TNA IMPACT 08 12 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: August 12, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Tonight is the special GFW vs. TNA episode of Impact Wrestling!  With Jeff Jarrett in charge, things will get very interesting very quickly.  Double J kicks off the show and the King of the Mountain Championship draped over his shoulder while commentators Josh Matthews and The Pope speculate as to who took out Bully Ray last week.

Jarrett thanks everyone for his recent involvement in TNA again.  Jarrett blatantly says, “we are going to start a new rivalry” as he lays out the card for the night.  Eric Young suddenly crashes the party with a scowl on his face and business on his mind.  Eric speaks as crazy as he looks while he compares himself to God, saying that if Jarrett is the King of the Mountain, then he is the King of the World.  Young then challenges Jarrett to a match for his King of the Mountain Title.  Jeff Jarrett then announces the first ever King of the Mountain Match for its namesake title.  Once Eric Young accepts being allowed into the match, he attacks Jeff Jarrett…which prompts the GFW roster to come out and defend their leader.  The TNA cavalry comes in and saves Eric Young while a skirmish ensues!

We return from commercial to see Jeff Jarrett giving a pep talk to his GFW wrestlers and the idea of respect is debated between Josh Matthews and The Pope.

Awesome Kong vs. Lei’D Tapa

The two imposing women circle each other and lock-up.  Neither budge.  They trade shoulder blocks.  Neither budge again.  The niece of the Barbarian, Tapa, is the first to dizzy Kong with a straight punch to the face.  Kong gains control of the match as it moves along, getting the first two-count.  A short-arm forearm and a big boot brings Awesome Kong to the mat.  Kong recovers and clocks Tapa with a set of clotheslines before hitting a painful looking splash for a close two-count.  Kong telegraphs a splash in the corner, then Tapa does the unthinkable and picks up Kong on her shoulders, dropping her with an impressive Samoan Drop for a very close two-count!  Miraculously, Kong recovers and is able to nail a Chokeslam on here now much more formidable opponent (compared to her TNA Gut Check days).  The bout spills outside and Tapa gets the advantage.  The two lady behemoths brawl up the rampway, which results in a Double Count Out for the match.  This feud is FAR from over, no doubt about it!

Winner – No Contest

PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) is seen relaxing backstage, putting over his daredevil gimmick that WWE apparently never got behind.

Drew Galloway is caught backstage as he guarantees he will be ‘getting the job done’ for TNA because he believes (pay) him.

Bobby Roode is in the ring now with a microphone in his hand, doing what he is best at: complaining.  He campaigns to be in the main event King of the Mountain match for the KOTM title.  Roode then moves along to Rockstar Spud, the man that ended his Dirty Heels tag team partner, Austin Aries’ TNA career the previous week’s episode.  Spud obliges and makes his way to the ring as Roode puts over the fact that he beat the great Austin Aries, but in a back-handed type statement.  Rockstar Spud refutes what Roode says, telling Roode that he is living his dream out regardless of what has happened or what will happen while comparing Bobby to a regular, run-of-the-mill schoolyard bully that he will stand up to and defeat.

Roode seems to agree as he repeats Spud’s recent accomplishments like his X-Division Title reign.  Bobby Roode then says that his aggression cannot be stopped and that Spud is the last person to stop him.  Spud surprisingly cheap shots Roode and gets pummeled in the middle of the ring and even chokes Spud with his own blazer for some extra humiliation.  He adds injury to insult with a Roode Bomb on Spud before unceremoniously dumping the Englishman outside and tossing him hard into the steel steps.  Roode mercilessly does not let up and forces the referees to separate them as the holds in a nasty looking Crossface!

Jessie Godderz vs. Lashley

We are told by The Pope and Josh Matthews that this bout has main event implications as the winner will be in the King of the Mountain match later in the show.  Lashley doesn’t take Godderz seriously before just manhandling him with an extended Military Press.  Godderz tries to gain control on the outside now, but fails miserably by getting his face smashed into the apron several times!  Back in the ring, Lashley continues to dominate with a shoulder block in the corner and a Stalling Suplex.  He misses a second shoulder block in the corner, chases Godderz around, and gets a flap jack across the top rope.  Godderz starts to get a taste of control with some wild stomping and an awkward looking waistlock.  Lashley is able to fight up and Gutwrench Mr. PEC-tacular for a big Powerbomb.  Lashley follows up with a German Suplex > Over-Head Belly-to-Belly.  Big shoulder block in the corner and what looks like a reverse Shock Treatment that leads into a surprising Powerslam from Jessie.  He plays to the crowd before going for a submission move of some sort, but Lashley uses his leg strength to kick free and land a HUGE Spear for the win!

Winner – Lashley

A flashback to the very solid Full Metal Mayhem main event TNA Title match between Matt Hardy and EC3 is shown before commercial.

Drew Galloway is seen laid out backstage, very similarly to Bully Ray from last week.  He is unresponsive when TNA Officials come to check on him. 

Out comes TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter III his bodyguard Tyrus (who has some hysterical tights that say, “Glorious Unicorn is SWOLL”).  EC3 explains that his title represents his life’s work but more importantly he taunts the fans by saying it makes him better than, “YOU…AND YOU….AND YOU”.  EC3 then makes fun of Matt Hardy for losing all that he has recently worked for and goes on to say that he will be champion forever.

