TNA IMPACT 04 05 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 5, 2010 (LIVE!)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: The video started with Abyss saying he wanted to destroy Team Flair, they showed clips of Abyss: chokeslamming Ric Flair through the stage and A.J. Styles through the ring. Then a clip of A.J. Styles low blowing Jeff Jarrett to win their match last week.

Christy Hemme + Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne + Lacey Von Erich: Christy Hemme stood in a locker room and announced an eight-Knockout Lockbox Showdown. She explained all the rules where the winners will receive keys to four boxes and what the rewards will be: 1) Tara’s pet Poison, 2) open contract for an opponent of their choice, 3) they will have to strip down to their bra and panties, and 4) the TNA Knockouts Championship. Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky walked into the room and talked about the match. Rayne said tonight will be a night the millions of Beautiful People fans will never forget. Lacey Von Erich walked out in a white towel and said everyone wins because tonight she’ll be walking around in her bra and panties.

Hulk Hogan & Abyss & Jeff Jarrett + Ric Flair & Chelsea & “The Icon” Sting & Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money Inc (Robert Roode & James Storm) + Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam: Hulk Hogan said that Ric Flair has showed his true colors over and over again. Abyss came in and said that Flair may be a legend, but he has never dealt with someone like Abyss. Abyss talked about Lethal Lockdown and said that Team Flair will realize what pain and suffering is all about when the top of the cage is brought down. Abyss said that himself, Jarrett and the rest of Team Hogan will kick Team Flair’s ass! Ric Flair’s music went off and he was wheeled out by Chelsea followed by the rest of Team Flair (Sting & Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money). Flair said regarding Hogan’s team, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Flair praised Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money. Flair said there’s more history between he and Sting than there is in the entire wrestling world! Flair said that he has his Hall of Fame ring, and in St. Louis he’s going to shove it down Abyss’s throat. Hogan told Flair to “shut the hell up.” Hogan said he sees what he has on that stage, but he feels the power of Team Hogan, too. Hogan told Flair not to sell him short because he’s got a full powerful team and he’ll find out the final team members when the time is right. Flair then said he will see what Team Hogan is all about and the rest of his team made their way to the ring. As they headed to the ring, Jarrett said he had a question for Sting. Jarrett asked him to step into the ring without a baseball bat and answer one question. Sting entered the ring after handing his bat to Wolfe. Jarrett said they go back over 20 years and almost from day one in TNA. Jarrett asked Steve, “Why now has the dark side come out of you?” Jarrett said he may not deserve an answer, but the people in the iMPACT Zone deserve an answer. Jarrett asked “why now?” and then slapped Sting! Sting dropped Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop. Desmond Wolfe hit Abyss with the bat and Beer Money cornered Hogan. Suddenly, through the crowd, Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam made the save and attacked Beer Money Inc. & Desmond Wolfe. Team Flair quickly retreated..

Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm: James Storm hit the Eye of the Storm but didn’t get the 3 count. RVD then hit a front slam and a split legged moonsault to pick up the win. After the match, RVD posed for the crowd who were electrified. Storm recovered and smashed a beer bottle over RVD’s head. RVD sold it like he was shot in the face point blank. Storm was walking up the ramp when Jeff Hardy attacked him and threw him in the ring. Hardy checked on RVD, and Robert Roode ran in through the crowd and gave Hardy a spinebuster!

Christy Hemme & Tara & Angelina Love & ODB & Hamada: Tara was complaining that she could lose her title or get her spider back. An upset Tara said TNA just wanted ratings (after a 0.6, hell yes!) and is using her to get them – adding “this entire thing is a joke.” Angelina Love said, “sometimes life is a bitch and you just have to deal with it. We all do.” Love then predicted she’ll walk out with the Knockouts Title. Tara said if that’s how she wants to roll, let’s roll. ODB walked up and said there’s some PMSing going around. ODB said her box is going after the contract so she can wrestle anyone and go after A.J. Bootie-Bam Styles. Christy then tried to interview Hamada, but she spoke in Japanese, so I couldn’t understand her.

