TNA IMPACT 04 07 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 7th, 2011 (Taped: March 17th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: A reply of last week’s main event where Immortal beat the team of Sting & Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson, Fortune came out for the save but they were quickly beaten until Christopher Daniels made his return to TNA.

Fortune ( Robert Roode & James Storm & Kazarian) & Christopher Daniels) + Ric Flair & Immortal ( Abyss & Matt Hardy & Bully-Ray) + Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff: Daniels started of iMPACT by absorbing the “welcome back” chants but said throughout his time in TNA he has left the company so many times he feels there is a revolving door with his name on it. Daniels said he was here for his brother A.J. Styles and they promised to have each other’s back no matter what their problems are. He saw what Bully-Ray did three weeks ago and realised it was time to come back to TNA. He offered his devotion to A.J. and Fortune and to be the 4th man in lethal Lockdown with them. Immortal’s music hit and they came out. Ric Flair said he passed the point of no return, and said as god he doesn’t even know who Daniels is. Coming and going where? He pointed at his Hall Of Fame Ring saying Daniels doesn’t have that. Flair said he hopes A.J. is at home never walking again and said it’s wrestling no time for crying and kissing ass. He called Daniels a fly by night and told him to leave TNA now, a chance because if not at Lethal Lockdown someone will be hurt and it won’t be him because he suffered airplane crashes. Daniels told “god” to shove his offer up his ass. Flair goes he doesn’t have a contract to wrestle and told him to leave the house Flair built. Daniels said “the network” wanted him here. Hulk Hogan music hit and he came out with Eric Bischoff. Hulk Hogan said he is in control and doesn’t have a problem with Daniels on TV, so if he wants a contract he will get one and said he is in the Lockdown match, and tonight “superhero Daniels” will face Bully-Ray tonight. Bully-Ray told Daniels he should have listened to Flair’s advice and left TNA because he was the guy who crippled A.J. Styles. Bully-Ray threatened to do the same to Daniels but said he had balls, but not brains because he ends careers and is the biggest “mother effer on the block. Bully Ray told Daniels to put on some mascara, paint his finger nails go back to California and go watch Oprah. Daniels got pissed and then hit Ray and a brawl ensured! Fortune cleared the ring as security prevented Immortal coming in.

Mr. Anderson arrived in his lockeroom and took out his apple mac, but saw a note on his desk which said “Kenny” on it. It was a note from Sting saying last week was the trailer but this week it is going to be show time!

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff: Hulk Hogan is getting pissed off with “the network”, he smells a snitch and they know to much about wrestling. Bischoff said he will find the fish and is tired of them as well.

Mexican America (Hernandez & Anachia) w/ Rosita & Sarita) defeated Brother Devon & Tommy Dreamer: A Mexican flag was lowered at the start of the match. Rosita tried to came in the ring so Devon gave her a kiss. The referee was distracted so Anacarchia hit Devon with a chair and Hernandez got the pin. After the match Rosita and Sarita took the mats off outside the ring, Hernandez was preparing a border toss for Dreamer onto the floor ,until Matt Morgan came out and gave Anarchia a chokeslam and Hernandez bailed.

Winter continued to punish Angelina Love by controlling her and bad mouthing Velvet Sky

Samoa Joe defeated Gunner by submission: Joe won in thirty seconds and the Pope came out to do some commentary, after the match Samoa Joe chased Pope to the back

Mr. Anderson went to get some coffee; he found another note left by Sting and promised to finish what they started tonight.

Sarita & Rosita defeated The Beautiful People ( Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) to retain the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles: Angelina Love looked dazed. Velvet tried to tag Angelina Love in but she wouldn’t budge, then Winter came out and gave her the “break it” signal and she attacked Velvet Sky. Rosita pinned Velvet to win the match.

Mr. Anderson + Eric Young & Orlando Jordan: Mr. Anderson was pissed and looking for Sting, he bumped into Eric Young and Orlando Jordan. EY said he feels that Sting is in the rafters and OJ told Anderson he loves his whole “asshole” gimmick. Anderson looked at him in  sick way and left.

