TNA IMPACT 05 22 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 22, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

The Dollhouse came to the ring. Taryn was in a short gown while Marti and Jade were in undergarments. Taryn talked about how the Dollhouse creates fantasies but that is all they will ever be. Taryn said she is more than a Knockout. She is making something special. She showed a picture of her with Gail’s stepdaughters on the screen. Taryn wanted to give the crowd a sneak peek of what she is going to wear for Robert Irvine and asked for a spotlight. Taryn revealed herself in some lingerie. Gail came out and said this was enough and said if they want to make this personal by bringing her family into this. Marti asked why so serious and called her a buzzkill. They are just playing. She offers Gail her sucker but Gail threatens to shove it down her throat. Gail said if Taryn wants to go down this road then why not do it like a real woman, like Gail, would. Taryn said Gail is nothing compared to her and even Robert knows that. Gail attacked and cleared the ring of all three of them.

At this point, Mike Tenay and Josh Mathews left the ringside area.

Austin Aries took a mic. He said it has been quite a night with crazy action going on. They said they like that like the fans but they like great professional wrestling even more. Aries said they snuck one out last week but they won’t be so lucky tonight so it is time to get out here and wrestle.

Match 1: In Match #2 of the best of 5 series, The Wolves defeated The Dirty Heels with a Powerbomb/Lungblower on Austin Aries in about eleven minutes.

Faster paced match than last night with a couple “this is awesome” chants from the crowd.

EC3 and Tyrus came to the ring. There was a small cage set up at ringside which I guess Mr. Anderson wanted Tyrus put in. EC3 refused to let Tyrus be “a rat in that cage.”

Match 2: Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated Mr. Anderson with the One Percenter.

Tyrus did not end up in the cage at ringside but eventually Anderson fought him into it. Anderson hit a couple of his signature moves on EC3 and EC3 kicked out of both. He went for the Mic Check but EC3 countered into the One Percenter.

After Anderson offered him a handshake but EC3 walked off. Tyrus remained in the cage until security had to come unlock him.

Josh Mathews was back at ringside at this point.

Borash announced a returning TNA name tonight.

Before the next match, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero made his TNA Return to the ring as color commentary with Josh for the following match.

Match 3: In a Six Way X-Division Elimination Match, Rockstar Spud defeated Mandrews/Manik/Tigre Uno/Crazzy Steve/Argos (from AAA).

There were tag rules that were not enforced for the early stages of the match.
– Manik eliminated Mandrews after he attempted a Shooting Star Press on Steve but missed and Manik rolled him up.
– Steve was eliminated via a Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster by Argos.
– Manik rolled up Tigre Uno to eliminate Uno.
– Rockstar Spud eliminated Argos via the UnderDog.
– Rockstar Spud last eliminated Manik via holding Manik from the apron and climbing the post to hit the UnderDog in the ring for the win.

Borash announced to the crowd that Eric Young vs Kurt Angle in an I Quit Match for the World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.

Jessie Godderz came to the ring and took a mic. He took credit for the success of the Bromans. He said that he and DJ Z are supposed to fight but if they do, he will do what he did to Robbie last time. He promised himself he would not lose again. He would not lose to a Robbie E or any of the fans here. He won’t lose to a nobody. DJ Z came to the ramp and asked how he could say all that he did. He said before he hung out with Jessie and Robbie he was the X-Division Champion while Jessie was a male escort and a bitch for one of the knockouts. Jessie had no success around here until he met Robbie E and said he has the nerve to injure him on live TV. Jessie asked what is he going to do about it and they traded fists starting the match.

Match 4: Jessie Godderz defeated DJ Z via Boston Crab.

Magnus came to the ring and mentioned how he has a problem with James Storm and the group crossed between the Three Stooges and the Village People. He insults Khoya and how he carry a around a large stick because he is missing a large stick somewhere else. He has had a bad few weeks and wants to fight. Khoya comes to the ring.

Match 5: Magnus defeated Khoya via a Side Effect.

At this point, Josh and Pope left the commentary table.

Match 6: In an “I Quit Match” for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Kurt Angle defeated Eric Young to retain the title.

– Before the match, they had security surrounding Young and Angle until both got in the ring and the bell rang. Angle tried jumping EY during intros and security had to separate them. The bell rang and the two were let go.
– Angle had Eric in the ankle lock and tapped out. Angle had let go before Eric had low blowed him and hit him with a Piledriver. He threatened to break his neck. Angle told him to kiss his ass.
– Eric set up a Cradle Piledriver but Angle reversed it into the Ankle Lock and grapevined it. Eric said he quit.

At this point, Josh Mathews and The Pope returned to the commentary table. The following matches could be on the 5/29/15 episode or they could be edited into 5/22/15.

Match 7: Kenny King retained the X-Division Championship over Micah via The Royal Flush.

Rebel came to the ring for a match with Marti Bell. Marti told Rebel that she wouldn’t have to fight if she said the Dollhouse is the best. Marti asked if Reek can even talk. Jade said if she doesn’t say it she will rip those lips off her face. Rebel took a mic and said she will say it. Rebel said “the skankhouse” and hit them with the mic.

Match 8: Marti Bell w/Jade defeated Rebel.

Match 9: Bram defeated Bobby Roode via a low blow and a roll-up.