TNA IMPACT 11 12 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 12, 2009 (Taped: November 2-3)

VIDEO PACKAGE: They replayed some of Dixie Carter’s comments from last week regarding the changes happening in TNA and asking employees to support the direction the company is going or find some place else to work. Meanwhile, reports have circulated that at least five people asked for their release and were denied by TNA management..

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley & Super Dave Osbourne + “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: I guess TNA are trying to leech off of WWE’s “guest host” concept by bringing in guys like Super Dave Osbourne to appear on TNA iMPACT instead of putting their money into producing an entertaining program. Mick Foley greeted Super Dave and said tonight was going to be AWESOME! Super Dave talked about his upcoming SpikeTV “Super Dave Extravaganza” special on December 1st, and talked about Foley being apart of the show. Super Dave thought he was running the show tonight, but Foley clarified that he only gets to book one match – it can’t be a title match, and if it involved the Knockouts they have to dress appropriately. Foley gave Super Dave his office and told Jeremy Borash to watch him. Foley exited, and “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal came in looking for HULK HOGAN. Lethal recognized Super Dave from his role on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Borash said Super Dave was a living legend. Lethal wanted to know who his opponent tonight was for the Black Machismo Invitational and stormed off. Borash asked Super Dave if he followed his tweets, and Dave said he doesn’t Twitter and he doesn’t have a Facebook either!

NO-DQ MATCH (Dr. Stevie’s career on the line)
Dr. Stevie w/Daffney defeated Abyss: Mick Foley joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the match. Tenay pointed out that Foley was not present at the meeting last week where Dixie Carter addressed the TNA employees. Taz asked why Foley wasn’t more involved with the changes in TNA. Foley said TNA could have done a better job keeping him informed on the Hulk Hogan developments. Foley said he was thrilled about Hogan coming to TNA, he just should have been better informed. Abyss destroyed Dr. Stevie and was about to finish him off off with a Black Hole Slam when the lights went out. When power was restored, Abyss was unconcious in the ring and Dr. Stevie easily pinned him to win the match! Daffney slid a chair into the ring, and Dr. Stevie looked to inflict further damage – but Foley jumped in and made the save! Foley knocked down Dr. Stevie and threatened to whack him with a chair! The lights went out and Raven showed up to throw fire in Foley’s eyes! Dr. Stevie, Raven, and Daffney celebrated as TNA officials tried to help the blinded Foley..

Jeremy Borash & Dr. Stevie & Raven & Daffney: Dr. Stevie said he was in TNA to stay forever! Raven said the last time Foley got between he and one of his playmates, Tommy Dreamer, his idol Terry Funk caught on fire and burnt pretty good. Raven said now Foley got between he and Abyss and he got a BANG BANG! Raven cut one of his amazing promos about his abusive childhood.. quote the Raven, NEVERMORE!

TNA HYPE: Next week Sting breaks his silence about Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan..

Alissa Flash defeated Traci Brooks: Mike Tenay revealed that Traci Brooks has been handicapped since birth – with a defect in her right arm. Somebody already told Alissa Flash, because she focused her assault on Traci’s arm and easily defeated her. After the match, Traci snapped and attacked Alissa for breaking the code by going after her arm.. they tried to make it look like a shoot. It wasn’t. Obviously.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: I think this angle was created as an excuse to bring in all of Hulk Hogan’s best friends.. The Anvil has put on some pounds and is more than a few steps slower than his hayday.. The Anvil actually pinned Jay Lethal – what the hell?

Lauren Brooke & Bobby Lashley + Scott Steiner (on film): Bobby Lashey started to talk about leaving his wife at the hotel, away from the iMPACT Zone, for her own safety. Lashley said if Scott Steiner had a problem with him he should have came to him personally. A crew member showed up and said Lashley had a problem in the truck. Lashley folowed the man to the TV production truck, where he was shown a video from Scott Steiner. Steiner said he was just trying to help Lashley out, because the husband is always the last one to figure out that his wife is in love with another man. Steiner was at the hotel where Bobby left his wife, Kristal.. Lashley jumped in his car and sped off to the hotel, while the camera crew jumped in a car and followed…

Jeremy Borash & Super Dave Osbourne: Jeremy Borash said Mick Foley’s face was born and he was on the way to the hospital. Super Dave said he was in charge now, and wanted Borash to put the best match possible together in honor of Mick Foley. Borash recommended the X-Division and was told to go get it done by Super Dave!

