TNA IMPACT 03 31 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 31st, 2011 (Taped: March 15th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Mickie James defeated Sarita.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A replay of last week’s events when Sting and Mr. Anderson started to fight each other and now as a result, Rob Van Dam is apparently the new number one contender for the TNA Title.

Mr. Anderson & Earl Hebner + Brian Hebner + Sting + Rob Van Dam + Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff:
Mr. Anderson started of the show when he dragged Earl Hebner to the ring .Mr. Anderson wanted a discussion with Earl Hebner and questioned his decision last week. Earl Hebner interfered and demanded respect from him because he was wearing a referee t-shirt. Earl said if he didn’t accept the decision he got Disqualifed tough shit and he got disqualified because he hit Sting. Mr. Anderson said Earl Hebner should reverse the decision or he will do something he will regret; Earl screamed the decision is final ASSHOLE! Mr. Anderson kneed him in the gut and prepared a mic-check when Brian Hebner came out and told him not to touch his father.Mr. Anderson asked Brian if he was out to screw him just like what his father has done for a long time, Anderson begged Earl to hit him when Sting’s music hit and he came out and told father and son to leave the ring. Mr. Anderson told Sting he’s not in Stinger Country but he is in asshole country, Sting smirked and said nope he is here to disrespect only Mr. Anderson and they started to brawl until TNA security broke things up. Rob Van Dam came out and said make the match at Lockdown a triple threat, Earl Hebner said he doesn’t have the power to reverse the decision. Hulk Hogan came out and made it a three way. Eric Bischoff said “the network” want ratings and booked a six man tag team cage match with Rob Van Dam, Sting and Mr. Anderson facing Matt Hardy, Abyss and “Bubba” Ray.

Mr. Anderson: Mr Anderson had no comment regarding the main event tonight.

Rob Van Dam: Rob Van Dam said he has his hands full tonight in a good way, as he will take care of all his opponents and maybe his partners.

Sting: Sting promised that he will get a apology from Mr. Anderson tonight.

Ink Inc (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal):
Shannon Moore told Scott Steiner he disrespected him last week because he wears a stupid chain on his head and tries to be young and hip, but he is not any of those things because Shannon Moore is the new generation.  Then said the real reason why he disrespected him because he has no respect for Scott Steiner in the first place

Scott Steiner & Crimson:
Scott Steiner called Shannon Moore actions last week off more like a little bitch and gave his own feelings on disrespect which would be sleeping with someone s girlfriend or bitch slapping them in a bar. He promised to beat him tonight.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett & Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff:
Jeff Jarrett pleaded with Hulk Hogan to cancel the match at Lockdown, Hulk Hogan promised the “Rob Terry thing” could fix it up.

Scott Steiner (w/ Crimson) defeated Shannon Moore (w/ Jesse Neal
): Eric Young and Orlando Jordan were at commentary, Orlando Jordan was wearing a colourful dress, fake wings and high stilts. Eric Young announced a fatal four way tag team match at Lockdown: with OJ/EY versus Scott Steiner/Crimson verses Ink Inc against a mystery team. Shannon Moore took control and then mocked Scott Steiner by wearing the head chain, he went for a moonsault but Steiner moved out of the way. Scott Steiner hit the Frankensteina  for the win. After the match Eric Young and Orlando Jordan went out to congratulate Scott Steiner who gave them the middle finger, then Magnus and Douglas Williams attacked the two from behind.( British Invasion are back. Yes!)

Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson was talking to the Lockdown poster of himself and said Sting will not get a apology.

Karen Angle & Jeff Jarrett: Karen Angle was worried about Kurt Angle but Jeff Jarrett said leave it to the professional like Immortal to deal with it. He never seemed worried but had a Plan B.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Max and Jeremy Buck had a few words to say against each other with both having something to prove after their recent miscommunication at the last Pay Per View.

Max Buck defeated Jeremy Buck:
I guess they are splitting the tag team up. Max hit the win after he threw Jeremy against the turnbuckle with a power-bomb and then hit a modified diamond cutter from the top rope for the win.

Fortune arrived and promised someone else would be appearing tonight as he just landed at the airport.

Winter & Angelina Love:
Winter told Angelina Love to drink her cup of water and began bad mouthing Velvet Sky and told her she was to be blamed.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The tension and past between Winter, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love

Winter defeated Velvet Sky:
Winter made Velvet submit after hitting her with a backbreaker and putting on some sort of choke. Angelina Love came out looking all dazed and confused.

