TNA IMPACT 01 30 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: New York, NY
Date: January 30, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Video recap from last week’s IMPACT.

We kick things off with Bobby Roode making his way out to the ring holding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Roode takes the mic and says what he has in his hands unfortunately doesn’t belong to him but it means more to him than everything in this world. He has worked for it all his life and wrestling is his life and this belt represents everything in the company but January 7 it was stolen from him by his best friend Eric Young. Roode says they were like brothers and closer than blood and he will not rest until he spills Young’s blood. The crowd starts chanting “Bobby”.

As far as the World Championship two men belong in that conversation and that’s himself and Lashley and calls Lashley out. Roode says the championship was his but doesn’t hold Lashley responsible. Roode says he respects Lashley for being man enough to fight the BDC and they tore the roof off the building and have had some great matches and hands Lashley his title back but it won’t be that easy because he’s owed a rematch and wants his rematch tonight. Lashley says Roode’s got it.  Roode says why wait, why not have the match now. Austin Aries comes out and a loud “Austin Aries” chant starts up. Aries said he’s always the man left with the options. He had option C but now holds the briefcase which gives him the option of having his match anytime, anyplace and there’s no better place to have a championship match than in New York City.

The question is does he cash it in right now or wait until after Roode and Lashley have their match then cash in. MVP comes out and says Roode is always crying about losing his title when he should be blaming himself. He then says he’s disappointed in Lashley and says the title belongs to the BDC not Lashley. He understands his feelings were hurt when the BDC assembled and beat Lashley’s ass. Lashley tells Aries to save his briefcase for another time. Lashley says he’ll fight MVP, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries tonight


Backstage: Kurt Angle says being able to fight has brought out the American spirit in him and next week at Lockdown its Kurt Angle’s team vs. The BDC and by the end of the night he will have his team assembled

Triple threat match for the TNA Knockouts championship: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell

Irish whip to Rayne and a splash in the corner by Kim. Pin attempt by Terrell, Kim with a pin attempt. Snapmare to Kim and a dropkick. Running shoulder tackle by Kim. Rayne pulls Kim off the apron. Rayne in the ring, Terrell suplexes her and floats over for a cover. Rayne with a back elbow. Rayne with the cravat on Terrell delivering knees to her. Northern Lights suplex by Rayne.  DDT and neckbreaker combination by Rayne. Kim with a submission on Rayne and Terrell with a submission on Kim. Kim drives Terrell in the corner. Rayne gets nailed with an elbow. Kim and Terrell on the top rope get sent to crashing to the floor. Flapjack by Rayne to Terrell off the ring steps Rayne with a facebuster off the ring steps to Kim. Eat defeat countered by Rayne. Terrell drops Rayne with a diamond cutter for the three count.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Magnus is outside walking to a bar where he and Bram are going to talk out their issues


Tommy Dreamer comes out and says for 25 years people have watched him and without them there would be no Tommy Dreamer. He’s never lied to them and never will and calls out Eric Young. Young tells Dreamer to stay out of his business. Dreamer said the first person to offer their hand to him was Young the second was Bobby Roode. They’ve had a lot of fun in this business and Young is making a mistake. He watched Young go from a joke to the heavyweight champion of this company and just like growing up watching Tommy Dreamer it was for what was inside and everybody supporting Young and he knows better, like Bobby Roode, about friends screwing Dreamer over and tells him not to turn his back and burn his bridges with the fans and his friends. Young says being a good guy got Dreamer being a fat loser. Young says he doesn’t want to burn a bridge; he wants to blow it up. Young says being friends was a mistake. He doesn’t make mistakes. All this was over not getting a title shot but Young didn’t even ask Roode. Young then attacks Dreamer and lays him out with a piledriver

Backstage: Angle is recruiting members for his team

Magnus and Bram are at a bar talking and Magnus thinks everything is cool and they leave then Bram attacks Magnus and leaves him laid out


A brawl breaks out in the bowels of the Manhattan Centre between Jeff Hardy and Abyss as they make their way out into the arena

Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy in a ‘Monsters Ball’ match

