TNA IMPACT 08 23 2012

Impact Wrestling (Open Fight Night)
Date: August 23rd 2012 (Live!)
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

EARLIER TODAY: Aces & Eights members riding motorcycles in a building.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Aces and Eights attacks and this week Sting challenges them to a fight.

Sting + TNA Roster + James Storm + Aces & Eights: Sting was followed by Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, Devon, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, A.J. Styles, Bully Ray, Gunner,Robbie E,Robbie T,A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels,Kazarian. Sting said he told security that they leave the gate wide open for Aces & Eights tonight Sting noted it’s amazing to see who will come together for a cause. Sting rolled a video with still-shots of the victims of A&E’s beatings over the past few months. Sting then brought out James Storm . Storm marched to the ring and noted the evidence was stacked up against him for weeks, but they jumped him last week, just like they did to Angle and others. Storm suggested they turn this wrestling show into an ass-whipping show tonight. Sting said he’s on the money with that, Sting noted Hogan is here tonight, then called out the Aces & Eights group. Two members appeared in the Impact Zone crowd, scaring no one in the crowd. Sting told Anderson to let them in, then the two men slid into the ring to take a beating from Angle and Storm. The man fought for breath before noting they’re all in for a long, painful night. As the crowd sat quietly, Sting delivered a punch to the gut. Angle then put the boots to the man before Impact abruptly cut to break.

Tara defeated Miss Tessmacher : Miss Tessmacher challenged her mentor Tara. August 12:

VIDEO PACKAGE: Aces & Eights beat down The Pope at Hardcore Justice, “injuring his shoulder.” Now, Pope has been sidelined and is out of the Bound for Glory Series.

Sting & Rob Van Dam & A.J. Styles & Robbie E & Robbie T: Sting was standing by with RVD, A.J. Styles, Robbie E & Robbie T . He said the only fair thing to do is have a three-way match between the three of them as the Pope is injured with the winner getting the standard BFG Series points. He said the match is next.

Robbie E defeated Rob Van Dam & A.J. Styles: Robbie E was shocked!

Jeff Hardy was shown walking down the hallway.

SINGLES MATCH ( Open Fight Night)
Jeff Hardy defeated Robbie T: Once in the ring, Hardy took the mic and shouted out his Creatures. Hardy noted this is not a Bound for Glory Series call-out, then called out Rob Terry

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian: Daniels and Kazarian were shown talking about Styles’s paternity test reveal tonight. Daniels said A.J. Styles thinks he has all the answers, but he doesn’t know all of the questions.

Sting: Sting was shown shouting into a camera that he’s looking for Aces & Eights.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A.J. Styles/Daniels/Dixie/Kazarian/Claire storyline

Jeremy Borash + A.J. Styles + Chrsitpher Daniels & Kazarian + Random Woman: JB said it’s time to reveal the results of the paternity test. He introduced A.J. Styles first. Out came Styles. In the ring, Styles took the mic and said they’re about to find out who the daddy is. Before that, though, Styles wanted to share his feelings. “I’m sorry,” he said. Styles said he’s sorry to his friends, fans for putting up with this crap, and his family having to go through this.Styles said there’s a night he can’t remember, but something happened that nigh with Claire. “I don’t know what,” Styles said. He said what he does know is if he is the father of Claire’s baby, then he’ll accept responsibility for the child, which drew applause. Styles said he’s a man and he will take responsibility. But, if he’s not the father, he doesn’t want to hear another word from Kazarian or Daniels as long as they live.JB then introduced Claire Lynch, but Kaz and Daniels came out instead. Kaz said Styles is still more concerned with protecting the A.J. Styles Brand than his own flesh. Kaz told Styles he makes him sick. He said selfish pricks like Styles cause the Youth of America to act out, leading to bullying and increased criminal activity. Kaz continued to stretch his claims before Daniels stepped in and told Kaz not to worry about the damage to this child in the future, but the damage already done. Daniels accused Styles of turning his back on Claire Lynch throughout this ordeal. Daniels said this stress built up for weeks on Claire, so now she is in a Florida hospital in a touch-and-go situation. Daniels asked Styles if he’s happy now that he caused Claire and this baby to suffer.Suddenly, a random woman walked down the entrance ramp. Daniels accused Styles of being a selfish bastard as the random woman entered the ring and grabbed the mic. She introduced herself as Claire’s attorney. She said as Claire’s legal rep, she has been authorized to read the following statement. The woman read from Claire that Daniels and Kaz approached Claire in January to be part of a scheme to blackmail Styles. The statement continued that Claire slipped a sedative into a cola beverage to drug Styles for the purpose of blackmailing Styles. The truth of the matter, according to the statement, is that she has never been pregnant. This popped the crowd as Daniels and Styles flipped out for different reasons. The statement continued that this plot was part of a plan to ruin Styles’s reputation. The statement concluded that Styles is and always been the man people know him to be, which prompted “A-J” chants. Claire signed off “respectfully and with deepest regrets.”After the attorney left, Daniels tried to explain things to Kaz, who stomped around the ring selling confusion. Styles then ran across the ring and popped Daniels with a Pele Kick. Kaz managed to avoid an attack from Styles, then bailed to the outside to recover with Daniels.


