IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion 2022

IMPACT Rebellion Results
April 23, 2022

MJN Convention Center (Poughkeepsie, New York)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Countdown Show:

-Chris Bey vs. Eddie Edwards – WINNER BY PINFALL: Eddie Edwards

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: The Influence defends against The IInspiration – WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS – THE INFLUENCE

Main Card:

We go live to the sold out MJN Convention Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. The crowd is loud and wild.

Jay White vs. Chris Sabin vs. Steve Maclin

Jay White is on the outside after the bell rang. Maclin and Sabin are in the ring. Maclin hits Sabin from behind as he is distracted by White on the outside. As Maclin goes against the ropes, White pulls Maclin to the outside. Sabin is on the offense as all three men are on the floor. Sabin is down and Maclin is on the offense, however, Sabin comes back with a knee on White. As Sabin goes for more offense, Jay comes back and slams Sabin to the floor. White then grabs Maclin and slams him down on the floor. White and Sabin are back in the ring. White slams down Sabin and goes for a pin, but only gets the two count. Maclin comes back in the ring and goes after White. Sabin hits a flying crossbody on both White and Maclin from the top rope. All three men are up and exchanging chops. Maclin comes back and clotheslines both Sabin and White. Sabin picks up White and stills hits an MCM on Maclin, then goes for the pin on White, but only gets a two count. Maclin comes back and DDT’s White. All three men are down. The crowd is hot and is really into this match. White comes back and picks up Sabin and hits a blade-buster – goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Maclin is out of the ring and its Sabin and White. Maclin comes back and as Sabin and White are on the top rope, both Sabin and White are double teaming Maclin. Both Sabin and White are on the top rope, but Sabin pushes down White and hits Maclin with a missile drop kick. Maclin goes after Sabin, but misses and flies between the ropes and hits the floor hard. White has Sabin on the offense, but then White counters with the blade-runner and Sabin counters with a pin attempt, but only gets a two. As Sabin goes for a cradle-shock, Maclin comes back in from behind and pins Sabin for the win.


The crowd was hot and was really into this match. It is nice to hear the excitement from the sold out crowd.

We go to a backstage segment with Josh Alexander and his family. They talk back and forth about taking revenge on Moose and his wife tells Alexander he will make a great champion. Scott D’Amore comes in and tell Alexander he is the best wrestler in the world and needs to and take what is his.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo defends against the returning Taya Valkyrie

Both women lock up and then break the holds. The crowd is chanting for Valkyrie, who comes back on the offense. Taya has Deonna in the corner and hits her with a chop to the chest. Deaonna is tied up on the rope, and Taya hits her and knocks her out of the ropes on to the floor. Taya acknowledges the crowd and goes to hit Deonna, but Deonna comes back and pushes Taya against the ring post. Deonna rolls Taya back into the ring and hits Taya with the flatliner and then goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Deonna is sent to the floor by Taya. Both women are up and exchange offense. Deonna grabs Taya and pushes her back first against the ring apron. The ref begins the ten count. Both women get back in the ring. Both women scream at each other and both women exchange offensive moves. Taya slaps Deonna and Deonna goes down. Taya goes for the three count, but only gets a two. Deonna comes back with knees to mid section on Taya and goes for the three count, but only gets a two. Deonna then locks an armbar on Taya, but Taya is able to get to the bottom rope and break the hold. Deonna is on the top rope, who comes back and leaps on the rope and is counter by Taya with a sit down powerbomb. Taya locks up Deonna in a crossface, but Deonna gets to the rope to break the hold. After offensive moves back in forth, Taya applies her finisher, and covers Deonna for the win.


The crowd was behind Taya.

We go to a backstage segment with Tasha Steelz being interviewed about her title match. She tells Rosemary she is going to be victorious over Rosemary tonight.

