TNA IMPACT 06 10 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 10, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

EC3 comes out and says he’s having a sit-in, because he’s sick of fighting and working for a title shot and having it taken away. He dares someone to come stop him, and then Kurt Angle walks out and dares Ethan to do something about it. Ethan says he will break Kurt’s ankle but ends up leaving, and Rockstar Spud cuts him off and makes his entrance.

TNA world heavyweight championship match: Rockstar Spud vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle

Kurt slams Spud down and hits him, but Spud comes back with some jabs, then Kurt rushes towards the ropes. Spud ducks and sends Kurt outside with a dropkick, then Kurt goes for an Angle Slam but Spud kicks him and connects with some forearm shots. Kurt catches him in an ankle lock but Spud sends him into the turnbuckles, then Spud connects with an Underdog and gets a close near fall. Spud goes right after Kurt, but Kurt trips him up and puts him in a grapevine ankle lock, and Kurt makes him tap.

Winner: Kurt Angle 

Austin Aries walks on the stage are points at his briefcase, then stares at Kurt before leaving.

Taryn Terrell comes out and says if Awesome Kong wants the Knockouts title so bad, she is doing it on their terms. Taryn says they have something special planned, and Kong will have to fight in a ‘lingerie pillow fight’. Marti holds up a corset and Taryn laughs as they walk backstage.

X Division championship tournament
Crazzy Steve vs. Manik vs. Low Ki

Ki knocks Steve and Manik outside, and then Manik connects with a few strikes before Ki hits a springboard kick into both opponents. Ki connects with another rolling kick, and then Manik hits a diving jawbreaker for two. Manik heads up top but Ki shoves him back, then Steve dives off the ropes but Ki kicks him into Manik in the corner. Ki follows with Warrior’s Way to Manik, and makes the cover.

Winner: Low Ki

X Division championship tournament
Mark Andrews vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ-Z 

Zema hits an early dropkick after some back and forth action, then Mark hits a standing moonsault for two. Uno connects with a double missile dropkick, and then Zema connects with a corkscrew dive over the ropes. Zema rolls Mark in and connects with a DDT through the ropes, then he heads up top but Uno shoves him out to the floor. Uno heads up top and hits a corkscrew 450 splash and makes the cover.

Winner: Tigre Uno

Jessie Godderz runs out and attacks Zema, stomping him and powerbombing him into the turnbuckles.

The Dollhouse comes back out for a lingerie pillow fight, and Taryn says she’s looking sexy and won’t fight unless Kong does what she is told. Kong walks out in normal ring gear, and they mock her and Taryn says Kong is ruining playtime. They run her down but Kong pulls them outside and fights them to be back, and Taryn asked to be named winner.

Brooke comes out and calls Taryn a joke, but Taryn just acts like a spoiled brat and Brooke tells her this is too much. Brooke says if Taryn promised a title match and lingerie, so she will fight her anytime and anywhere. Taryn calls it cute and says Brooke should leave before she is humiliated, but Brooke decks her and throws her across the bed. Brooke slams Taryn’s head down a few times, then she punches her several times and strips her robe off, and Taryn covers up and runs away.

Grado is shown trying to cut weight for his match, and he insults Tigre Uno after they have a sort of language barrier. Uno calls him a jackass, and then Grado is shown trying to weigh in and steps on a scale. Jeremy Borash tells him there’s no weight limit in the X Division, so Grado is elated to learn he can compete and trips on his way to the ring.

X Division championship tournament
Cruz vs. Grado vs. Kenny King

King stomps Cruz and hits a backbreaker, then he slams Cruz in the corner before Grado punches him in the back. King knocks him back and applies a chinlock, and then Cruz hits a crossbody before Grado connects with some jabs. King goes for a fireman’s carry but Grado counters with some forearms and some elbows, and then Grado whips him and backdrops King to the floor. Grado sends Cruz into the corner, and hits a Roll N Slice cannonball for the win.

Winner: Grado

Bram vs. Crimson

Bram issues an open challenge, answered by Crimson, who hits Bram a few times and slams him down. Bram rolls outside and connects with a few punches, then tries to take a cheap shot but Crimson catches him in the Rings of Saturn. Bram reaches the ropes, and then he catches Crimson off-guard with the Brighter Side of Suffering for the win.

Winner: Bram 

TNA world heavyweight championship match: Austin Aries vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle

They start with a little bit of chain wrestling, and then Aries goes for a suplex but Kurt blocks and throws him back. Kurt goes for a suplex but Aries rolls through into Last Chancery, then Kurt transitions into an ankle lock. Aries kicks him back and connects with a missile dropkick, then Kurt goes for a waistlock but Aries grabs the ropes. Kurt catches him with an Angle Slam for two, then he goes up top but Aries rolls away and puts him back in Last Chancery.

Kurt fights out and Aries heads up top, Kurt tries to throw him down a few times but Aries boxes his ears and shoves him back. Aries splashes him for a near fall, and then they trade punches before they fight to the floor. Aries goes for a suicide dive but Kurt sidesteps, and Aries goes headfirst into the guardrail, seemingly knocked out. Kurt rolls him in but Aries was playing possum and goes for a rollup, but Kurt grapevines him into an ankle lock and makes him tap out.

Winner: Kurt Angle 

Ethan Carter III runs out and attacks Kurt from behind, then holds the TNA title in the air as the crowd boos him.