IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill 2022

IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill
January 8, 2022
Dallas, Texas (The Bomb Factory)
Results by Jerome Wilen of

Pre-show: Jake Something defeats Madman Fulton.

Mike Bailey defeats Laredo Kid, Chris Bey and Ace Austin in a 4-way match.

We go live to a sold out Bomb Factory with Tom Hannifan and D’Lo Brown on commentary.

-Women’s Ultimate X Match for a future Knockouts Championship Opportunity: Jordynne Grace vs. Rosemary vs. Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Lady Frost vs. Alisha Edwards

The action already starts out crazy. The action is all over the place. This will be a challenge to keep up for sure. Steelz takes Green out of the ring. Grace picks up Steelz and slams her down and tosses her out of the ring. Grace and Rosemary are in the ring. Rosemary tosses grace to the outside. Havok comes in and attempts help Rosemary grab the X, but Green stops it with a drop kick from the top rope. Lady Frost climbs the top rope and take out all the other women on the floor. Lady Frost attempts to climb to the X. Grace stops her and is now on the cable. Frost is trying to stop Grace. Frost and Grace are on the rope. Frost falls down . Steelz pulls Grace down. Green attempted to grab the X, but lost her grip and fell. Alisha comes in with a kendo stick and is taking out all the other women. Alisha now attempts to climb and then gets on the rope. Rosemary climbs after Alisha. Rosemary takes down Alisha. The crowd is chanting this is awesome. Steelz and Grace are now the cable. Both women knock each other off. Frost is now up on the steel beam attempting to climb the cable. Frost then takes out both women from the top of the steel structure. Grace is now on the cable. Steelz is trying to stop her. Green is now on the cable. Grace falls off the cable. As Green grabs the cable, it gets caught on Steelz arm, and Steelz falls with the X.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

The women worked really hard in this match to make it great. The fans were really into it. They seemed to be cheering for Chelsea Green, and it was a big let down for them with Tasha Steelz winning the match to earn a future Knockouts Title Shot.

-X-Division Championship Match: Trey Miguel defends against Steve Maclin (If Maclin loses, he cannot challenge for the X-Division Title again while Miguel is champion)

Maclin takes out Miguel on the outside and the action goes to the stage area. MIguel takes out Maclin and the go back the ring. Miguel gives Maclin a DDT off the ring apron and onto the floor. Both men are in the ring, and the bell officially rings. The action is all over the place as it usually is with IMPACT shows. Maclin is on the outside again and Miguel does a flip dive to Maclin on the outside and lands in the crowd who chants Holy S—. The action continues on the outside of the ring. Maclin tosses Miguel into the steel barricade at ringside. Both men are now back in the ring. Maclin continues to be in control as he hits Miguel with a backbreaker. Maclin takes out Miguel with a slam, goes for a pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Maclin picks up Miguel for another backbreaker, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Maclin tosses out Miguel to the floor and then does an elbow drop on Miguel to the floor from the ring apron. Maclin jaws with a fan at ringside and gives the middle finger to the fan. Both men are back in the ring. Miguel attempts to come back with strikes to the face on Maclin. Miguel comes back with offense on Maclin. Miguel takes out Maclin and then climbs the rope, but Maclin counters as Miguel is hanging upside. Maclin then spears Miguel as he is hanging upside and they drop to the floor. Both men come back in the ring and Maclin goes for a pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Miguel counters back with a pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Miguel climbs the top rope, but Maclin counters. Both men are fighting on the apron. Miguel is on the top and takes out Maclin with a knee to the face as Maclin’s head hits the steel barricade. Maclin is back int he ring, as Miguel goes to the top rope and takes out Maclin. Miguel goes for a three count, but only gets a two count. Miguel hits Maclin with a brainbuster. Miguel climbs to the top rope and hits his finisher and pins Maclin to retain. It was noted that Miguel is the first to pin Maclin in IMPACT Wrestling.

Winner and still IMPACT X-Division Champion Trey Miguel

A lot of the action was all over the place. Both men worked hard and the crowd was really into the action. Great Match.

We go to a backstage interview with Tenille Dashwoold and Madison Rayne badmouthing the IInspiration for not being able to show up.

-ROH World Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham defends against Chris Sabin

Bobby Cruise does the ring entrances. The match will be done under ROH Pure Rules. Ian Riccaboni is on commentary.

