TNA IMPACT 06 18 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 18, 2009 (Taped: May 25-26-27)

Mick Foley (w/Big Rocco & Sally Boy) & Earl Hebner + A.J. Styles + Samoa Joe + Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett: Mick Foley came to the ring which was set up for a party celebration. Foley said his smile was back and it is a happy day because Earl Hebner (who was there with a swollen face) is going to be okay. Foley then called out TNA Legend’s champion A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe (from the Nation of Violence), and Kurt Angle. Foley said they were there to honor the TNA Founder, “Double J” Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett asked Foley if he has lost his freakin’ mind. Foley did a countdown and streamers and confetti started to fall around the ring. Foley booked Joe & Styles vs. Angle & Sting vs. Jarrett & Foley in a 3-WAY tag team match. Foley wanted a show of unity and put his hand in. Jarrett bailed out of the ring. Angle put his hand in, and Styles put his hand in for some reason. Joe stepped up but then sucker-punched Kurt Angle!

Jeremy Borash & Dr. Stevie & Raven & Daffney: Daffney said she was taking part in a match made in hell tonight with Angelina against Awesome Kong & Taylor Wilde. Raven said a Clockwork House of Fun match is anything but FUN. Raven said he can smell Abyss, and they are not that different. Raven said they both enjoy inflicting pain on other people. Raven said he and Abyss are addicted to pain, but the only difference is that he (Raven) is intelligent enough to fit into society. Raven brought his A-game, and still cuts amazing promos!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Shane Douglas is looking for a second chance..

Christopher Daniels defeated Amazing Red: After the match, Shane Douglas came up on the big screen to address Daniels’ challenge last week. Douglas said Jeff Jarrett screwed up when he gave Daniels a second chance because he doesn’t deserve one. Douglas called himself a LEGEND and said he deserves a second chance so he will accept Daniels’ challenge to a match at Slammiversary. Douglas said Daniels will be FRANCHISED!

Lauren Brooke & Taylor Wilde & Awesome Kong & Raisha Saed: Taylor said if she was there when the Beautiful People attacked Daffney, then she would have helped her. Taylor said she can be a BIGGER BITCH than Daffney. Kong said “monster will kill princess first, then monster will kill monster last!”

Matt Morgan + Sting: Matt Morgan said he had something to say, out of respect, to Sting. Sting came out and Morgan bragged about being physically and intellectually superior to him. Morgan said something Sting said to him two weeks ago was stuck in his head. Morgan said Sting said he couldn’t be in the Mafia because he’s never been a World champion. Morgan said nobody’s ever given him an opportunity to be a World champion. Morgan asked Sting to put his money where his mouth is and give him a chance to beat a (former) World champion – proposing himself vs. Sting. Morgan said he was bigger, stronger, faster, and better than Sting. Sting told Morgan to stop pointing his finger at him. Sting said he will wrestle Morgan at Slammiversary and if Morgan wins he can have his position in the Mafia. Morgan tried to sneak attack Sting, but Sting flung him over the top rope!

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett: Jeremy Borash shared some notes with Jeff Jarrett about what happened with Mick Foley. Jarrett said he never knows which version of Foley’s personality is ever going to show up for work..

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the 42:00 mark, we have had one 3:00 match and the rest is talking crap and commercials.

Raven w/Dr. Stevie defeated Jethro Holiday: Another 3:00 match. Daffney came out with a straight jacket. Raven gave Jethro an Even-flow DDT onto a chair and they put him in the straight jacket until Abyss ran down to make the save!

Don West & Samoa Joe: Don West said it was obvious that Samoa Joe was listening to somebody. Joe said he is being advised by somebody who is helping him understand himself. West asked who it was, and Joe said he will find out in time. Joe said he and A.J. Styles were like brothers and brothers don’t always get along. Joe said when he started the Nation of Violence he went to war, and forgot who his friends were. Joe talked about the Main Event Mafia breaking his arm. Joe said the Mafia has stolen everything they have today and taken it from the real wrestlers who built this company (TNA). Joe said his target is Kurt Angle at Slammiversary (not necessarily the TNA World Heavyweight title)..

