TNA IMPACT 02 03 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 3, 2011 (Taped: January 31)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO RECAP: The Show began with recapping what’s been going on the past few weeks with some footage mixed in of Mr. Anderson, Dixie Carter, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and Robert Roode. Dixie thinks some things are going to surprise a lot of people.

Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy) & Fourtune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm) + Scott Steiner: Bischoff said they’d sent Steiner a special invitation and asked Scott to come out. Big Poppa Pump obliged. Bischoff told us that Dixie managed to get a continuance so therefore Hulk Hogan would not be on iMPACT! tonight. Bischoff restated his belief that there is no “they” surprisingly he mentioned Kevin Nash, Sting, and Booker T by name, stating none of those men will be in TNA and therefore there is no “THEY”. Sting recently has been rumored to have signed with WWE but Kevin Nash & Booker have both made recent WWE appearances. With Booker apparently having joined the SmackDown! announce team. Bischoff then invited Steiner to join Immortal. Bischoff extended his hand expecting Steiner to shake it. Bischoff laid out Steiner’s options. Either join Immortal or get his ass kicked. Steiner introduced a third option of sticking his foot up Bichoff’s ass. Steiner accused Bischoff of not knowing who he’s talking to. He demanded Bischoff refer to him as “sir.” After Steiner finished his threat Kurt Angle & Crimson came to the top of the ramp. Scott Steiner left the ring and joined them. Angle told Biscoff that “THEY” are in the arena.

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Hardy (While the rest of Immortal looked on): Hardy was yelling at Bischoff saying two things were supposed to happen tonight; Hogan was supposed to be there, and Hardy was supposed to regain his championship. Bischoff blamed Hogan missing on Dallas judges and promised Hardy he would get his championship back. Bischoff began asking where Flair was when Angle & Crimson & Scott Steiner walked in. Angle said it sounded like someone is in a bit of a panic. A confrontation began but a tag match was starting.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neil & Shannon Moore) defeated Immortal Security (Gunner & Murphy): Once Gunner & Murphy were close enough to the ring they stormed inside and attempted to get an advantage on Ink Inc. At first it didn’t work but Gunner & Murphy were able to use their strength and size to dominate Ink Inc. But in the end their speed and experience together as a team allowed Inc Ink to change things around and get the win.

Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner & Crimson: Angle was asking Crimson if he’d heard anything yet. Crimson said he hadn’t when Angle’s phone rang. Angle asked whoever was calling if everything was still on and when Angle hung up he walked away with Steiner & Crimson going over their game plan.

Taz & Mike Tenay + Eric Young: Taz & Mike Tenay reminded us that the judge in Dallas had issued a continuance on the lawsuit between Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan and then they had Christy Hemme report to us via sattelite from Dallas again that the judge had issued a continuance (they flew her to Dallas for a 10 second statement?). As Taz & Tenay were discussing events, Eric Young came running over and grabbed a headset and spoke into the microphone of it to tell us that he saw “THEY” in the back. But he couldn’t tell Taz because he’d then have to kill Taz because Kurt Angle would kill Young for telling Taz. It was the typical crazy Eric Young we’ve all come to know and love. Eric played it off like he believed they were off air, suggesting Tenay announce the news on-air and say it was from a “reputable source.” After Eric left they cut to the video package of Jeff & Karen’s home life.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett & family – The pertinent moment of the package was when the children pointed to a photograph showing a lot of the TNA roster with Dixie Carter included and saying that it was their favorite picture because Dixie was in it. Jeff then admonished the children for having said that name out loud and that they’re never to say that name in the house ever. Karen and Jeff made the children apologize.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ken Anderson addressed Jeff Hardy directly. Ken said he was going to the ring alone and asked if Jeff could do the same.

Bully Ray & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: After commercial break Ray & Pope were already in the ring and Ray was already talking into a microphone. He was praising Pope as finally being a partner he could rely on. Ray went on to recap what he did to Devon when he combined the power of a chain and steel chair onto Devon’s head. Ray continued to praise Pope and insult Devon. Pope then addressed Samoa Joe. He told us that Joe went to management to ask for a match with Pope. Pope threatened to expose Joe for what Joe truly is. A sloppy Joe.

Brother Devon & Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray & Pope D’Angelo Dinero ended in a No Contest: Joe and Devon ran to the ring. Devon went straight after Ray though that didn’t work out very well as Ray ended up choking Devon in the corner. Joe went after Pope but Pope ran out of the ring and back up the ramp but was stopped by Kazuchika Okada at the top of the ramp. Pope just decided to jump the rail and run to the back by going a different route. Ray was about to use a chain as a weapon again but Devon finally reversed the situation. Devon took the fight outside the ring. Devon hit Ray with a chair to the back. Referees and security had to run out to break up the fight. Ray threw a cup of beer into the face of someone in the audience and spit beer into the face of another. The announcers told us that they were Devon’s two sons. As far as I could tell the match was never officially started so there was no winner or loser and I hesitate to say “no contest’ since it never officially began.

Jeremy Buck defeated Douglas Williams and Jay Lethal: Max Buck had joined Taz & Tenay at the announcers table to help call the match. It took a while for it to appear as anyone had an advantage in the ring. Max declared that Jeremy’s shoes were untied and went down to ringside to help. Jeremy was knocked outside the ring and Max was aiding Jeremy in getting back into the match. Lethal and Williams continued to duke it out on the ring. Williams hit Lethal with a rolling chaos into a pin attempt. Max distracted the referee, while Jeremy kicked Douglas with a low blow and covered Jay lethal to steal the pin.