Awesome Kong & The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich) defeated ODB & Tara & Sarita & Taylor Wilde: No reason was given why Awesome Kong was teaming with the Beautiful People after they had a brutal feud a few short months ago. I guess since Angelina Love is not there, we’re supposed to not notice – you know, cause we’re so dumb. Lacey Von Erich is simply the worst wrestler I’ve ever set eyes on. Totally void of any skill, and relying on her plastic looks. When she got in the ring, they wisely went to commercial. Kong pinned Taylor to win the match for her team. The Beautiful People applauded Kong after the match, and Lacey tried to hug her – but Velvet & Madison pulled her back. Kong locked eyes with Tara at ringside..

Jeremy Borash & Super Dave Osbourne + The TNA X-Division: Jeremy Borash brought the entire X-Division to Super Dave’s office. Super Dave said he needed something special tonight, and asked the X-Division guys to bust their asses and donate the match to Mick Foley!

Bobby Lashley + Kristal Lashley + Scott Steiner: Bobby Lashley arrived at the hotel and found Kristal safe and sound in their room. Kristal said she was okay, but then Scott Steiner burst in and attacked Lashley from behind. Steiner bashed Lashley over the head with a lamp as Kristal freaked out!

Kurt Angle + Desmond Wolfe: Kurt Angle said his match at this Sunday’s Turning Point might be the most important match of his life. Angle said he has respect for guys who bust their ass in the ring to prove they are the best, but he doesn’t respect a punk coming in off the streets and tries to break his neck. Angle said Desmond Wolfe knew what Angle’s weakness was, and he went after it. Angle said two weeks later he was back where he belongs, in HIS wrestling ring. Angle said Desmond has earned nothing, proved nothing, and at Turning Point he will terminate his wrestling career. Desmond Wolfe (aka Nigel McGuinness) came up on the big screen from a safe and secluded area, saying he knew Angle would be crazy tonight. Wolfe said he wasn’t in TNA to beat Angle, he was there to end Angle’s career. Wolfe said he wasn’t in TNA to play, he was there to take Angle’s place! It became clear that the video wasn’t live, and Angle clued in that Wolfe was about to sneak attack him. Both men started to brawl in and around the six sided ring. Angle grabbed a chair, but Wolfe ducked and gave Angle a DDT on the floor! Wolfe picked up the chair and knocked Angle out cold with it! Wolfe said “third time’s the charm!”

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin & Amazing Red w/Don West defeated Homicide & Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi: Super Dave joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the match and Tenay said the original daredevil was about to meet some new daredevils. Homicide found a barbed wire bat (stolen from Mick Foley’s office” and had to be dragged away by TNA security so the match could continue.

Lauren Brooke & Desmond Wolfe: Lauren Brooke said with three days until Turning Point, it looks like Desmond Wolfe has Kurt Angle’s number. Wolfe said he’s followed every move Angle has made as an athlete. Wolfe said he was in TNA to replace Kurt Angle, because he was a younger, better-looking, more determined, and healthier version of Kurt Angle. Wolfe said he left Angle with just enough energy to crawl into the ring at Turning Point…

VIDEO PACKAGE: They replayed some of Dixie Carter’s comments from last week regarding the changes happening in TNA and asking employees to support the direction the company is going or find some place else to work. Meanwhile, reports have circulated that at least five people asked for their release and were denied by TNA management..

