TNA IMPACT 07 01 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 1, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight’s show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

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Video airs hyping up the Angle/Carter main event.

BDC vs. The Rising

The last match ever between these groups, or so they say. It’s an elimination bout. The losing team has to disband, although knowing how this company is with stipulations, who knows? Galloway and MVP start things off. They brawl the corner with punches. Drew reverses the whip and hits a killer clothesline. MVP gets scared and tags in Low Ki. Drew and Low Ki have a staredown then exchange several chops in the corner. Mica tags in hits the legdrop on Ki but only gets a two count. Kenny King gets in and talks a lot of trash. He hits Mica with a barrage of kneelifts and suplexes but still can’t get the three count. King and Ki double team Mica for a while as the crowd attempts to get behind him. After a flying dropkick and disaster kick, Mica is out.

Ki and MVP double team Drew. Ki hits a suplex for the two count. Ki puts in the abdominal stretch. But Drew counters with the backdrop. Cool spot. Drew gets the tag to Eli. Eli in to clear house on MVP. Eli sends him out of the ring. Kenny King hits a dive on Eli and gets him to mat. Drew goes after Hernandez while Eli hurts his knee diving to the outside. The referee and Drew check on him and it appears he’s eliminated from the match. The BDC is thrilled while Drew clearly decides he’s going to go down fighting. Hernandez and Galloway brawl in the ring. Low Ki tags in. He goes to disaster kick Drew but hits Kenny King instead. Drew pulls off a roll up and eliminates Ki from the bout. Ki and Drew fight outside of the ring and Drew sends Low Ki flying into the steel steps. Drew is coming off as a great face here. Drew then goes after Hernandez but MVP attacks him and Hernandez goes for the border toss. Hernandez tags in MVP who wants to be the one to finish The Rising once and for all, and he hits the Play of the Day. He follows it up with some trashing talking to Drew then a drive by. It’s over for The Rising.

The winners: The BDC

The BDC celebrate backstage but mention Low Ki is on his way the hospital and may have seriously damaged his shoulder.

Magnus comes to the ring. Magnus says he’s sorry James Storm‘s parents didn’t love him as a kid but the human spirit will endure no matter what and is the biggest driving force in the world. He brings out Mickie, fresh off her miracle recovery from being hit with that train. Mickie says she and Magnus are really in love and they give themselves completely to each other. Aw. It’s nice to see she forgave him for hiring TNA crew members to stalk her. Then Storm comes down. Boo! Hiss! He is wearing a rather lurid-looking ’60s shirt. Yeah, this ain’t Mad Men, bro. Khoya’s with him.

Storm says he wishes he’d pushed her harder so she could hold her son in a wheelchair. Um, this man just confessed to attempted murder on live TV! Someone call the police or something. Storm says he never truly wanted Mickie; it was just to see if he could. Mickie mocks him and tells him to find a woman so she can have that one last match she promised everyone. Mickie vows to kick her a** too. Fun segment, dubious fashion choices aside.

The Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves in a 30 minute Iron Man match for the TNA tag team titles

Austin Aries and Davey Richards start things off. Austin goes the cradle but Davey kicks out. Roode tags in and attacks Davey’s ribs. Davey fights through and manages to tag in Eddie Edwards. They go back and forth for a bit then Aries tags back in and hits a cradle for a two count. Aries hits an arm toss for another two. Roode then hits a double axe of the top rope. Aries and Davey clash and Davey gets a one count off of some kicks. Atomic drop and double stomp to Aries mid-ring. Roode charges in only to get hit with a leg stretcher. Richards kicks Roode to the outside. Aries attempts to set up a brainbuster but Edwards manages to get out of it and hit a suplex of his own. Aries tags in Roode. Richards hits the figure four grapevine as Roode panics and tries to make it to the ropes. He gets there and the move is broken up. Edwards then takes Roode to the corner and hits him with several punches. He gets a two count off this. Davey is tagged in and they double team Roode for a bit.

Roode fights back and is able to send Edwards flying into Aries’ boot. Aries tags in and brawls with Eddie. He rakes his face and hits a side Russian legsweep for the two count. Aries and Roode double team Edwards, while Davey and the ref bicker. Aries chokes Edwards with his big boot. He goes after Edwards’ leg something fierce. Edwards manages to fight off both Roode and Aries to hit a hurricanrana and tag in Davey. Davey goes wild on the Dirty Heels. He shoves Aries into Roode and hits the dropkick to Roode and by proxy Aries. Richards hits the forearm and exploder on Roode for the two count. Josh finds it interesting neither team has pulled off a pin just yet. Eddie hits a flying dropkick and Davey hits him with a flying headbutt. Roode only just manages to get his shoulder up in time. Eddie is resting on the apron while Eddie gets on the top rope only to be met there by Aries who shoves him off. Meanwhile, Roode has gone after Edwards; the two men are fighting on the floor.

