IMPACT Wrestling 07 07 2022

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Buckle up as the fallout from Against All Odds begins on an all-new IMPACT.

X-Division Champion Mike Bailey vs Alan Angels – X-Division Championship

Alan Angels challenges for the X-Division Championship in his IMPACT Wrestling debut! Bailey fires off with a series of kicks, followed by a Moonsault to the outside. Angels drops him on the apron, then connects with a frog splash to the floor. Angels soars off the top but Bailey cuts him off with a mid-air kick. Bailey hits an Enzuigiri, followed by a running Spanish Fly in the middle of the ring. Angels almost puts him away with the Halo Breaker for two. Angels counters the Flamingo Driver into the Wing Snapper for another near fall. Angels crashes and burns on another frog splash attempt. Bailey capitalizes with Ultimo Weapon to win!

X-Division Champion Mike Bailey def Alan Angels – X-Division Championship

Deaner calls out IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander, claiming that it’s not over until they say it’s over. Instead of the champ, Violent By Design leader Eric Young makes a shocking appearance for the first time since Slammiversary. Young tells them that this wasn’t his “design”, in reference to both him and Doering failing to capture the IMPACT World Title from Alexander. Young places blame on Deaner’s leadership but Deaner vows to make it right. Young accepts his apology under one condition – this world no longer belongs to us, it belongs to him.

Honor No More admits that at Against All Odds, they suffered a setback when they lost to IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers, America’s Most Wanted and Heath. Eddie Edwards tells PCO to prove to them that failure is no longer an option when he goes one-on-one with Black Taurus.

Gail Kim informs Chelsea Green that she’ll go one-on-one with Mickie James next week and everyone is banned from ringside for both that match and tonight’s main event between Deonna Purrazzo and Mia Yim!

Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel

X-Division action continues as Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel look to move up the ladder! Kid hits a head scissors face plant in the middle of the ring. Miguel fights through the pain from his recent X-Division Title match with Mike Bailey to deliver a springboard Moonsault to the floor. Miguel continues the aerial assault with a top rope dropkick. Miguel kips up and hits a one-legged stomp for two. Miguel turns Kid inside out for another near fall. Kid hits the Michinoku Driver for a near fall of his own. Miguel comes back with a modified swinging neckbreaker to score the victory!

Trey Miguel def Laredo Kid

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Joe Doering and Deaner are on a frenzied hunt for IMPACT World Josh Alexander when they get into a physical altercation with the Motor City Machine Guns! Alexander appears as security breaks things up.

Killer Kelly is coming soon to IMPACT Wrestling.

In an interview with Gia Miller, America’s Most Wanted celebrates their last ride at Against All Odds. Storm says that he’s not sure when he’ll compete again but for now, he has some unfinished business.

Storm heads to Moose’s locker room but he finds Steve Maclin inside. Storm challenges him to a match next week!

PCO w/ Vincent vs Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve

It’s a battle of the beasts as PCO collides with Black Taurus! PCO sends him toppling over the top rope to the floor with a running clothesline. PCO soars off the top with the Deanimator on the hardest part of the ring. Taurus begins to turn the tide with a pair of Slingblades, followed by a top rope elbow drop but PCO kicks out at two. Taurus crashes and burns on the top rope, allowing PCO to capitalize with a reverse DDT. PCO delivers the final blow as he hits the PCOsault to win!

PCO w/ Vincent def Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve

After the match, Honor No More corners Crazzy Steve when Heath blindsides Kenny King with the Wake Up Call!

Bullet Club isn’t finished with Honor No More as they reveal their plans for a showdown between the two factions next week.

Bhupinder Gujjar wants a shot at the new Digital Media Champion but Brian Myers tells him that he needs to get by Johnny Swinger first.

Shera w/ Raj Singh vs Rich Swann

After being targeted by Raj Singh and Shera at Against All Odds, Rich Swann goes one-on-one with “The Indian Lion” tonight! Shera puts his strength on display in the early going as he catches Swann in mid-air and dumps him on the mat. Shera tosses him around the ring but Swann uses his speed to avoid an incoming assault. Swann hits a 619, then takes out Singh at ringside. Swann connects with a series of kicks, followed by the 450 Splash to win!

Rich Swann def Shera w/ Raj Singh

Gisele Shaw admits to The Influence that it’s probably her fault that Masha Slamovich has made Tenille Dashwood her next target as she has been avoiding her for weeks. Madison Rayne tells “The Quintessential Diva” that she’s on thin ice with the group.

Taya Valkyrie convinces Rosemary to let her come to the Undead Realm next week in their search for Havok.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Mia Yim – Knockouts World Title #1 Contenders Match

The winner of this match will challenge Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts World Title at Emergence, streaming LIVE August 12th on IMPACT Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders! Yim gains the early advantage with a dive to the outside, sending Purrazzo back-first into the steel barricade. Yim sends her into the corner with a Hurricanrana. Moments later, Purrazzo turns things around as she begins to target the arm of Yim. The pace quickens when Yim hits a running cannonball in the corner. Yim connects with Eat Defeat but the impact sends Purrazzo rolling to the apron. Purrazzo counters the Package Piledriver into a big boot for two. Purrazzo charges into the corner but Yim sidesteps, causing her to collide with the steel ring post. Yim capitalizes with Code Blue for a very close near fall. Purrazzo hits Queen’s Gambit but somehow, someway, it’s not enough to keep Yim down. Yim comes back with the Package Piledriver but this time it’s Purrazzo who kicks out just in time. Yim spikes her with another Package Piledriver, followed by Eat Defeat to win!

Mia Yim def Deonna Purrazzo – Knockouts World Title #1 Contenders Match

After the match, Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace goes face-to-face with her next challenger. Grace and Yim shake hands as they set their sights on Emergence. IMPACT! goes off the air.