TNA IMPACT 04 10 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 10, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Angle wanted to discuss the finish of last week’s main event. There has been some controversy, and he won’t back away from that; he calls out Lashley. Lashley says when they wrestled last week; something didn’t feel right because Angle didn’t win. They looked at the tape and they all know Lashley’s shoulder was up. TO THE VIDEO! We see the evidence, and Lashley says it is clear and asks if that is how Angle wants to win. Angle says he won’t back down from defending the title; he beat Lashley once and has no doubt that he can do it again. Lashley challenges him to one more match and Angle agrees and wants to do it tonight. But Eric Young makes his way out and does not approve of this. He says no one respects the rules anymore; Young says he’s on top of the rankings and is the top contender. Last week he beat Bobby Roode and earned his shot. Young says he is world class, while Roode and Lashley are losers and Angle is holding his title. He tells Lashley to get to the back of the line, and Lashley tells him to earn his spot. Young eye rakes Lashley, Angle tries to German him and takes a low blow and then Lashley accidentally spears Angle.

* After the commercial, Angle says he will fight Lashley AND Young tonight at the same time. And he will do this because he’s the best and no one can defeat him.

* We get a video package for Kong vs. Kim.

#1 Contender’s Match: Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim: They start brawling right away and then Kong tosses Kim across the ring a few times. Kong chokes her out in the corner, and then delivers forearm strikes. Kim counters the slam, tries a roll up, fails and then fires away with rights. Kim avoids, sunset flip try but Kong sits down on her. Kong tosses Kim to the mat and then applies a camel clutch. Kim escapes with elbows and then stuns Kong, leg kicks follow. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Kong connects. A chokeslam by Kong follows and the cover gets 2. Kong now tries to undo the buckle, but Kim fires back but then runs into Kong and she is down. The buckle is now exposed, and as Kong goes on the attack, Kim gets a guillotine. Kong then slams Kim to the corner and rolls her to the floor. Kong follows and Kim fires back with a dropkick. Back into the ring they go, Kim with kicks again and then Kong tosses her away. More kicks by Kim, corner clothesline follows. Kim up top and hits a high cross, but Kong kicks out with authority at 2. Eat defeat countered as Kong tosses her down, but Kong misses the corner splash and hits the exposed buckle, Kim rolls her up for 2. Eat defeat connects and Kim covers again for 2. Kim is not pleased as Kong sits up, and then grabs her by the throat. Kim is set up top, they battle back and forth and Kim gets a head scissors, but Kong picks her up and gets the sitout powerbomb and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Awesome Kong @ 7:20 via pin

* Storm talks with Mickie James backstage, and she thanks him again for last week. Storm says he did the right thing, and no man will hit a woman. She gives him a hug and Manik appears and asks what’s up with the situation. Storm grabs Manik and tells him to never question him; He shoves some food in his mouth as he did that and then Storm told him to round up the boys, because they are having a fight.

* Storm and the Revolution are in the ring (minus Sanada). He had a vision of a revolution and he gave them everything. But they all failed him. And just like Sanada who failed him so many times, his name will never be spoken of here again. He asks Abyss if he was pinned when they lost the titles? He asks Manik if he lost the Ultimate X match. And then slaps Koya, says he took him from his crap hole of a country and made him see the light. He handpicked them all, but now there can be room for one less. He will be in the tag team tournament and one of them will be his partner. He tells Abyss that he is soft and not a monster anymore. Now, they will fight each other to see who will stand with him. The only rule is that there has to be a winner.

Koya vs. Abyss vs. Manik: The bell sounds and Manik bails as Abyss works over Koya. Abyss tosses him to the floor, and Manik then hits Abyss with a chair shot. Abyss doesn’t care; so then Manik dropkicks the chair into his face. Manik runs wild for a short bit, but Abyss cuts him off and kicks him to the floor. Koya grabs the stick Storm left in the ring, but then Abyss attacks and tosses him to the floor again. Missile dropkick by Manik as Storm slaps around Koya. Manik counters the chokeslam into an arm bar, Koya in and grabs the stick and nails Abyss with it. He then hits Manik. Koya then hits the sky high on Manik and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Koya @ 2:50 via pin

* We get wacky ghost hunters stuff with James Storm.