The heels pick up their first pin 25 minutes in with Aries’ spinebuster and 450 splash off the top rope on Eddie. Austin shoves Eddie out of the ring as him and Roode try to stall for time. All they have to do is run out the clock. Eddie gets back in the ring and goes after the newly tagged in Bobby Roode. Davy manages to get in and tie things at one-one with a powerbomb and backstabber. Bobby hits Eddie with the title but Eddie kicks out at two. Bobby gets in and goes after Davey but Eddie rolls him up for the three count. It’s now two-one. Roode goes for the crossface but with only a few seconds remaining it’s over. This was a very, very good match and a fitting end to the highly entertaining best-of-five series.

Winners and new tag team champions: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

Josh hypes up the main event. They air an ad for the TNA Knockouts.

TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell vs. Brooke vs. Awesome Kong in a triple threat match for the TNA Knockouts title

It’s a shame but these girls have no shot of living up to what we just saw. Taryn goes after Brooke right away. Kong goes after Taryn while Brooke hits a facebuster. Taryn rolls out of the ring to rest and let Kong and Brooke go at it for a while. Kong manhandles Brooke with relative ease, but Brooke fights back. Taryn comes back in out of nowhere and dropkicks Kong only for her to be hit with a dropkick from Brooke too. Taryn hits a clothesline on Brooke and smashes her face into the mat a few times, but only gets a two count. She suplexes Brooke then turns to Kong. She goes after Kong’s eyes but Kong hits a chokeslam only for Marti and Jade to get involved and drag Kong out of the ring into the floor. Brooke attacks Taryn and goes for the spear. She gets to the top rope but the Dollhouse shove her off. She’s on the floor when Kong comes back in. Kong is about to attack Taryn when Jade hits her and Taryn gets the cutter. Taryn wins.

Winner: Taryn Terrell.

The Dollhouse celebrate until Gail Kim appears the screen. They look very, very, unhappy. Jeff Jarrett interview is hyped up by Josh. It’s next.

Mike Tenay interviews Jeff Jarrett and Karen. Mike asks what Jeff’s big return and victory at the pay-per-view mean for TNA and Global Force Wrestling. Jeff talks about how surreal returning to TNA after so long was. He hints there is definitely a future with both TNA and Global Force Wrestling involved with each other. Jarrett hints that things will get “interesting.” It’s all very cryptic. Rather short bit and definitely not the explosive interview I was expecting, especially since this potential invasion storyline is easily the best thing iMPACT has going on at the moment.

Carter comes out accompanied by Tyrus. Angle comes out and Josh hypes up his accomplishments in the ring and calls him the “standard bearer” for pro wrestling. Jeremy Borash does the fancy-style in ring introductions. It’s too bad the company is in the condition it is, otherwise this could have been a bigger deal than it actually is.

TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle vs. ECIII for the TNA world heavyweight title

They have a very tense staredown for a few seconds then lock up. Pope hypes up Carter’s history, including hi retiring of Sting. Clean break by Kurt. Carter goes for the side headlock but Kurt gets out of it. The crowd are mostly pro-Angle and chanting “You can’t wrestle!!!” at Carter but Carter does seem to have some people cheering for him in the building. They brawl for a bit and Carter hits some punches, but Angle manages to reverse the arm and pull off a belly-to-belly suplex followed by two Germans. Clean break. Carter is then sent flying out of the ring by Angle. Angle joins him on the floor and tries to get another German but Carter fights back with elbow shots so he hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kurt goes for the cover but Carter kicks out early. Angle pulls off another German on Carter. Carter counters with a lariat but barely gets a one count from it. Carter hits the chinlock on Kurt. EC3 hits a suplex, stinger splash and TKO for the two count. Carter sends Angle straight into the buckle and goes after him with chops. Angle fights back and sends his foe into the ringpost. Carter crawls to the apron but manages to pull off a DDT on the apron. Both men end up on the floor.

Pope talks about Kurt’s history of neck problems while he goes after Carter in the corner. Kurt hits a bunch on rolling Germans on EC3 while the fans go absolutely nuts. He gets a two count. Carter goes for the Stinger Splash but missing and Kurt hits the angle slam. Two count! Angle loses his straps and goes for the Ankle Lock but Carter rolls Angle through the ropes and sends him to the floor where Tyrus attacks.

Angle manages to roll back in and a smirking Ethan goes for the 1 Percenter but Kurt reveres into the Ankle Lock again! Carter escapes only to be hit with another four Germans. He throws EC3 into Tyrus and hits an Angle slam on Carter. Amazingly, he still is not able to get the three. The crowd is furious and insists “That was three!!! Angle tries to go for the Angle lock again but Carter rolls through and goes for the headlock driver. He gets a two. Carter is stunned. Tyrus gets a chair and gets on the apron but Hebner kicks him out. Carter goes for the 1 Percenter but Kurt counters and hits the grapevine on Carter instead. Carter is damn near screaming in agony but refuses to quit and gets to the ropes eventually. Kurt goes for the ankle against but Carter is able to escape. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Carter turns it into a roll up for the three count. There is a new champion! Terrific match with both guys making a tremendous effort.

Winner and new Champion: Ethan Carter III.