IMPACT X-Division Championship Match: Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Mike Bailey

All three are on the offense. Mike Bailey and Trey Miguel then double team Ace Austin. Bailey then attempts a pin on Miguel, but only gets the two count. Bailey takes down Austin as Miguel and Bailey exchange blows. Austin was sent to the outside. Bailey and Miguel are in the ring. Austin then comes back and pulls Miguel to the outside. As Miguel has Austin up, Bailey comes off the top rope with a moonsault onto both men on the floor. Miguel and Bailey are back in the ring. Austin comes back in and picks up Bailey and slams him onto Miguel. Austin is on the offense as he kicks Bailey. He has Bailey in the corner and hits him with chops. Austin is again sent to the outside. In the ring its Bailey and Miguel. Miguel then runs through the ropes and hits what looked like a cutter on Austin on the outside and onto the floor. The action is all over of the place in this match. Bailey from the top rope moosaults onto Austin onto the floor and then Miguel comes back with a flip onto both men as the crowd goes wild. Austin is down and Bailey does a 360 flip onto Austin from the second rope and goes for the pin, but only gets the two count. All three men attempt pins but only get two counts. Miguel hits his finisher from the top, but goes for the three count, but Austin pulls the ref’s leg as its a no DQ. Austin then comes back and hit several kicks on Bailey and Miguel. Austin hits his finisher on Miguel and gets the pin for win.


The action from this match was all over the place and was hard to keep up with at times.

We go to a backstage segment with Honor No More talking about the pre-show with Edwards beating Chris Bey and how at Rebellion they are all going to dominate the show.

JONAH vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Both men go face to face. Ishii hits JONAH with elbow strikes, but it has no effect on JONAH. JONAH then comes back with chops on Ishii. Ishii then comes back with strikes on JONAH, but it again has no effect on Ishii. JONAH comes back and hits Ishii and Ishii goes down. JONAH stays on the offense with knocking Ishii down to the mat. JONAH continues the offense with strikes to the neck and a head but to Ishii. The crowd then starts Ishii chants. The crowd boos JONAH, who goes after the left arm of Ishii with stops. JONAH has Ishii in the corner and is hitting strikes on Ishii. JONAH now has Ishii in a headlock as the fans are behind Ishii. JONAH breaks the hold and hits Ishii. JONAH is booed by the fans. As Ishii tries to come back with offense, JONAH counters with blows to the ear on Ishii. Ishii attempts to come back, but JONAH has Ishii in the corner and hits him with strikes and kicks to the midsection. Ishii attempts a German suplex, but its counter by JONAH with Ishii being sent to the corner. Ishii comes back with a lariat on JONAH who goes down, but quickly gets back up to his feet. Ishii has JONAH in the corner, but JONAH comes back with chops on Ishii, then Ishii turns it around and chops JONAH, who then turns it around and hits Ishii hard and knocks him down. JONAH picks up Ishii and slams him down. Ishii has JONAH up and slams him down. Ishii hits JONAH with a German suplex and JONAH is down. Both men are down and then get back up. Ishii attempts to knock JONAH down, but he won’t go down. Ishii gets JONAH down and goes for the pin, but only gets the two count. Ishii continues the offense on JONAH who goes down again. Ishii attempts a basement lariat, but JONAH catches it and comes to his feet. Both men exchange blows. JONAH hits Ishii with a headbut and knocks him down. JONAH then hits Ishii again and goes for the pin, but only gets a two. JONAH then hits Ishii with a powerbomb, goes for the pin, but again gets a two count. JONAH then hits Ishii with a huge spear. JONAH goes to the top rope, leaps off and Ishii moves. He hits JONAH with a basement lariat, goes for the pin, but only get a two. Ishii comes back and hits JONAH with a huge brain-buster and then covers JONAH and gets the pin to win the match.


There were times the crowd was into this match and times they were silent. They popped huge when JONAH was pinned.

8 Tag Team Elimination Match – IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: Violent By Design defends against The Good Brothers vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann vs. Rhino & Heath vs. Honor No More vs. Major Players (Brian Myers and Matt Cardona) vs Jordynne Grace and W. Morrisey

Major Players and Jordynne Grace and W. Morrisey start.

Grace and Myers locked up and start off the match . After keeping Myers down, Grace tags in Morrisey. Myers then tags in Cardona. Morrisey has Cardona in the corner and knocks him down with a sidewalk slam. Chelsea Green caused Grace to get eliminated, but the action continues on the outside with Morrisey, Grace and Chelsea Green. Morrisey takes out the Major Players and then Morrisey picks up Green and slams her through a table with a huge powerbomb. Cardona and Myers are on the outside checking on Green and they put up the X which I think was part of the storyline. The Good Brothers are the next team to come out.