Both men shake hands. The bell rings. Both men lock up. Both Gresham and Sabin continue to lock up and then break up as the crowd applauds. Gresham has Sabin in a leg lock, as Sabin counters going for a pin, but only gets a two count. Gresham kicks Sabin the arm and then focuses on his arm. Gresham has Sabin in an arm and leg lock. He goes for a three count, but only gets a two yet again. Gresham comes back and goes for pin attempt again, but Sabin kicks out at two. Sabin kicks Gresham who then falls to the outside. Sabin tosses Gresham back in the ring. Both men exchange strikes. Both men go for pin attempts. Sabin then picks up Gresham and DDT’s Gresham. Sabin goes for a pin, but Gresham kicks out. Both men exchanges blows. Sabin picks up Gresham and drops him down. Sabin attempts to pin Gresham who puts his foot on the rope and uses one of his three rope breaks he is allowed under this Pure Rules match. Gresham hits Sabin with arms strikes then has Sabin in a cross face. Sabin attempts for the rope, but Gresham grabs Sabin’s arm, but Sabin grabs the rope and uses one of his rope breaks. Gresham comes back with a cross face on Sabin, who then goes for pin, but only gets a two count. Gresham has Sabin in an octopus and hits Sabin with arm strikes. Sabin counters back with cradleshock. He goes for the pin, and gets the three count, but then after the three count, the referee sees Gresham’s foot under the rope as the match continues. The crowd didn’t seem to happy. Both men exchange chops to the chest. The crowd is on their feet cheering and clapping. Gresham then hits a Gresham stack, and gets the three count.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Jonathan Gresham as the crowd chants ROH.

Both men hug and then shake hands as the crowd cheers.

Both men did good in the match. Kudos to IMPACT for keeping ROH alive. The crowd continues to chat Ring of Honor and are standing to their feet.

We go to a backstage interview with Tasha Steelz on her earlier win of the Women’s X-Division Match.

-Josh Alexander vs. Jonah

The bell rings and both men stare each other down as the crowd chants lets go Jonah and Walking Weapon. Both men lock up, as Alexander has Jonah in the corner. Alexander hits Jonah with a second rope drip kick, but it doesn’t take Jonah down. Both men are now on the outside of the ring. Jonah slaps Alexander on the chest, then tosses Alexander back in the ring. Both men are on the outside of the ring. The FITE TV audio is cutting in and out as it appears to be on IMPACT and not FITE. Both men are fighting on the outside, and are now back on the inside as the audio issues continue. Jonah tosses Alexander on the top turnbuckle. Jonah then tosses Alexander ribs first into the top rope, then hits Alexander with a splash, goes for a pin, but only get a two count. Jonah has Alexander into a torcher-rack type move. Alexander comes back with chops to the chest on Jonah, but Jonah then counters. Both men are now trash talking, as Jonah then takes down Alexander, who comes back with kicks to the back on Jonah’s leg. The feed with FITE TV just went out then came back and then went out and came back as Alexander takes Jonah out over the top rope to the floor. Both men are fighting in the front row as the fans scatter. Jonah then takes out Alexander who goes over the barricade and then climbs the top rope and leaps onto Jonah into the crowd as the fans chant Holy S—. The ref counts and Jonah comes back in the ring at the nine count. Alexander attempts a spike, but Jonah counters, and then Alexander hits Jonah with a knee, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Both men are on the top rope. Jonah superplexes Alexander off the top rope as the fans cheer and chant this is awesome. The ref counts as both men get up at nine. Both men exchange strikes across the chest. Both men go to a slapping war across the face. Jonah picks up Alexander with a powerbomb, then a clothesline. Jonah goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Jonah picks up Alexander and hits a brainbuster, then goes for a pin, but Alexander kicks out at two. Alexander is busted open and bleeding from head-butts. As Jonah goes to the top rope Alexander come back but gets tossed down. Jonah goes for a moonsault, but misses. Alexander comes back with a German Suplex and then picks up Jonah for a slam and goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Alexander has Jonah in the ankle lock. Jonah ends up tapping out.

Winner by submission: Josh Alexander

Both men worked hard. The match was well done and the action was all over the place. Very good match. Hopefully IMPACT will put the World Title on Alexander for a good run.

-Hardcore War 10-Man Tag Match: Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering and Deaner) and The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) vs. Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino

We go backstage for an interview with babyfaces for the Hardcore War Match.

