TNA IMPACT 10 16 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 16, 2008 (Taped: October 14)

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir & Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val: It’s has been a dream of mine to see Shawn Daivari (The Sheik) and Sonjay Dutt team up in the X-Division. After the match, Kurt Angle walked to the ring and beat the crap out of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle addressed Jeff Jarrett’s comments about his match with Angle at Bound For Glory being a one shot deal. Angle’s response was that he would go through every piece of talent in TNA to get to Jarrett and the bloodshed will be on Jarrett’s hands.

Jeremy Borash & Kevin Nash: Kevin Nash said somebody paid for his airline ticket to Bound For Glory and keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Nash said that it’s been 10 months since Samoa Joe disrespected him and Scott Hall.

TNA World Heavyweight champion Sting + A.J. Styles: Sting said it’s supposed to be Samoa Joe standing here as the TNA champion, and admitted that Joe was the better wrestler at Bound For Glory. Sting said the old man bit off a little more than he could chew. Sting said that Joe had the match won ten minutes in but Joe chose to humiliate Sting instead. Sting said it was because of Joe’s disrespect that he (Sting) is the champion right now. Sting said after the PPV he went backstage and there was a group of guys who shook his hand, and a group who didn’t shake his hand – and A.J. Styles was one of the guys who didn’t shake his hand. A.J. Styles came out to the ring and said he’s been friends with Samoa Joe for a long time. Styles said if Sting listened to what people said then he would get more respect. Styles said the reason Sting didn’t guy respect in the dressing room is because he didn’t show respect. Styles said he was working his ass off making money for TNA, while Sting is at home spending it. Styles said he was away from his wife, who was basically a single mother, while Sting was coaching his son’s football team. Styles said in 2002 it was guys like Low Ki & Christopher Daniels who laid the foundation for TNA. Styles said he and Samoa Joe are still laying bricks on TNA, the house that they helped build on their blood, their sweat, and their tears. Styles said if Sting doesn’t like it that he should leave. Sting said that Styles told him before that he didn’t like how his dad raised him, but if he keeps making these decisions he will turn out just like his dad. Styles slapped Sting accross the face twice and they started to fight and had to be seperated by TNA security.

Kurt Angle & Curry Man + Shark Boy + Eric Young: The cameras cut backstage where Kurt Angle was attacking Curry Man, Shark Boy, and Eric Young. Angle is making good on his promise to go through everybody in TNA to get to Jeff Jarrett..

Jeremy Borash & Booker T & Sharmell: Booker T talked about his match with Hernandez tonight saying something about hunting elephants in “his country.” Sharmell said Booker T will reveal the contents of the briefcase next week at the LIVE iMPACT from Las Vegas!

Booker T w/Sharmell defeated Hernandez w/Homicide: Sharmell passed the briefcase to Booker T and he drilled Hernandez in the head with it before finishing him off with an Axe-kick!

Kurt Angle & Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme: Kurt Angle viciously assaulted Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave and harassed Christy Hemme (but didn’t lay a hand on her)..

Lauren Brooke & Roxxi Laveaux: Roxxi cut a promo and had to be bleeped by the censors because she said she doesn’t care any more. Roxxi said it’s not about how many matches you win, she’s had her head shaved and been busted open, but it doesn’t matter because she survived. Roxxi said Kong can kiss her @$$ and called her a BIG B!TCH, and oh “sorry SpikeTV” – wow that was hot!

Lauren Brooke & Christy Hemme + Kip James & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky): Lauren asked Christy Hemme about the condition of Rock & Rave but she was too distraught and had to go check on them. Kip James & the Beautiful People grabbed Christy and harassed her for stealing their TV time. Christy tried to fight back but the girls threw her into the stairs and Cut Kip gave her the brown paper bag treatment.

Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett: Kurt Angle came out into the iMPACT Zone and attacked ring announcer David Penzer. Angle dragged Penzer into the six sided ring and literally beat him with his own shoe. Angle put Penzer in the Ankle-lock and then fought off a team of TNA officials. Finally Jeff Jarrett walked to the ring to put an end to the carnage. Angle said he wanted his rematch. Jarrett said he has business to take care of and suggested that Kurt let it go – it’s over! Jarrett tried to walk out but Angle reminded him of the time his family came to his house before he signed with TNA. Angle said he knew where Jarrett lived and teased that he would pay a visit to Jarrett’s daughters. Jarrett snapped and tried to go after Angle but had to be held back by an army of TNA officials.