Mr. Anderson + Rob Van Dam: Mr. Anderson looked for Sting, when suddenly from behind someone was watching and it was Rob Van Dam who left him laying. RVD told Mr. Anderson the time was 4:20 and he was about to get smoked.

The Feud between Sting & Mr. Anderson & Rob Van Dam which will culminate at Lockdown in a triple threat match for the TNA Title.

Sting + Rob Van Dam + Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff: Sting came out and said it was show time and asked RVD to come out as he needed some company. RVD came out. Sting told RVD he came back from TNA to stop Hogan/Bischoff. But he has been sidetracked; Sting said they have had problems since last March, where Sting beat the crap out of RVD. Sting apologised for his actions. Sting told him to apologise for using him as pawn in his games, RVD goes he will. RVD called Stinger a main event player even when he was doing under card matches but said now it’s different because he is the whole fuck*** show. Hulk Hogan came out and said he likes RVD’s new attitude and booked RVD versus Sting tonight.

Madison Rayne & Tara: Tara said she doesn’t want to follow Madison Rayne instructions, Madison started screaming. Madison goes if it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t have a job and they rode the motorbike.

Mr. Anderson smashed photo’s of Sting and RVD with his steel pipe.

Brian Kendrick & Chris Sabin & Sucide defeated Robbie E (w/ Cookie) & Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck): The X-Division exists? They said at Lockdown there is a 9 man escape match. After some great high-flying action. Jeremy was about to do his finisher when Max gave him a DDT of the top rope, Kendrick pinned Jeremy to win.

Hulk Hogan & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy + Mr. Anderson: Hulk Hogan berated Rob Terry and Gunner for failing to live up to expectations. Hogan gave permission for Murphy to slap Rob Terry and Gunner and he did that. Hogan told Murphy to leave with them. Mr. Anderson came in and said he wants to play the game with Hogan. Mr. Anderson asked Hogan to be the referee tonight.

Madison Rayne & Tara it looked like ran over Mickie James with the motorcycle.

Road Agents tended to Mickie James backstage.

Bully-Ray defeated “The Fallen Angle” Christopher Daniels: The Lumberjacks were the respective Lockdown teams. Daniels hit the BME and was about to win when Flair pulled the referees out of the ring, the referee as distracted by the brawl between the teams, then suddenly Hogan came out and hit Daniels with a steel chain and Bully-Ray got the pin.

IN RIGN SEGMENT (within a steel cage)
Jeff Jarrett + Kurt Angle + Karen Angle: The cage was even built and Jeff Jarrett seemed pissed. Jarrett said Kurt Angle deserves t be in prison after last week. Jeff Jarrett asked did he purposely violate the restraining order., so he wouldn’t face him at Lockdown. Jarrett acted like Kurt Angle was scared of him and a blessing for him not to face Jarrett in the ring. Jeff Jarrett said the kids wont be seeing Kurt Angle in prison and will be seeing more Daddy Jeff. Jeff Jarrett called out Karan Jarrett but Angle’s music hit and he came down through a zip wire, the cage was constructed and he was strapped. Karan came down but Jarrett managed to escape as Angle stared at him

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said he was never in prison and the police called Karen a bigger bitch then he did. The network have also put in a extra stipulation to their match at Lockdown oh its real its damn real.

Rob Van Dam defeated Sting: Mr. Anderson was special referee. Sting hit RVD with the scorpion death drop but Anderson gave him a mic-check, RVD pinned the champion to win this non-title bout after a five star frog splash.

Mr. Anderson & Rob Van Dam + Rob Terry & Murphy + Hulk Hogan: Mr. Anderson hit Rob Van Dam with the TNA title belt. Rob Terry and Murphy came out, it seemed like Mr. Anderson is part of Immortal. Hulk Hogan came out and started clapping his hands, Mr. Anderson was on Rob Terry’s and Murphy’s shoulders but when he got off he gave them both Mic-Checks. Mr. Anderson stared down Hogan and said he is next.

They followed Hulk Hogan and said Mr. Anderson ass is his next week.