TNA IMPACT 02 04 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 4, 2010 (Taped: January 18-20)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO RECAP: They reviewed the situation between Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan. Then the issue between Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan after Angle was attacked by The Band. And Jeff Jarrett trying to fix his problems with Hulk Hogan..

Mr. Anderson defeated Brutus Magnus: Before the match started, Mr. Anderson did his usual routine entrance and proclaimed he is the future of the 4 sided ring and he is the future of TNA! Editor’s Note: Opening Match instead of In Ring Segment. Hard to believe.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mick Foley arrived at the iMPACT Zone..

Christy Hemme & Kurt Angle: Christy Hemme tried to ask Kurt Angle about his match tonight versus Tomko. Angle said he will take care of Tomko quickly. Angle wanted to talk about Hulk Hogan, who looked him in the eyes and then had his jackals attack him. Christy wanted to know if Angle thought that Hall & Waltman were doing it for Hogan. Angle told Hogan; screw me once, shame on me, screw me twice, shame on you.

Eric Bischoff + Mick Foley: Eric Bischoff said that it is good to be here one more time. Bischoff said that last week he was clear with Mick Foley that they needed to be on the same page, but Foley did not want to be on the same page. Eric said that it is a decision that will cost Foley dearly. Mick Foley came out and circled Bischoff before addressing him. Foley told Eric that his reputation in the business is that there is something wrong in his head. Foley said that people would get him to say negative things about people like Marcus Bagwell, Paul Heyman, and Jim Hellwig. However, he does not dislike anyone . . . other than Eric Bischoff, because he hates his guts. He called Bischoff a slick little hustler and the opposite of everything that he believed in. Foley said that Bischoff came in from the outside as a salesman and announcer. Foley called Bischoff the worst announcer ever. Foley said that Eric became an executive because he did not embody old school wrestling. Foley said that he wasn’t old school, but he might have gone to the school that burned down before old school. Bischoff said that it was not about the two of them, it was about other people. Foley said that he loves being apart of TNA but he has prepared for the worst case scenario. Foley said that he has been saving every time. He talked about how he didn’t deal with the luxuries even when he was WWE champion. Foley wanted to know who Bischoff was to play with Borash and Abyss’ careers. Foley said that the iMPACT Zone would shut down without JB and added that Bischoff doesn’t know or care about it and showed that he doesn’t know what makes TNA tick. Eric said that the control and power made him tick. Eric said that if Foley doesn’t want to be on the same page as him, he can respect that. If he isn’t going to get on the same page, he will turn the page. Eric said that he was going to write the next chapter in the Mick Foley story. Foley and Bischoff both mention that they are New York Times Bestsellers. Foley reminded Bischoff what he wrote about him. Foley told Eric that he knew that it might not last forever and he can understand if the relationship was over, but he will not let Bischoff mess with the ‘woman’ that he loves. Bischoff told Eric to look at his hand because he still has Borash and Abyss’ futures in his hand. Eric told Foley that he will be wrestling tonight and he will be facing Kevin Nash in a No Disqualification Match.

Jeremy Borash & Abyss: Abyss was freaking out and Jeremy Borash tried to calm in down saying he worked for Bischoff ten years ago and it was never easy.

Christy Hemme & Tara: Tara explained that Angelina made her life hell when she joined TNA, but now Angelina has earned her respect after helping her last week.

Matt Morgan & Hernandez defeated Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: The Nasty Boys pushed Devon off the rope. Hernandez pushed Ray into the Carbon Footprint for the three count. After the match The Nasty Boys started to beat Team 3D. Matt Morgan & Hernandez scared the Nasty’s out of the ring. Team 3D resectfully bumped fists with Matt Morgan and Hernandez giving them their titles back.

Samoa Joe defeated Jesse Neal:

Christy Hemme & Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan said that he did not hear Kurt Angle’s comments. Hogan said that he didn’t have anything to do with that attack and he told Angle that he will be around tonight if he wants to talk..

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated TNA World Heavyweight champion A.J Styles w/Ric Flair: The Pope got the upset win after a small package – great match! After the match, Flair and Styles started to beat on the Pope. Samoa Joe came running down and he and The Pope cleared the ring.

POST MATCH SEGEMENT: Ric Flair asked Samoa Joe if he wanted to die tonight. Flair told Joe that it is the new TNA and he will get his ass beat. Joe cut proceeded to cut an amazing promo and told Flair to shut his mouth. Joe then told A.J. that he was a scum bag. Joe said he doesn’t care if they were friends or enemies, but A.J. was a warrior. Joe said A.J. has given up on that for a few suits and some low-rent hookers. Joe said that he needed to remind A.J. that he was a man so he was going to cash in his title shot at Against All Odds. Joe told A.J. that he will have to deal with the inevitable!

Christy Hemme & Angelina Love: Christy asked if Velvet, Lacey, and Madison would get involved in her match. Angelina suggested that she might become a three time champion tonight. Angelina said that she was awesome at revenge.

Kevin Nash & Eric Young + Eric Bischoff: Eric Bischoff entered and he didn’t know who Eric Young was. Eric introduced himself and then Eric remembered and asked him to leave the room. Eric said that it was another name he probably will not remember in the morning. Eric said that he needed a favour from Kevin. Eric wanted Kevin to mop up Foley in a No Disqualification Match. Nash wanted some demands for Hall & Waltman. Eric called them screw ups and he told Nash that if he likes that tune, he can play it too . . . or he can destroy Mick Foley for him.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mick Foley when he attacked Kevin Nash in the empty iMPACT Zone.

Christy Hemme & Mick Foley + Abyss: Christy asked Mick about his match with Kevin Nash. She asks if he is going to fall in line. Foley said that while he was not in traditional wrestling attire, he will be lacing it up instead of falling in line. Christy asked about the bad blood. Foley said that they have unresolved differences, but then he thought about what Nash put him through the last few weeks. Foley talked about being sent to meet with Lou ‘Hulk’ Ferrigno. Abyss interrupted and he wanted to know if Foley was going to fall in line. Foley said that he will take care of business in the ring. Foley wanted Abyss to promise that he does not get involved in the match.

Kurt Angle defeated Tomko:

VIDEO PACKAGE: European Tour and Mick Foley and Kevin Nash ( again! )

Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash: Kevin Nash said that he does not like Mick Foley. He asked Hogan if he can give Pac and Hall another chance. Hogan said that he wanted them here, but he has given them too many chances. He told Nash to distance himself from those guys.

Tara defeated Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockout title title: After the match, Tara and Angelina shook hands but Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich attacked Angelina. Tara punched Lacey, Velvet, and Madison. Angelina joined in the attack and they cleared the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Scott Hall & Sean Waltman trying to get into the iMPACT Zone!

Hulk Hogan & Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle stormed into Hulk Hogan’s office and he wanted Hogan’s explanation after what happened last week. Hogan said that he didn’t give Hall and Waltman contracts because they are thugs and then he talked about Angle’s conspiracy theories. Angle said that he wanted to know what Hogan’s agenda was. Angle talked about the people that Hogan has done business with in the past. Angle said that Hogan will not screw with him. Angle told Hogan this was his last warning. Hogan told Angle to get out of his office – and he said please.

Kevin Nash defeated Mick Foley: This match was no longer than two minutes! After the match, Scott Hall & Sean Waltman came through the crowd and beat the crap out of Kevin Nash! What the heck?