TNA IMPACT 01 23 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: New York, NY
Date: January 23, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

TNA IMPACT is coming to you from NY, New York. A video airs hyping the “Feats or Fired” Match

The Feast or Fired match was first due to cable issues I missed the match but the winners are Briefcase Winners: Magnus, Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries

Taz and Josh Mathews recap the match. Backstage we see Lashley say to someone off camera he is going to the ring to get his title back as we go to a break

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Back from the break we see the four briefcase winners as Mathew’s talks about one will be fired. Backstage Magnus says he is feeling pretty lucky about briefcase #3. Bram interrupts him and says that was his briefcase, they exchange some words and have to be separated.

Lesley’s music hits and he comes to the ring. A video airs showing what has happen between the Beat Down Clan (BDC) and Lashley. Lashley has a microphone; he says bring me my title, NOW. Kenny King’s music hits and he comes out. He says Lashley couldn’t make it in the BDC because he is ungrateful and ugly. He says Lashley acts like he won the Championship on his own but he didn’t. He says Lashley isn’t Family anymore. Lashley again says “bring me my title”. King says if he wants a fight he can have it then asks the BDC to come join him at ringside. MVP, Low-Ki, and Samoa Joe make their way to the ring.

Bobby Lashley vs. Kenny King

The match begins and Kenny King gets the upper hand. Lashley charges into the corner but gets a boot to the face. Kenny jumps onto Lashley but Lashley catches him and throws King onto the BDC. Back in the ring Lashley holds and hits a huge suplex. Lashley beats down King in the corner then throws him across the ring. Kenny hits Lashley with a kick then misses a springboard dive and Lashley hits the spear, Lashley goes for the pin but MVP breaks it up. The referee calls for the belt.

Winner Bobby Lashley

After the match the BDC attacks Lashley. MVP says if Lashley wants the belt back Lashley can meet him on the street.

Mathews again talks about the “Feast or Fired” match as we go to a break…

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Back from the break we recap what just took place between Lashley and BDC.

A video airs hyping and showing the return of Awesome Kong.

Havok makes her way to the ring as Taz and Mathews talk about her being unstoppable. Out next is Gail Kim.

Gail Kim vs. Havok

Havok attacks her on the ramp but Gail Kim hits a kick. Kim goes to the ring apron and dives off onto Havok. Back in the ring Kim hits across body and gets a two count. Havok hits a back breaker on Kim. Havok chokes Kim with her foot in the corner. Havok hits a splash in the corner, and then chokes Kim on the ring rope. Havok chokes Kim with a piece of clothing. Kim fights back but Havok puts Kim in a Bear Hug then slams Kim to the mat and gets a two count. Havok assaults Kim in the corner. Havok hits a vicious knee into the face of Kim. Havok yells “look what I can do”. Havok goes to the outside, she pushes the referee to the floor and she is disqualified.

Winner: Gail Kim by DQ

After the match Havok power bombs Kim onto the cement floor. Havok throws her back into the ring. Havok grabs Kim but the lights go out. They come back on and Awesome Kong is in the ring. Havok strikes her, and then Kong knocks her to the outside with a clothesline.

Mathews hypes a tag team match as we go to a break….

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Back from the break we recap the history between Jeremy Borash and EC3.

Tigre Uno makes his way to the ring, Mathews says don’t blink you may miss something incredible. Out next is Mahabali who has been renamed Khoya

Khoya vs. Tigre Uno

They open with Uno hitting some kicks but Khoya catches Uno and slams him down. Uno hits a drop kick but Khoya catches him and hits a sky high and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Khoya (Mahabali Shera)

James storm gets a microphone and speaks to Matt Hardy. He says it’s well documented that Hardy has conquered his demons. He says Hardy will not conquer him; he is the demon he can’t conquer. He says there is always room for one more in the revolution.

Backstage Roode and Angle talk about their match. Roode says he wants Eric Young alone. Angle says Roode will get his hands on EY. He said if Roode teams with him they will win, alone Roode will lose.

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Back from the break Josh Mathews has stepped out of the announcer’s booth. He talks about how personnel the feud is between Eric Young and Bobby Roode. He recaps there history over the past few weeks. Mathews then talks about the “Feast or Fired” match earlier this evening, and how one man will be fired. The reveal will happen tonight.

We see Rockstar Spud backstage talking about what he has gone thru and how great it is to have a chance at a championship. But if he is fired he will punch EC3 in the face.

Erik Young and the X Division Champion Low-Ki make their way to the ring. Out next is Kurt Angle, followed by Bobby Roode. Mathews says he doesn’t want to get all TMZ but how telling is it that Roode and Angle did not come out together.

