TNA IMPACT 02 09 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: London, England
February 9, 2012 ( Taped: January 28th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


Editor’s Notes: I brought tickets for the event, I was about 8 rows from the front. I had the chance to meet Matt Morgan, Crimson, Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle, Earl Hebner and Dixie Carter. I shook the hands of Hulk Hogan but they were rushing me as a result my photo with him was ruined by the security man. The atmosphere was amazing I thought, we were better than the Impact Zone. Not many children compared to a WWE event and I must say the arena was quite full.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights from last week’s show and this week’s episode has a Star Wars theme to it.


Bully-Ray + Bobby Roode + Sting: Bully-Ray came down. He said he doesn’t want to talk to anyone except his good friend Bobby Roode who came down. Bully-Ray said where was Bobby Roode to help him   last week when he did the same, Roode said lets get in the ring and talk.  Roode said he was there last week, they travel together, work out together,best friends calves and abs. Bully-Ray said he trains with him. Sting came out and said he is the special enforcer at Against All Odd, and tonight because Bully-Ray/Bobby Roode versus James Storm and himself tonight..tata for now.


Hulk Hogan and Garrett Bischoff arrived.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A.J. Styles versus Kazarian/Christopher Daniels feud.


Christopher Daniels (w/Kazarian) defeated A.J. Styles: Daniels usedthe brass knuckles to get the win.


Eric Bischoff & Gunner: Eric Bischoff said to Gunner they will take out Hulk Hogan out tonight!


Magnus &Samoa Joe + Matt Morgan & Crimson: Magnus and Joe came to the ring to massive cheers. He said he loves the UK tour but hehas nothing against the Scots, Welsh or the Irish but THIS IS ENGLAND! Massive cheers and he said tonight he has come home and brought his tag team partnerSamoa Joe, massive ‘joe’ chants. Magnus said about two months ago they had a wild card tag team tournament where they drew random names, and they drewMagnus and Samoa Joe. It raised a few eyebrows because everyone in the back,management, fans even thought they wouldn’t get along, but they might haveproved that theory wrong because they are the team that have chemistry,teamwork, well oiled machine its about them. But Matt Morgan/Crimson are not,the tag team champs came out and attacked Joe/Magnus, they bailed and Joe gave Morgan the middle finger.


Alex Shelley defeated Austin Aries and Douglas Williams:


Hulk Hogan &Garrett Bischoff + Sting: Sting went to see Hulk Hogan who was talking to Garrett. He said to Sting he is so happy he is back but he is a marked man so he better watch out.


GailKim was attacking Tara and left her lying.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hulk Hogan/Garrett Bischoff versus Eric Bischoff/Gunner


Hulk Hogan & Garrett Bischoff + Immortal ( Eric Bischoff & Gunner): Hulk Hogan praised the crowd and said he hasn’t wrestled here in eighteen years. He said Garrett is the future ( got boo’s by the way), and his father is stopping him.Eric Bischoff and Gunner came out. Bischoff asked who the hell is he? Hogan said at the PPV this Sunday its Gunner versus Garrett Bischoff one on one,Gunner attacked Garrett and Bischoff low blowed Hogan. Hogan then pumped up and hit Bischoff and they double teamed Gunner then Bischoff. Hogan posed with the fans.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Star WarsEpisode One in 3D now.


Bully-Ray & Bobby Roode: Bully-Ray said he is pissed off but Roode said they should. They hugged and said they are best friends.


Velvet Sky defeated Mickie James:

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Sting & James Storm defeated Bobby Roode & Bully-Ray: Sting had Roode in the death-lock, Bully-Ray was going to hit him with the title but instead bailed and said no. Sting made the champion tap out. Sting/Storm celebrated.