TNA IMPACT 03 13 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: London, England
Date: March 13, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Emanating from London, England, Impact Wrestling opens with the last man standing grudge match:

Last Man Standing Match
Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

Immediately, Bobby Roode takes the fight to Eric Young. A standing dropkick sends Young to the outside. Roode’s onslaught continues as he drives Young face-first into the barricade! Roode pulls Young to his feet, but Young counters by raking the eyes.

Young backs Roode into a corner before connecting with a very stiff shot to the face! Young attempts a suplex to Roode – but Roode counters with a suplex of his own, dropping Young onto the ramp! Bobby Roode sets up a table at ringside before driving Young into the guardrail, this time rib first.

Young clutches his side as the action returns to the ring. Eric Young capitalizes and connects with a whip into a flying neckbreaker. He drapes Bobby Roode over the edge of the ring and connects with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Young delivers a second neckbreaker outside.

Roode is up at 7!

Eric Young sends Bobby Roode flying into the steel steps. Somehow, Roode gets lodged under the stairs! Roode appears desperate as Young attempts a piledriver onto the stairs. Roode counters and both men fall to the floor.

They’re both up at 8!

Roode and Young grab chairs. They swing and connect with one another. They follow up the smash with a double clothesline. They both reach their feet again as the official’s count hits 9! Roode and Young crawl back into the ring and Bobby Roode catches a second wind – but it’s short lived as Young catches him with a piledriver!

Roode’s up at 9!

Eric Young grabs another chair. This time, he takes a swipe at a fan before smashing the chair across Roode’s back. He drops the chair in the ring and attempts a second piledriver. Roode counters with a piledriver of his own! Young’s head bounces off the chair!

The official counts – both men reach their feet at 9!

Bobby Roode lifts Eric Young for a Roode Bomb, but Young grabs the top rope and leverages out of the move by pulling himself onto the apron. He drags Roode through the ropes and tries one more time for a piledriver, but Roode counters with a Roode Bomb that sends Eric Young crashing through that table!

Eric Young is unable to answer the 10-count!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Backstage: Rockstar Spud tells Jeremy Borash that in his world, the good guys still win.

Drew Galloway enters the Impact Zone. He says that first and foremost, he’s a fan. That he wants to feel the passion of the crowd. He leaves the ring for the crowd and says it’s “Story time with Drew.”

“Once upon a time…it used to matter what the fans thought… We decided who would be on our TV show – then something happened and people started shoving things down our throat. Who wants to take back wrestling?”

Galloway addresses MVP. He says MVP is a guy who thinks he can play God – and who thinks he can manipulate the system.

MVP enters the arena, backed by The BDC. He tells Galloway, “As far as you’re concerned, I am God, because I hold your life in my hands.”

MVP says Drew Galloway’s too dumb to be a champion, because of what he’s done and to whom he’s done it to. He asks the rest of The BDC to stand down.

MVP vs. Drew Galloway

Galloway overpowers MVP in the early goings of the match by repeatedly clubbing MVP! MVP takes an early cheap shot that gives him a window for offense. He mounts Galloway in the center of the ring and connects with a series of rights and a boot to the face.

MVP misses another boot attempt, instead getting hung up on the top rope. Galloway chops him down, forcing MVP to his hands and knees. Galloway kicks out a hand and connects with a running dropkick to the face.

Galloway hooks in the Future Shock DDT, but before he connects, The BDC interferes!
Winner: Drew Galloway (by DQ)

Post-match: MVP connects with the Blackout Kick. He tosses Galloway from the ring. He and Kenny King hold Galloway against the ring post and Low Ki charges. Samoa Joe stops Low Ki – to hand him a steel pipe! Low Ki smashes Galloway across the head. The BDC retreats, leaving Drew Galloway a bloody mess.

Backstage: Magnus assures Mickie James that he’ll handle Bram.

Backstage: EC3 says he’s been undefeated for 16 months before telling Spud, “You wanted this.”

Bram vs. Magnus

Bram charges Magnus on the ramp. Magnus counters and fights Bram around the ring. He throws Bram into the guardrail before rolling him into the ring to start the match.

Magnus clotheslines Bram back to the outside. He whips Bram into the steel stairs and then rolls him back inside again. Magnus charges Bram. Bram counters, but ultimately Magnus connects with a hard clothesline and boot to the face.

Bram blindsides Magnus before repeatedly smashing the back of his head against the mat. He drags Magnus to the apron and from the outside, he repeatedly slams Magnus’ chest and neck onto the apron! Bram presses Magnus’ head onto the ring post before pulling him from the ring and dropping him with a neckbreaker!

Bram climbs back into the ring, and just as Magnus attempts to battle back, he powers him down with a second neckbreaker! Bram sits, laughing, before making a pin attempt. Magnus kicks out at two! Magnus climbs the ropes and connects with a missile dropkick, but the toll’s been taken.

