IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill 2021

IMPACT Hard To Kill PPV Results 
January 16, 2021
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Hard To Kill Preshow: Madison Rayne announced her retirement.

The PPV opens up with a video package of Kenny Omega, Don Callis, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson on AEW Dynamite.  In the video, Alex Shelley says he won’t be able to compete tonight.  Moose will take his place.

We go live to the Skyway Studios with Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown.  There is piped in crowd noise.


Kaleb and Crazzy Steve start. Kaleb pushes Crazzy Steve.  Steve comes back with the offense with knee to the gut.  Steve tags in Rosemary who has Kaleb’s arm twisted, then she tags in Steve.  Steve tags back in Rosemary and she comes in off the top rope and bites the arm of Kaleb.  Kaleb attempts to dive on the outside to Steve who kicks him in the face.  Tenille is tagged in and is met with a side slam by Rosemary. Rosemary kicks Tenille but with the ref not looking, Kaleb kicks Rosemary.  Tenille goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Tenille has Rosemary on the ropes and pulling her hair. Tenille gives a boot to the gut on Rosemary, and then gives Rosemary a noogie, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  After a suplex, Kaleb is tagged in.  Kaleb goes on the top rope, but then Tenille is pushed into the ropes.  Kaleb and Steve are the two legal participants.  Both go back in forth on the offense.  Steve hits his finisher on Kaleb, but Tenille comes in to distract Steve.  Kaleb is back on the offense. He then tags in Tenille who then tags Kaleb back in the ring.  Side Russian Leg Sweep on Steve by Kaleb.  Tenille grabs her phone and both Kaleb and Tenille are on the top rope with Tenille attempting to take a picture of Kaleb who misses the moonsault on Steve.  Rosemary and Steve do a double choke slam on Kaleb and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Kaleb kicks Rosemary right under the chin and clubs Steve.  Tenille has hairspray and when the ref takes the can away, Steve sprays mist in the face of Tenille.  Kaleb does a back fist on Steve.  Kaleb goes to grab Rosemary, but with the refs back turned, Rosemary sprays mist in the face Kaleb.  Steve applies his finisher on Kaleb and gets the pin.


Backstage segment with Don Callis, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers arriving slapping the papers out of a backstage crew member.


Eric Young’s faction was introduced as Violent By Design.  The bell rings and all six men are brawling.  This is no DQ, no count outs – anything goes.  The action is all over the ring and all over the outside.  Deaner and Cousin Jake are in the ring.  Cousin Jake takes down Deaner, who then goes out side of the ring.  Doering and Rhino are now in the ring. The action is hard to follow with this match, but there is now a tri-screen that hopefully will make it easier.  On the outside, Doering has Rhino on the guardrail.  Near the entrance ramp Eric Young and Cousin Jake are fighting on the outside, exchanging blows to the gut.  Young throws Cousin Jake against the ring post. Dreamer comes in with a cutter on Eric Young.  Dreamer pulls a chair from under the ring. Rhino gets a chair and Cousin Jake grabs a chair.  All three men take turns smacking Doering on the back.  Dreamer charges at Doering, but has Dreamer in a chokehold.  Doering comes back and takes down Dreamer.  Violent By Design is on the offense.  Two chairs on side by side.  Deaner drops Cousin Jake on both chairs.  Deaner has Cousin Jake in a chokehold.  Rhino is choke-slammed by Doering, then picks up Rhino’s kendo stick and breaks it over his knee.  On the outside, Doering runs to Rhino who moves out of the way and runs into the ring post.  Dreamer takes thumb tacks and spreads them in the ring.  With a failed piledriver on Eric Young, Dreamer back drops Young on the tacks.  Doering comes back in the ring to get a gore from Rhino.  Erick Young picks up Cousin Jake, pile drives him and get the win.


Backstage segment with Rich Swann, Chris Sabin and Moose. Swann yells at Moose and says he doesn’t trust him. Moose says he won many football games with guys he didn’t like. Moose says he is not going to let an outsider come to IMPACT and disrespect the company.