Hardcare War is next. This match will be all over the place.

Deaner and Rich Swann start the match. Deaner has a trash can and Swann has a chair. Swann hits Deaner with the chair. Swann hits Deaner and then suplexes Swann. Swann attempts to hit Deaner who moves out of the way as Swann goes head first into the chair. Deaner hits Swann with a Russian Leg Sweep using a flag pole. Deaner sets up a chair and trips Swann who hits head first on the chair. Karl Anderson is out next. Swann takes out Anderson who then grabs a golf club and hits Anderson between the legs with the golf club. Alexander recovers and then takes out Swann with the tag title belt and chair. Willie Mack is out next and takes out the heels with a piece of wood. Swann hits a buzz saw kick on Deaner. Mack and Swann pick up a what looks like a door and has it set up between two chairs and slams Deaner on it as it breaks in half. Doc Gallows comes out next. Gallows picks up a garbage can and hits Swann in the head with it. Anderson then takes out Mack with a garbage can. Deaner picks up a piece of the broken door and hits Swann across the head with it. Eddie Edwards is out next. Edwards dives through the ropes taking out the Good Brothers who were on the outside. The action is now on the outside and is all over the place. Edwards grabs a table and is setting it up along the outside of the ring. Eric Young is out next with two trash can lids. Young goes after Edwards and tosses him into the ring. Deaner comes back in the ring and is biting Edwards. On the stage area the Good Brothers take out Rich Swann. Young takes a fork to the mouth of Edwards. Deaner then hits Edwards in the head with a trash can lid. The action is crazy. Heath is out next. He tosses powder in the face of the Good Brothers and takes them out with a pipe. He then goes to the ring and is hitting the heels with the pipe. Willie Mack has a trash can on the tope and goes for a moonsault on Deaner but he moves out of the way. The action now spills to the outside. Joe Doering comes out to suicide dive by Edwards. All men are now in the ring. Edwards is busted open as Young has a steel chain across Edwards’s forehead. Rhino is out next with a steel chain as the crowd chants ECW. Young hits Rhino from behind, but Rhino comes back with offense. Rhino takes out the heels with a chain. Heath is busted open. Gallows is busted open. The crowd chants Hardcore War. All men are in the ring as they all brawl in the ring. Some of the action now spills to the outside again. Edwards and Young are in the ring exchanging blows to the head with trash can lids. Young goes down. Edwards takes out the heels with Kendo Stick as all the men are again to the outside. Edwards breaks his Kendo stick, but grabs a new one and lights it on fire and hits Doc Gallows with it in the back. Young picks up Edwards and piledrives him through a table. The fans are really into the match. Mack gets a barbwire filled board and tosses it into the ring, and sets it up. Doering picks up Swann and tosses Swann into the barbwire who is screaming. Heath grabs a football helmet takes out Karl Anderson, who then is gored by Rhino and pinned.

Winners by pinfall: Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino

Matt Taven and Mike Bennett hit the ring to take out the faces. Vincent shows up also as they continue to take out the faces. PCO then comes out to help Taven, Bennett and Vincent as they continue a beatdown on the faces. The crowd chants ROH. The Kingdom reunites tonight on Hard To Kill! PCO does huge dive off the top rope onto the floor on Edwards. Marie Kanellis shows up as the Kingdom goes into the ring and face the camera. Taven picks up one of the IMPACT Tag Titles and says they will be taking it soon.

The Kingdom stands tall. Backstage Scott D’Amore says he is calling Baltimore to find out what is going on.

The ROH invasion was a nice surprise and will certainly get more eyeballs on IMPACT. My FITE TV feed is freezing at the moment. UGH! I had lower the picture quality from 720p to 480p to get it to work.

