TNA IMPACT 10 18 2012

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: October 18, 2012
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

The show starts with Aces & Eights walking right past security now that they have full access to the Impact Zone, and they come out through the crowd and stand in the middle of the ring as the Vice President comes up on the screen and says what a beautiful sight this is. He says that they have one man to thank, someone who is now a full member of Aces & Eights and a part of the brotherhood, and we know him as Devon. Devon comes out through the crowd in his Aces & Eights jacket, hugs all the members in the ring, and tells the fans to shut the hell up. The crowd chants “you sold out” at Devon, and he says that the men in the ring were the ones who have had his back since day one. They were the ones who were there for him when he was down and out, and the fans are the most no good, inbred pieces of crap he’s ever seen. If the fans want to know why he did it, it’s because he could. He thanks Aces & Eights for helping him stand in the ring testifying, and he thanks the man who organized the whole thing and patched him in. This is the group that will destroy TNA, and as the fans tell Devon that he sucks, he cuts to the chase and says he didn’t forget when Bubba turned on him in this very ring and eventually put his son through a table, and payback is a biatch.

Before Devon gets any further, Bully Ray, Sting, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Hernandez, James Storm, Ken Anderson, AJ Styles, Chavo Guerrero, and Garett Bischoff come out of the back. One of these men is not like the other. Sting says he’s glad Aces & Eights made it into the Impact Zone, because he wants to introduce them to the TNA roster. The TNA guys rush the ring and a huge brawl breaks out in the ring until Hulk Hogan‘s music hits and the successor to Ron Jeremy himself comes strolling down to the ring with baseball bat in hand. The TNA roster clears the ring as Hogan makes his entrance, and we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Hogan says to do what we got to do. The TNA guys go after Aces & Eights, who backpedal to the locker room. Hogan says that it doesn’t work like that, becase when Aces & Eights got full access to TNA, then they’ve got to fight. Sting says he wants to fight Devon right here tonight, Bubba also wants to fight him, but Devon says it ain’t happening. Hogan says he’s got a choice to make, becase if he wants to be here, he’s got to fight Sting right here tonight. The crowd chants for Bully, who desperately wants the match, and Devon says he’s got it, so Hogan tells him he better show up. Devon says Sting better show up or they’ll find him in the parking lot, and Bubba points at Devon and makes his thoughts known. Bubba gives Hogan a real dirty look as the segment wraps up.

We go to a video package looking back at Bound For Glory, and see clips of Jeff Hardy defeating Austin Aries for the TNA World Title. Jeff Hardy will be holding a celebration right here tonight! Meanwhile, Aries is backstage saying it’s such a surprise to see that Hardy’s getting a celebration tonight, but no party wold be complete without the greatest man who ever lived. He’ll even bring cookies.

Hogan is in his office telling Ken Anderson that Jeff Hardy is going to defend the title against one of four men: James “Storms” is already in, there’s a three way match later tonight for the second spot, and he wants Anderson to have the third spot because he’s been on the right track. Joseph Park walks in and Hogan asks him if he’s okay, and Park says they need to talk, but wants to do it alone. Hogan miraculously remembers that the cameras are there and tells them to leave while he talks to Park.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Robbie E

Robbie T is, of course, at ringside. Joe runs Robbie over with a charging forearm as soon as the bell rings, then whips him to the corner and charges in with a back elbow, followed by a leaping enziguiri. Joe with the snapmare/chop/kick/kneedrop combo for 2. Joe with short jabs in the corner, Robbie throws a few weak shots back at Joe but does no damage, and Joe lays him right back out with a chop. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but Robbie T holds Joe’s ankle from the outside and E kicks Joe off into the middle of the ring. Joe doesn’t go down, and takes T out with a dive through the ropes. E tries to get the jump on him with a dive off the apron, but Joe kicks him in the ribs on the way down, then they go back inside where Joe flattens Robbie with the Muscle Buster before choking him out with the Kokina Clutch.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Robbie T runs in the ring and tries to go after Joe, but Joe sees him coming and ducks T’s clothesline, then chokes him out with the Kokina Clutch as well. The crowd loves them some Samoa Joe.

Tara is backstage working out…by getting gorilla pressed by this Chippendales dude Tara is with. I have no idea who he is, but he says he’s Jesse from Big Brother. They talk TMZ stuff I don’t get, and Tara wants her some sugar…RIGHT NOW.

Unfortunately, she’s going to have to wait to get the big one, because she’s in our next match…

Knockouts Champion Tara vs ODB

ODB is yelling at Eric Young, who presumably is on the set of her TV show, telling him he better keep his ring on as she comes out to the ring. Tara jumps ODB on her way into the ring, but that backfires as ODB completely overpowers Tara before taking her ring off and sticking it in her pocket so it won’t get broken while she roughs Tara up. ODB with a running powerslam, British Bulldog-style, then grabs her cell phone to make sure EY is still there before cramming Jesse’s face into her boobs. She goes back to talking to EY, but Tara jumps her from behind and yells “that is MY MAN!” over and over while she drives forearms into the back of ODB’s skull. Taryn Terrell forces the break, so Tara picks ODB up in a hangman’s noose and then yanks her to the mat by the hair. She shoves Terrell out of the way as she continues dishing out punishment while yelling to Jesse that she’s got her, and asks how her hair looks. Tara with another hangman’s noose, then she goes to make out with Jesse, but now ODB is pissed. She takes a swig from her flask, runs Tara into Jesse, then hits the TKO for the win.

