IMPACT Wrestling 09 23 2021

IMPACT! on AXS TV Results: September 23, 2021

Josh Alexander Kicks Off IMPACT!

IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore is in the ring with X-Division Champion Josh Alexander. In the closing moments of Victory Road last Saturday, Alexander confronted IMPACT World Champion Christian Cage and announced that he would be exercising Option C, relinquishing the X-Division Title for an IMPACT World Title shot at Bound For Glory. D’Amore says that if Alexander chooses to relinquish the X-Division Title tonight, a tournament to crown a new champion will begin next week on IMPACT! Alexander recalls almost losing his career due to a neck injury just a few years ago. Now he wants to become the face of IMPACT Wrestling but in order to do that, he needs to have the IMPACT World Title around his waist. Christian Cage interrupts and says that while Alexander may be the face of the X-Division, he will not be the face of IMPACT. Alexander thanks Christian Cage for making his decision that much easier and hands the X-Division Title to D’Amore. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are out next as Ace calls Alexander a quitter for relinquishing his title. A brawl breaks out involving all four men but Ace gains the upper-hand when he drives his cane into the eye of Christian Cage.

Willie Mack makes it known that he wants to enter the tournament to crown a new X-Division Champion. Meanwhile, Rich Swann and Brian Myers both declare their entry into the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory. After a war of words, Swann challenges Myers and one of his students to a tag team match tonight.

Christian Cage is deemed unable to compete by IMPACT’s physician. Josh Alexander says that he will take care of it as D’Amore makes a match between him and Ace Austin official for tonight’s main event.

Hikuleo w/ Chris Bey vs David Finlay w/ Juice Robinson

The war between Bullet Club and FInJuice continues just days after Hikuleo and Chris Bey were victorious over David Finlay and Juice Robinson at Victory Road. Hikuleo puts his power on display in the opening moments of the match, tossing Finlay halfway across the ring with ease. Bey trips up Finlay from the outside, allowing Hikuleo to remain in control. Hikuleo hits a big powerslam for two. Finlay connects with a neckbreaker to create separation, then takes the giant off his feet with a crossbody off the second rope. Finlay counters a chokeslam into a cutter. Bey is about to get involved again but Juice pulls him off the apron. Finlay catches Hikuleo in a pinning predicament to score the victory.

David Finlay w/ Juice Robinson def Hikuleo w/ Chris Bey

After the match, Hikuleo jumps Finlay from behind. Hikuleo charges into the corner but Finlay sidesteps, causing Hikuleo to collide with his own partner. FinJuice go for the Doomsday Device on Bey but El Phantasmo makes his shocking return to break it up. FinJuice falls victim to the numbers game as Bullet Club stands tall.

After the rest of Violent By Design brutally assaulted Rhino last week, Eric Young deemed that it was a learning opportunity.

In a backstage interview, Chelsea Green tells Gia Miller that she’s about to get her retribution on Rohit Raju after he took her out of action with a devastating Tiger Knee.

Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren deliver a Swingerella’s soul to Su Yung.

Rohit Raju vs Chelsea Green w/ Matt Cardona

Chelsea pummels Rohit in the corner with repeated strikes. Rohit turns the tide when he pulls Chelsea down to the mat by her hair. Chelsea connects with a snap German suplex for two. Rohit tries to use the ropes for leverage but Cardona pushes him off from ringside. Out of nowhere, Raj Singh makes his jaw-dropping return and throws Cardona face-first into the steel ring post. Rohit rolls up Chelsea off the distraction to win.

Rohit Raju w/ Raj Singh def Chelsea Green w/ Matt Cardona

Eddie Edwards is enraged after W. Morrissey powerbombed Alisha at Victory Road. Sami Callihan persuades him to work together in order to exact their revenge. Their first target is Moose as they lay him out with a two-on-one attack in the backstage area.