“The Freak” Rob Terry defeated Homicide to retain the TNA Global title: Big Rob won with a powerslam. After the match, Homicide hit Big Rob from behind with a chairshot to the back. Homicide then nailed him with a chairshot to the head. Big Rob started bleeding but recovered and hit a powerslam on Homicide.

IMPACT ZONE SEGMENT: Orlando Jordan appeared on the top of the ramp, with a white creamy substance all over his chest. He licked some of it off his face and started to smile. Editor’s Note: Great work, Russo. (sarcasm)

Tara & ODB & Angelina Love & Hamada vs. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich & Daffney: The stipulation was there would be four pinfalls, the winner earns a key and the loser is eliminated from the match. The four boxes contact; 1) TNA Knockout title, 2) open contract match of your choice, 3) Tara’s pet spider, 4) mandatory strip tease. Love worked on Rayne to start the match but quickly tagged in Tara. Rayne with a running big boot to control Tara. Rayne rammed Tara head first into the mat several times. Tara stopped Rayne on the top and hit the Widows Peak to pick up the first key (Rayne eliminated). Daffney entered and slammed Angelina into the ring. Daffney worked on Angelina. During the commercial, Daffney pinned Hamada to get the second key (Hamada eliminated). ODB with a running big splash on Sky in the corner. ODB with a fall away slam, ODB covered Sky and gets a near fall. Sky with a DDT on ODB and gets the third key (ODB eliminated). Angelina takes Lacey down with a clothesline and several right hands. Angelina ran into a big boot in the corner. Lacey missed a moonsault elbow drop off the middle rope. Angelina with the Light Out and gets the final key (Lacey eliminated). . . . Tara, Daffney, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love won the four keys….

VIDEO PACKAGE: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson feud.

Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle: Late in the match, Kurt Angle climbed up the ladder, only to have Mr. Anderson push it over and Angle took a hellacious bump over the top rope hitting the floor with his upper-back first. Mr. Anderson climbed the ladder, but Angle knocked it over and Anderson took a bump. The fans chanted “TNA! TNA!” Angle put Anderson on the ladder and then punched him a half dozen times. Angle followed up with a moonsault onto Anderson (who was laying on the ladder)! Angle climbed the ladder again, but Anderson came up behind him with Angle’s warrior medal in hand. Anderson began to choke him with it from behind. Anderson yanked on Angle from behind, but Angle powered his way up high enough to grab the key holder. Angle came up short of gaining it, as he lost consciousness and fell to the mat. Anderson then climbed up and grabbed the key to win. Afterwards Anderson grabbed his mic and gloated about his win from the stage. Anderson said he’ll celebrate his victory at Lockdown because that’s what he just assured will happen by getting that key!

Jeremy Borash & Hulk Hogan + Bubba The Love Sponge + “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Jeremy Borash asked Hulk Hogan if he has a comment regarding Eric Bischoff. Hogan told Borash that anything between Bischoff and himself will be staying between themselves. Bubba the Love Sponge walked over and told JB to leave the area (scrizam). Hogan told Bubba that he brought Bubba into the company but now he is with the Band. Hogan told Bubba that he is running with the wrong crowd. Bubba said he is having fun, and wasn’t having fun with Hulk, and then walked away. Jay Lethal came over and told Hogan that it was his fault when the Mega Powers exploded. Lethal apologized and said he has Hogan’s back from now on.

Bubba The Love Sponge + The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Sean Waltman): Bubba The Love Sponge greeted The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Sean Waltman) as they arrived in the iMPACT Zone.

Christy Hemme & Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan said because of an “unfortunate accident” a few weeks ago, he can’t defend the belts with Hernandez. Christy asked him who his new partner would be. Morgan referred to himself as “WE,” defending the tag team titles alone. Christy said she was confused and told Morgan he’s the only one standing in front of her. Morgan said, “Yes we are.” He smiled and said he or we were looking forward to defending the tag titles next week.

