TNA IMPACT 11 08 2012

Impact Wrestling
Date: November 8, 2012
Location: Orlando, FL
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

The Vice President is in the Aces & Eights clubhouse chewing Luke Gallows out for losing his mask, and saying he has one week to prove he still deserves to be in Aces & Eights. Devon has a plan, and he and Gallows are going to make it right tonight.

We go to the Impact Zone, as we’re just days away from Turning Point. James Storm comes out to join JB and Todd at the broadcast booth for our opening match…

Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles

Roode tries to work AJ’s arm early on and they go to the mat, then Roode gets AJ in a side headlock, AJ sends Roode to the ropes and tries a charging forearm, but Roode catches him with a back elbow. Roode whips AJ across the ring and AJ with a leapfrog and a beautiful dropkick that sends Roode scurrying out to the floor. AJ goes out after Roode and whips him into the ring steps, then rolls him back inside and hits a leaping kneedrop that gets 2. Roode with a boot to the breadbasket and some right hands in the corner, but AJ fires back with chops that echo throughout the building and nearly backdrops Roode into the lights. Roode backs off to the corner and catches AJ off guard with a chop to the throat. AJ tries a leaping forearm into the corner, but Roode moves out of the way and takes AJ out with a clothesline as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and AJ whips Roode into the corner and charges in after him with a shoulderblock to the ribs. AJ tries to leapfrog Roode in the opposing corner, but Roode catches AJ and hotshots him on the top rope. Roode comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster and makes a cover, but only gets 2. Roode with a big elbowdrop for another 2 count, AJ tries firing back with some right hands but Roode whips AJ hard into the corner and makes a quick cover for 2. Roode with a snapmare that has a little extra snap in it, then locks AJ in a neck vice before taking him down to the mat with a rear chinlock. AJ slips out of Roode’s grasp and knocks his lights out with a leaping enziguiri, then waits for Roode to pull himself to his feet so he can nail him with a leaping forearm. AJ is just pummeling Roode in the corner and then dumps him out to the ring apron. Roode drops AJ’s throat over the top rope, but tries to go up top and gets nailed by AJ, who follows him up and hits a top rope Frankensteiner for 2. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash, but Roode stops that by ramming AJ into the corner and then flattening him with a spinebuster. Roode tries a charge, but AJ moves and sends Roode crashing face first into the turnbuckle. AJ goes for the Styles Clash again, Roode escapes and then dodges the Pelle kick and gives AJ a Perfectplex for a close 2 count. Roode goes out to ringside and gets a chair, and James Storm decides to take a stroll down to ringside to stop Roode from using it. The referee goes up to get Storm away from ringside as AJ takes Roode out with a dive, and AJ yells at Storm to get outta there while Storm tells him that he’s just trying to help. AJ tries a springboard move from the apron, but the distraction by Storm gave Roode just enough time to recover and shake the rope, causing AJ to shish kebab himself. Roode quickly cradles AJ and gets the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Austin Aries bumps into Hulk Hogan backstage, and Hogan says he needs to stop walking around like he’s the champion because he’s not. He tells Aries to hand that belt back by the end of the night or he’ll find someone else to face Jeff Hardy at Turning Point.

Kurt Angle is backstage giving Wes Brisco a lecture on how to be successful in the business, and Sting comes in and says that tonight, the three of them are going to take care of Aces & Eights.

Joseph Park is in the ring, and he says his experiences with Aces & Eights taught him two things: that the human body is not meant to go through a table, and that it felt good to pull that mask off of the member of Aces & Eights. His partners at Park, Park, Park & Park have begged him to get out of this wrestling thing, but it’s about being a man and facing Aces & Eights, and the only man who can make that happen is Hulk Hogan. He’s out here pleading with Hogan one last time to give him a match with Aces & Eights. Hogan’s music hits, and he comes out to tell Park how proud he is of everything Park has done for them, especially when he pulled the mask off the member of Aces & Eights, but he was lucky. Park isn’t a wrestler, he shouldn’t be in the ring, but he can’t have TNA held liable for what would happen if Park got hurt in the ring. Bully Ray comes out to join the party and say that he knows Hogan is going to tell Park no because he’s been telling Bubba no for months. Bubba’s sticking up for Park because he’s got heart and guts, and he’s a pretty tough son of a bitch who has a lot to prove against Aces & Eights. He just wants Hogan to listen to him for one second, because he believes in Park and the fans believe in Park, and these are Hogan’s fans and Hulkamaniacs and he shouldn’t say no when it feels so good to just say yes. The crowd starts a YES chant as Park begs Hogan again, and Hogan tells Park that he’ll allow it, but just this one time.

Tara is backstage feeling up Jesse Godderz, who is asking her if she saw him hit all his super lucha moves last week, but ODB comes in and says he didn’t hit her with any of that crap, so since EY still isn’t around, she’ll fight them both tonight.

