TNA IMPACT 01 16 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: New York, NY
Date: January 16, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

MVP comes out with his crew and says he’s always known it’s been him against the world, so he’s a genius and he surrounded himself with people who have an appetite for success. He calls Samoa Joe and Low-Ki his family, and they have had highs and lows together, but they are together called ‘The Beat Down Clan.’ MVP says they’re nothing to… mess with, and he wants to introduce their world champion, but he has other business to deal with first. MVP introduces Eric Young, and Eric says no one’s opinion matters, and he couldn’t stand in the ring with MVP a month ago, but he respects him. He says MVP took something away from a brother, and when he (EY) was champion, he took care of Roode first.

Eric says when Roode won the title back, he didn’t return the favor, and he was in the hospital because he defended Roode, and all he got was a text message. Eric says he actually did get the truth, and he took what Roode cared about most, so tonight he is taking everything else. MVP then introduces new champion Bobby Lashley, but Lashley doesn’t walk out, and instead they get Kurt Angle on the stage. MVP asks if he is stupid because they already beat him up enough, but Kurt says he’ll make them all tap out and Samoa Joe gets in his face. MVP taunts Kurt but Kurt punches Joe, then they try to go after each other but a group of security guards break them up. Kurt tells Joe if he wants a fight, he’ll get it, and he’ll get it right now!

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe 

We join the match in progress to see Joe jab Kurt and take him down with a legwhip, then Kurt comes back with a few German suplexes. Kurt whips him but Joe catches him with an enziguiri, then he goes for a rear choke but Kurt counters with an ankle lock. Joe kicks him into the corner but Kurt comes right back with an Angle Slam for two, then Kurt charges the corner but Joe catches him with an Uranage slam. Joe sets up a Muscle Buster but Kurt rolls through into an ankle lock, then Joe tries to break it before he pulls the ref towards him. Joe sends the ref into Kurt and breaks the hold, then he rolls him over and makes him tap out to the Coquina Clutch.

Winner – Samoa Joe 

The BDC rushes the ring and starts attacking Kurt, but Bobby Roode runs down with a chair and makes the save.

Roode is still in the ring after we get back from a commercial, and he says everything to come out of Eric Young’s mouth was a bunch of bullshit. He says this ring is his home and he lives for wrestling, but tonight is about payback and he is going to make Eric pay for what he did to him.

Rockstar Spud approaches Jeremy Borash backstage and asks to speak with him about last week, and he says he first needs to apologize. Spud says Ethan Carter III has been crazy ever since he stood up to him, but it will soon be over. JB says what happened to him is temporary, but EC3 will soon enough get what is coming to him.

#1 contender’s match for the tag team titles: The Hardyz vs. The Wolves 

The Hardyz whip Davey into the turnbuckles and suplex him, then Matt hits him a few times before he scoop slams him. Jeff assists with a double clothesline, then they connect with a clothesline/legsweep combination before Matt sets Davey up on the turnbuckles. Eddie attacks Jeff on the opposite side of the ring before The Wolves set both Hardyz in tree of woe position, and they hit missile dropkicks before running to the opposite side and hitting another one in stereo. Eddie slams Matt into the turnbuckles before they hit double elbow smashes in the corner, then Davey kicks Matt several times and catches him with a flying forearm smash. Davey heads up top but Matt avoids a double stomp, then he connects with a Side Effect before getting the tag. Jeff connects with a dropkick and split legdrop, then he hits both Wolves with a corkscrew plancha before they roll outside.

Jeff dives at them but The Wolves sidestep, and Jeff rebounds to the apron and Matt comes in and catches The Wolves with a double DDT. Jeff runs across the top rope and dives on The Wolves on the floor, then he rolls Eddie in and sets up for a Swanton but Eddie gets his knees up. The Wolves connect with a suplex and kick combination for two, then Matt gets the blind tag and hits a Side Effect before calling for a Twist of Fate. Eddie shoves him into the turnbuckles which also knocks down Jeff, and Davey comes off the top rope with a double foot stomp and makes the cover. He goes for a jackknife pin on Matt but Jeff splashes him, then he comes back with a Twist of Fate before Matt assists with an elevated cutter for the win.

