TNA IMPACT 04 17 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 17, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Welcome to our TNA Impact Viewing coverage. Tonight’s edition of Impact will feature four tag team qualifying matches, with the winners moving on to the main event Ultimate X match for the vacant tag team titles. Josh Mathews will also be calling the show solo after Taz’s exit.

Ultimate X Qualifying Match
Hardy Boys vs. Revolution

Khoya and James Storm work over Matt Hardy early on. Jeff Hardy tries to reach out for the tag, but Matt can’t get there. Matt hits a Side Effect and tags Jeff, who drops Storm and hits his signature leg drop.

When Hardy goes after Khoya, it allows Storm to battle back. Storm hits the Last Call on Khoya on accident, and then Khoya eats a Twist of Fate and Swanton from the Hardy Boys for the pin.

Winners: Hardy Boys via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

Storm berates Khoya, even though he’s the reason they lost. The crowd goes crazy for the Hardys.

Eric Young comes out wearing a Kurt Angle shirt and says Angle is ducking him. Angle comes out, says he’ll give him another chance, and turns his back to Young, giving him the opportunity to strike. Young doesn’t do it and leaves.

– Kenny King and Low Ki are backstage trying to bully Rockstar Spud, but Ken Anderson comes to his rescue.

Ultimate X Qualifying Match
Mr. Anderson & Rockstar Spud vs. BDC

Low Ki and Kenny King jump Spud while Anderson is doing his intro. While the ref tries to get Anderson under control, the beating continues. Spud tries his best to fight back, but Low Ki won’t let him make the tag.

The beating continues until Spud rolls up Kenny King, but Low Ki has the ref distracted, so no dice. An enziguri has both men down, but Low Ki cuts off the hot tag. Anderson has had enough and physically moves Spud to the corner for the tag.

Anderson cleans house, using the rolling Samoan drop on both, and then tossing Rockstar Spud into a hurricanrana on Low Ki. BDC uses a distraction to get the pin.

Winners: BDC via pinfall

– EC3 is in the back with Bram and Tyrus, bragging about being undefeated. Bram says he’s going to take Tigre Uno’s mask tonight. EC3 and Bram are great together.

– BDC is backstage bragging about beating up the Rising. MVP wants Homicide to beat up Angle next. Homicide pulls out a razor blade.

Ultimate X Qualifying Match
Tigre Uno & Jay Rios vs. EC3 & Bram (w/Tyrus)

Uno and Rios go after EC3’s injured arm right off the bat. Tigre Uno runs right into Tyrus outside, who slams him right into the floor, but EC3 only gets a two count off of it. EC3 and Bram methodically work over Uno, not allowing him to tag.

Rios gets the tag, and runs wild, a sequence we’ve seen over and over tonight. Rios hits a springboard cutter, but EC3 breaks up the count and hits him in the head with his arm brace. Bram lands Brighter Side of Suffering, EC3 tags in and gets the pin.

Winners: EC3 & Bram via pinfall (Brighter Side of Suffering)

– Kurt Angle is backstage and says he hopes Homicide has insurance.

Christy Hemme brings out the TNA Knockouts. She says next week will be a Knockouts themed episode of Impact. Madison Rayne makes Brooke, Gail Kim and Angelina all look like amateurs on the mic in this segment. Those four are in a number one contender’s match next week. Awesome Kong will take on Taryn Terrell for the title. Kong comes out, a brawl happens and Taryn takes everyone out with a dive.

– Bro Mans are backstage and argue with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. They’ll be facing off tonight.

Ultimate X Qualifying Match
Bro Mans vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Aries and Roode take control early with a front suplex from Roode and a backbreaker/slingshot elbow from the duo. The two continue to work Robbie E over with double team attacks. Aries and Roode look like they haven’t spent any time apart.

Robbie E fights back and applies a chinlock to Roode. He can’t keep it locked in and ends up slamming Roode to the mat before tagging in Godderz. Jessie and Robbie both get dropped by Roode and we get another hot tag.

Aries takes everyone out, but runs right into the knee of Jessie, who follows up with a press slam. They can’t get the Bro Down, and Aries ends up diving to the outside on Bro Mans. Back inside a Spinebuster and 450 finish the job.

Winners: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries (450 Splash)

The Bro Mans argue after the match, and come to blows. DJ Z comes out and finally splits the two up. Both men end up pushing Z.

Kurt Angle is backstage getting attacked by Homicide. They brawl all the way out to the ring. Angle hits a German Suplex and then the Ankle lock. BDC runs out and jumps Angle. The Rising finally comes to his rescue. MVP is left in the ring with Angle and a chair. Eric Young stops MVP from hitting him. Young teases using the chair, but doesn’t. This is a really, really long brawl segment.

TNA Tag Team Championship
Ultimate X Match
Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. BDC vs. Hardy Boys vs. EC3 & Bram (w/Tyrus)

All hell breaks loose, and only the Hardys and Aries/Roode are left. Poetry in Motion takes Aries out, but Roode counters it and sends the Hardys packing. Aries follows up with a dive as we go to a commercial break.

We come back and several teams are brawling in the ring. EC3/Bram and BDC go at it after backing in to each other. Tyrus pulls out both members of the BDC. EC3 tries to get Bram to climb, because he has an injured arm. Instead, he gets a ladder, which used to be illegal in these matches.

The Hardys come in and use the ladder to take out EC3 and Bram. They climb the cables, but Tyrus shakes the whole structure. Aries and Roode are in control and dominate Bram in the ring, and Roode starts the climb. Roode gets on Aries’ shoulders, but Homicide comes out and attacks them.

The ladder is up for BDC, but Matt Hardy hits a Side Effect. He’s on the top of the ladder battling it out with Kenny King. He hits a Twist of Fate off the ladder and climbs up. Low Ki is up there as well, as Jeff climbs the cables. Low Ki gets kicked down, and the Hardys get the titles. The crowd loves it.

Winners: The Hardys to become new TNA World Tag Team Champions