Mickie James rushes to ringside. Magnus sees her and furiously, he begins to battle Bram. They trade blows in the center of the ring. Magnus explodes with a clothesline! Then, he connects with another before he flies (and connects) with an elbow from the top rope!

Bram hits a low blow and the official calls for the bell.

Winner: Magnus (by DQ)

Post-match: Bram attacks Magnus with a chair while the referee works to keep Mickie James out of the ring. Bram grabs a cue ball and smashes it against Magnus’ forehead. Bram zip ties Magnus to the ropes and Mickie James enters the fray.

As Mickie tries to defend Magnus, Bram grabs her by the hair. She connects with a huge slap, but it only enrages the new King of Hardcore. He puts Mickie in a headlock and demands that Magnus kiss his shoe if he’d like him to let her go. Magnus kisses his shoe and Bram drops Mickie.

Backstage: MVP says he’s synonymous with The BDC and that blood has just begun to flow.

Intergender Match:
Robbie E vs. Brooke

Robbie E is accompanied to the ring by Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, and Angelina Love.

The bell sounds and Robbie E treats the match like a comedy routine. He has a stool, a bucket and a water bottle stashed in the corner. After a few lock-up attempts, Robbie shoves Brooke to the ground before retreating to his corner to take a break.

Robbie E and Brooke lock up again. This time, he overpowers her, but she counters into a headlock. Brooke connects with a huge forearm and a series of chops. She retreats to his corner – steals his stool and spritzes herself with water.

Angelina Love distracts Brooke and Robbie E takes her down with a handful of hair. Robbie suplexes Brooke, but he misses a dive from the ropes.

As Brooke attempts to mount some offense, Angelina trips her. Brooke leaps over the top rope and connects with a crossbody! She ascends the turnbuckle again and attempts a crossbody on Robbie E. He catches her and holds her up as Jessie attempts a dropkick.

Brooke slides out of the hold and Jessie connects with Robbie. Brooke rolls him up for three!

Winner: Brooke

Hair vs. Hair
Rockstar Spud vs. Ethan Carter III

As Spud and EC3 meet face-to-face in the center of the ring, the London crowd feverishly chants for their hometown hero!

Spud unleashes a flurry of offense, which backs EC3 into the corner. EC3 rolls to the outside, but in hot pursuit, Spud gives chase. He smashes EC3’s face onto the apron. Spud unloads a series of chops before shoving EC3 into the barber’s chair. Spud connects with a vicious running dropkick!

EC3 regains his composure and mounts a comeback that culminates with a huge clothesline that leaves Spud lying in the ring. EC3 chokes spud with middle rope, but Spud’s able to dodge a running knee, leaving EC3 hung up. Spud connects with another dropkick that sends EC3 back to the outside.

Spud launches himself over the top rope with a senton!

EC3 finds himself back in the ring to distract the referee. Tyrus rushes to ringside. He pulls Spud from the ring and powerbombs him onto the floor! Tyrus rolls Spud inside. EC3 makes the cover, but somehow, Spud kicks out at two!

Mr. Anderson enters to deliver a Mic Check to Tyrus on the ramp! EC3 attacks Mr. Anderson using the arm brace he’s wearing. Spud’s also hit with the brace – and he begins bleeding from a gash in his forehead!

EC3 drives Spud head-first into the turnbuckle! EC3 focuses his attack on Spud’s face. When he looks up, Spud’s blood is spattered all over his chest and face! His assault continues. The blood of Spud smears across EC3’s chest as the screen fades to black and white with every head-on shot of Spud’s face!

Jeremy Borash intervenes! He low blows EC3. Spud connects with a stunner!

EC3’s enraged. He repeatedly slams Spud’s face into the mat – but like a true underdog, Spud digs deep and explodes with a series of hard chops and a shining wizard! Spud kicks EC3 in the head before attempting an Underdog – and that’s when EC3 counters to shift the momentum in his favor.

EC3 clubs Spud again with the brace. He makes a cover, but Spud’s out a two. EC3 drags Spud up, only to take him down with a One Percenter! EC3 gets the three.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Post-match: EC3 says that Spud has the most heart and determination he’s ever seen. He says that there was a time he and Spud were friends. EC3 says that Spud proved he belonged in Impact Wrestling and that Spud could one day become a world champion.

EC3 says he won’t shave Spud’s head because he’s proved he’s a man. EC3 extends his hand. Spud accepts the gesture and the two shake. EC3 raises Spud’s hand high into the air.

EC3 holds the ropes open for Spud. As Spud climbs through the ropes, EC3 grabs a handful of hair and savagely attacks! He screams, “Not! Spud – time to pay!”

EC3 pummels Spud and hangs him upside down in the corner. He shaves Spud’s head and screams, “Where’s momma? Where’s dad?” Spud’s defeated.

EC3 grabs a mic and screams, “Take notice – this ring – this company – this industry – and this world – it’s mine now!”