Mick Foley + Jeff Jarrett: Mick Foley shared a 23-year old secret that he has been a rollercoaster junkie. Foley said while wrestling his style it helped him to look at the world as if it were his personal theme park. Foley said he could put up with the pain as long as he has an incredible coaster to look forward to. Foley said he’s been on a 23 year thrill ride. Foley said maybe Kurt Angle just rattled his brains with that chairshot at Bound For Glory. Foley said this summer he had more stress than ever before, and coming to TNA was like a nice refreshing swim in the pool. Foley praised the passion and dedication of the TNA roster. Foley said the last few weeks in TNA has been one of the greatest thrill rides of his life. Foley said he loved every minute of his time in TNA but it was time to say good-bye. Foley thanked the fans and said he wished it could have lasted a little bit longer. Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, A.J. Styles, and others came down to shake hands with Foley. Jeff Jarrett came out and asked Mick Foley to give him ten minutes of his time and they went backstage together.

Mike Tenay & Jim Cornette: Jim Cornette addressed Kurt Angle assaulting everybody on the roster, and booked Angle against Matt Morgan tonight!

“The Hardcore Knockout” Roxxi defeated Raisha Saed w/Awesome Kong: Roxxi made a bonehead decision to just out of the ring and fight with Awesome Kong. It could have cost her the match, but it payed off and she got back into the ring and finished Raisha Saed off with a Cajun-drop/Voodoo-drop (aka Barbie Crusher). After the match, Awesome Kong attacked Roxxi and left her unconcious!

Lauren Brooke & Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan said tonight was his golden opportunity to become the main event. Morgan said his mind is not on the match tonight, but with his best friend and tag team partner Abyss… Chris Parks. Morgan said he led Parks into the Monster’s Ball match and he had to watch him get slammed through a flamming table at the hands of Team 3-D.

Lauren Brooke & Christy Hemme: Christy Hemme was irate over being attacked by Velvet Sky & Angelina Love. Hemme said if she didn’t have to go to the hospital to look after her boys she would take care of both of those sluts. Christy said she would make sure she was PMSing next week and promised that neither one of them would walk out of Las Vegas.

Jeremy Borash & Consequences Creed: Consequences Creed said there was never a wrong time for opportunity and seemed to be ready to step into the ring with Kevin Nash tonight. Creed managed to get a plug in for the new TNA iMPACT video game too.

Kevin Nash defeated Consequences Creed: Kevin Nash used a rare submission hold, the cobra clutch, during the match, but finished Creed off with his famous Jacknife Power-bomb! After the match, a winded Kevin Nash leaned on the ropes and said the new breed of wrestlers in TNA are either the most arrogant or some of the stupidest son of a [bleep] he ever met. Nash said Joe must not remember running his mouth about Scott Hall ten months ago. Nash said the only people stupider than Styles & Joe are the people sitting out here (insulting the fans). Nash said the fans have always wondered what it’s like to be Kevin Nash. Nash said the reason the fans had distain for him is because he is the most intelligent man this business has ever produced. Nash went low-brow and said the fans wives are wondering what it’s like to spend the night with him. Nash kept running his mouth insulting the fans for cheap heat and finished by saying “you don’t have to like it, but you better learn to love, cause I’m the best thing going today!”

Jeremy Borash + Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley: Jeremy Borash tried to listen in on the Jarrett/Foley meeting when the door opened and both men came out. Foley remarked, “I have to go take a Kurt and wipe my Angle.” Jarrett shook hands with Foley and asked him if he was serious and Foley said yes he was. Jeremy Borash tried to squeeze Foley for answers but he wouldn’t budge.

Lauren Brooke & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Lauren said that what happened at Bound For Glory was more like an assault on Chris Parks than a wrestling match. Brother Ray asked what she expected from the most hardcore tag team in history in a Monster’s Ball match. Ray talked about their match next week and said “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan was not focused on the match, instead thinking about his friend, Chris Parks (Abyss), who was burned at Bound For Glory. After the match, Kurt Angle applied the Ankle-lock on Matt Morgan…… until Abyss showed up and chased Angle out of the ring! Abyss checked on his friend, and Angle jumped back into the ring and attacked Abyss! Angle ripped the shirt off of Abyss exposing his bandages.

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley: Jeremy Borash caught up with Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley and tried to find out what they were talking about. Mick Foley said they were heading to Vegas, and he has a major announcement next week. It takes a week to drive from Orlando to Las Vegas??