-IMPACT World Championship Triple Threat Match: Moose defends against Matt Cardona and W. Morrissey

Cardona goes after Moose. W. Morrissey attempts a quick pin on Moose, but its broken up by Cardona. The action action is on the outside. Moose picks up Cardona and slams him on the floor. W. Morrissey then picks up Moose and slams him on the ring apron. All three men are back in the ring. Moose drop kicks W. Morrisey, but Moose gets up as the Moose picks up Morrissey for his finisher, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Morrisey has Cardona on the top rope. Both men are on the top rope. Moose is underneath who then launches Moose and Cardona off the top rope. Moose and Cardona are on the outside and the action spills to the stage area with Moose and Cardona who are in the crowd. Chelsea Green comes out as Moose is attempting to slam Cardona. Green then gives Moose a middle finger and dives onto Moose from the stage. Morrissey then takes out Moose and Cardona as they were attempting to come back to the ring. As all three men are back in the ring, W. Morrissey takes out Moose and Cardona. Moose is on the outside as Cardon and Morrissey are battling in the ring. Cardona attempts to pin Morrissey, but he kicks out. Morrissey is taken out by Moose as both Cardona and Moose now battle it out. Moose goes on the top rope and Cardona pushes Moose back and crashes into a table on the outside. Back in the ring, Morrissey has a prosthetic leg and hits Cardona with it. Cardona comes back with offense and attempts to pin Morrissey, but only gets a two count. Morrissey choke slams Cardona, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Moose is still on the outside. Cardona hits Morrissey and goes for a pin, but Moose comes back up and pulls out the ref. Morrissey is taken out by Moose. Moose spears the ref by accident. Morrissey picks up Moose for a slam, but can’t get the pin because the ref is out. Another ref comes to check on the ref that is down. Morrissey gets a chairs from under the ring as Moose is still down in the ring, while Cardona is out on the outside. Moose low blows Morrissey, then uses a chair on Morrissey. Cardona comes back in with a chair and takes out Moose and Morrissey. Moose then low blows Cardona as there is still no ref. Chelsea Green comes in the ring and avoids getting hit. Cardona hits Moose, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Moose spears the second referee and Green. He then applies his finisher on Cardona and the first ref comes in and counts three on Cardona as Moose retains.

All the men worked hard. I didn’t expect a title change. This was a good match.

Winner and still IMPACT World Champion: Moose

-Texas Death Match for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Mickie James defends against Deonna Purrazzo

Mickie James goes for an early pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Both women are exchanging blows. Purrazzo hits James who comes back with a hotshot. Purrazzo goes for an arm bar. ROK-C the ROH Women’s Champion is shown in the crowd. Purrazzo goes to the outside and grabs a chair from under the ring and tosses it into the ring. James then grabs more chairs from under the ring and tosses them into the ring. Purrazzo then grabs a table. Both women are on the outside. James hits Purrazzo with a chair as both women are still on the outside of the ring. James grabs a golf club and hits Purrazzo with it. There is a wheelbarrow on by the time keepers table. Purrazzo pushes James into the ring post as the action is still on the outside. Purrazzo taunts ROK-C who is in the crowd at ringside. Purrazzo grabs the golf club and hits James with it. James then comes back and hits Purrazzo as the action spills up to the ramp and then stage area. Both women are fighting on the stage as Purrazzo slams James down. Purrazzo gets a rode case and pushes it into James. Purrazzo pins James, but under the rules, James has until ten to get to her feet. James gets up at nine and is busted open. James slams Purrazzo into the ring apron. Both women are back into the ring. James has Purrazzo in a single leg Boston crab. Purrazzo gets out of the hold and James drop kicks Purrazzo through the ropes. Purrazzo is back in the ring. James hits Purrazzo in the face with a bare knee. James grabs a table and puts it in the ring. The table is set up in the corner. Purrazzo grabs a bad with thumb tacks. Purrazzo is on the offense. Purrazzo kicks James down who lands on the thumb tacks. James is screaming in pain as the crowd chants Holy S—. Purrazzo is chocking out James. Mickie is on the rope, taps out and falls to the outside, as the ref counts. James get up at 8. Purrazzo then takes out James, who is on the floor and grabs a guitar. Both women are in the ring. Purrazzo goes after James’s knee with a chair, but rolls into the thumb tacks to avoid getting hit. Purrazzo is on the top rope. James hits Purrazzo on the head with the chair as Purrazzo falls the outside. Purrazzo gets pinned but has until 10 to get up. The former Aiden English comes out and picks up Purrazzo and is taken out by James as the match continues. James sets up a table in the ring. James is slammed through it, but James gets up. James hits the the former Aiden English with a guitar. James hits Purrazzo with DDT and Purrazzo has until 10. James retains.

Winner and still Knockouts Champion Mickie James, who goes into the WWE Royal Rumble as the champion.

I say boo! I wanted Purrazzo to win.

Overall this was a great PPV. There was a lot of crazy action. The ROH Invasion will sure get people talking.