All four women are in the ring.  Brian Hebner is back and the official for this match.  Naveah and Havok are in charge.  Naveah takes down Steelz and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Havok is tagged in and has some vicious kicks on Hogan.  Havok goes for a leg drop on Hogan who moves out of the way. Hogan punches Havok, and tags in Steelz who throws punches on Havok.  Steelz goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Steelz has Havok down and kicks her in the gut.  Steelz tags in Hogan who then run around the ring and kicks Havok in the face. Steelz has Havok in a sleeper, but then slams Steelz against the turnbuckle.  Havok has both Hogan and Steelz and back slams them both.  Havok tages in Naveah and takes out both Steelz and Hogan.  Naveah forces a DDT on Hogan.  Naveah goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Havok double slams Steelz and Hogan.  Naveah kicks Steelz and then tags in Havok.  Steelz tags in Hogan, who then kicks Havok on the cheek.  Steelz does a jumping neck breaker on Havok, who then goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Naveah.  Steelz stuns Havok who goes to the outside.  Hogan slams Havok and pins Navaeh to get the pin.  Madison Rayne who is leaving the company, and Gail Kim come into the ring to hand the title belts to Steelz and Hogan.  All the women hug and the new champions celebrate.

Backstage segment with Crazzy Steve and Rosemary wanting to help Taya Valkyrie. Acey Romero then sneaks into the women’s locker area.

Ace Austin comes out with Mad Man Fulton and says that his time has been wasted with himself being on a pre-show panel.  Ace demands Scott D’Amore to come out and give him his X-Division Title Match since he won the Super X-Cup.  D’Amore comes out and says that the Hard To Kill needs Ace Austin on the card, but not X-Division Match.  Scott D’Amore introduced Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) as the opponent for Austin.  Cardona takes down Austin. Both men are on the offense.  The action is fast.  Cardona gives a neckbreaker on the floor to Austin.  Austin takes out Cardona on the floor and then throws him back in the ring.  Cardona is on the second rope. Fulton distracts the ref and Austin takes down Cardona, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Cardona comes back with a flapjack on Austin.  Cardona has Austin in the corner.  Mad Man Fulton comes in and takes out Cardona.  The referee calls for the bell. Fulton goes after Cardona who then drop kicks Austin and then takes out Fulton.



Triple Threat rules apply to this match.  Manik drops kicks Bey. Raju attempts a slap on Manik who moves out of the way.  Bey then comes in and goes after Manik.  Raju goes to toss Bey out of the ring, but counters with tripping Raju and then drops kicks Manik out of the ring. Bey is on the offense with Bey.  Raju counters and then has Bey down and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Raju pushes Bey off the ring.  Raju does a tilt a whirl slam on Manik and attempts to a pin, but only gets a two count.  Bey pulls Raju to the outside.  The action is a bit hard to follow since its all over the place.  Manik has Bey in a modified Texas Cloverleaf.  Manik has Bey now is a leg lock with Raju trying to get Manik in an armbar. Bey has Manik down and hits and elbow from the top rope on Manik.  Raju picks up Bey and slams him on the ring apron.  Bey is down and Raju gets back in the ring.  He tries to pull the mask of Manik off and he pulls it off.  Raju picks him up and the face of Manik is painted with a skull so its hard to tell who it is.  Manik comes off the top ropes and Bey gives Manik a cutter. Bey goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  In the ring its Bey and Raju.  Bey has Raju on the top rope.  Manik comes back in and takes out both men from the top rope.  Manik slams down Raju, goes for the pin, but its broken up by Bey.  All three men are down.  Manik has Bey in an attempt for a tombstone piledriver on Bey but its broken up by Raju.  There are several pin attempts buy Bey and Raju, but only two counts. Manik and Raju exchange blows.  Manik does a spike DDT on Bey and hits a crucifix slam, but only gets the two count.  Raju comes in and kicks Manik then attempts to pin Bey who is down, but only gets the two count.  Raju goes to the top rope, but Manik is up and tries to bring down Raju, but Raju counters it.  Bey and Raju are on the rope.  Raju has Manik in a submission.  Bey breaks it up.  Raju attempts a pin on Bey, but only gets a two count.  Manik then comes in and puts his full body weight on Raju and pins him to retain.


