TNA IMPACT 09 06 2012

Impact Wrestling
Date: September 6th 2012 (Live!)
Location: Orlando,Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: The final 5 in the Bound for Glory Series/Austin Aries/Aces and Eights brawl last week.

Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe:

Austin Aries & Hulk Hogan: Aries confronted Hogan and vented about Aces and Eights. Aries asked Hogan how Aces and Eights have been getting into the building. Hogan said they had plants, and that the guy who hit him with the flapjack last week would be in the Impact Zone tonight. He gave Aries his permission to do whatever he had to do to get him to talk.

Christy Hemme was set to interview Joe about his loss to Hardy, but was interrupted my Magnus. He mocked Joe’s loss to Hardy, and said he knew what it felt like since Joe had beaten him a few weeks ago. Magnus talked about losing his temper and hitting Joe with a steel chair after their match, and said he did it because Joe threw away their tag team and had a self-serving ego. After verbally laying into Joe, Magnus facetiously wishes Joe luck going forth in the BFG Series and called him “brother.” As Hemme was about to continue her interview with Joe, Magnus attacked Joe from behind.

Hulk Hogan & Robbie E & Robbie T & Chavo Gurrero & Hernandez & Kid Kash & Gunner & A.J. Styles: Hogan was addressing potential TNA Tag Team Title number one contenders. Hogan asked Robbie E. why he thinks he and Robbie T deserve a shot. Robbie E. took shots at everyone in the room. Next up, Chavo said as far as he was concerned he and Hernandez already had the shot. He was put in check as Hogan told him “with all due respect, brother, you have only been here a couple of weeks.” Styles barged into the room and demanded a shot citing Hogan’s encouragement to get back at Daniel’s and Kazarian. Ultimately, Styles was eliminated first.

Brooke Hogan & Tara + Gail Kim: She told Tara that she needed to see her win one more time before she was completely on board, and that she would have the chance to prove it in a match on No Surrender. Kim stormed into the room upset about not being used. Hogan granted Kim a match against Tara later in the show.

Tara defeated Gail Kim:
VIDEO PACKAGE: Joey Ryan and his invasion of Gut Check

Al  Snow + Joey Ryan: Ryan came through the crowd with a megaphone, but opted for a microphone instead. “What a difference a day makes,” said Ryan. “Can you feel that Al? Can feel that electricity? Are the hairs on your arm standing? because Joey Ryan is bringing sleazy back.” Snow told Ryan to stop pandering, and that he would have to go through Gut Check one more time, but that this time there would be no judges. He said it would be a one-and-done deal, and that he would just have to win his match. Ryan said he already proved himself when 87% of the audience said they wanted Ryan in Impact Wrestling. Snow wouldn’t budge, and said if he wanted a contract that he would need to go through Gut Check again. Ryan accepted Snow’s challenge, and found out his opponent would be Snow himself. Ryan poked fun at Snow for a bit, but was shut up when Snow threw a shot at him.

Bully-Ray & Joseph Parks: Ray assured Park that he was not there for a fight, and that he just wanted to know if Park had found anything out about Aces and Eights. Park blew Ray off, and told him that he was only answering to Sting and Hogan. Ray said it was fine, but told Park to be careful where he sticks his nose into.

Hulk Hogan & Robbie E & Robbie T & Chavo Gurrero & Hernandez & Kid Kash & Gunner : Hogan once again addressed the potential Tag Team Titles contenders. Hogan acknowledged the tag team division way off track due in part to Hogan trusting Daniels and Kazarian. Kash and Gunner were eliminated from the running when Hogan deemed the situation to personal for them.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bully-Ray versus Rob Van Dam tonight

Bully-Ray defeated Rob Van Dam:

Austin Aries & Mike + Hulk Hogan: Aries  revealed that he knew his name was Mike, that he was from New York, and his occupation of being a freelance gripper. Aries told him there were two ways to handle the situation he was in. He could cooperate with him and talk or, they could go about violently. Aries taunted him with pliers and then stuck them his mouth, presumably going for the tongue. Hogan came into the picture, and tried to calm Aries down only to attack the Aces and Eights’s member himself.  As Hogan began to tease poking the guy’s eye out his phone suddenly rang. It was the VP from Aces and Eights asking for their member back. Hogan and the man on the phone made a deal that they would trade the apprehended member for the man who tried to break Aries’s arm. As part of the deal Hogan bartered that the man who tried to break Aries’s arm would have to face him the champion at No Surrender. After the deal was made Hogan attacked the guy one more time, and told Aries to “let him live” until the end of the show.

James Storm + Bully-Ray & Samoa Joe & Jeff Hardy: James Storm came out to the ring, and talked about the “roller coaster year” he had. He talked about his loss to Roode at Lockdown, and ensuing months of doubt that followed. Storm said something was missing from his life, the sound of the crowd going crazy. He talked about his accolades since returning and said in the end he was better off for it. He called out the other three finalist in the BFG Series so he could pick his opponent for No Surrender. He ran down the qualities of each wrestler, stopping at Ray only to pick him as his opponent.  Storm beckoned for Ray in the ring to which Ray obliged to. In the ring, Storm told Ray that he spent months accusing him of being affiliated with Aces and Eights. He talked about Ray knocking him out of the BFG Series last year, and said he was going to do the same to him this year. Storm said that he knew who Ray was, but that at No Surrender Ray was going to find out who he was, and “sorry about your damn luck.”

Christy Hemme & Rob Van Dam + Magnus + Al Snow & D’Lo Brown: Hemme tried to get a word with RVD about being out of the BFG Series, but was once again interrupted by Magnus. He mocked him for losing, and pointed out that “the old RVD wouldn’t fall at the final hurdle.”. They brawled for a bit until Al Snow and D’Lo Brown broke it up.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian(c) defeated Chavo Guerro & Hernandez to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles: After the match Hogan came out and announced that Daniels and Kazarian would again be defending the Tag Titles at No Surrender against the team of Styles and Kurt Angle.

Austin Aries & Mike & Arm Breaker: Aries came to the ring with Mike from Aces and Eights and said it was time to play “let’s make a deal.” He said he was more than happy to beat information on Aces and Eights out of Mike, but that Aces and Eights found value in him and that he could use him to exchange him for a fight against the man who tried to break his arm at No Surrender. Aces and Eights stalled getting out to the ring, which led to Aries losing his patience. He beat on Mike in the corner until he agreed to talk. Before Mike could say anything the man who tried break Aries’s arm showed up and nailed him with a hammer. At this point Aries dove between the middle and top rope, and hit him with a diving elbow.