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) by DQ: This was a rematch from the TNA weekly web match which went to a double pin draw. Devon hit a diving headbutt to the crotch and Ray screamed for tables. When Devon pulled a table out from under the ring, the Band showed up and caused the match to be ruled a No Contest. Sean Waltman attacked Devon and threw him into the ringpost. Ray ran toward Nash for the save, but Nash KO’d him with a punch with brass knuckles. The Band threw Ray into the ring and beat everyone down. Scott Hall hit Sabin with the Razor’s Edge and Nash clotheslined Shelley. Waltman spray painted Shelley’s back and yelled at the camera, “Bow Down!”

The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Sean Waltman) + Bubba The Love Sponge: Bubba The Love Sponge joined the Band in the ring. Kevin Nash said that he has a message for everyone. Nash explained that they are running the show despite not signing the checks. Nash told Hogan that he is looking at his worst nightmare. Nash said that for fifteen years they have been carrying Hulk Hogan’s ass. Nash called Hogan the biggest snake in the land. Nash has three people in the ring that like him and that is plenty enough. The Wolfpac music played and the Band celebrated..

Jeremy Borash & Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Desmond Wolfe & Chelsea: The Pope called Chelsea a jezebel. The Pope said tonight he’s going to paint a new picture in his match against Wolfe. Wolfe walked in with Chelsea and asked if he’s “bloody Picaso.” Wolfe said where he comes from people don’t get second chances. Wolfe said he should be getting the title shot against Styles at Lockdown. Wolfe said he can do double duty and win twice in one night. Pope’s demeanor changed and he told Wolfe he can face Styles at Lockdown if he beats him tonight. Desmond Wolfe wisely agreed.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Tara was worried about which box she will receive!

Doug Williams: Doug Williams said that the days of the high flyers ruining the X-Division are over. Williams told them they need to go to the circus and flip around with the monkeys. Williams suggested they go back to wrestling school and learn technical wrestling which he is the master of. Williams would like to be called by his full name, Douglas Williams. Williams called out his challengers, who would be Generation Me..

Douglas Williams defeated Jeremy Buck: Doug Williams hit Jeremy with the rolling chaos theory to eliminate him.

Douglas Williams defeated Max Buck: Doug Williams made Max submit and didn’t release the hold until the “Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore hit the ring and made the save! Moore challenged Williams to a match at Lockdown. Mike Tenay referenced that Kazarian was still number one contender and how would he react to this.

Christy Hemme & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Brother Ray said what happened was uncalled for, but he wanted revenge next week and challenged the Band to a match (a 2 on 3 or tag team match?). Brother Ray said, in 15 years their paths have never crossed. Ray called them “a couple of disrespectful unethical pricks.” Devon said they’ve been a cancer to every promotion they’ve been in. Devon said he’s from New York City and he’s going to kick their ass all over the iMPACT Zone.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea: This was a two minute match….. The Pope reversed the Tower of London for the DDE (D’Angelo Dinero Experiences) for the win. After the match A.J. Styles attacked The Pope on the ramp and hit the Styles Clash in the ring. Abyss came down to make the save but Desmond Wolfe attacked him from behind. Abyss tried to fight back, but A.J. Styles hit him with a chop block and Wolfe knocked him out with a fire extinguisher!

Jeremy Borash & Tara & Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Daffney + Lacey Von Erich: The contents of each key won by the knockouts were revealed: Velvet Sky won an open contract to face any opponent at any time with any stipulation. Tara won her pet spider, Poison. Angelina Love won the TNA Knockouts title! Daffney had to do a Strip Tease! Jeremy Borash told Daffney that she needs to go to the ring and perform a strip tease or she will be fired. Daffney entered the ring and took off her hat and necklace while the other Knockouts celebrated their other wins on the ramp way. Daffney pulled down her straps a little way. Lacey Von Erich had enough and ran down and started to beat down Daffney with the Ugly Stick. Lacey took off her night gown and begins to do a strip tease while Tara and Love begin to brawl over the championship on the ramp way. Love kicked Tara into the ring and they traded right hands and rolled around on the ring. Velvet Sky cut a promo on Lacey Von Erich and said that Lacey doesn’t upstage her. Sky announced that she will be cashing in her contract next week against Angelina Love in a leather and lace match.