TNA IMPACT 07 22 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 22, 2010 (Taped: July 13th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed a video giving us a review of what Abyss has done in the last few weeks and why he has done it – because “THEY” have told him to, which carried onto the events of last week when the ECW invasion took place and why it happened because Dixie invited them.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Dixie Carter arrived to the iMPACT zone, and she will give us an explanation of why she invited the ECW originals.

A.J. Styles w/(Frankie) Kazarian defeated “The Freak” Rob Terry to win the TNA Global title: Kazarian kept on helping his Fortune member A.J. Styles such as distracting the referee when Rob Terry hit the flying kick to get the pin. Rob Terry was about to hit a suplex but Kazarian held Terry’s foot from the outside and tripped him over, then Styles got the pin to win ‘Fortune’s’ first title! Rob Terry’s six month record breaking reign is over! Terry was irate after the match, and so right… he was screwed.

Sarita & Madison Rayne + The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich): Sarita was in full heel mode mocking Taylor Wilde after she choked her out last week. Madison was playing along, and then teased that she had a great ass (agree with that) while Velvet has dumpy boobs – one was in Jersey and the other in Miami! Velvet came from behind and said anything you have to say come say it to her face and also told Sarita to keep the helmet on her big head. Lacey tried to calm things down but Velvet shouted at her. Madison said tonight she will get her title back. Madison & Sarita walked out because they have tag team match. Lacey tried to calm Velvet down but she walked away in a fit.

Dixie Carter & TNA Agents (Al Snow & D-Lo Brown & Pat Kenney & Terry Taylor): Dixie was shouting at the agents after their actions last week. Terry Taylor pointed at the door and Pat Kenney slammed it close.

Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde defeated Madison Rayne & Sarita: Before the match, Earl Hebner informed Angelina Love that she had to forfeit her title as TNA Management did not have enough evidence to solve who was on the bike. Angelina Love gave up the belt and then jumped Madison Rayne. After the match, the mystery biker chick came down and Velvet & Lacey were on top of the ramp wondering who it was. Suddenly Sarita, Rayne, and the mystery chick attacked the babyfaces. Lacey then walked out with Rayne and the heels while Angelina Love and Velvet Sky looked at each other.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mick Foley & Stevie Richards & Rhino & Raven & Tommy Dreamer arrived at the iMPACT Zone..

#8 ranked Kurt Angle defeated #7 ranked Hernandez by submission: Taz stated the obvious before the match saying Hernandez was ranked higher then Kurt Angle. Real good match for what it was, could have gone longer but iMPACT is so overbooked. Why would you want a match going very long.

Kurt Angle + Kevin Nash + Jeff Jarrett: While Angle was celebrating, Kevin Nash’s music hit and he came out, shook hands and hugged his former mafia mate on the ramp. Mafia lives! Nash called out Jeff Jarrett and said Jarrett tried to trick Nash last week but it wasn’t Sting who was the problem because he has known him for twenty years. It wasn’t Sting who left the log in the punch bowl it was Jarrett (Nash asked if Jarrett eats a lot of almonds – hilarious!). Nash called the young guys who look up to Jarrett the “victims.” Jarrett got a mic and said he doesn’t know what Nash was talking about and said Nash used his authority to get Hall & PAC there jobs. Nash said who cares about history and said when Jarrett’s three young daughters grow up and “get it” they will realize their daddy is nothing but a selfish prick. Nash added Jarrett should juggle that in his sleep.

Dixie Carter + Kurt Angle: Dixie was pacing backstage when Kurt Angle bumped into her and questioned her decision about these guys being brought in. Dixie said to trust her and he said he will trust her just like he has for four years and then kissed her and walked away.

#4 ranked Samoa Joe vs. #2 ranked Jeff Hardy ended in a 10:00 time limit draw: First time ever on free TV. Eric Bischoff was on the phone to Mike Tenay and said he and Hulk Hogan were not there as he had July 4th holiday and Hogan had a “previously scheduled” surgery. Regarding Dixie’s announcement, he and Hulk support it and will be back next week! Lots of dual chanting between the crowd for both guys. When the bell rang, a few boos came from the crowd and they both started to fight after the match before being separated by referee Brian Hebner. Joe was mostly in control for most of this match.

