TNA IMPACT 06 30 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 30, 2011 (Taped: June 27)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Sting’s crazy behaviour were he attacked Hogan a few weeks, ago, then Bischoff and Abyss last week.

Hulk Hogan & Scott Steiner + Sting: Hulk Hogan thanked Scott Steiner for accepting the invitation and now a official member of Immortal. Steiner thanked him and kept, suddenly Sting kept on calling “terry” and he was on a TV screen but you couldn’t see his face and said Hogans nightmare has just come true and revealed his facepaint which was like The Joker’s. Hogan’s music hit and he went out.

Hulk Hogan + Mr. Anderson + Sting + Immortal ( Bully-Ray & Scott Steiner & Abyss & Gunner): Hulk Hogan said how could someone who was so good be such a coward, he promised to take out Sting on his own terms. Hogan then called Mr. Anderson. Hogan said he is happy to him and said Immortal need Anderson just as vice versa, his cockyness will be slapped away. Mr. Anderson said he is the cockiest guy in TNA, he doesn’t need them because he dominated Sting at Slammiversary. Hogan said Bischoff helped Mr. Anderson and he believes Anderson joining him is more dollars and he owns them a lot ,Mr. Anderson said he owes them shit and takes a victory no matter what and takes all the credit versus Sting at Slammiversray and two weeks from tonight. Suddenly they showed backstage and Sting was beating the crap out of all of Immortal and said he will talk to Hogan and nothings for sure…oh forget it and walked away. The lights when out and Sting appeared and smacked Hogan in the leg with the baseball bat, Anderson bailed and Sting said two weeks, its going to be called Midsummer Nightmare..Nightmare. Sting said he was a Hogan “mark” back in the day and wanted the original Hulk Hogan not Hollywood back. He got some vitamins and stuffed them in Hogan’s mouth and was about to put him in the death lock when Immortal came out. Bully Ray called Sting a nobody not funny and what he is doing to Hogan a disgrace. He said there paths and have never met but tonight will change, he said what Sting did to Bischoff was deplorable, which is a 4 syllable word. Bully-Ray said tonight it will be Sting….versus Scott Steiner, cut the music. Hogan said that was the last time he will embarrass Hogan and tonight he will get revenge.

Mike Tenay & Taz welcomed us to Impact Wrestling, a limited commercial show and reviewed the Bound For Glory Series. Tonight Sting versus Scott Steiner, Devon versus Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles versus Gunner.

Devon defeated Samoa Joe: Im just speechless. Pope celebrated with Devons sons backstage after.    

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT Immortal ( Bully-Ray & Scott Steiner & Gunner & Abyss): Steiner was pissed at Bully-Ray because he booked him in a match with Sting tonight because they have history which spans 15-20 years, Bully-Ray said how could he let Steiner no they didn’t trade mobile numbers. He told him he’s Big Puppa Pump, largest arms in the galaxy and a man with the short fuse, he told him to go get Sting, Steiner said he will, no shouted!

Kazarian + Samoa Joe: Kazarian told Joe he is better than this and Joe started to get angry, TNA management separated them both they both trash talked each other. Kazarian versus Samao Joe at Destination X.

Mike Tenay & Taz recapped Austin Starr and Zema Ion winning the qualifying matches for the Ultimate X Match at Destination X. Tonight: Low Ki ( Senshi) is back and they showed clips of him in TNA, Matt Bentley who is a two time X-Division Champ and won the first ever Ultimate X Match and Jimmy Yang who was doing his Flying Elvis gimmick and clips of him back in Nashville.

Low Ki defeated Matt Bently and Jimmy Yang:  They showed clips of Bentley winning the Ultimate X Match, Jimmy Yang in Nashville wrestling and Low-Ki defeating A.J. Styles for the X-Division belt. Yang did a massive dive onto Low-Ki on the outside which was awesome, Yang missed the 450 on Bentley then got a warriors way and Low Ki won. Great match.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mike Tenay, Kurt Angle, Alex Shelley, Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles give their views on the X-Division and upcoming PPV.

