IMPACT Wrestling 06 08 2023

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IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Chris Bey w/ Ace Austin vs Jason Hotch w/ John Skyler & Brian Myers

Before The Good Hands challenge ABC for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles tomorrow night at Against All Odds, momentum is up for grabs! Bey goes for a springboard but Hotch cuts him off and sends him toppling to the floor. Bey avoids some aerial offense, then builds momentum with a Flatliner for two. Bey attempts the Art of Finesse but Hotch counters into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Both men exchange pin attempts with Bey gaining the upper-hand to win.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Chris Bey w/ Ace Austin def Jason Hotch w/ John Skyler & Brian Myers

After the match, Skyler jumps Bey from behind. Austin momentarily evens the odds but the advantage shifts once again when Myers gets involved. The Good Hands take out Bey with The Favor to stand tall.

Gia Miller welcomes Heath back to IMPACT Wrestling after he was taken out of action by IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh and Shera. Heath looks to gain a measure of revenge tonight when he goes one-on-one with Singh.

Dirty Dango shares his opinion on the world of professional wrestling and his opponent at Against All Odds, Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry.

Champagne Singh w/ Shera vs Heath

Heath is out for revenge just one night before competing in the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds! Shera immediately gets involved while the referee’s back is turned, allowing Singh to gain the early advantage. Moments later, Heath knocks Shera off the apron, then turns the tide with a powerslam to Singh. Heath hits the Wake Up Call to score the quick victory.

Heath def Champagne Singh w/ Shera

The Design vow to make Sami Callihan pay for betraying them – it’s The Design vs oVe in an Ohio Street Fight at Against All Odds.

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry vs Sheldon Jean w/ Kenny King

Joe Hendry takes on the man who broke his nose recently, Sheldon Jean! Hendry hits a swinging powerslam. King trips up Hendry from the outside, allowing Jean to gain control. Jean hits a back suplex neckbreaker for two. Hendry counters a headlock into a vertical suplex. Hendry hits a running cutter off the ropes, followed by a Fallaway Slam. King provides another distraction on the apron but it’s not enough. Hendry hits Jean with the Standing Ovation to win.

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry def Sheldon Jean w/ Kenny King

After the match, Hendry reveals his new music video to Dirty Dango, calling him the “divas reject”. King and Jean attack Hendry from behind. Dango joins the assault until Director of Authority Santino Marella makes the save. Marella takes out Jean with the Cobra.

After taking out Jordynne Grace last week, Shaw claims the spotlight is all hers. Tomorrow night at Against All Odds, Shaw teams with Savannah Evans to battle Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs Death Dollz (Jessicka & Courtney Rush)

The Death Dollz have earned this opportunity to become Knockouts World Tag Team Champions! Rush goes for an early Sharpshooter but King escapes to the ropes. King distracts the referee, allowing Wilde to illegally attack Rush from the apron. King remains in control with a twisting vertical suplex. Rush makes the tag to Jessicka, who puts her power on display. King trips up Jessicka as The Coven hit a flurry of strikes in the corner. Jessicka counters Witch’s Wrath from Wilde and makes the tag to Rush. Rush hits King with a head scissors, followed by a running bulldog for two. Rush locks in the Sharpshooter. Wilde is tapping out but the referee’s attention is on King and Jessicka brawling on the outside. The Coven take out Rush with their signature double team running boot for three.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) def Death Dollz (Jessicka & Courtney Rush)

Gia Miller interviews IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin who says that he has challengers coming at him from all angles. Bully Ray interrupts and says that he’s the only one Maclin needs to worry about.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Trey Miguel battles Bhupinder Gujjar for the first time ever as Miguel prepares to defend his title against Chris Sabin tomorrow night at Against All Odds! Gujjar hits an Enzuigiri, sending Miguel retreating to the outside. Gujjar goes for a dive but Miguel cuts him off and sends Gujjar throat-first into the middle rope. Miguel is trying to win by count-out as he dropkicks Gujjar to prevent him from making it back into the ring. Gujjar breaks the count, then hits a flapjack to build momentum. Gujjar crashes and burns on a top rope splash. Miguel looks for the Meteora but this time it’s Gujjar who avoids the incoming assault. Miguel connects with Lightning Spiral to win.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel def Bhupinder Gujjar

After the match, Miguel goes over his list of accomplishments in IMPACT Wrestling but claims that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

Johnny Swinger reveals that he’s sent Zicky Dice to referee school in an attempt to jumpstart his road to 50 wins.

Gia Miller conducts a double sit-down interview with Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo and #1 Contender Trinity. Before they face off for the Knockouts World Title at Slammiversary, they will team up to battle Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans tomorrow night at Against All Odds. Purrazzo claims that she can put her ego aside to coexist with Trinity. Trinity agrees that they’re on the same page – until Slammiversary.

Moose & Rich Swann vs Jonathan Gresham & Nick Aldis

We get a preview of things to come in the first-ever 8-4-1 match tomorrow night at Against All Odds in our main event! Longtime rivals Moose and Rich Swann must work together, much like what we’ll see in Columbus. Moose is barking orders but Swann remains focused as he hits Gresham with a splash. Moose whips Gresham into the corner turnbuckles with brute force. Moose wants Swann to take a cheap shot but he refuses. Gresham fights free with a victory roll, allowing him to make the tag to Aldis. The pace quickens as Aldis takes out Moose with an explosive clothesline. Aldis hits a Michinoku Driver, followed by a top rope elbow drop to Moose. Both men are down following in-sync clotheslines. Swann almost puts Gresham away with the Handspring Cutter. Moose makes the blind tag, then powerbombs Gresham to win.

Moose & Rich Swann def Jonathan Gresham & Nick Aldis

After the match, all hell breaks loose as the competitors in tomorrow’s 8-4-1 match join the fray. Bully Ray and Moose square off as PCO takes out everyone with a dive to the outside. Bully retreats up the ramp as PCO stands tall.

The show goes off the air.