Jeff Jarrett & Dixie Carter: Jeff Jarrett warned Dixie about Kevin Nash and his friendship with Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff. Dixie changed the subject and said she needs Jarrett to tell the rest of the roster that this invasion was a good thing for TNA.

#3 ranked Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Morgan: Morgan dominated the whole match and out of nowhere Mr. Anderson hit the mic-check for the three count! Morgan used Anderson’s mic to whack Mr. Anderson after the match and then taunted him.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The upcoming TNA Live shows and the recent attendance breaking houseshow in New York.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): A brawl between these two teams; weapons included were chairs, kendo sticks and garbage cans. The Guns did that chinlock/dropkick on the ramp with Sabin doing a long run up. Roode clotheslined the referee after Shelley dogged him as he was holding a trashcan then the other referee on the side Earl Hebner was taking down when Roode used him as a shield as Sabin hit a dropkick. The Guns hit Roode with the slice bread/power bomb combination but there was no ref!! Storm then hit Shelley with the beer bottle and Roode got the pin. Beer Money are in full control at 2-0!

Brother Ray & Brother Devon: Brother Devon wanted to talk about last week not the PPV and said he helped the ECW guys because they are his family and hoped Brother Ray would do the same. Brother Ray said they have nothing to prove with them, and made a point that they have done more in the business. Editor’s notes: Brother Ray was wearing a LAX T-shirt..

Christy Hemme & Rob Van Dam: RVD said he felt great to be back with his ECW boys after such a long time and while he was World champion. He said he’s looking forward to Dixie’s announcement and hopefully a reunion of some sort after such a long time.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A neat video showing what has happened in the last few weeks involving the old ECW boys, Abyss, and the chaotic brawl last week.

Dixie Carter + Mick Foley & Tommy Dreamer & Raven & Rhino & Stevie Richards: Dixie said TNA had the best fans in the world and everything is about the fans. Dixie said her favorite part of her job is meeting the people personally and give what the fans have wanted. She said Facebook and Twitter has helped her. Dixie said the fans have loved “Extreme Championship Wrestling” and she welcomed five gentleman to the iMPACT Zone; Tommy Dreamer (he tore his MCL and had a notable limp), Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards, and Mick Foley. Foley took the mic and said this was the first time Dixie has been in the ring and Dixie wanted to remember the nineties which is “ECW”! She said it’s not about big pay checks, but the love for the fans and they will never forget that. Foley thanked Dixie because he has one more chance to make a last impression, because last time he was there four months ago he was fired. Foley said the four gentlemen in the ring made ECW and gave the mic to Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer said he was an ambassador to ECW. Dreamer said he has watched TNA since the Asylum days and watched a small company grow. Dreamer said his friends always said to go to TNA but he was afraid because he had a family to support. Dreamer compared TNA to the original ECW, where unknown people went became legends. It was used to promote people; comparing Samoa Joe to Taz, and adding Ric Flair did for Jay Lethal was what Terry Funk did for bother he and Mick Foley… also before the Beautiful People there was Francine & Beulah. Dreamer said when he was invited to Slammiversary he felt TNA were here for the right reasons; to wrestle and entertain the fans. TNA have brought back Dreamer’s attention because he thought ECW One Night Stand was the final stand and then “they” (WWE) brought it back and he witnessed his friends being fired and destroyed for what? Someone shouted “Vince sucks” and Dreamer responded “exactly!” Tommy said he lost his passion and had to quit his job and everyone put this plan together. Dreamer said it can only happen if Dixie Carter allowed it, and made sure to say that it was not an invasion, but it is about the fans. Dreamer said their legacy was not destroyed and wanted Dixie to give them one night to show the world what there legacy can do. The crowd erupted. Dixie agreed, but with one stipulation; that they have complete control and it has nothing to with TNA. “Sabu” chants. Dreamer concluded “iMPACT Zone, we are going Extreme!”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was not looking forward to this but I now am. Plus I will be at the iMPACT Zone live for this PPV!