TNA IMPACT 07 14 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 14, 2011 (Taped: July 11th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Sting’s behavior the last few weeks attacking members of Immortal, tonight he challenges Mr. Anderson for the title who joined Immortal last week.

Immortal ( Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Bully-Ray & Scott Steiner & Abyss & Gunner) & 4 Blonde’s + Sting + 4 Clowns: Immortal all came down in suits and were joined by 4 blonde’s. Eric Bischoff said they are down here because they are in a festive mood, he explained why a poker table was set because they will gamble on a few stars careers why and Hogan said we can and we will. Eric Bischoff said they hosting Mr. Anderson a party because when you join Immortal you are treated with love, dignity, respect and solidarity. Eric welcomed Mr. Anderson out who came in dressed in a odd looking tux, he shook fists with all his Immortal allies. Hogan said him and Anderson are similar because they have always wanted to be the best, Anderson said he wants to become the ace of spades. Eric Bischoff told Sting he has nothing but respect but stop acting stupid he called him from a cancer. Sting said he is not a betting man but will win the TNA title tonight, and bring back the power to Dixie Carter. Hogan said if he carries on acting this way he’s going to kick his ass, Sting said no, he pulled the ace of the network representative Mick Foley. He said tonight he has a lot of aces and they will be appearing and told them to look, suddenly in the rafter’s, 4 mask clowns were jumping. This freaked Immortal out who are worried about tonight.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bound For Glory Series Update

Robert Roode defeated Samoa Joe & The Pope ‘D Angelo Dinero’:

The Jarretts are back from Mexico

Immortal ( Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Bully-Ray & Mr. Anderson & Scott Steiner & Gunner & Abyss) + Jeff & Karen Jarrett: Hulk Hogan was pissed and told Immortal to take out Sting tonight. They said do not let him get to ring but do within the professional boundaries. Abyss said let’s make this happen, Bischoff said Abyss could have made the x-division disappear last week but didn’t so he said you have to follow the leader, Abyss left when the Jarrett’s came in making noise and celebrating, they gave Bully-Ray, Steiner and Gunner sombreros and showed Hogan the ultimate prize Jarrett won the AAA heavyweight title belt out there and everyone was excited.

The Pope & Devon Son’s + Devon: Pope was talking to Devon’s sons, they are big fans of his. Devon came up and told them to leave. He said he cant trust the Pope because he is a con-man, Pope said one day  his boys will turn on him because the way he treated him.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Destination X Highlights

Austin Aries defeated Shannon Moore: Aries got the win after he hit Shannon Moore with a chain which was attached to the book of Dilligaf, he then hit corkscrew moonsault for the win. After the match Alex Shelley confronted him after what he just did and he played the Im the innocent man game.

Abyss + Clown One: Abyss said he wants Kendrick tonight, in the background a clown appeared and when Abyss turned around he was taken out.

Shannon Moore & Alex Shelley: Shannon Moore was pissed and Alex Shelley called Aries clever.

Austin Aries: Aries said he is here to entertain people because he is the best and can beat anyone

VIDEO PACKAGE: Tara versus Madison Rayne feud

Madison Rayne: Madison Rayne said Tara beat her in her first match then she defeated her in a title versus Career match, then got her job back. She’s going to beat her.

Tara: Tara said she has a present for Madison after the match

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bound For Glory 2011 October 16th is in Philadelphia, ‘it’s my time”, why because wrestling matters.

Scott Steiner & So Cal Val + Clown Number 2: Steiner was flirting with So Cal Val,when another clown appeared and attacked Steiner taking him out.

Tara defeated Madision Rayne:

British Invasion( Magnus & Douglas Williams): Magnus and Williams are happy Rob Terry is back with them and tonight they will become the number one contenders.

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle made his way to the ring. He said he is the number one contender and at Hardcore Justice  August 7th 2011. Personal wise he wanted to face Mr. Anderson bringing back there Lockdown 2010 match and after what he did last week. If he wi ns or lsoes he is coming back to get him. Now Sting, he has a history, remember the Main Event Mafia, the empty arena match one of the greatest matches the fans have ever saw, there was no winner, he has never beaten him in his career and tough to swallow and pissed him off. He wants to beat him even more. He will watch tonight’s match backstage but he will be the new TNA World Champion at Hardcore Justice. Its real its damn real.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett + Clown Number 3: The Jarrett’s were leaving with Karen holding all the luggage, Jeff Jarrett got in the car but Karen opened the boot and ran off, clown number 3 came out and attacked Jeff Jarrett.

Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarchia) defeated British Invasion ( Magnus & Douglas Williams): The Brits hit the flying elbow combination, but Rosita came out and distracted the ref. Hernandez took out Williams and hit Magnus, Anarchia pinned Magnus for the win.

Eric Bischoff & Gunner & Bully-Ray: Eric Bischoff said Gunner and Bully-Ray are there last line of dense. Gunner told Bully-Ray let’s find them instead of being hunted, he left and Bully-Ray just stayed behind.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley Post PPV interviews.

COMMENTATORS BOOTH: Mike Tenay & Taz previewed next weeks iMPACT: Brian Kendrick versus Alex Shelley for the X-Division Title, Knockouts Title Mickie James versus Velvet Sky and in the Bound For Glory Series: Rob Van Dam versus Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan versus Samoa Joe versus Gunner versus A.J. Styles in a Ladder Match for 10 points.

Gunner + 4 Clowns ( A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels & Kazarian & James Storm): Gunner was in the parking lot and called out the clowns who appeared and beat the crap out of Gunner. The Clowns revealed themselves to be: A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and James Storm, they went to look for Bully-Ray.

Sting defeated Mr. Anderson to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title: The referee was knocked out, Sting was making Anderson tap out to the deathlock, but Bully-Ray came down attacked Sting. Anderson held Sting up with Bully-Ray about to use the chain, when the light’s went out another Clown appeared and took out Bully-Ray, the lights went out. The clown was on the ramp when Anderson stared at him. Sting came from behind and hit the death drop and pinned Anderson to win the title. The clown revealed himself to be…KURT ANGLE!