AJ Styles is backstage complaining to the Mystery Cameraman about Storm getting involved in the match, but Storm comes in and says that they’ve been in TNA the same amount of time, but AJ is somehow the face of Impact Wrestling. This Sunday, he’s going to ram his boot into the face of Impact Wrestling.

ODB vs Tara & Jesse Godderz

ODB rushes in and gets double teamed for a moment before having the tables turned on her, and she begins cleaning house on Tara and Jesse by herself. Jesse whips ODB to the corner, but she rolls out of the way of his charge and nails him with a forearm before giving Tara a drop toehold into his crotch. She comes in with a bronco buster on both Tara and Jesse, then spears Tara and rolls her up for 3.

Winner: ODB

Jesse sneaks up behind ODB and she catches him, but Tara nails ODB from behind and hits the Widow’s Peak. Tara pours the contents of ODB’s flask on her face as we go to commercial.

ODB is backstage on the phone yelling at EY and telling him that he has to be there this Sunday so they can take on Tara and Jesse at Turning Point.

We look back at last week’s Gut Check, and then we go to the judges as they discuss whether Christian York deserves a contract. Taz thinks it’s a no-brainer, but the questions are whether he can hang as a singles guy after spending most of his career in a tag team, and why he never got any further than he did after all his years in the business.

Kurt Angle & Sting vs. Devon & Doc

Sting and Angle jump Doc & Devon on their way to the ring, and all four men start brawling at ringside. Sting rolls Doc inside and the bell rings to officially start the match. Sting dodges a charge and hits a DDT on Doc for 2, but Devon grabs Sting from the outside and allows Doc to take his head off with a lariat. Devon tags in and connects with a diving headbutt for 2, then he unloads on Sting with right hands in the corner. Devon tags out to Doc and they nail Sting with a double shoulderblock and then a series of elbowdrops from Doc gets 2 on Sting. Doc with a snap suplex on Sting for another 2, then he goes to a rear chinlock. Devon comes in and hits a big old legdrop on Sting, but mouths off to the crowd instead of going for a pin. Devon suckerpunches Angle and goes back to pummeling Sting with right hands, then Doc with some punches of his own before hitting a big splash for 2. Sting tries to fight back, but gets beaten back down by Doc, who then distracts the referee so Devon can choke Sting with his boot. Devon in with a flying back elbow for 2 on Sting, but then Doc comes in and he and Sting wipe each other out with a double clothesline. Sting makes the tag to Angle, and he comes in to clean house on both Doc and Devon. Angle with a second rope dropkick to Doc, release German suplexes to both men, and then he hits Devon with the Jacker Slam for 2. Sting with the Deathdrop and then the Deathlock on Doc, but Devon gets ahold of a baseball bat and nails both Angle and Sting and gets himself disqualified.

Winners: Sting & Kurt Angle by DQ

Bully Ray runs in and clotheslines Devon, then gets a table out from under the ring. He goes to grab Devon, but Devon heads for the hills and Bubba chases him to the back. In the meantime, Doc goes at it with Sting until a couple other members of Aces & Eights run in. One guy hits Sting with a hammer and Doc chokeslams him through the table as the other guy throws Angle out of the ring. Doc takes the hammer and absolutely destroys Sting with it, repeatedly hitting him in the ribs and smashing both hands before Samoa Joe, Hernandez, and Chavo Guerrero Jr finally run in to chase Aces & Eights off. Wow, this was super brutal and they’re really selling what a beating Sting took. We see a bunch of replays as Sting is helped to the back and we go to commercial.

It’s time to find out the fate of this month’s Gut Check contestant, Christian York. JB introduces the judges and asks York if he gave his best effort, and he says that he and everybody here knows he put forth his absolute best effort. We start off with Taz, who says he thought York did a great job last week and he’s been doing it a while, and he thinks York has that It Factor, so Taz says yes without a doubt. We go to Bruce Prichard, who says York has to asks himself why he never broke through after 16 years in the business and whether he really has IT. Prichard asked himself that question, and his answer is that he just hasn’t had a chance, so the answer is yes, he is the newest member of the Impact Wrestling roster. York is ecstatic and he says this is exactly what he’s worked 16 years for, and he tells the fans at home not to let anyone pull their dreams away from them, because if your go out there and do it, dreams can come true. I’m really happy to see this, York worked his ass off and 100% deserves this.

Austin Aries is wandering around backstage talking on his cell phone and walks past Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan arguing about something, and they see Aries coming and stop, then walk off in different directions as Aries casually continues his conversation. Hmmmm, what’s this about?

