TNA IMPACT 07 08 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 8, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus walk out and Ethan brags about having their attention now, and being the greatest wrestler alive. Ethan says he will defend his title E-C-3 times tonight, then he is cut off by Matt Hardy. He says he wants a piece of Ethan because he can be champion, but Ethan says no because he is in charge tonight. Ethan says he has a hell of a show planned, and Hardy’s already in a tag match against the Dirty Heels. He says they aren’t too happy about last week’s results, and oh… Jeff is injured, so Matt will have to go it alone tonight.

Matt Hardy vs. Dirty Heels 

Roode hits Hardy a few times and slams him down, then Aries hits him a few times before Matt makes a comeback. Matt sends Aries outside and turns to Roode, who slams him down with a suplex, and Aries holds Matt’s legs down outside to steal the pin.

Winners – Dirty Heels 

Drew McIntyre comes out with the Rising and says they don’t like it, but they are seeing the Rising for the last time. He says BDC will get theirs in due time, and wrestling will continue long after they are all retired. Drew says he will continue the fight and stand up, then EC3 laughs at commentary and says that’s all great and inspiring. Ethan says he booked Drew in a six man tag match, but he doesn’t have any partners tonight either.

The Revolution vs. Drew McIntyre

Abyss and Khoya attack Drew before they have a bit of a standoff, then Manik attacks Drew in the corner. They all take turns punching him, then Khoya hits a sky high powerbomb… but Abyss breaks up the pin? Abyss says he was getting the pin, then they fight with each other before Drew slams Manik from the turnbuckles. He kicks Manik in the corner, then connects with a shotgun kick for the win.

Winner – Drew McIntyre  

Ken Anderson vs. Bram 

Bram hits Anderson in the corner and slams his head into the turnbuckles, then Anderson hits a fireman’s carry slam and a senton bomb. Bram tries to attack but Anderson sends him to the floor, then Anderson baseball slide kicks him on the floor. He goes after Bram and gets a chair to the face, and the ref calls for the bell as Bram slams him into the ring steps and clotheslines him. Bram screams at production to lower Anderson’s trademark mic, then he smashes him in the head with it and calls him pathetic.

Winner (by disqualification) – Ken Anderson 

Street Fight match: Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz 

Robbie charges the ring and hits Jessie several times, then gets some weapons out and hits him with a kendo stick. He smacks him with a trash can lid, then Jessie whips him on the floor and beats him with a kendo stick a few times. Jessie tries to slam him down but Robbie hits a side White Russian legsweep (with the kendo stick, ala Sandman), then Jessie whips him into the trashcan. He slams Robbie off the turnbuckles to the mat, then powerbombs Robbie through two chairs. Robbie somehow kicks out, and Jessie gets pissed and makes him pass out in an Adonis Crab, wrapped around an open chair.

Winner – Jessie Godderz 

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Norv Fernum vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

Ethan introduces Norv after saying he wanted to pay it back and face a man who helped start his rise to the top. He offers a handshake to Norv, his first TNA opponent, then kicks him and hits a One Percenter for the win.

Winner – Ethan Carter III 

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Shark Boy vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

Shark Boy attacks Ethan in the corner, but Ethan fights back and hits a One Percenter for the win.

Winner – Ethan Carter III

Ethan brags about his second big win, then asks if they want one more match and Tyrus acts as his ‘corner man.’ Ethan tries to introduce his third opponent but Kurt Angle cuts him off, and Kurt tells Ethan to shut up. Kurt says he’s holding a contract that allows him a rematch, which he wants tonight, because he wants his title back.

Josh makes a funny about Shark Boy taking a Shellfie, then EC3 asks us if we’re ready for our third and final title defense, but Kurt Angle comes out before EC3 can finish and says this is a farce and EC3 is nothing but a scared little boy. He’s afraid to face real competition, but Angle holds in his hand a legally binding contract saying he can have his rematch anytime he chooses, and he wants it tonight because he wants his title back, and that’s DAMN REAL. So looks like we’ve got our main event lined up! But first, Bobby Lashley is out for our next match…

Tyrus vs. Bobby Lashley

The big men tie up and Tyrus powers Lashley off into the corner. Lashley goes behind, then goes to a side headlock. Tyrus easily picks Lashley up and tosses him across the ring, then he picks Lashley up and slams him. Lashley avoids an elbowdrop and goes to a rear naked choke, but Tyrus manages to squirm over to the ropes. Lashley goes right back to the rear naked choke, and Tyrus starts to go down, but elbows his way out of Lashley’s grasp and side suplexes him. Tyrus hits a legdrop and covers for 2, Lashley goes for a slam but can’t hold him up and Tyrus falls on top for 2. Lashley pops back up and beats Tyrus down in the corner, then waits for Tyrus to regain his feet. He charges into an elbow, and Tyrus just shoves Lashley down and goes for a Vader Bomb. Lashley is up and nails Tyrus, then carries him out of the corner and hits an electric chair. Lashley sets and waits for Tyrus to regain his feet, hits the spear, and that’s it for Tyrus.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Match was okay, Tyrus looked strong but he loses practically every match he’s in so a win over him doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme.

