Ring of Honor “Man Up” PPV

Ring of Honor – MAN UP- Pay Per View
Date: November 30, 2007 (Taped: September 14, 2007)
Location: Chicago Ridge, Illinois 

To view results from the original Ring of Honor Event in Chicago, IL all you need to do is click here..

Nigel McGuinness defeated Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli and Naomichi Marufuji..

PROMO: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (wearing an eye patch) talked about his injury and going after the ROH World title..

The No Remorse Corps defeated The Resilience:

MATCH #1: Rocky Romero (No Remorse Corps) defeated Matt Cross (The Resilience)..
MATCH #2: Austin Aries (The Resilience) defeated Davey Richards (No Remorse Corps)..
MATCH #3: Roderick Strong (No Remorse Corps) defeated Erick Stevens (The Resilience)..

HIGHLIGHTS: The recent formation of the HANGMAN 3 faction (Adam Pearce & Brent Albright & B.J. Whitmer).. B.J. Whitmer turned heel and joined Pearce & Albright in maliciously stampling Delirious’ mask to his head!

Takeshi Morishima defeated “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson to retain the ROH World title: American Dragon wore an eye patch to protect the eye injury that he suffered against Morishima in NYC on 8/25.. Takeshi Morishima ripped off the patch and went to work on the eye until referee Paul Turner stopped the match..

The Briscoe Brothers defeated Kevin Steen & El Generico to retain the ROH Tag Team titles: The Briscoes double-arm tossed El Generico accross the ring destroying a ladder that was leaning in the corner.. Jay Briscoe climbed the ladder but Kevin Steen tipped it over sending Jay down to onto the destroyed ladder.. A third ladder was introduced and placed vertically accross the ring apron and guard rail by Kevin Steen.. A few minutes later, Kevin Steen Awesome-bombed Mark Briscoe over the top rope and barely hit the ladder.. Kevin Steen climbed the ladder while Generico help Mark Briscoe back, but Mark pushed Generico into the ladder.. Kevin Steen violently fell to the mat (ROH! ROH! ROH!) and the action continued with repeated use of the ladder.. A few minutes later, Jay Briscoe jumped off the top rope putting Kevin Steen through a table with a big leg drop! All if the ladders were destroyed or too small so Jay Briscoe called for the industrial sized maintenence ladder.. The Briscoes nailed El Generico with a Springboard Doomsday Device with Mark diving through the ladder! A short ladder was set up as a scaffold 2 feet above the mat and Kevin Steel nailed a Package Piledriver! El Generico had his fingertips on the belts but Jay Briscoe set up another ladder scaffold and grabbed him.. Jay Briscoe pulled El Generico down and delivered a sick Jay-Driller through the second make-shirt scaffold.. Jay Briscoe & Kevin Steen crawled to the top of the laddder and exchanged punches (it’s time to man up!) Jay Briscoe won the elevated fist fight and Kevin Steen fell to the mat but Jay struggled to get the belts.. Kevin Steen climbed up again to stall for time but Jay Briscoe finally loosened the belts to win the match! The fans threw streamers into the ring and chanted “Match of the Year!” “Thank you, Briscoes!” and “ROH!”

Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black & Necro Butcher showed up and destroyed the Briscoe Brothers: A large group of hecklers wearing black ski-masks showed up in the crowd, followed by Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black.. Necro Butcher & Lacey also showed up and they laid out the Briscoes and proclaimed themselves the Age of the Fall!

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