Winners – The Hardyz  

Bram cuts a promo about Feast or Fired returning next week, and he says he is definitely not getting fired. He says he has his friend Magnus with him, and they’ll both walk out with a briefcase, so everyone should just stay out of his way.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus take over in the control room, and he tells the cameras to take it to Jeremy Borash. He tells JB he heard what he said, and if JB thinks he has something coming to him, he will show him otherwise. Ethan tells Borash he wants to fight him next week, and he has 30 minutes to make a decision.

No disqualification match: Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode 

Roode rushes at Eric and whips him into the barricade, then he kicks him a few times and slams his head into the guardrail. We get back from a break to see Eric attacking Roode in the crowd, then they fight their way back to the floor and Eric throws Roode back in the ring. He brings a chair into the ring, then Roode ducks a strike and hits a spinebuster before he sets up for a Roode Bomb on the chair. Eric rakes his eyes and whips him headfirst into a chair, then he hits a piledriver onto a chair and makes the cover.

Winner – Eric Young

MVP comes out and says they will definitely have their champion Bobby Lashley here tonight. He says Roode will go to the hospital tonight, so maybe he will get lucky and have a visitor, unlike when Roode blew Eric off.

Brooke and TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell vs. The Beautiful People (w/ BroMans & DJ Z)

Brooke chases Robbie around the ring and runs into a clothesline by Angelina, then Taryn tackles them and hits Velvet with a clothesline off the ropes. Brooke gets the tag but Robbie jumps on the apron, so Brooke clotheslines him but Velvet uses the distraction to roll her up for the win.

Winners – The Beautiful People 

The lights go out and Awesome Kong appears behind the Beautiful People, then Angelina tries to attack but Kong drops her with a hard punch. Kong hits Velvet with an Implant Buster, then Zema gets in her face but Kong slams him down before Havok walks out and gets in her face.

TNA X Division championship match: Low-Ki (w/ MVP and Samoa Joe) vs. TNA X Division champion Austin Aries

Ki connects with a few strikes before Aries clotheslines him, and then Aries connects with a spinning elbow before applying Last Chancery. Ki makes it to the ropes so Aries calls for a Brainbuster, but Ki blocks it so Aries throws him outside and sets up a suicide dive. MVP pulls Ki away and Aries stops, then he tries to suplex Ki back in but Ki snaps his head on the ropes and kicks him onto the floor. Aries makes it back in and catches Ki with a discus forearm, then he connects with an IED and calls for a Brainbuster but Ki kicks him in the head. Aries kicks him and applies Last Chancery but Joe and MVP jump on the apron, and the ref stops and tries to regain order. Aries splashes them and heads up top, but Kenny King runs in and crotches Aries on the turnbuckles, then Ki hits a Ki Crusher for the win.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion – Low-Ki

MVP is still in the ring with the rest of the BDC, and he says it’s about time they are back on top, and it’s time to introduce their champion. Bobby Lashley comes to the ring and MVP says they are a group of successful individuals, and he made Lashley a world champion. MVP starts saying the world championship belongs to all of them, but Lashley stops him and says he is the only champion and it belongs to him. MVP says Lashley owes them all thanks, and they do this together because they are family, but Lashley says he isn’t about this.

Lashley tries to leave but MVP grabs his arm, and Lashley tells him to let go if he’s smart, and MVP says OK. He says Lashley has been a friend to him and they’ve been there for each other, so if they are going to walk different paths, let them do it peacefully. MVP asks for a hug and Lashley agrees, but MVP pulls back and kisses Lashley on the check, then he smiles as the BDC attacks him. Everyone takes their shot at him and leave him lying, but MVP orders them to stand Lashley up, then he says its Lashley’s title and hits him in the face with it. MVP hits Lashley with a Drive By kick, then he takes the title with him and says it’s their title, not Lashley’s.