Winner: ODB

Brooke Tessmacher is standing at the top of the ramp smiling and applauding Tara’s loss, waving at her as she slowly comes to in the arms of Jesse.

AJ Styles is backstage telling Kurt Angle that he likes teaming with him, but they both want to be the World Champion, so no disrespect, but he’ll see him out in the ring. Angle watches AJ leave and says “Yes you will.”

Aces & Eights are hanging around in the parking lot as Devon gets ready for tonight’s main event.

While they’re doing that, we go to a video package looking at this past weekend at Bound For Glory, as Chavo Guerrero Jr and Hernandez won the World Tag Team Title. Christopher Daniels says that when the rematch happens, they’re going to kick the dog **** out of them because they’re the only Tag Team Champions of the World.

Kid Kash & Gunner vs World Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez

Gunner and Kash jump the champions before the bell, but Hernandez takes them both out with a double clothesline, then press slams Kash right in the middle of the ring. Chavo comes in and dropkicks Kash in the back of the neck, but a cover only gets 1 when Kash grabs the bottom rope. Hernandez comes back in and gets Kash in a bearhug, then pops him up into an overhead release suplex. Kash bites Hernandez in the face to slow him down, then Gunner tags in and unloads on Hernandez with forearms. Hernandez quickly recovers and takes Gunner out, then Chavo comes in with a slingshot senton for 2 on Gunner. Chavo winds up in the wrong part of town, and takes a 2-on-1 beating for several minutes before finally tagging out to Hernandez, who slingshots into the ring with a shoulderblock to Kash, then he takes both opponents out with clotheslines before pouncing Kash out of his boots. Chavo tags in and hits a flying bodypress for the win.

Winners: Chavo Gurerrero Jr & Hernandez

Jeff Hardy is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

Joseph Park is in Hogan’s office with Sting, and he wants to get his hands on Aces & Eights. Bully Ray comes in and asks to speak to Hogan alone. Hogan says no because they’re all on the same team, and he thanks Sting for letting him team with him, and sorry if he let him down. They do the pound and Sting says he wasn’t let down, then Bubba says he knows his brother and wants to be the one to get answers out of Devon. Hogan says he’s in the three way for the title shot at Jeff Hardy and he should worry about that and let Sting take care of Devon, and Bubba says Hogan needs to trust him more.

Another video package of Aries vs Hardy (or the same one maybe, I’m not sure), then we’re off to the ring as Hardy (with new entrance music that’s like a mix-up of the three different ones he’s used so far) comes out for his celebration. Confetti falls as Hardy high fives and waves to the fans, and boy do I think this is going to piss Aries off. Hardy says he’s chased this for over a year, and the fans have been there for him through thick and thin and he can’t thank them enough. The fans give him a “thank you Hardy” chant (I assume they mean Jeff), and he says he can’t wait to defend the title next week in the Impact Zone. Austin Aries’ music hits and he comes out singing and asking Hardy where the women and the party favors are, and to leave it to the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived to make it a party. He’s got a tray of cookies (starting a “we want cookies” chant) and a bunch of balloons, and he wants to give Hardy credit: he did what Bully Ray and Bobby Roode couldn’t: he beat Austin Aries on PPV. To celebrate, he brought some gifts like the balloons (which he lets go) and some cookies, but Hardy says he doesn’t eat cookies and smacks the tray out of his hand. Aries says that this is only the beginning of the battle, and they both know that, because all the pressure and all the stress is on his shoulders, and not everyone can handle that. He can invoke his rematch clause anytime he wants, and he tells the fans chanting for Hardy to shut up, but he’s going to let Hardy crumble under the pressure because he’s going to win back the World Title. He makes fun of the new belt Hardy’s carrying around, and he says Hardy’s even got his face on the title and it seems that he must be able to pull some strings around here. He thinks it’s the spitting image of Hardy, so he spits on it. Hardy nails Aries and goes after him, but Aries quickly slides out of the ring and points at his head to say that he’s getting in Hardy’s head.

Daniels is backstage telling the Mystery Cameraman that he knows it looks like he’s down and out, but the appletini is always half full. He’s going to go out there and show Hogan what kind of man he is by beating AJ and Kurt, and then they can share one of these delicious drinks together.