We see a video package of Austin Aries saying he doesn’t think Jeff Hardy will be able to pull out another lucky win against him this Sunday, Mike and Taz run down the card for this weekend’s Turning Point event, and then Hogan comes into his office and is confronted by Joey Ryan, who says he knows Hogan is a big fan of his work and wants to congratulate him on winning the X Division Title. Hogan says he’s not doing that, and then goes over to his desk where Matt Morgan is sitting in his chair, and tells Morgan that he’s not going to be allowed in Ryan’s corner this weekend. Morgan gets in his face and tells Hogan that he still doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Morgan and Ryan leave, and Hogan turns around with a smirk on his face and says he does know.

Brutus Magnus, Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez

Joe, Chavo and Hernandez rush the ring and start brawling with the heels, who all bail out to the floor. Chavo goes out and brings Daniels back in, and they pinball Daniels back and forth with right hands and Chavo goes for a cover and gets 2. Chavo fires Daniels backfirst into the corner and Daniels quickly scurries over and tags in Kazarian, who quickly gets hiptossed and then Hernandez tags in, slams Chavo onto Kazarian, and comes off the ropes with a splash for 2. Magnus tags in, Joe tags in as well, and Magnus slides out to the floor and runs for his life. He catches Joe coming back into the ring, and now the heels tag in and out and triple team Joe in the corner. Chavo and Hernandez come in to even the odds and Daniels is back in trouble as Joe catches him with a charging elbow in the corner and a leaping enziguiri. Joe with the snapmare/chop to the back/kick to the chest/kneedrop combo for 2, then tags in Chavo, who comes in with a slingshot senton on Daniels. Hernandez comes in and bearhugs Daniels before dumping him in an overhead release suplex. Daniels is in deep trouble as he catches a beating from Joe’s team, but Chavo winds up in the wrong part of town and gets dragged out to the floor where he takes a 2-on-1 beating from Daniels and Kazarian. Chavo takes a beating for several minutes before catching Kazarian with a flying headscissors and making the hot tag to Hernandez, who comes over the top rope with a shoulderblock to Kazarian and then starts tearing through everyone with clotheslines and forearms. Hernandez pounces Daniels out of his boots and goes for the Border Toss on Kazarian, Daniels blocks that and they try to double suplex Hernandez, but he blocks and double suplexes both of them. Now it’s Joe and Magnus, and Magnus dodges a senton, but walks right into a snap powerslam. Magnus tries another charge and gets planted with the STJoe. Daniels breaks up Joe’s cover at 2 and tosses Joe out to the floor, and all heck breaks loose until Hernandez takes Daniels out with a dive to the floor. Chavo goes to the top rope to try and frog splash Magnus, but Kazarian takes him out and we’re back to Joe and Magnus. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, Daniels stops him and Joe gets Daniels in the choke, Kazarian breaks that up and they double goozle Joe and set him up for a top rope elbowdrop from Magnus that puts Joe down for 3.

Winners: Brutus Magnus, Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

Lots of stuff going on in that match that made it hard to do play by play on but good stuff and I like that Magnus finally got a decent win over someone.

Bobby Roode is backstage and is thrilled that he beat AJ Styles earlier tonight and got him and Storm at each other’s throat, and it’ll make it that much easier for him to win his World Title back.

Mike and Taz take us back to the brutal attack on Sting earlier tonight by Doc of Aces & Eights, then we go to the ring where Austin Aries comes out to the ring with the original TNA World Title belt. A ladder is set up in the middle of the ring as Aries says that Hardy has been calling himself the best wrestler on planet Earth, but the whole Best In The World thing is overplayed because he’s the best professional wrestler in the universe, and three seconds at Bound For Glory did not change that. The fact that he has to wrestle Hardy in a ladder match means Hardy and everyone else knows that Hardy can’t beat him again in a wrestling match. A lot of people say Hardy’s career has been defined by the ladder, and he’s arguably the greatest daredevil the business has ever seen, and he’s climbed to the highest of highs and taken some of the greatest falls man has ever done. This Sunday at Turning Point, Aries is going to make sure this is the fall he doesn’t get up from because he’s walking into Turning Point and is going to beat Hardy at his own game, then he’s going to take both belts and melt Hardy’s down to make it into a belt buckle so he can wear Hardy’s face by his crotch. To make all that happen, he has to hand the original belt back over right now since that’s what Hogan told him to do, but he’s not going to do it because if Hardy wants the belt, he can come down like a man and take it from him. Aries drops the belt and takes his jacket off, and Hardy comes down the ramp with his belt and goes at it with Aries. Aries tries for a brainbuster, but Hardy slips out the back and lays Aries out with a Twist of Fate, then picks up both belts and hangs them from the hook they’ll be hanging from this Sunday. The belts are raised above the ring and Hardy climbs the ladder to wave at the crowd or whatever, but Aries comes back in and kicks the ladder out from under Hardy. Aries puts the boots to Hardy and then puts the ladder over him and climbs up to pull the belts back down in a visual he hopes to repeat this weekend at Turning Point.

Source: Ring Side News