TNA IMPACT 06 05 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 5th, 2008 (Taped: May 27th)

Christian Cage & Rhino defeated Booker T & Robert Roode by DQ: Booker T and Robert Roodeworking as a tag team? What’s wrong with this picture?! The match ended in a DQ after Team 3-D hit the ring and attacked Rhino, and then Christian Cage. Brother Devon “got the table” from under the ring but A.J. Styles bolted to the ring to help Christian & Rhino clear the ring of Team 3-D, Booker T, and Robert Roode. A.J. Styles said it wasn’t long ago when he and Christian were like family, and now wishes they could just be on the same page. Styles then turned his attention to Kurt Angle, saying he isn’t out to beat him at Slammiversary, he’s out to hurt him! Styles said he would start by taking out Kurt’s new “butt buddy” Tomko tonight! Jim Cornette showed up and agreed to the Styles vs. Tomkomatch with Kevin Nash acting as the special guest enforcer.

Jeremy Borash & TNA World champion Samoa Joe: Jeremy Borash asked Samoa Joe if he trusts Kevin Nash to be the special enforcer at Slammiversary. Joe said it’s not important because he trusts himself. Joe said no matter what Kevin’s intentions are, he will still prevail in the King of the Mountain match.

Lauren & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) + Amazing Kong & Raesha Saed: The Beautiful People once again harassed Lauren and insulted her “crater filled face.” Love & Sky forced Lauren to cover her face with a trading card while they cut an extremely arrogant promo on Roxxi Laveaux. Velvet Sky hit us with her catch phrase, “Look all you want, but NEVER touch the Beautiful People” before kissing the camera lensand leaving a lipstick mark. The Beautiful People left and Amazing Kong showed up with Raesha Saed, who said tonight Kong will find another victim from the crowd and cripple them!

ODB defeated Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love: ODB picked up the victory despite attempted interference from Angelina Love. After the match, Angelina Love attacked ODB from behind until Roxxi Laveaux ran down and took the fight to both of the Beautiful People. Gail Kim ran down and helped Laveaux battle Love and Sky. Then suddenly an unidentified brute female wrestler (IWA Mid South legend, Mickie Knuckles) hit the ring and helped the Beautiful People destroy their foes.

Jeremy Borash & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt: Jay Lethal’scrazy bachelor party with best man Sonjay Dutt, a drunk-as-hell James Storm, and advice-offering BG James, and a hell-raising “Stone Cold” Shark Boy.

Eric Young: “Showtime” Eric Young was shown visiting Graceland (the former home of Elvis Presley) and toured the museum and talked to a large statue of Elvis. Eric left a ticket to Slammiversary on the rail and invited Elvis to show up this Sunday!

Mike Tenay & Sting: Sting talked about 3/5 of his top matches being against “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Sting said Ric Flair put him on the map. Sting addressed Ric Flair’s recent retirement and said Flair went out in style and hinted that he is thinking about retiring as well.

Kaz defeated Chris Sabin and Johnny Devine and Curry Man and Jimmy Rave (w/Christy Hemme): The winner of the match would receive a TNA World title shot next Thursday on iMPACT against whomever wins the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. Jimmy Rave pinned Curry Man with the Rock the World and sent him to the Penalty Box. This meant that Jimmy Rave was eligible to hang the “X.” Chris Sabin pinned Jimmy Rave and sent him to the Penalty Box, meaning Sabin was eligible to hang the “X.” There were a few tense moments as Kaz and Chris Sabin battled on top of the Penalty Box. Kaz pinned Jimmy Rave to send him to the Penalty Box again, and Kaz becomes eligible. Johnny Devine pinned Kaz to send Kaz to the Penalty Box with Rave, and Devine is now eligible. Curry Man pinned Johnny Devine to send Devine to the Penalty Box, and Curry Man is eligible. Kaz was released from the Penalty Box and climbed up the ladder, knocked Curry Man down, and hung the X above the ring to win the match and earn another shot at the TNA World Heavyweight title next Thursday! Pretty spectacular match.