* Drew Galloway makes his way to the ring with the rest of the Rising, Mika (Camacho) and Eli Drake (Shawn Ricker). Galloway says all he ever wanted to be was a wrestler; and he started when he was 15 and will continue on even when he can’t walk. He thanks the fans that believed in him and then tosses his shirt into the crowd. He came here to make a change in wrestling, and that is why they are turning heads and making those changes, changes for the better. He can’t beat the BDC by himself, and that is why his brothers joined him. Mika introduces himself as the son of Haku, and says wrestling is in his veins. Galloway has had to fight on his own, and he knew he had to stand with him. Drake takes the mic and says he is here because they have a common bond, they are not superstars or robots, and they are wrestlers. They have something to prove, he answered the call, and they will take down the BDC. Galloway says they are the voice of the silent; there is a light if you are willing to fight. MVP thinks he runs this place, but he doesn’t anymore. If the BDC wanted a war, then they will get it. Here comes the BDC. MVP mocks the “Rising” and King calls them a yeast infection. MVP says they won’t make a name off of them, they want to stand up and support the fans; but punks jump up to beat down. MVP says it all ends tonight. AND THEY BRAWL! Security tries to break them up as we head to a commercial.

The Rising (Galloway, Mika and Drake) vs. The Beatdown Clan (MVP, King and Ki): The challenge was made during the break, and here we go. Drake and King to begin, boots by King and then he works a side headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block but they then standoff. Drake off the ropes, rights by King follows and then off the ropes, powerslam by Drake and then a rake to Mika. King takes him to the corner, tag to MVP and Mika backs out and then they stand off. They trade rights, dropkick by Mika and then to the corner and MVP misses the boot. Mika connects with a neck breaker and the cover gets 2. Mika up top, Ki distracts the ref and King then tosses him to the floor. MVP follows and then slams him to the barricade. Back in they go and MVP with several covers, but Mika out at 2 each time. Ki tags in and rakes the eyes and works in some rights. Tag to King, he grabs the hair and then lays in the boots. Tag to MVP, rights to Mika follow and then hits a basement dropkick to stop the attempt at a tag. MVP then hits a bog boot, and covers arrogantly, only getting 2. MVP misses another boot, Samoan drop by Mika and both men are down, Tags to Ki and Galloway. Galloway runs wild and takes everyone down. Rights to Ki in the corner and then boots as Ki is down. Galloway tosses Ki to the corner, charges and eats boots. Galloway back with the running boot, it breaks down and Drake in with a toss-up slam on King. MVP tosses to the floor and now the BDC regroups, Mika up top, and flies off onto the BDC. A mystery man hits the ring and takes out Drake and Galloway, IT’S HOMICIDE and that’s a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Rising @ 7:00 via DQ

* The BDC beats down the Rising and then celebrate the arrival of Homicide.

* Angle promises to take on all challengers, but then Young attacks him and kicks his ass while yelling, “MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!” He then says the belt is his and takes it as he leaves Angle laid out.

* The trainer check on Angle backstage following the attack. Angle say she is fine and has to defend the title tonight.

Davey Richards vs. DJ Z: Lock up to begin, DJ Z works the arm but Richards with a rolling escape and kick to break it all up. Lock up again, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Richards. Some rolling counters, and then Richards hits the dropkick and DJ Z to the floor. Richards hits the running kick from the apron and DJ Z is down. Richards follows, rolls him back into the ring and heads up top. DJ Z cuts him off and dropkicks him to the floor. DJ Z follows and rolls Richards back in, and the cover gets 2. DJ Z with kicks to Richards, and then chokes out Richards in the ropes. Double knees to the back by DJ Z, but now Richards fights back with strikes, but then DJ Z hits the flapjack. DJ Z up top, MISSES the corkscrew moonsault! They trade rights now, off the ropes and a clothesline by Richards takes DJ Z to the floor. Suicide dive by Richards follows, rolls DJ Z back in and heads up top and hits a missile dropkick. Kicks by Richards now, handspring kick by Richards connects but the cover only gets 2. DJ Z ducks a kick and gets a jawbreaker. Corner clothesline connects, sets Richards up top and then follows Richards up. DJ Z gets head butted off, double stomp by Richards misses, rolls through, and then hits the toss up kick and then another kick to the head to finish things off.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Davey Richards @ 5:30 via pin

* The BDC discusses Homicide’s return and then they grab the cameraman and explain why Homicide is now back. They say that the Rising is in over their heads now that he is back, and they will do what they do because they can.