Double leg drop to Abyss. Hardy goes flying over the ropes crashing through a table on the outside. Abyss pulls out a bag of thumbtacks but Hardy with a low blow. Hardy sent into the ring post. Abyss then pulls out Janice from under the ring. Abyss swings but misses and Hardy connects with the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up to the top rope and Manik and Storm run in along with the entire Revolution but Storm lays him out. Superkick to Matt and The Wolves run down to help out. Storm taken out with a clothesline. Double suicide dive by The Wolves takes out the rest of The Revolution. Abyss dumps the thumbtacks on the matt. Hardy on the ropes and Abyss hooks him up. Hardy blocks a suplex fighting back. Powerbomb off the top rope as Abyss lands on the thumbtacks. Swanton by Hardy from the top for the win

Winner: Jeff Hardy


Rockstar Spud and Mandrews vs. The Bro Mans

The Bromans jump Spud and Mandrews, and Jessie easily press slams Mandrews before he and Robbie hit a double flapjack. Double running knee in the corner to Mandrews, but Mandrews is able to break free and tag in Spud, who goes nuts and gives both Bromans the testicular claw. Spud with a leaping enziguiri to Jessie, Sliced Bread #2 to Robbie, and Mandrews tags in and hits a shooting star press on Robbie for the win.

Winners: Mandrews & Rockstar Spud


Backstage: Spud is backstage and tells Mandrews that he doesn’t know what EC3 has put him through, and he doesn’t know if Mandrews is going to stick a knife in him too, and then he flips out smashing stuff up in the back and yelling at the camera that he’s not a loser


Four corners match for the TNA world heavyweight championship: TNA world heavyweight champion Bobby Lashley vs. Bobby Roode vs. MVP vs. Austin Aries

Roode, Lashley and Aries take turns landing rights to MVP. Shoulder tackle to MVP. Dropkick by Aries. Roode with a dropkick to Aries.  Side headlock by Roode. Lashley with a clothesline and right hand to Roode. Neckbreaker by Roode. Aries with a missile dropkick. MVP takes out Roode’s left knee Spinebuster by Roode.


We’re back as Aries and Roode are going at it in the ring while Lashley and MVP are out on the floor. Lashley comes back in and Aries shoves Roode at the champion, who easily scoops Roode up and powerslams him. Aries breaks the cover at 2, but then Lashley turns his attention to Aries and tosses him across the ring. Aries ducks a charge and uses Lashley’s own momentum to send him out to the floor, then follows him out with a heat seeking missile. MVP was lying in wait and waylays Aries as he tries coming back in, then opens up with a flurry of hard shots to Roode.

MVP with a running Yakuza kick to Roode in the corner followed by an exploder suplex for 2. MVP kicks Lashley off the apron as he tries to get back in, and then drills Roode with a Triple H knee smash. MVP goes ballin’ on Roode, then hits a Perfectplex for 2. Aries quickly darts in and gets MVP in the Last chancery, but Lashley casually walk in and easily lifts Aries off the mat, flips him over his shoulder, and plants him with a big flapjack move. Aries quickly recovers and takes out MVP with a dive to the floor, then rolls MVP inside where Roode catches him right in the crossface. Lashley breaks that up and then tries to superplex Aries, but Roode powerbombs Lashley off the top rope, superplexing Aries by proxy.

Eric Young runs out to the ring, pulls Roode out to the floor, nails him with a chair, and rams him into the barricade. Young heads to the back since his work is done, and Lashley goes for the spear, but Aries catches him coming in and gets the Last Chancery. MVP breaks that up and puts the boots to Aries, Aries knocks him to the floor with a roaring elbow, but he goes for another heat seeking missile and is caught completely off guard by a big Lashley spear that sends him hurtling across the ring. It’s academic at this point as Lashley covers Aries for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Post Match: Eric Young and the Beat Down Clan runs in the instant the match is over and they beat Lashley down, but Kurt Angle and Gunner run in and chase the BDC off. Security is herding the BDC to the back


We’re back from break and Angle is in the ring and assembles his team which is comprised of Bobby Roode, Gunner and Austin Aries. That leaves Lashley but Lashley says he’ll never team with the BDC but he’s not teaming with Angle either and leaves the ring

-End Show-