TNA IMPACT 09 20 2012

IMPACT Wrestling (Open Fight Night!)
Date: September 20th 2012 ( Live!)
Location: Orlando,Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Roode/Storm brawl, Tara turning on Tessmacher, Al Snow confronting Joey Ryan, Hardy defeating Bully-Ray to retain his shot at the title.

Hulk Hogan & Shaquille O’Neil: Hulk Hogan went up to Shaquille O’ Neil and he gave a warning to Aces & Eights.

A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle and Chavo Gurrero Jr & Hernandez fought to a no contest: A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle came out. Angle said they were tag team champions but were screwed and then screwed in there rematch, they have a dilemma because Chavo/Hernadez have a title shot as well. Angle called out Chavo and Hernandez for a title shot. Daniels and Kazarian watched it from the ramp then attacked both A.J. and Chavo. Hogan came out and announced a triple threat tag team match for Bound For Glory.

Al Snow: Al Snow said hes looking forward to the new gut check talent and he didn’t cross the line for Joey Ryan.

Hulk Hogan was on the phone to Joseph Parks and told him to come see him when he arrives.

BOUND FOR GLORY MEMORIES: Samoa Joe jumping off the skydome VIP box on Sting at BFG 2008.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Evan Markdapolous.

Dixie Carter & Bruce Pritchard + Al Snow: They discussed Aces & Eights.

Douglas Williams defeated Evan Markdapolous

VIDEO PACKAGE: No Surrender Highlights

James Storm & Bobby Roode fought to a no contest: James Storm called out Bobby Roode. Storm said he backs all his talking up because he’s a ass kicker and drinker. Roode came out, he said he wants to fight him, walk down there and get in the ring. He said he’s a bit over dressed to wrestle, Storm will never be as good as him, he wont replicate his success and never be a world champion. Its over between them and if he wants to fight, fight someone else. Hulk Hogan went backstage and told Roode he has to fight as its open fight night. Storm said he doesn’t have all night and get his ass down here,Roode came down. They started fighting on the ramp,stage, then in the ring then they went backstage. The referee called for the bell. Then they went outside.

Hulk Hogan & Security Man: Hulk Hogan was talking to the security man, he clet Joseph Parks in but cant find him. Hogan got a call Aces and Eights said they have a cooperate lawyer.

Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy: Aries said wanted to have a talk with Hardy, he said open his eyes and he will take his sunglasses off. Aries said he sees the match differently. Aries wants a career like Hardy,he hasn’t had the most expensive dinner hes had, he wants all the stuff Hardy has,the fans. He will get those when he beats him at Bound For Glory. Its about them chasing each other. Aries said tonight he will do what Hardy did.

Tara came out, he said she knows everyone is whispering why she attacked Tessmacher, she said the people used her. Her new boyfriend said in Hollywood said he opened her eyes, shes the best knockouts in the business, Brooke used her. She’s calling out Christy Hemme. Hemme came into the ring,she said to give her some respect, she asked where Tessmacher is, Tessmacher came out Tara bailed.

Brooke Hogan & Tara: Brooke berated Tara,Tara wants to be the champion, there will be consequences next week.

BOUND FOR GLORY MEMORIES: Rob Van Dam said his best matches have been at Bound For Glory 2010 v Abyss and 2011 v Jerry Lynn.

Hulk Hogan + Aces & Eights + Joseph Parks: Hulk Hogan came out with a bat. Hogan said this place is buzzing with excitement. A update on Aces and Eights, the tough guys grabbed Joseph Parks they have him hostage. He said next week he visits them. Hogan said to let him go and honour there word. Next week he goes to them and he gets Parks. Aces and Eights said Parks business is linked to them so they could kidnapped him, took his computer, saw the evidence and they smashed his computer. They showed Parks in a cage.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Hardy his thoughts on winning the BFG series.

Bully-Ray defeated Austin Aries: Aries came down, he said that video package was nice before he came out. He told Jeff hes the hunter and hes the target,he also said that anything he can do I can do. He beat Bully-Ray twice in the last month . This time it wont be luck, so he called her Bully-Ray. Bully-Ray came out, he said shout his music off right now. Bully-Ray asked 5 people if he called him out,Aries said that’s true. Ray said don’t get wise,he will beat the crap out of him,people don’t call him out,he calls people out, he told someone to never touch him again or he will punch him,hes obviously a Aries fan. Its obvious do you know who I., Aries jumped on him. Bully-Ray used the chain and beat the champion.