Madison Rayne + Winter & Angelina Love: Madison Rayne said she will show Tara tonight and on July 16th  who is boss. Winter and Angelina Love came who looked normal, Madison asked did they take her lip gloss and left, Angelina Love said her relationship with Winter is special. Winter challenged Mickie James for the title at Hardcore Justice.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Samoa Joe beat the crap out of Kazarian in a bar fight.

Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan was talking to herself and promised to beat Sting tonight.

Mickie James & Tara & Miss. Teesmocker defeated Winter & Madison Rayne & Angelina Love: Winter pinned Miss Teesmocker after a bridge suplex. Love/Winter did a double team on Tara, but Rayne came in and threw Winter out and eliminated Tara. Mickie then chick kicked Madison Rayne which eliminated her. Mickie pinned Angelina Love after a neck breaker and Winter with the jumping DDT.  

Gunner: He promised he is number one and will prove that to the world and they are tied, he is the better man.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Brian Kendrick and Abyss rivalry, at Destination X BRIAN Kendrick challenges Abyss to a match at Destination X.

Jeremy Borash + Christopher Daniels + A.J. Styles + Jerry Lynn + Rob Van Dam + Gunner: JB welcomed both Daniels and Styles out. Both men signed the documents making it the main event. A.J. said he didn’t want this to become personal. Daniels said it wasn’t personal and about the X-Division taking it to the next level. He promised when the match is over win, lose or draw he will stand up and shake the hand of his best friend. They hugged. Suddenly X-Division pioneer Jerry Lynn came out, he said he left  4 years ago and was a pioneer and said its all about wrestling. RVD came out and said he was X-Division before there was a division, Jerry Lynn said who was RVD wrestling with..him. Daniels said these two matches are headlining the show; he booked them a four way for next week. They shook hands and A.J. was attacked by Gunner when he was shaking hands with the crowds.

Gunner defeated A.J. Styles:

VIDEO PACKAGE: X-Division and Destination X

Sting said its showtime wand was crazy.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Velvet Sky/ODB/Miss Jackie feud. Next week if Velvet wins ODB/Miss Jackie leave

IMPACT HYPE: Velvet Sky versus ODB/Miss Jackie, A.J. Styles versus Christopher Daniles versus Jerry Lynn versus Rob Van Dam and Bobby Roode versus Crimson in a BFG series match all next week.

Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia & Rosita & Sarita) + British Invasion ( Maguns & Douglas Williams) + Rob Terry: Mexican America came out. Hernandez said he wanted answers. He was pissed Anarchia said why are they not in the BFG series, they are the best tag team now and have beaten everyone, so from here on out, Mexican America are going to raise more hell because nothing is impossible. British Invasion came out. Magnus said they are foreigners as well but they are proud where they are from and proud they have careers and making a living in the USA. They are not going ask people to kiss there ass because that’s not style but he hates people who come to the USA and ask for everything, he told one of the girls to shut up and said they haven’t earn it, because they have never beaten the British Invasion and they won’t. British Invasion challenged them to a Number One Contenders Match and told them to leave the birds aka los prostitutes at home. Rosita spat and slapped Magnus and a beat down ensured until Rob Terry came out and Mexican America bailed. Original  BI are back!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff and Karen Jarrett give us an update from Mexico.

Immortal ( Bully-Ray & Gunner & Abyss): Bully-Ray said well done to Gunner for beating Sting, Mr. Anderson and A.J. Styles who he said he beat as well, they might as well hand him the TNA Belt, he has the night off and told Abyss lets go to ringside. Abyss started to freak-out and couldn’t find his mask.

“The Icon” Sting defeated Scott Steiner: Sting won the death-drop.

Sting & Scott Steiner + Bully-Ray + Mr. Anderson + Hulk Hogan + Kurt Angle: Sting was about to paint Steiner, when Bully Ray came down but Sting splashed him until Anderson ran down to low-blow Sting and gave him the mic check. Bully-Ray/Steiner doubled team Sting until Hogan came out and punched Sting a few times, got the bat ready but Kurt Angle made the save as Steiner was given a German suplex and Bully-Ray bailed.