Mike Tenay brings us the conclusion of the Jeff Jarrett interview, as Jeff says that the possibilities are endless with GFW, TNA, and other promotions. It’s all about a common goal, and if everyone’s aligned on their single goal and GFW and TNA match up, the sky’s the limit. Mike asks Jeff how he’ll rank his legacy in terms of Jeff Jarrett in TNA, but Jeff says he’ll let the facts speak for themselves. He’s proud of his matches with Kurt Angle, the early days with AJ Styles and seeing him grow, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Don West, and if there is a legacy, it’s that he takes pride in putting together the right team on multiple levels. At the end of the day they’re all competing, and everyone who stepped in that ring wanted to be the very best, and he thinks that’s his legacy.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Madison was already in the ring while Velvet made her entrance, not a good sign. Madison says she’ll cut to the chase: look at her and see her being the Queen B, and look at Velvet. Whatever she’s doing with herself right now, she looks like the idiots in the crowd, and that’s where she belongs. Velvet doesn’t belong in the ring anymore, but Velvet disagrees and flattens Madison with a big right forearm. Madison tries to escape to the floor, but Velvet goes after her, ramming her head into the ring apron and telling the fans this is for them. Velvet whips Madison into the ring steps, and she rolls Madison inside but Madison connects with a spear and a northern lights suplex for 2. Madison gets a three quarter nelson and rams kneelifts into Velvet’s head, then does the head hump move on Velvet, but Velvet is right back up, connects with a series of kicks, dodges a big boot from Madison, and hits the Stunner for the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky


TNA world heavyweight title match: WWE world heavyweight champion Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle

EC3 bails to the floor as soon as the bell rings and takes his time getting back in before ditching right back out to the floor. EC3 comes back in, then heads right back out to the floor as he is apparently avoiding engaging Angle in protest. Angle finally has enough and drags EC3 back into the ring before stomping him out in the corner. Angle hits a snap suplex for 2, and the champion runs right back out to the floor and tells the ref to go ahead and count him out. Angle is tired of waiting and goes back out after EC3 on the floor, tossing him back inside and unloading with the rolling German suplexes. Angle gets the anklelock, and EC3 intentionally knocks the referee out to get himself disqualified, and is tapping out as a second ref comes to the ring to DQ EC3.

Winner: Kurt Angle by disqualification, Carter retains the title

EC3 runs into the crowd and we cut to the back as Dixie Carter arrives in her limo. Great to see that she shows up ten minutes before the show ends while the company is burning around her. We’ll see what she wants after this commercial.

EC3 is in the ring and says he got that one, but now for the cherry on top, after the longest absence his heart could handle, here is the return of his Aunt Dee: Dixie Carter! Dixie comes out and, inexplicably, is cheered by the fans as EC3 knows that Dixie is out here to celebrate him winning the World Title. He keeps cutting her off as he keeps putting himself over, and now with the control they have over the company, the reign of Carter will…wait, Dixie cuts him off and says she hasn’t been on TV for almost a year because of him, because last time she was on TV she went through a table and broke her back. EC3 says Bubba was a monster, but Dixie says she was a monster and doesn’t even recognize the person she became, and now EC3 is turning into a monster. EC3 has been lying for weeks, but EC3 reminds her that they’re Carters and the world needs them. Dixie says this show and company doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to the fans and everyone who has supported them for even one day. She can’t change the past and they don’t get redos, but she can make sure her mistakes aren’t repeated. EC3 won the title, but now he has to defend it with his skill, not his last name. What he did here tonight has been an embarrassment, but Ethan is right about one thing: someone does need to be in charge and make the tough decisions, and not put up with any BS from anyone in the locker room. Dixie knows exactly who that person needs to be, and it’s not either of them. Dixie leaves the ring, and Ethan looks confused as the show ends with us left wondering who will be taking over THIS TIME.