 17, 2009 (Taped: January 31, 2009)
Location: Chicago Ridge, Illinois (Frontier Fieldhouse)

DETAILED: Click Here for detailed results from the original TAPING..

DARK MATCH: Gavin Star & Keith Creme defeated Erin Scott & Andrew Ridgeway ..

DARK MATCH: Egotistico Fantastico defeated Derek St. Holmes ..

Alex Payne defeated Kenny King and Silas Young:

Claudio Castagnoli defeated “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen :

Grizzly Redwood defeated Rhett Titus :

Jerry Lynn & Necro Butcher defeated Brodie Lee & Delirious :

Tyler Black defeated Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs and “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson :

Nigel McGuiness defeated El Generico by Submission to retain the ROH World title :

Roderick Strong & Ace Steel & Jay Briscoe & Erick Stevens & Brent Albright defeated Sweet & Sour Inc. (Davey Richards & Tank Toland & Eddie Edwards & Bobby Dempsey & Adam Pearce w/Larry Sweeney): This was basically War Games rules. Davey Richards & Roderick Strong (former partner) entered the cage first. Sweet & Sour won the coin flip. Tank Toland entered the cage to give S&S the advantage. Ace Steel was next to enter and evened the sides. Nobody from Sweet & Sour showed up at the next interval. Jay Briscoe entered next, but was attacked by Sara Del Rey & Eddie Edwards (the guy who no-showed). Edwards then entered the cage with a steel chair. Bobby Dempsey entered the ring to represent Sweet & Sour. Erick Stevens joined the match next. Adam Pearce was the final member of S&S to enter the match. Finally Brent Albright entered the cage to get revenge on Sweet & Sour. Dempsey stood in the corner frozen in fear for much of his time in the ring. Jay Briscoe emerged from the locker-room with his knee bandaged and took the fight to poor Bobby Dempsey, throwing him into the cage and busting him open! Briscoe then leaped off the top of the cage onto everybody else around ringside! Larry Sweeney entered the cage and started blaming Dempsey, and spitting on him in disgust. Dempsey finally stood up to his tormentor and smashed him down! The babyface team took turns driving Sweeney’s head into the steel cage until he was covered in blood!! Dempsey ripped off his shirt and did a cannonball onto Sweeney in the corner. Dempsey finished the bloodied Sweeney off with a Death Valley Driver. Roderick Strong grabbed the microphone and yelled “tonight it’s not about us, it’s about Bobby Dempsey becoming a man!” The crowd went nuts for BOBBY DEMPSEY!

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