#1 Contender Match: Christopher Daniels vs Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

Daniels gets ping-ponged back and forth between Angle and AJ, and they gleefully double team him for a minute or so before they turn their attention to each other. Angle goes behind AJ with a waistlock, AJ tries unsuccessfully to hit a switch, and Angle drills him with a couple of right hands before coming off the ropes right into a dropkick from AJ. AJ rams shoulderblocks into Angle’s ribs in the corner, but Daniels sneaks in and rams shoulderblocks into both of them. His run doesn’t last long, as Angle takes him out with a clothesline before Angle and AJ turn their attention back to each other. Angle nearly backdrops AJ into the next time zone, gives Daniels a windmill backbreaker, and overhead release suplex for AJ, and a release German suplex for Daniels. AJ hits a Pelle Kick, Angle backdrops out of a Styles Clash androlls through into an anklelock on AJ. Daniels sneaks in and hits a palmstrike on Angle to break the hold, then rams Angle shoulder first into the ringpost before flattening AJ with an STO for 2. Daniels with a side Deathdrop for 2, then puts AJ in a COPS hold. Angle comes in and flattens Daniels with a clothesline, but AJ gets a second wind and tears into both men. A springboard forearm gets 2 on Angle, Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Driver on AJ for 2, Angle gets a t-bone suplex on Daniels, AJ with another Pelle Kick on Angle, and all three men are down. AJ rolls out to the apron and goes for another springboard move, but backdrops a charging Daniels to the floor and takes him out with an Asai moonsault. AJ seems to have hurt his knee on that one, but rolls Daniels back inside and climbs up on the apron. Angle rams Daniels into AJ and knocks him off the apron, then gets the Hacker Slam on Daniels and covers for 3.

Winner: Kurt Angle

AJ seems disappointed and Angle goes to shake his hand, but AJ just walks off while shaking his head.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan catch up with Hulk Hogan backstage, and Hogan says he’s a fan of Ryan’s work and says to turn the 87% and turn it into 97%. Hogan asks Morgan what his problem is and why he’s been jumping people for months. Morgan says it’s because Hogan told him he’d be a big star in his first promo in the company, but Hogan says he’s been on Team Morgan since day one and fought for him in meetings with other members of TNA management even when they said he has no charisma. Morgan gets right up in Hogan’s face and says he’s going to take those criticisms and shove them right up Hogan’s ass. Hogan watches him walk off and smiles.

We look back at Bound for Glory as Sting was inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame, then we go to James Storm beating Bobby Roode in the blowoff to their year-long feud.

Speaking of Storm, he says that he was taught as a child that what goes around comes around. A year ago this very night, he became the World Champion, and at Bound For Glory, he and Roode kicked the crap out of each other. But for every ounce of blood he lost, he kept getting up for himself, his family, and his fans, and when he came back to TNA, he had a bucket list. #10 was to kick the crap out of Bobby Roode, #2 was to drink beer, and #1 was to win back the World Title, and next week, he’s one of four guys who is in a match for the World Title, so…wait a minute, it’s Bobby Roode, hobbling down to the ring and obviously still suffering the consequences of their match from this past weekend. Storm takes his jacket off as Roode gets into the ring to tell Storm that they made good on a promise: they both swore they would give everything they had at Bound For Glory. They kicked the crap out of each other, but when all was said and done, they had one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the wrestling business. Storm asks So Cal Val for a chair because it’s a lot easier to kiss ass while you’re sitting down. Roode says Storm should kiss his ass because it took him a year to beat Bobby Roode, but doing that brought him way up the pecking order, and he always needed Roode because he carried him. Storm became the champion because he let Storm have the opportunity, and despite his loss at Bound For Glory, Storm knows deep down that Bobby Roode will always be the better man. Storm says “nope” and superkicks Roode into next week, then stands over Roode’s unconscious form and tells him that he’s sorry about his damn luck.

Devon is backstage, and he’s…PUMPING IRON! And Sting is…WALKING!

We see another clip from Sting’s Hall of Fame induction, then it’s main event time!

Devon vs Sting

Holy crap, Sting took his t-shirt off for this match! Devon jumps Sting as he gets into the ring, unloading with right hands and choking him in the corner. Devon with more hard right hands, but Sting connects with a clothesline and a flapjack, then kicks at Devon’s legs. Devon dodges a Stinger Splash, but Sting quickly recovers and nails Devon with a right hand that knocks him silly before whipping him hard into the corner. Sting stomps on Devon’s fingers and goes to the eyes, doesn’t quite get Devon over with a clothesline, and covers by dumping him out to the floor as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Devon has Sting in trouble, but Sting starts firing back on him, so he goes to the eyes. Devon chokes Sting on the middle rope and measures him before laying him out with a hard right hand. Devon continues working Sting over, hitting a diving headbutt for 2 before locking Sting down with a rear chinlock. Sting elbows his way out, but Devon connects with a flying back elbow before telling the crowd they’re number one. Devon measures Sting and connects with another right hand, but misses a leaping headbutt off the second rope, and Sting begins to mount a comeback. Sting with a leaping clothesline and a Stinger Splash, then he hits the Scorpion Deathdrop and puts Sting in the Scorpion Deathlock, but devon manages to hold on until like seven guys from Aces & Eights run in to attack Sting.

Winner: Sting by DQ

Ken Anderson and Garett Bischoff run out, followed by the rest of the TNA guys who went after Aces & Eights at the beginning of the show. Bully Ray suddenly comes running out with a baseball bat, and Aces & Eights heads for the hill as we call it a week.