TNA IMPACT 07 29 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 29, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Austin Aries comes out and says he wasn’t in the number one contender’s title match last week, and Bully Ray made a mistake. Bully comes out and says Aries will get another match eventually, but he already lost to Kurt Angle, so Aries wants a tag title match. Bully says he and Bobby Roode already lost to the Wolves, so maybe he can do something for him. He says Aries can have an X Division title shot, but Aries mocks it and says he’s been there and done it a number of times. Aries says that title is for guys like Rockstar Spud who will never main event, and then Spud comes out and says he’s just here to straighten things out. Spud says hearing what Aries said really hurts, and Aries is a very decorated champion, but he’s wrong about the X title.

Aries says ‘Option C’ was for him, not guys like Spud, and he told him not to challenge Kurt Angle because he would lose. Now, Spud has nothing to show for it, but Aries says he wants to give Spud a chance to hang with him and he will take him on in a match. Spud says he thinks he can beat Aries, but Aries puts him down and says Spud is not a ‘rockstar’ and if he loses to him, he doesn’t belong here. Bully asks him to repeat that, and says Spud has balls so if he beats Aries, he’ll never wrestle here again. Aries says if somehow Spud wins, he’ll leave, but when he wins he wants to be called Rockstar Austin Aries, and sucker punches Spud on the way out.

Chris Melendez and Kurt Angle come to the ring and Sarge says he’s lost to Eric Young a few times, but he’s getting better and learning all the time. He calls Eric out, and Eric says he doesn’t want any part of this, but Sarge says he will kick his ass and Eric agrees to a match.

Chris Melendez (w/ Kurt Angle) vs. Eric Young 

Eric takes Sarge down and stomps him in the corner, then he hits Sarge on the apron and connects with a piledriver for the win.

Winner: Eric Young 

TNA Knockouts championship match: Marti Bell vs. TNA Knockouts champion Brooke

Brooke jumps the Dollhouse at the bell and whips them into each other, and then she hits a clothesline and goes after Taryn in the ring. Taryn tries to get away but Brooke grabs her legs, then Marti hits her from behind and the ref finally rings the bell. Marti beats Brooke down in the corner and tries to keep her down, and gets some help from the Dollhouse. Brooke tries to make a comeback but she gets knocked down, then the lights go out and Gail Kim’s music cues up. She doesn’t appear, but Brooke uses the distraction to hit a Butterface Maker for the win.

Winner: Brooke

Ethan Carter III comes out and says he will defend his title against Matt Hardy, but Bully Ray had to stick his nose in it, and he can go suck eggs. Ethan mocks the Hardys and Jeff breaking his leg, and he says he might fear facing Jeff, but Matt’s no World Champion. Jeff Hardy returns and says he did cry a bit but he is healing, and before they know it he will be the next champion. He asks if anyone even thinks Ethan is a good world champion, and he says this needs to change and his brother Matt will do that.

Matt comes out and says they are brothers who support each other and Ethan is a jackass, then Jeff says they should find something under the ring to make the title match more interesting. Matt keeps getting some weapons, including a table, a chair, and a ladder, and slides them into the ring. Ethan tries to brush it off, but Matt says he should be catching on, and they are going to have a Full Metal Mayhem match, and no one is allowed at ringside!

James Storm and Serena vs. Magnus and Mickie James 

Magnus rushes the ring and Storm runs, but Magnus catches up and stomps him a few times. Serena hits Magnus from the apron and Storm hits Magnus from behind, and then takes him down with a snapmare. We get back from a break to see Magnus get hit a few times before he and Storm both hit crossbody blocks, then Mickie gets the tag and takes Serena out with a tackle.

Mickie nips up and heads up top, then hits a double knee strike into some mounted punches before Storm breaks it up. Serena hits a gutbuster but Magnus takes Storm out, then Serena waves for backup as Mickie punches her. Khoya runs out and winds up with a staff, but Magnus steps away and Khoya inadvertently hits Storm. Magnus helps Mickie break free of Serena, and then she connects with a swinging DDT for the win.

Winners: Magnus and Mickie James 

After a video package for Jeff Jarrett airs, Dixie Carter comes to the ring and talks about how she met Jeff many years ago. She says none of them would be there without him, and everyone ever associated with this company feels the same. 2015 TNA Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen come to the ring, and Dixie and Mike Tenay welcome him into the ring.

Jeff says he will make a few blanket statements, but if you ever supported TNA Wrestling in any way, thank you. He also says is anyone has ever worked for TNA, he thanks them for all of their hard work over the years. Jeff names several names and gets choked up, thanking people from TNA, Ring Ka King and other projects, saying it takes work and thankless hours and he couldn’t do it without them.

Jeff turns to Mike Tenay and thanks him for ‘keeping the train on the tracks”, then thanks Don West, and some TNA originals, like the Knockouts and X Division, then brings up great tag teams like America’s Most Wanted, Triple X, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money and Team 3D. Jeff brings up a few other stars to come over, then turns to Dixie and thanks her for allowing this all to happen. Jeff brings up a falling out between him and his father, Jerry, about the wrestling business, but says they reconciled. He brings up his kids for being there and then thanks Karen for being his ‘rock’ and thanks the crowd for having him there.