Lauren Brooke & Abyss: Lauren talked about the Monster’s Ball match at Slammiversary and asked Abyss if he had something to say. Abyss said Dr. Stevie, Raven, and Daffney can do whatever they want to him – but when they put their hands on his girlfriend (Lauren) it makes him want to cry! Abyss forced Lauren to show her scar to the camera, but I couldn’t really see anything. Lauren started to cry and ran away. Abyss said Dr. Stevie & Raven shouldn’t have done that. Abyss said his mom used to tell him “don’t even hit girls” because it wasn’t right. Abyss said Daffney was not a girl, she was a whacked out crazy BITCH! Abyss said after Slammiversary he was coming to get Dr. Stevie! Great promo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the 1:03:00 mark, we have had two 3:00 matches and the rest was all talking crap and commercials.

Taylor Wilde & Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saed defeated Daffney & Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne): After the match, the Beautiful People attacked Awesome Kong, while Daffney took care of rival Taylor. Eventually Tara (Victoria) ran down and beat up all three members of the Beautiful People! Tara had an awkward staredown with Awesome Kong..

Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Jeremy Borash talked about Team 3-D flying to Osaka, Japan to defend the IWGP Tag Team titles then coming back for Slammiversary to defend the TNA World Tag Team titles. Team 3-D talked about the respect between them and Beer Money Inc. – they were trying to make a point, but I totally missed it.

VIGNETTE: Cody Deaner training with ODB..

So-Cal Val & Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): Jay Lethal was acting like a jerk to So-Cal Val because of their checkered past. Alex Shelley said the four of them were a well-oiled machine with a mission to unmask SUICIDE. Suddenly they all started bickering over who would walk out of Slammiversary as the X-Division champion..

So-Cal Val & Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): So-Cal Val asked Beer Money Inc. for an explanation why they didn’t help Team 3-D last week. Team 3-D confronted Beer Money personally, and Beer Money reverted back to their heel status to build some heat for their TNA World Tag Team title match at Slammiversary. Team 3-D attacked Beer Money and they brawled out the back door of the iMPACT Zone..

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): The brawl from the previous backstage segment spilled down to ringside when they were supposed to be working together in the match. Lethal Consquences jumped over the top rope onto their opponents at ringside. The Motor City Machine Guns just stayed in the ring gloating, until SUICIDE showed up and took them both out! Team 3-D finally got organized and entered the ring, making short work of Lethal Consequences without any help from Beer Money Inc…

So-Cal Val & A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe: A.J. Styles said he wants to be in the ring with the best in the world. Styles said being in the ring with Joe (and Daniels) makes it even more enjoyable. Joe said A.J. isn’t fooling anybody, and said he knows he has a hairline (fracture). Styles blew it off, and Joe said he will handle everything tonight..

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley + Kip James: Jeremy Borash plugged his MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Borash said people are calling them the Tweet & Tweet connection, and brought out a framed picture of the two of them. Mick Foley called in Kip James to take down a poster of A.J. Styles and put up the picture of him and JB.. Kip thanked Mick Foley for giving him a job…

Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said since Sting took over as the Godfather of the Mafia his life has been a whole lot less stressful. Angle said he has learned a lot from Sting, who taught him to put his life in perspective. Angle said that Kevin (Nash), Booker (T), and Scotty (Steiner) will be in Detroit to help him kick Samoa Joe’s ass. Angle said he will become TNA champion and they will ALL celebrate..

Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley and The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Sting): Right in the middle of the match, Mick Foley left his position and joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary to praise Jeff Jarrett for being a great tag team partner. Jarrett took a beating and looked for a tag, but Foley wasn’t there. Jarrett finally jumped out and confronted Foley at ringside. Inside the ring, Samoa Joe single-handledly finished off the Main Event Mafia doing all the work for his team (cause Styles was injured)..