The Good Bothers vs. Major Players

The Good Brothers take out Myers. Back in the ring the Good Brothers double team Cardona and Cardona is pinned and the Major Players are eliminated. This was a quick squash match.

The next team is Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) vs. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice.

The Good Brothers double team Dice. Swinger tries to come in but is hit by accident by Dice. The Good Brothers pick up Dice for a Magic Killer for the pin. Swinger and Dice are eliminated.

The next team is Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Swann and Mack charge the Good Brothers who are on the outside. Both teams are back in the ring. Swann and Anderson exchange offense. Swann tags is Mack and Gallows. Swann has Gallows in the corner and hits him with several blows. As Gallows is able to move out of the corner, he hits Swann with a big boot to the face. Swann is down as Gallows picks him up with a stalling suplex. Gallows goes for the pin, but Swann kicks out at two. The crowd is behind Swann. Gallows has Swann in the corner and tags in Anderson. As Anderson goes for a bronco buster to Swann in the corner, Swann moves out of the way. Anderson then tags in Gallows who hits Swann with left and right elbows. Gallows has Swann down with a chokehold. Swann comes back is able to knock Gallows down who tags in Anderson and Swann is able to tag in Mack who takes down Anderson and then Gallows. Mack then hits Anderson with a Samoan drop. Mack goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Anderson comes back with a spine buster and attempts the pin on Mack, but only gets a two. Gallows and Swann are down. Swann comes back in and Mack and Swann double team Anderson. Mack attempts a pin on Anderson but only gets the two count. Mack is on the top rope, but Anderson comes up on the second rope and Mack headbutts Anderson who goes to the mat. Anderson and Gallows hit Mack with a Magic Killer and eliminate Mack and Swann.

Matt Bennett and Matt Taven come out and Eliminate The Good Brothers and Maria Kanellis held down Anderson’s foot Honor No More could get the pin. The Good Brothers take out Taven and Vincent. Rhino and Heath come out next.

Mike Bennett and Matt Taven vs. Rhino and Heath.

Heath and Rhino are on the offense. As Heath goes against the rope, Maria Kanellis grabs the foot of Heath, allowing Bennett to get the offense. Bennett tags in Matt Taven who hits Heath with a drop kick. Heath is able to get a tag to Rhino. Taven comes back with offense on Rhino who goes down. Rhino was able to get a gore on Taven for the pin. Taven and Bennett have been eliminated. I had some streaming issues with FITE during this match, so I lost some of the action.

Violent By Design comes out to defend the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships.

Joe Doering and Rhino start the match. Doering has Rhino down from a distraction by Eric Young on the outside. Eric Young is tagged in as he takes down Rhino. Young goes for a pin, but only gets the two count. Rhino comes back with offense, but its still not enough as Young takes down Rhino. Young charges at Rhino who hits Young with an elbow. Rhino is able to continue the offense, but can’t get to the corner for the tag. Both knock each other down. Rhino is able to roll and get the tag to Heath. Heath comes back with offense and then attempts a pin, but Young gets his foot on the bottom rope. Young then comes back with offense on Heath. Heath picks up Young from the top rope and slams him down. Young is able to get the tag on Doering. Young is in the corner as Rhino attempts a Gore, but Doering blocks it and tags in Young again. Young picks up Heath and hits him with a pile driver for the win. I had some streaming issues towards the end, so I lost a small amount the of the match towards the end.


IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Tasha Steelz defends against Rosemary

Rosemary goes after Steelz and takes her down with punches. Rosemary still has Steelz down. Steelz comes back and has Rosemary over the ropes. Rosemary comes back and has Steelz in a submission move, but Steelz gets to the ropes. Steelz goes to the outside, but is caught by Havok and the ref tosses Havok to the back. Rosemary is on the outside, but Steelz comes back and takes out a distracted Rosemary as the action is on the outside. Steelz gets Rosemary back in the ring, but then Steelz pulls out Rosemary as the action continues on the outside. Steelz rolls Rosemary back in the ring and hits her with blows to the back. Steelz attempts the pin on Rosemary, but only gets the two count. Steelz has Rosemary in a chokehold submission move. Rosemary is able to come back and gets to the ropes. Steelz comes back and hits double knees to the face of Rosemary. Rosemary comes back and bites Steelz butt. Funny. Both women charge at each other and they go down to the mat. Steelz grabs the title and the ref has her in the corner. Savannah Evans comes in as the ref doesn’t see Evans take out Rosemary. Evans leaves and Steelz takes out Rosemary with the blackout, goes for the pin, but Rosemary kicks out. Evans comes back in, and Rosemary spits the green mist on Evans. Rosemary hits Steelz and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Rosemary dumps Steelz and gets the pin on Rosemary.


IMPACT World Championship Match: Moose defends against Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander comes out with his son dressed in the same ring gear with the same headgear. Alexander hands his son to his wife who is in the front row at ringside.

The bell rings and here we go – six months in the making. Both men trash talk each other. Moose pie faces Alexander. Alexander takes Moose down with elbows and knees to the ribs of Moose. Alexander has Moose in the corner and takes him down. Moose is on the outside who approaches Alexander’s wife at ringside. Moose takes advantage of Alexander and then rolls him back. Moose hits Alexander with huge chops to the chest. Alexander comes back with huge chops. Moose comes back and takes down Alexander who drops to his feet. Moose attempts a pin, but only gets a two count. The action goes to the outside and Moose picks up Alexander as tosses Alexander against the steel rail. The ref starts the ten count. Alexander gets back in side the ring. Alexander is back in the ring and Moose has Alexander in a hold, but Alexander comes back with a suplex on Moose. The crowd is split as they both cheer for Alexander and Moose. Alexander comes back on the offense and as Moose is down, he stops on Moose’s face as Moose is on the ropes. The action now goes to the outside and then quickly goes back to the inside. Alexander hits Moose with a crossbody on Moose who fall to the outside. Alexander goes to the outside and tosses Moose back in the ring. Moose is stomping on Moose. Alexander attempts a C-4 spike, but Moose blocks it. Alexander does multiple suplexes on Moose, which ends up being ten. Alexander attempts another C-4 Spike, but Moose counters. Moose comes charging, but Alexander hits him with a boot to the face. Moose then slams down Alexander down. Moose attempts a spear, but Alexander moves and Moose hits the ring post. Alexander gets Moose into an ankle lock. Moose attempts to get the rope and gets there to break the hold. Moose attempts to hit Alexander with boot, but Alexander chops Moose. Moose gets up and both men exchange hard chops to the chest which are back handed. Alexander then comes back with a forearm and Moose then hits Alexander and drops him to the mat. Alexander gets back up, but Moose takes him down again. Alexander attempts to come back, but Moose knocks him down again. Moose attempts pin, but only gets one count. Alexander comes back and pulls his headgear off and tosses hit. Alexander hits a C-4 Spike on Moose, but as the ref counts, Moose puts his foot on the bottom rope as the sold out crowd chants this is awesome. Moose is down. Alexander picks Moose up, but Moose counters and gets Alexander to the corner and bites Alexander. Moose and Alexander are on top rope. Moose superplexes Alexander, goes for the pin, but only get the two count. Moose goes for a spear, but Alexander caught him and hit him with a Styles Clash and then gets Moose in an ankle lock. Moose is able to the get to the corner, but then Alexander pulls him back. Moose pulled a turnbuckle pad off and tosses Alexander into the exposed turnbuckle then spears him…Moose goes for the pin, but Alexander kicks out at two. The crowd is going crazy. Moose is limping and then pulls off another turnbuckle pad and tosses Alexander into the exposed turnbuckle. Alexander comes back and hits Moose with a C-4 spike and get the 1, 2, 3! The crowd goes nuts and Alexander and his son and wife come into the ring to celebrate with Alexander. The crowd then chants You Deserve It at Alexander as his wife puts the title around his waste. The show then goes off the air.