Amazing Kong w/Raesha Saed defeated Daffney Unger: Jeremy Borash reluctantly asked if there were any takers for this week’s $25,000 challenge. They “randomly” picked established wrestlers Amber O’Neal, Becky Bayless, and Daffney (from WCW) from the crowd and identified them as such. It should be noted they also showed former WWE developmental Diva (and recent TNA signee) Shantelle Taylor in the crowd for the second week in a row but she was not picked. Amazing Kong picked Daffney, and Jeremy Borashmade her sign a release form. Amazing Kong played with, demolished, and Awesome-bombed pool little ‘injury prone’ Daffney for yet another painful victory. Note to Daffney: I’m available to kiss it better.

Abyss: Three more days…. three more days…… three more days!

Lauren & Kevin Nash + Samoa Joe: Kevin Nash said he had a game-plan for Slammiversary, and Samoa Joe burst in and aggressively asked Kevin Nash what side he is on. Nash said he has to protect his investment. Nash said all he has ever done what was right for Joe’s career. Nash said paranoia will make Joe lose the belt. Nash gave Joe a baseball bat and turned his back on him. Joe swung Nash around and said “if I come for you, I won’t need this (bat), and I sure as hell won’t need you to turn your back.”

Jeremy Borash & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt: Sonjay Dutt announced that Black Machismo’s groomsmen at Slammiversary will be Koko B. Ware, George “The Animal” Steel, and Kamala. Sonjay Dutt said no bachelor party would be complete without a stripper – so he called out Kip James to do a strip-tease!

LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/Salinas & Hector Guerrero) & Matt Morgan defeated Kip James & James Storm (w/Jackie Moore) & Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme):

Jeremy Borash & Scott Steiner & Petey Williams & Rhaka Khan: No explanation as to why or how Jeremy Borash is jumping back and forth from the Bachelor party to the iMPACT Zone. Scott Steiner cut a promo on Kaz, the challenger for Petey Williams’ X-Division championship at Slammiversary. Petey Williams wanted to cut a promo too, but Steiner had used up all the interview time.

Kurt Angle & Karen Angle (via sattelite from separate locations): Kurt said he gave Karen everything and she doesn’t appreciate it. Karen said she was grateful for the life Kurt has given her and their children, but the one thing she wanted was for Kurt to love her and spent time withher. Kurt said he loves Karen but he loves his career, too. Karen said Kurt loves his career more than his wife and kids, but Kurt wanted to know what was wrong withthat. Kurt wanted to know why Karen was fooling around with A.J. Styles. Mike Tenay asked if Kurt had any proof of that, and Kurt said Tenaywas probably sleeping withKaren too. Karen said nothing happened between her and A.J. Styles. Kurt said he would break every bone in A.J.’s body until the truth comes out!

Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles said he hasn’t been with Karen Angle, but Jeremy Borash said that nobody believes that. Styles said “Screw you, Kurt” and said Kurt had a twisted imagination. Styles was REALLY fired up about getting revenge on Kurt Angle at Slammiversary.

Jeremy Borash & Ace Young + The Rock & Rave Infection + Sonjay Dutt: Former American Idol finalist Ace Young called for someone to bring in the big cake, which Christy Hemme jumped out of. The Rock & Rave Infection showed up and started performing but were kicked out. Sonjay Dutt brought out ODB, who wheeled in a box that contained a big yellow snake. Dutt said it was confirmed that Jake “The Snake” Roberts would attend the wedding on Sunday!

A.J. Styles defeated Tomko: Booker T tried to interfere but special enforcer Kevin Nash prevented it – showing that Kevin Nash was on the level. Nash congratulated Styles after the match, but Booker T attacked Nash, and Tomko went after Styles. Rhino & Christian Cage ran down, as well as Robert Roode. Team 3-D hit the ring, followed by Homicide & Hernandez. Samoa Joe showed up and tossed Robert Roode over the top rope and started punching Booker T. Kevin Nash swung a chair at Booker T but accidentally smashed Samoa Joe on the arm!