Rhino & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) + Matt Morgan & Hernandez + Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Brother Ray said life about change and choice, and last week Dixie Carter said there would be a lot of choices in TNA. Ray said Dixie asked the wrestlers to make a choice, and Team 3-D confirmed that they were on board. Ray said last week he chose to whack Matt Morgan & Hernandez with a chair last week. Ray said after thinking about it, he was glad he made the choice that he did. Ray said Rhino has been trying to tell them that the younger talent in TNA was trying to take out the veterans of the company. Ray told Rhino, face-to-face man-to-man, “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. You were right, and they were wrong!” Ray said Rhino has had their back for the past 15 years and “they” try to stab them in the back every chance they get. Ray said for the younger talent trying to take them out, they would hold them down and make sure what they’re trying to do never happens. Ray called out Hernandez & Matt Morgan to the ring. Morgan & Hernandez came out to the stage and said if Team 3-D had something to say, to walk up and say it to their faces. Ray said he has spilled more DNA in TNA than Morgan has shower-time in the back. Ray called Hernandez an uneducated Mexican with no green card. Hernandez said everything he and Morgan got in TNA, they took, because they CAN. Team 3-D issued a challenge for a six-man tag at Turning Point, and asked if they had a tag team partner. Morgan & Hernandez said they didn’t need partner, and are more than happy to do the job by themselves. Brother Devon said they should pray that someone answers their call. Suddenly “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero was standing with Hernandez & Morgan. Dinero named himself the third man for the team of the future!

Lauren Brooke & Eric Young & The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams & Rob Terry): Lauren said the suspension on the British Invasion has been lifted so they can face Beer Money tonight, and if Beer Money wins they will be added to the TNA Tag Team title match this Sunday at Turning Point. Brutus Magnus argued that they are suspended and shouldn’t have to wrestle until Sunday. Magnus said that the British Invasion have been suffering from discrimination since day one in TNA. Doug Williams said, being British, they are used to battling adversity. Williams said tonight they will make sure Beer Money doesn’t darken a TNA wrestling ring again with their sloverly antics. Eric Young asks what kind of company gives out a suspension and doesn’t stand behind it. Young said TNA was a company without authority, in a country with no authority, and that’s why the World Elite was taking over. Young said this was Beer Money’s last chance, and couldn’t wait to lean over and whisper in their ear “welcome to our world.” Eric Young said he didn’t want Hulk Hogan to be confused, and made it clear that they were okay with him. Young said he was a big fan of Hulkamania, when he was 3. Young said as long as Hogan understands that they earned their spots and nothing was given to them!

HARD SELL: Turning Point 2009..

Jeremy Borash & TNA World Heavyweight champion A.J. Styles: Jeremy Borash pointed out that A.J. Styles wasn’t on the same page with Christopher Daniels. Styles apologized to Daniels for thinking it was him who was attacking him. Styles said he and Daniels let Samoa Joe work his magic on both of them. Styles said three weeks in a row he has been jumped by somebody, and hasn’t forgotten about it. Styles said Daniels has been drinking the koolaid, and maybe he wants what he has (TNA title). Styles said Samoa Joe was stirring the pot, and playing games, but the games aren’t going to work on him because he is the best at what he does.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated TNA Tag Team champions The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams w/Rob Terry): Beer Money earns the right to join the TNA Tag Team title match at Turning Point, making it a threeway with the British Invasion and the Motor City Machine Guns!

Jeremy Borash & Matt Morgan & Hernandez & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Matt Morgan said he’s been around the block, and wasn’t sure if he could trust a street panther. D’Angelo Dinero said where he is from there is a code of respect, so when the Pope gives his word it’s golden. Dinero said if Team 3-D & Rhino wants to hold them back, he’s going to have something to say about it.

Lauren Brooke & Christopher Daniels: Lauren Brooks said the Styles vs. Daniels vs. Joe contest at Turning Point might be more than just a wrestling match. Daniels said he and A.J. will always be friends, but it was the wrestling business, and there are no teams, no family, and no friends. Daniels said if TNA supported him like they supported A.J., he could be the World champion right now – because he is every bit the wrestler A.J. Styles is – and A.J. knows it. Daniels said he knows the story of the wolf in sheeps clothing, and he’s smarter than that!

Samoa Joe defeated TNA World Heavyweight champion A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles was in control of the match when Christopher Daniels came down and got on the ring apron. A.J. Styles asked Daniels what he was doing, and Daniels said he was watching Style’s back. Joe grinned when he saw Styles & Daniels yelling at each other. Joe put Styles in the Kokina-clutch and forced him to submit!