TNA IMPACT 05 14 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: May 14, 2009 (Taped: May 3 and 4)

TNA World champion Mick Foley: Mick Foley talked about putting his TNA championship on the line at Sacrifice against Kurt Angle (putting his Mafia leadership on the line) and Sting (putting his career on the line). Foley plugged the new Jeff Jarrett DVD and said he forgot what Jarrett has done in TNA. Foley said for the first time Jeff Jarrett won’t be a part of iMPACT tonight. Foley said he feels partially responsible. Foley hinted around a rumored incident that happened between him and Jarrett today in Tennessee, and pulled out a DVD with video footage described as ugly, dark, and unsuitable. Foley said the fans have earned the right to see what is on the DVD. Foley said by May 24th he will be completely focused on the TNA championship. Foley said he would go to the back where his thoughts will be on Jeff Jarrett..

Jeremy Borash & The Main Event Mafia (Scott Steiner & Booker T & Kevin Nash): Kurt Angle was missing from the group, as he was in Hollywood doing a movie. Scott Steiner said the Main Event Mafia was the hottest thing going and everybody wanted to cash in. Booker T cut a short promo about facing Jethrow Holiday. Kevin Nash talked about what he did to Jenna Morasca last night, and revealed that she was going to back them financially – but only if Sharmell leaves the Mafia. Booker T got mad at Nash. Steiner told them to take care of business in the ring and he’ll take care of this domestic problem. Booker T and Kevin Nash made peace with each other (for now).


Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley + Eric Young: Jeremy Borash approached Mick Foley and asked him about the mystery DVD. Foley took down a photo of Jarrett off of the wall, and made up an excuse for why he did it. Foley wanted Borash to teach him how to do that thing he does with his eyes. Borash revealed that he got it from Mr. Roaper from the TV show Three’s Company. Eric Young came in and complained about being teamed up with Jethrow Holliday. Young said he wanted an opportunity, so Foley booked him in a match with Samoa Joe.

Christopher Daniels defeated Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley: Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed came out to the stage to watch the match, presumably to get a closer look at Daniels, who everybody thinks is SUICIDE.

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley and three referees: Mick Foley dismissed Slick Johnson because he was friends with Jeff Jarrrett. Foley dismissed Rudy Charles because he was the “senior” official. Foley said Earl Hebner has always been a little bit shady and remembered the Montreal thing. Foley said Earl had a long future with this company.

Jeremy Borash & Scott Steiner & Jenna Morasca: Scott Steiner tried to clear the air between Jenna Morasca and Sharmell, claiming Sharmell apologized. Steiner offered to set up a meeting and be the moderator. Jenna said if Steiner set it up she would be there.

Lauren Brooke & Angelina Love + Kip James: Lauren said Angelina was seen begging someone on the phone to come to iMPACT last week. Angelina explained that she doesn’t beg for anything, but she called Kip James to help her. Kip came it and cut a fruity promo saying Amazing Kong was facing HIM in a stretcher match tonight!


CROSS THE LINE CAM – A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JEFF JARRETT: They showed footage of Jeff Jarrett on a Sea-do with one of his daughters. Then driving around in a golf cart checking the mail and talking about a dance competition.

Samoa Joe defeated “Showtime” Eric Young: Eric Young was all-business, but he was basically destroyed by Samoa Joe. After the finish, Joe picked up Eric and carried him backstage over his shoulder. Once in the parking lot, Joe dumped Young in the trunk of his car and his mystery “advisor” drove away..

Mike Tenay & Sting: Mike Tenay talked about Sting’s announcement that he will put his career on the line at Sacrifice. Sting said he was in TNA because he wants to see change, and bring honor and respect back. Sting talked about Mick Foley beating him at Lockdown, and how he second guessed himself during the match and it cost him the match. Sting said he went back to the hotel and reality set back in. Sting said his mind was clear and he knew it was all worth it.

Lauren Brooke & Taylor Wilde + Daffney: Lauren Brooke went with Taylor Wilde to meet her mystery date. Daffney showed up and yelled at Taylor because she didn’t help her when the Beautiful People cut her hair. Daffney choked Taylor over a guard rail until Lauren chased her away with a piece of broken glass. Yeah right.

CROSS THE LINE CAM – A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JEFF JARRETT: They showed footage of Jeff Jarrett with his youngest daughter, driving to pick up his other two daughters from school. They joked about calling Booker T “Booger T.” So now we know who is writing for TNA lately. Jeff dropped off his two youngest somewhere and then talked to his oldest about how she did on her science test. Jeff joked that she would blame it on 25 stitcharoos (an old Foley excuse).

Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saed defeated Cute Kip w/Angelina Love: Raisha Saed interfered with a low-blow on Cute Kip and Kong smashed him repeatedly with a steel chair! Kong put a chair on Kip’s head and splashed him twice! Kong put Kip on a stretcher and the referee counted to ten. Mike Tenay said there’s no one left to fight the battle for Angelina.

Jeremy Borash & Scott Steiner & Sharmell: Scott Steiner told Sharmell that Jenna Morasca apologized. Sharmell agreed to show up if Steiner set up a meeting – but only if Morasca apologizes…

Lauren Brooke & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Brother Ray talked about the Team 3-D Invitational and praised the TNA Tag Team division. Suddenly they were attacked by the British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry). Afterwards, Sheik Abdul Bashier & Kiyoshi walked by to survey the damage.

CROSS THE LINE CAM – A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JEFF JARRETT: They showed footage of Jeff Jarrett out on the town in Nashville, Tennessee. Jarrett ran into Jeremy Borash, who was at the Nude Karaoke bar and begged Jarrett for $100 bill.

The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus w/Rob Terry) defeated SUICIDE & Amazing Red: The finish saw the Motor City Machine Guns run-in and knocked SUICIDE out cold with a double super-kick.

SUICIDE + The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) + Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) + Christopher Daniels: The Motor City Machine Guns took out Amazing Red and then tried to take off the mask of SUICIDE. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed ran down and joined in the mission to expose Christopher Daniels as SUICIDE. SUICIDE squirmed and tried to escape, but he was overtaken by his attackers. They tried to get the mask off, until Christopher Daniels ran down to make the save! Don West’s funniest line ever “I’m still convinced it’s Daniels in the SUICIDE constume, but who the hell is this guy impersonating Daniels?” Daniels & SUICIDE took out all four guys and shook hands.


VIDEO PACKAGE: The Main Event Mafia..

Jeremy Borash & Scott Steiner & Sharmell & Jenna Morasca: The summit lasted five seconds before the girls started fighting and Scott Steiner told JB to go get Booker T & Kevin Nash!

Kevin Nash defeated NO LIMIT (Naito & Yujiro): Kevin Nash was still wearing a huge pad on his elbow. After the match, Kevin Nash said the world runs on violence. Nash said there was a Nation of Violence running around TNA. Nash said there will be violence at Sacrifice and its name isn’t going to be Samoa Joe, it will be Kevin NASH!

Mick Foley: Mick Foley reviewed the DVD footage he has promised to show and debated with THE SOCK over if he should show it to the fans..

Lauren Brooke & A.J. Styles: Lauren asked A.J. Styles if he was prepared for an I QUIT match with Booker T at Sacrifice. Styles said he has been preparing for the I QUIT match all his life. Styles said the words I QUIT will never cross his lips – NO MATTER WHAT!

Booker T w/Sharmell defeated Jethro Holliday: Late in the match, the referee stuck a microphone in Jethro Holliday’s face and asked him if he wanted to quit. Holladay just said “Sharmell looks good naked.” Haha. That just made Booker T made and eventually Holliday said I QUIT after a chairshot to the head.

PRODUCTION TRUCK: Mick Foley gave the DVD to the producer and told him to play it when he says the word “GO.” Foley added that if they don’t do it they’ll be fired..

TNA World champion Mick Foley: Mick Foley warned the audience they this footage might not be suitable for young kids. The video played with Jeff Jarrett visiting the Asylum where he had his second match ever, and where the early years of TNA took place. Jarrett showed off his private dressing room and talked about watching his old man wrestle since he was 10 years old. Jarrett continued the tour until he was attacked by Mick Foley, who admitted that he hated Jeff’s dad (Jerry Jarrett) while beating the crap out of him. Foley beat up Jarrett in the dressing room screaming “this is where I starved!” and “this is where I made twenty five big ones!” (Editor’s Note: Tennessee was a territory known for terrible pay). Foley continued to assault Jarrett throughout the Asylum, and repeatedly smashed him with on the hip with a chair. Back at the iMPACT Zone, Mick Foley smiled at his handy-work being shown on the screen as the fans booed him. Foley said Jeff Jarrett has learned a very valuable lesson – that is, sometimes you can’t go home.