3 Aces & Eights + Sting + Hulk Hogan: Aces & Eights members were shown walking down the hallway. Sting tossed them some cards, then a man appearing to be Hulk Hogan smashed them with a baseball bat. The camera spun around to reveal the return of Hollywood Hulk Hogan with the spraypainted beard, black shades, and black bandana. Sting celebrated the return of Hollywood and declared that it’s Showtime.

Gunner defeated Kris Lewie:

Mr. Anderson was shown walking down the hallway for the next Open Fight Night call-out.

ODB: ODB was on the phone with Eric Young. She said she knows Young is a big superstar fisherman now, but he needs to come back and fish in her lakes. ODB hung up, then went looking for someone off-camera to “fish” with.

Mr. Anderson defeated Bully-Ray: Anderson said tonight is his very last BFG Series match-up and he needs points. He called out Bully Ray, who slowly made his way out to the ring and jawed with some ringside fans.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Aces & Eights spokesperson was shown at a poker table. He said that in about three minutes and 30 seconds, the group is going to unleash hell and give out the dead man’s hand. Impact faded to commercial.

Sting & TNA Roster + Aces & Eights + James Storm & A.J. Styles & Hulk Hogan + Bully-Ray: TNA locker room followed Sting out to the ring, led by TNA World Hvt. champion Austin Aries and then Kurt Angle, Devon, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, A.J. Styles, Bully Ray, Gunner,Robbie E,Robbie T,Rob Van Dam. On the mic, Sting said they’re four minutes into this, so come on out. Sting paced around in the ring. Sting suggested they do an Aces & Eights chant, then some members of the group came through the crowd from different sides of the arena. The group picked fights with various roster members in and out of the ring. Gunner then threw down one of the group member’s jacket. Angle proceeded to choke out a baldheaded member. One guy with big hair was thrown into a barricade. More members emerged before TNA cut to a backstage shot of Hulk Hogan, James Storm, and A.J. Styles fighting off members. The battle left the ringside area, leaving Aries, RVD, and Hardy in the ring waiting for more A&E members to come fight them. Backstage, the fight continued with Hogan, Styles, and Storm. The fight then spilled out to the production truck area. Back in the Impact Zone, more members hit the ring to battle Aries, Hardy, and RVD. Two minutes before the top of the hour, TNA focused on bodies scattered everywhere in the ring. Backstage, Hogan and Storm were shown choking people out. Back in the ring, one big dude got Aries, then three other members joined in the attack on the champ. Two other members struggled to get a piece of the guardrail into the ring, then one member smashed a chair across Aries’s right arm into the guardrail. Bully Ray hit the ring to make the save and scatter the group. Aries continued to sell pain as Ray stood tall in the ring. TNA then cut to a backstage shot of the Aces & Eights members hopping on motorcycles to drive away.