Brian Myers says that none of his students from The Learning Tree are ready to be his partner tonight. Instead, he will be teaming with another man who he trained, the seasoned VSK.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Brian Myers & VSK w/ The Learning Tree (Manny Lemons & Zicky Dice)

Rich and WIllie hit VSK with a double flapjack in the early going. Willie counters an arm drag from Myers into a strong running shoulder tackle for two. Willie knocks Zicky Dice off the apron with a right hand but the distraction allows VSK to hit a sliding powerbomb. Rich hits a running frog splash on VSK but Myers breaks the pin attempt. VSK almost puts Rich away with an elevated DDT. Sam Beale pushes Rich off the top rope but it propels him into a pinning predicament on VSK for three.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack def Brian Myers & VSK w/ The Learning Tree (Manny Lemons & Zicky Dice)

Johnny Swinger is concerned that Swinger’s Palace will go out of business when Bound For Glory emanates from Las Vegas on October 23rd. Swinger invites Scott D’Amore to Swinger’s Palace next week to persuade him to change the location of event.

After retaining the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles over Rich Swann and Willie Mack at Victory Road, The Good Brothers take a much-needed vacation.

Mickie James appears in the IMPACT Zone

Mickie James calls out Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo in an attempt to resolve their issues that stemmed from Purrazzo’s attack on her at NWA 73. James challenges Purrazzo to a match at IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory. Purrazzo says that where she comes from, respect is earned – and so are Knockouts Title opportunities. Purrazzo declares that until James earns a Knockouts title shot, her answer is no. Things get physical between the two Knockouts as another brawl breaks out. IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore makes his way to the top of the ramp where he vetoes Purrazzo’s decision to deny James a Knockouts Title shot. D’Amore says that James is absolutely deserving of the opportunity and makes the match official for Bound For Glory on October 23rd.

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan are about to attack W. Morrissey in the back when Scott D’Amore and security intervene. D’Amore tells Eddie that he’ll have his chance at revenge when he faces Morrissey in a Street Fight next week.

Gia Miller interviews Gail Kim who is in charge of Knockouts Knockdown, IMPACT’s returning all-Knockout event streaming October 9th on IMPACT Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders. After announcing an 8 person tournament where four of IMPACT’s Knockouts will face four of the best talent from outside the promotion, she’s interrupted by The Influence who demand a Knockouts Tag Team Title opportunity on the show. Kim tells them that they’ll have to earn it when they meet Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering in a #1 Contenders match next week. The winners will challenge Decay for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles at Knockouts Knockdown.

Next week on an all new IMPACT!: The X-Division Title tournament kicks off as Laredo Kid, Trey Miguel and IMPACT newcomer Alex Zayne compete to see who advance to Bound For Glory. Plus, Eddie Edwards battles W. Morrissey in a Street Fight and more. Don’t miss a second of the action, next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV.

Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton vs Josh Alexander

It’s main event time on IMPACT! as Josh Alexander goes on-on-one with Ace Austin. Fulton hooks the leg of Alexander in an attempt to give Ace the advantage but Alexander fights right back with a T-Bone suplex. Moments later, Fulton gets up on the apron and this time, it’s enough of a distraction to allow Ace to capitalize with a running bulldog. Alexander locks in the Ankle Lock until Ace breaks it up with an Enzuigiri to the back of the head. Alexander connects with a bridged German suplex for two. Alexander continues the assault with a pinpoint knee to neck. Alexander superkicks Fulton at ringside but then gets caught with a superkick from Ace that sends him crashing right into the back of Fulton. Alexander powerbombs Ace onto his knee, then delivers a devastating C4 Spike to win.

Josh Alexander def Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton

After the match, Ace and Fulton deliver a two-on-one assault on Alexander until IMPACT World Champion Christian Cage makes the save. Alexander confronts him in the middle of the ring, telling the champ that he didn’t need his help. Ace and Fulton attack them from behind once again when Christopher Daniels makes his shocking IMPACT return to send Ace and Fulton retreating. IMPACT! goes off the air.