Backstage segment with Eddie Edwards and Alisha.  Edwards doesn’t want Alisha involved in the match and wants Alisha to promise that she will not go out to the ring and she needs to go home and take care of their daughter.


Taya goes right after Purrazzo.  DECAY and Susan are on the outside of the ring.  She is recording it.  All the women are on the outside of the ring.  Steve hits the ref who comes back up and throws out Kimber Lee, Rosemary, Crazzy Steve and Rosemary.  Taya comes on the offensive and then Purrazzo has Taya’s arm and kicks Taya’s arm.  Purrazzo has Taya’s arm and continues to go on the assault on the arm.  Taya attempts a pin on Purrazzo but only gets a two.  Purrazzo comes back with going after Taya’s arm.  Purrazzo has Taya’s legs in a submission hold, but Taya grabs the bottom rope to break it up.  Purrazzo takes down Taya and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Taya comes back on the offense with slaps and then a take down on Purrazzo and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Purrazzo comes back with a kick to the knees, but Taya comes back with a one legged drop kick on the mat.  Taya attempts the pin, but only gets a two count. Taya is pushing on Purrazzo legs and then picks her up and curb stomps her.  Taya then has Purrazzo in a modified STF. Purrazzo gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Purrazzo and Taya exchange kicks.  Taya picks up Purrazzo, slams her down, then Purrazzo has Taya in a double arm bar and says she quits.


Backstage segment with Acey Romero and John E. Bravo.  They discuss that Larry D was set up in the shooting of John E. Bravo.


This match is a cinematic type match with a green screen back drop with various backgrounds.  Both exchange blows, and each time both take out each other, the backdrop changes.  The Karate Man is kicking Ethan Page and then the scene changes with the Karate pulling out the heart of Ethan Page, who then is lying in blood with a hole in his chest and the Karate Man walks away with Ethan’s heart.

Backstage Don Callis runs into Moose and talks about Moose needing to go back into football.  Callis says he has a copy of Moose’s current contract and says Moose is a smart guy and sees the future and Callis has Moose for two more years and is looking to help a brother out tonight.  Moose tells Callis he plays to win and that is exactly what he is going to do tonight.  Moose says after he wins then he will go after the IMPACT Title and then says maybe he will show up on AEW and take Kenny Omega’s title.


The barb wire is on the ring posts and there is a fence with barb wire.  There are weapons hanging from the ropes with barbed wire.  There is a press board with barbed wire.

Both men lock up.  Callihan tries to push Edwards into the barbed wire. Both men lock up again and then exchange blows.  Edwards kicks Callihan into the ropes with barbed wire.  Edwards rolls out side and grabs a role of barbed wire. Edwards puts the barbed wire around the head of Callihan.  Edwards grabs press board with barbed wire and is trying to put Callihan’s bloody face on the barbed wire.  Callihan pushes the press board to the outside of the ring.  Edwards punches Callihan in the face. Callihan is on the outside and Edwards does repeated kicks to Callihan in the face.  On the outside, Callihan sets up press board with barbed wire board and attempts a suplex of Eddie, but Eddie counters and runs and Callihan moves and Eddie goes into the press board with barbed wire and it breaks.  Callihan puts the press board on Eddie and then does an elbow drop off the ring apron onto Eddie on the floor.  Callihan grabs barbed wire and wraps it around Eddie and then pulls it off of him.  Back in the ring Callihan is met with a boot to the face by Eddie.  Callihan comes back with slam to the gut on Eddie on a rope of barbed wire.  Callihan has a role of barbed wire wrapped in a video game controller and hits Eddie in the back and face.  Eddie is busted open.  Callihan continues on the offense with barbed wire.  Eddie grabs a chair wrapped in barbed wire and hits Callihan in the back.  Eddie picks up Callihan and gives him a thunderbomb on the chair of barbed wire.  He then goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Callihan trapped between the ropes of barbed wire and fence, Eddie runs and Callihan moves out fo way and Eddie runs into the barbed wire.  Both men are a bloody mess.  Callihan grabs barbed wire from the fence and rolls it up.  Eddie is grabbing barbed wire off the cage and hits Callihan in the face.  Callihan grabs a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire and Eddie has a bat wrapped in barb wire.  Both men trade weapons and Eddie slaps Callihan in the guts with the barbed wire kendo stick.  Both men are on the tope rope.  Eddie grabs a chain and falls on the the rope with the chain wrapping around him.  Callihan is setting up the barbed wire board on two chairs and has Eddie on the top rope and then puts his thumb is Eddie’s eye and piledrives him on the barbed wire board and goes for a three count – Eddie kicks out! Callihan has a barbed wire bat.  He attempts to his Eddie, but Eddie counters with a kick to Callihan.  Eddie then hits a Boston Knee Party to Callihan with a barbed wire chair, only gets a two count.  Eddie then picks up Callihan and slams down Callihan with an Emerald Flowshon on the barbed wire board and get the three count! Alisha then comes out to check on her husband.