Eric Young and TNA X Division champion Low-Ki vs. Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode

Low-Ki and Angle star of things. Angle gets a waste lock but Ki fights out just to get knocked to the mat. Angle tags Roode and Roode hits a suplex. Ki tags Young and Roode hits a back body drop. Roode goes for a slam but Ki kicks him. Young goes for a cover and gets a two count. Young tags Ki back in. Ki hits a huge chop in the corner. King takes Roode down and gets a two count. Young is back in and he continues to punish Roode with upper cuts. Young slams Roode to the mat and goes to the top rope, but Roode catches him. Roode suplexes Young to the mat. Roode gets the tag to Angle, as Young tags Ki. Angle hits a German suplex on Ki and Young. Angle hits the Angle slam on Ki but Young hits him from behind. Roode knocks Young to the mat, then outs a cross face on Ki. Young grabs a chair but Angle takes it and holds Joe and MVP back. In the ring Young uses a chair on Roode and Ki gets the pin for the win

Winner: Eric Young and Low-Ki

We recap the match and go to a break…

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Back from the break MVP is in the street calling Lashley out. He tells Lashley to come to 34th street and get his title, just him and Lashley.

A video recaps the history between EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Jeremy Borash. EC3 makes his way to the ring with Tyrus by his side. EC3 grabs a microphone and says seems how his match is against the ring announcer he will make the announcement. He calls JB just balled Borash. Jeremy Borash makes his way out with Spud.

EC3 vs. Jeremy Borash

EC3 says he is going to announce the match as well. Borash grabs the microphone from him. He says EC3 can’t announce her wrestle. JB gets the upper hand, but EC3 tackles him and starts the beat down. Spud gets in the ring and attacks EC# after EC3 spits in him. Tyrus gets in the ring and heart punches Spud. Mark Andrews gets in the ring and attacks Tyrus. Andrews hits a shooting star press onto Tyrus outside the ring and JB gets the win.

Winner: EC3

After the match Mathews and Taz talk about MVP and Lashley spilling onto the street as we go to a break….

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Back from the break we see the four brief case winners going into the conference room.

James Storm music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Matt hardy is out next.

Matt Hardy vs. James Storm

They start with a lock up in the center of the ring. Hardy gets the upper hand and hits some high impact moves in the corner. Hardy kicks Storm on the outside of the ring. Outside the ring Hardy hits a hip toss on Storm. Hardy slams Storms head of the steel steps. Hardy hits an elbow onto storm from the ring apron. Hardy rolls Storm back in the ring and gets a two count. Hardy locks in a head lock. Strom fights back and hits a double knee move. Storm works on Hardy’s leg with the ring ropes. Hardy hits the side effect and gets a two count. They exchange punches back and forth and Storm gets the upper hand. Storm goes for the Last Call Super Kick but misses. He goes for the eye of the storm but Hardy escapes and gets the roll up for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Storm asks Hardy to shake his hand and Hardy says no. Abyss attacks Hardy from behind, Storm hits the “Last Call” super kick. Abyss gets “Janice” from under the ring, but Jeff Hardy comes out and attacks Abyss. Storm and Abyss head to the back as Jeff says next week it’s him and Abyss in a “Monsters Ball” match.

In the back we see all four men getting ready to open there briefcases, as we go to a break….

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Back from the break Mathews tells us next week its official Abyss and Hardy in a “Monster Balls” Match

Samoa Joe is on the street with MVP and MVP tells him to leave this is personnel.

We are now going to reveal what’s in the briefcases. Robby E says one of the other guys is getting fired; because he has the best luck Robbie E does a selfie video with Velvet Sky. The first briefcase to be opened is Spud. Spud opens his case and it’s an X Division title shot. Spud says he is the master of his own destiny. Magnus is next and in his briefcase is the tag team title shot. Robbie E is next; he says he doesn’t understand what Christi means by fired as we go to another break…..

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Back from the break we are ready to reveal the final two briefcases. Austin says he feels as cool as the other side of the pillow. Robbie E says Velvet grabbed the case for him so she gets what’s in it, and she is fired. Austin Aries has a world title shot. Robbie E rubs it in her face that she is fired. Taz and Robbie E talk about what we just saw.

Outside MVP and Lashley fight in the middle of the street. MVP slams Lashley into some buildings then hits him with a garbage can. They fight back into the Manhattan Center. Low-Ki, Kenny King, Samoa Joe, and Erick Young come out and assault Lashley. Kurt Angle and Roode come to the aid of Lashley. We go off the air with Roode picking the title out of the garbage and looking at Lashley.