* We get a video package for Jade and Marti Bell, the Dollhouse, coming soon.

* Matt and Jeff Hardy make their way to the ring. Jeff leads them in a chant of “Hardy’s revenge”. But now it is time to move onto something they have never done before, and that is to become the TNA Tag Team Champions. Matt says it has been months since they have been here together, and they are focused and want to do what they haven’t done, win the TNA Tag Team Champions. They mention the Edwards injury, and when they win the titles, they will give the wolves their shot. They want to win the titles and defend against the best. EC3 now makes his way out with Tyrus. Carter says that he is the very best in TNA, and calls them Matthew and Jeffrey. He also says that they have had an “adequate career”. Carter is undefeated, but a title shot keeps alluding him. So he has a new plan, he will go after the tag team titles. But he needs a partner, and picked a man that came to him and simply wants to hurt people. That man is Bram. Bram is out and in a bad mood, he hates everyone and doesn’t want to team with anyone. But luckily for Carter, he hates him the least and all he cares about is battering the losers in the locker room. Mr. Anderson now makes his way out, and says Carter has a small dick. Anderson then introduces his partner for the tournament, Rockstar Spud. They head to the ring. And now here comes Austin Aries. Aries says there is a lot of talk about greatness out here, and that they deserve to be a champion. Aries has a shot at the world title whenever he wants, but he is greedy and likes gold. He will now focus on the tag titles, and will do it with a man at the “A Double level,” a former world champion and he former tag team championship partner, Bobby Roode. THE DIRTY HEELS!

TNA Title Match: Champion Kurt Angle vs. Lashley vs. Eric Young: Young bails to the floor early, so Angle and Lashley to begin. They work some grappling and reversals, EY trips up Lashley and then Angle hits a belly to belly on Lashley. Uppercuts follow, and he then lays the boots to Lashley. EY is rooting them on to keep fighting, but they finally get wise to it and go after him. They get him in the ring and take turns laying in the big rights. Angle and Lashley then hit the FUCKIN HART ATTACK because they can, and then Lashley stops Angle from pinning EY. EY to the floor, they follow and work him over some more as they head to commercial…

Back from commercial as Angle is tossing bodies around with German suplexes, and then hits clotheslines on both men. Angle works over EY, knocks Lashley back to the floor and then covers EY for 2. But EY then comes back and hits the piledriver out of nowhere, and covers for 2 as Lashley makes the save and then tosses EY to the floor. Lashley hits the running powerslam on Angle, and then covers for 2. Lashley hits a stalling vertical suplex on Angle, and now sets for the spear. Lashley charges and connects! The cover gets 2 as EY dives in to make the save. EY with rights, but then Lashley with the leapfrog, favors him knee but ends up sending EY to the floor. Angle is back and hitting Germans on Lashley, three of them. EY in and Germans for him, three of them for him as well. THE STRAPS ARE DOWN and Angle with the ankle lock on Lashley. Lashley struggles and finally rolls and sends Angle to the floor. EY back in and gets the figure four on Lashley. Lashley fights, and finally makes the ropes. EY to the floor and gets a chair and wedges it in the corner. Lashley up, and a clothesline to EY follows. Suplex on EY follows, and now Lashley sets for the spear. Lashley charges, EY misses and Lashley eats the chair in the corner. ANGLE SLAM on EY! Angle Slam on Lashley! Angle now heads up top, MOONSAULT connects to the injured leg of Lashley! 1…2…3!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 12:04 via pin

* Post match Angle celebrates and leaves, allowing Young to attack the injured leg of Lashley with the steel chair. Young then turns around the shin guard, and since Lashley doesn’t have the Hammer Jammer, he’s fucked as Young maintains the hold until officials arrive to pull him off.