A promo video airs for Rebellion which will be April 24 on live on PPV.


Don Callis comes out on the entrance ramp to do an introduction of Kenny Omega that is way over the top. Kenny Omega comes out wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt. Chris Sabin and Karl Anderson start out and lock up.  Both men lock up again and attempt arms bars on each other.  Anderson comes back and gives Sabin a thumb to the eye.  Both men attempt headlock take overs and are evenly matched.  Gallows is tagged in and Moose is tagged in.  Both men attempt shoulder blocks and then trade blows to the face.  Gallows tags in Omega, and then Moose tags in Rich Swann.  Both men lock up.  The Good Brothers then come into the ring and take out Swann.  With the refs back turned, Omega chokes Swann with his t-shirt. Anderson and Swann are the legal men in the ring.  Swann tags in Sabin.  With Omega and Gallows on the outside, Swann, Moose and Sabin triple team Anderson.  Anderson makes it to his corner and tags in Gallows.  The ref’s back is turned and Omega and The Good Brothers triple team Sabin.  Anderson and continues the assault on Sabin and has him in a headlock.  Sabin and Anderson double clothesline each other.  Omega and Swann are both tagged in.  Swann kicks Omega and sends him onto Anderson.  On the outside Moose and Gallows are brawling.  Anderson is DDT’d by Rich Swann.  Sabin and Swann double kick Gallows.  Swann then takes out Omega on the outside.   Back in the ring, Anderson is in control over Swann with a boot to the face.  Anderson picks up Swann and slams in down.  Gallows is tagged in. He slams down Swann and then tags in Omega.  Omega attempts a slam, but slips out.  Omega connects with a flying leg lariat on Swann.  Omega goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Omega stomps the back of Swann.  Omega has the left ankle of Swann.  Swann counters with a flying kick and tags in Moose.  Moose takes out Gallows and Anderson and does a running drop kick on Omega.  Moose then clotheslines Omega, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Sabin is now tripled teamed.  Omega goes for the pin, but it is broken up.  Omega powerbombs Sabin, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Omega attempts to take out Sabin, but Moose kicks Omega.  Omega then hits the knee trigger on Swann. Omega goes to the top rope.  Moose comes in, leaps on the tope rope and Spanish Flies Omega off of the top rope.  Sabin then does a One Winged Angel on Omega and goes for the pin, but its broken up.  The Good Brothers double slam Sabin and goes for the pin, but Swann breaks it up.  Sabin tags Swann and Gallows tags in Omega.  Both Swann and Omega exchange blows.  Omega piledrives Swann and goes for the pin, but its broken up. Omega and Swann are on the top rope as Omega hits the back off Swann.  Moose has Omega on his shoulders and Swann comes off the top rope with a clothesline. Both Swann and Omega are in the ring exchanging blows and kicks.  Swann counters the One Winged Angel and buzzsaws Omega and then goes on the second rope with a flip on Omega.  Swann attempts a pin, but only gets a two.  The Good Brothers connect with a Magic Killer on Swann and go for the pin, but Moose breaks it up. Omega connects with the One Winged Angel on Swann and get the 1,2,3 for the win.

Don Callis and all three men celebrate in the ring as the PPV goes off the air.