Eric Bischoff & Fourtune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm): Bischoff was on the phone with an attorney trying to track down Ric Flair. Storm said the last time they saw Flair, Flair was in a pub in London. Roode told Bischoff not to worry and that there was no “they” and that even if there were, Immortal is the strongest faction in the wrestling world today. Bischoff asked Styles to make sure tonight that Immortal and Jeff Hardy get the world title back. A.J. told Bischoff not to worry about it. He also foreshadowed what was about to go down when he spoke of Fourtune not taking the backseat anymore.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sarita had a pretty good promo leading up to her taped fist match she’s going to have with Mickie James. She promised a short match and then some slapping around of Velvet. She also promised her cousin Rosita would be in the TNA ring next week.

VIDEO RECAP: Footage of Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson in Germany making comments about each other. Nothing was truly revealed but they were some pretty good promos.

Mr. Anderson + Jeff Hardy: Once Anderson was in the ring he immediately asked that Jeff join him. Once Jeff Joined him Ken took a moment to pander to the audience by asking how many assholes were in the building. Anderson got a big reaction. He asked how many creatures of the night were in the building. Most people booed but some fans (mostly girls) still cheered. Anderson pointed out that both men have some common ground that neither like authority figures and both men aspired to be world champion. Anderson told Hardy that Angle approached Anderson to tell him that Angle has his back and Angle has backup. Anderson said he would prefer to go back to Angle and tell Angle that it isn’t needed but would need Hardy to bring it one on one. Hardy assured us that he doesn’t need anyone to beat Anderson. The crowd started chanting “prove it” and Hardy very sarcastically said he would dedicate the match to his creatures of the night and Anderson’s assholes. He said may the best man win and Hardy and Anderson actually shook hands in the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mickie James said she’s never been in a taped fist match but she had been in some bar fights and those never end pretty and this match wouldn’t end pretty for Sarita either.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett & family – They were having dinner. Jeff had the kids all list off what they were most thankful for before they could eat. Everything he they were most thankful for had something to do with Jeff Jarrett.

Mickie James defeated Sarita: Mickie stayed in control for the majority of the match until she hit her hand on the ring post. Sarita then took control and started hitting Mickie’s injured hand against the ring steps and the ring post some more. Sarita stayed in control with a few exceptions for several minutes until Mickie swung and connected her fist into Sarita’s face. The ref checked on Sarita and ruled that Sarita was knocked out and Mickie James won the match. Madison Rayne came out of the audience and punched Mickie in the back with her loaded glove. Mickie appeared to be knocked out. Madison posed in the ring for a moment and spat on Mickie.

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Hardy: Bischoff was pointing out that the first match Hardy had with Anderson, Hardy lost. Hardy blamed his loss on the interference of Bischoff and said Hardy doesn’t want anyone from Immortal involved with his match. Bischoff grudgingly agreed.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett & family – Jeff Jarrett proposed to Karen again. He wants to renew his vows on iMPACT! Karen said yes.

TNA World Heavyweight champion Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: Before Mr. Anderson could finish his self introduction he was attacked from behind by Jeff Hardy. Anderson and Hardy fought outside the ring for several minutes. Referees and Al Snow came down to separate them. Finally, the match was officially started with both men in the ring. The match went back and forth but eventually Hardy got a firm grasp of an advantage and kept it for a few minutes. When Anderson was able to reverse things both men got into a slugfest trading punches back and forth and Anderson ended up winning the series. Anderson attempted a mic check but Hardy blocked it. Both Hardy and Anderson had some near falls. Hardy tried the twist of hate but when Anderson shoved him away they knocked down the referee. It was then that Immortal came down to the ring and really started beating on Anderson. Hardy picked up Anderson and was holding him so that A.J. Styles could hit Anderson. Bischoff came out to the stage to watch and smile. Just as Styles was about to deck Anderson, he stopped and raised his hand into the Fourtune symbol which confused Hardy. Then the members of Fourtune attacked the remaining members of Immortal. A.J. then planted Hardy with the Styles-clash. Fourtune rolled the referee back into the ring as Anderson was covering Hardy. The referee counted and Anderson won the match.

Fourtune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm) & Mr. Anderson + Kurt Angle & Crimson & Scott Steiner: A.J. handed the championship title back to Mr. Anderson. A.J. grabbed the mic and explained the situation. He addressed Bischoff directly. A.J. reiterated that Fourtune wouldn’t be taking the backseat to anyone. And he let us know that “THEY” is Fourtune. Bischoff came out to the ramp and accused A.J. of being an ungrateful S.O.B. He continued to hurl insults stating that Fourtune was nothing without Hulk Hogan. Styles accused Bischoff of lying and using smoke and mirrors. Bischoff bragged that he’d had more success than A.J. would ever see. A.J. countered that Bischoff put a billion dollar company out of business (WCW, Bishoff will never live that down). A.J. accused Bischoff of trying to do the same thing to TNA. A.J. accused Bischoff & Hogan of once arriving in the company started hiring guys that didn’t deserve to be in wrestling in the first place. This got a pretty good reaction not just from the crowd but from the people in the ring as well. Oddly, the crowd started chanting “We want six sides!” Bischoff bragged that Hardy has more success on his worst day than Styles will have on any day of his life. A.J. bragged that Fourtune are the men that built the company. Both Bischoff and Styles promised that each faction would destroy the other. With Bischoff promising that they would win their lawsuit and Hogan would return on March 3rd.