Mr. Anderson + Sting +Immortal (Bully-Ray & Matt Hardy & Abyss) + Rob Van Dam
Mr. Anderson came out and demanded Sting to come out. Sting came out and Mr. Anderson told Sting he was about to do something he would never do then slapped him, and then they just brawled in and around the ring. They brawled through the crowd and then near the ramp when Immortal came out and attacked them. Bully Ray hit Sting with the microphone a few times in the ring, Abyss and Matt Hardy worked on Mr. Anderson outside, until Rob Van Dam came out and saved Sting by hitting a flying spin kick to Bully-Ray but refused to help Mr. Anderson and left. Immortal threw Anderson in the ring where Sting hit Mr Anderson and Immortal retreated.

Karan & Jeff Jarrett: Karen and Jeff Jarrett were forging a fake phone call to the police in which they pretended Kurt Angle was attacking them.

Immortal ( Ric Flair & Matt Hardy & Abyss & Bully-Ray)
:Ric Flair promised Immortal were badasses and were to powerful. Matt Hardy told us they fighting three individuals tonight and Bully Ray promised he was going to kicks Rob Van Dm’s ass tonight after what he just did. Ric Flair said the three main eventers won’t make it to Lockdown and Abyss promised they are finishing what they just started tonight.

Velvet Sky: Velvet Sky called Winter a crazy bit*h. Velvet promised she will cleanse Winter out of TNA and seemed worried about Angelina Love because she thinks she has been drugged.

Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett & “The Freak” Rob Terry: Kurt Angle (In clothes) called Jeff Jarrett out because he is not waiting until Lockdown. Jeff Jarrett came out with fellow Immortal member Rob Terry.

Kurt Angle defeated “The Freak” Rob Terry (w/ Jeff Jarrett):
Kurt Angle made Rob Terry submit in about a minute. Jeff Jarrett tried to run away but Kurt Angle caught him he started choking Jarrett with a t-shirt and prepared a angle slam on the stage but Jarrett avoided it and ran away

Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett +Karen Angle & Police Officials:
Jeff Jarrett went in a opposite direction unknown to Kurt Angle who went a different way and went outside where Karen and the police were standing, they had some sort of warrant and arrested him. Karen was screaming like she was attacked and when they left she gave a evil laugh.

Fortune ( Robert Roode & James Storm & Kazarian)
Fortune seemed confused about Rob Van Dam’s decision a little while ago. They promised they had Sting’s back and wanted to stick by it and went to go talk to him.

Lockdown Preview: Kurt Angle and the Jarrett’s problems which will be settled at Lockdown.

Immortal ( Bully-Ray, Matt Hardy & Abyss (w/Ric Flair) defeated Sting & Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson:
Before Mr. Anderson did his usual introduction he was attacked by Sting on the ramp. Immortal attacked Rob Van Dam and Sting then went into the ring and cleaned house, by giving all three men Stinger splashes.Mr Anderson sat outside sitting on a chair, Immortal were in complete control. Suddenly Hulk Hogan’s music hit and he came out with his back brace on which Anderson mocked. Hulk Hogan told him to get in the ring, Anderson was about to hit him when he said he had a brace and glasses  on and then raked his eyes and threw Anderson into the steel and then in the ring. Sting attacked Mr. Anderson in the ring. Sting threw Anderson into the steel and Immortal were still just attacking everyone. Flair was getting involved outside and threatened the cameraman. Sting got the hot tag on Rob Van Dam and he cleaned house, he hit a top rope spin kick to Abyss and was preparing the five star frog splash when Mr. Anderson playing posem pushed RVD of the ropes and then Bully-Ray hit the Bully Drop for the win. Mr. Anderson left the ring.

Immortal continued the beating until Fortune came out; Ric Flair locked the cage door. Immortal took control because Bully-Ray had a metal chain and began hitting everyone with it. All of Fortune were bleeding. Suddenly Christopher Daniels emerged through the crowd and hit a flying cross-body from the top of the cage on Immortal. “Fallen Angel” chants started.

Immortal (Ric Flair & Bully-Ray & Matt Hardy & Abyss):
Ric Flair asked who interfered; Bully-Ray said it was A.J Styles best friend and said he is weighs 145pounds. Flair told the interviewer that Immortal beat Sting, Fortune, Rob Van Dam all up. They promised they will not make it to Lockdown. Abyss said they will be destroyed at Lockdown, Matt Hardy said they will fall one by one and Bully Ray said Christopher Daniels retuning was a bad idea.

Christopher Daniels & Fortune (Robert Roode & James Storm & Kazarian):
Christopher Daniels told he was back to gain revenge on Bully-Ray for what he did. Kazarian said they will bleed to take out Immortal and he called up Daniels because he was there from the start. Robert Roode threatened Immortal calling Ric Flair a son of a bitch. James Storm promised they will finish Immortals careers and said they built TNA from the ground. It is just the beginning because it’s a long road to Lockdown.

Sting: Sting said at Lockdown it will be showtime!

Mr. Anderson + Rob Van Dam: Mr. Anderson said he has been screwed every week and then Rob Van Dam attacked him and left him laying.