IMPACT Wrestling 03 16 2021

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IMPACT! on AXS TV Results – March 16, 2021

In the wake of a historic night at Sacrifice, the road to Rebellion continues on an all-new IMPACT!

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

After defeating The Good Brothers at Sacrifice to become the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, NJPW’s FinJuice return to the ring in this week’s opening match! Acey runs over FinJuice with a huge running crossbody. Juice avoids a running senton, allowing him to make the tag to Finlay. The pace quickens as he goes on the attack! Finlay hits Larry with the Acid Drop to score the victory.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) def XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Post-match, The Good Brothers confront FinJuice in the ring. Karl Anderson claims that they weren’t prepared for their match at Sacrifice and that’s why they lost. The Good Brothers want their rematch. FinJuice grants it to them but says they’ll have to wait until they return in April because they’re bringing the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles back with them to Japan!

Sami Callihan questions Trey Miguel’s passion before they collide in singles action later tonight.

Scott D’Amore makes The Good Brothers’ contractually obligated rematch for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles official. The Good Brothers will battle FinJuice LIVE April 24th at Rebellion!

Moments later, Tommy Dreamer isn’t thrilled that FinJuice is taking the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles back to Japan with them. D’Amore tells him it’s not easy to run a wrestling company and challenges Dreamer to book the next IMPACT Plus event on April 10th, Hardcore Justice. The “Innovator of Violence” was one step ahead of D’Amore and shows off the card that he’s already been working on.

Rhino w/ Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner) vs Jake Something w/ James Storm & Chris Sabin

Rhino shocked the world at Sacrifice when he cost James Storm & Chris Sabin their match against Joe Doering and Deaner, joining Violent By Design in the process. Rhino is still in possession of the Call Your Shot Trophy which grants him a title shot of his choosing. Jake delivers a series of fists to Rhino, prompting Deaner to get up on the apron. Sabin fights him off and a brawl breaks out on the floor! Back in the ring, Rhino hits Jake with the Gore to pick up the win.

Rhino w/ Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner) def Jake Something w/ James Storm & Chris Sabin

After the match, the brawl continues! Eric Young calls the shots as the rest of Violent By Design lays out their opponents.

Tenille Dashwood tries to name her team for tonight’s huge 12 Knockout Tag “Tenille Dashwood and the Followers” but it doesn’t go over well with the rest of the team!

Rohit Raju vs Shera

After Rohit Raju and Shera came up short against James Storm and Chris Sabin last week, Rohit gave Shera a piece of his mind. Shera was not intimated in the least and vows to teach Rohit a lesson tonight. Shera hits a big boot, followed by a modified suplex for two. Rohit hangs up Shera’s arm on the top rope, then takes the big man off his feet with a series of kicks. Rohit hits his signature cannonball in the corner. Shera catches Rohit in mid-air for a chokeslam backbreaker! Rohit pins Shera with his feet on the ropes to steal the victory.

Rohit Raju def Shera

Willie Mack congratulates Rich Swann on becoming the new Unified IMPACT World Champion at Sacrifice. Swann tells his friend that he’s headed to the ring to handle some business.

Rich Swann comes out to address Sacrifice. He says that he may not like Moose but he has to respect him after his performance this past Saturday. Swann looks ahead to the historic Title vs Title match against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega when Don Callis interrupts. “The Invisible Hand” says that he was Swann’s biggest supporter but since then, he’s moved on to someone bigger and better, Kenny Omega. Callis tries to get in the head of Swann by taking credit for all of his success. Callis claims that he’s already written the history that will take place on April 24th at Rebellion and it ends with Omega’s signature move, the One-Winged Angel.

AEW Owner Tony Khan and AEW Commentator Tony Schiavone return for another paid ad to promote AEW Dynamite St Patrick’s Day Slam this Wednesday at 8/7c on TNT, featuring IMPACT Wrestling’s The Good Brothers as they battle Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

Brian Myers tells Matt Cardona that he doesn’t want him in IMPACT Wrestling because he wants to be successful on his own.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire ‘N Flava, Kimber Lee, Susan & Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace, Jazz, ODB, Havok, Nevaeh & Alisha

This match came about after an altercation between Tenille Dashwood and Alisha inside Swinger’s Palace at Sacrifice. When they went to Scott D’Amore in search of a singles match, he upped the ante and made this huge 6 on 6 Knockouts tag! Alisha charges at Tenille from the opening bell. Alisha whips ODB into the corner who hits Tenille with a Bronco Buster. Jazz sends Deonna retreating to the outside after she connects with a haymaker! It’s total chaos as everyone gets involved. Jordynne and Tasha dive into a sea of humanity on the floor! Alisha makes the hot tag to Jordynne as she connects with the Grace Driver on Kimber for two. Tenille takes out Alisha with the Spotlight Kick. Jazz almost scores the pin after an X-Factor on Kimber but her partners break the count before three. Jazz forces Kimber to submit with the STF and that’s it!

Jordynne Grace, Jazz, ODB, Havok, Nevaeh & Alisha def Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire ‘N Flava, Kimber Lee, Susan & Tenille Dashwood

Gia Miller catches up with Ace Austin after he defeated TJP to become the youngest 2-time X-Division Champion at Sacrifice. Chris Bey and Josh Alexander want a shot but TJP interrupts and informs the champ that he’s getting his rematch next Tuesday on IMPACT!

In addition to that highly-anticipated rematch for the X-Division Title, check out what else is headed your way next week. Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will battle Jazz in singles action. Plus, Eddie Edwards goes one-on-one with Karl Anderson and more! Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch.

Sami Callihan vs Trey Miguel

An enraged Trey Miguel charges down the ramp and pummels Sami Callihan with a flurry of strikes! Trey hits a sliding dropkick, sending Callihan back-first into the steel guardrail. They brawl up the ramp where Trey fights off a Piledriver. Callihan locks in a Boston Crab on the floor. Callihan traps Trey’s ankle inside the ring post and drives it into the steel! Callihan has successfully negated the high-flying offense of Trey as he continues to target the ankle. Trey quickens the pace but is immediately shutdown as Callihan hits a rope-assisted neckbreaker for two. Trey attempts the Hourglass submission but Callihan counters by biting Trey’s ankle! Trey sacrifices his own body as he hits a springboard stunner on the floor. Callihan doesn’t allow Trey to build any momentum, driving the back of his head into the steel steps. Trey is perched on the top rope but Callihan manipulates the referee into checking on him. The distraction allows Callihan to connect with a sick Package Piledriver for three.

Sami Callihan def Trey Miguel

The referee attends to Trey Miguel as IMPACT! on AXS TV goes off the air.