Matt Hardy interrupts EC3, limping his way down the rampway and into the ring, much to the chagrin of Ethan Carter III.  Matt Hardy says that EC3 will remain in his sights as long as he is champion of TNA and that one day his dream of being TNA World Heavyweight Champion will become a reality.  He says that he will not stop, he will not quit and that is because Matt Hardy will…not…die!  Ethan then blows the crowd away with his gratefulness by saying he has never been hit harder than by Matt Hardy with that spectacular Leg Drop through a table on the outside.  He then ultimately denies Matt another shot at the title, and then Tyrus catches him across the jaw with a rough cheap shot.  EC3 the cracks the TNA Title over Matt’s head as Tyrus holds Hardy’s arms back.  The champ then raises his title above his head and exits the ring to a chorus of boos.

The Wolves defend TNA as they face the GFW team of Trevor Lee and Brian Meyers (formerly Curt Hawkins) in the next match!

The Dollhouse is seen backstage as Taryn Terrell asks her teammates to end Gail Kim forever in a Handicap Steel Cage Match.

The Wolves vs. Brian Meyers & Trevor Lee

This is the bout I personally am most excited to see.  Brian Meyers starts off against Davey Richards of the Wolves.  They lock-up, Meyers gets an armbar in but Richards is able to cartwheel out of it and tag in Eddie Edwards.  Double Japanese Armdrag by the Wolves on the GFW newbies and Eddie lands a big elbow across the back of Meyers as he tried getting up.  The GFW’ers soon gain control of the match and go for a Double Suplex, but are thwarted and hit with a pair of Baseball Slides > Stereo Suicide Dives!

Eddie then rolls in Trevor Lee, but gets caught by a flying knee from Lee as he gets back in the ring.  Tag out to Brian Meyers followed by a nice Snapmare.  Meyers is very creative running with Eddie as he goes into the ropes, and slides out under the bottom rope while tripping Eddie at the same time!  Quick tags are the key in this match as the GFW’ers show good teamwork by doing so.  They go for a Double Back Suplex, but miraculously Eddie is able to turn it into a Double Hurricanrana!  Edwards goes for a Tajiri-like Springboard Elbow, but Trevor catches him mid-move as a Dead Lift German Suplex lands a close 2-count for Team GFW.  The Wolves regain control and are able to create distance between Trevor and Brian so they can set up for their finisher which consists of a Backstabber during the downward motion of a Powerbomb.

Winners – The Wolves 

Tigre Uno vs. Sonjay Dutt

The lightweights stall a bit before locking up and Tigre Uno puts in a headlock.  The two then really go back-and-forth dodging each other for a solid 20 seconds before Uno nails a perfectly aimed Dropkick.  Tigre Uno, the current X-Division Champion owns the match until Sonjay hits a nice Hurricanrana to the outside on Uno followed by one from the apron and again to the outside.  Back inside the ring, Dutt springboards off the top rope for a splash but only earns a two-count.  Dutt then goes for the humiliation factor by going for Tigre Uno’s mask.  As Dutt sets Uno up on the top rope for a Super Hurricanrana, but the champion is able to turn the tide and roll-up Dutt off the top rope for the win!

Winner – Tigre Uno

Jeff Jarrett and EC3 are backstage when Jeff announces to EC3 and the world that he will be defending his TNA World Title next week on Impact against the winner of tonight’s main event bout for the TNA King of the Mountain Title.  I guess this is the only way he can get one of his GFW guys a shot at a TNA Title.

Mr. Anderson talks about the importance of the microphone and ponders “just going home & being a dad”, but then says that he is not quite ready to hang up his boots.  He then challenges Bram to an Open Mic Match, where the first one to grab a hold of Anderson’s microphone will be able to use it as he pleases.

Robbie E vs. PJ Black vs. Chris Mordetzky vs. Eric Young vs. Lashley

The match is hectic right from the get-go as Lashley gets an early pin as does PJ Black in the first minute of the match, forcing both Eric Young and Chris Mordetzky into the 2-minute penalty box.  Lashley then nails an over-the-head German Suplex of sorts and begins dominating the match.  Robbie E turns the tables with a dropkick and PJ hits a clothesline off the top rope.  They oddly begin working together until they throw Lashley over the top rope.  Robbie is able to hit his finish on PJ Black for a pinfall.  Lashley then hits Robbie E with a Spear for a pinfall, forcing both PJ Black and Robbie into the penalty box. Perfect timing too, as now Mordetzky and Eric Young come out as the newly pinned wrestlers go in!

This is the first match of the night to have a commercial break in the middle of it.  That seems noteworthy as most fans are so conditioned to WWE’s way of doing things, where there may be one match that does NOT have a break in the middle of it.

We return to see Mordetzky pinning Eric Young to qualify for hanging the championship in this “reverse Ladder Match” as my friends have dubbed it.  Robbie E starts climbing the penalty box and launches himself off, taking out Mordetzky and Lashley as Chris had a nasty looking Full Nelson on Lashley!  PJ Black and Robbie E begin trading chops (maybe PJ was jealous and wanted to do that dive off the penalty box?)

Eric Young bursts out of the penalty box and everyone starts to show some fatigue.  Robbie E goes for a suplex on the steel steps, but catches a low blow from the crazy Canuck followed by a Piledriver on the steel steps!  Mordetzky now clocks everyone in sight with the KOTM Title and fights his way up a ladder for the first attempt to win the match by anyone.  The only other GFW wrestler in the match is the one to stop him in his tracks though, PJ starts scaling the ladder with the coveted championship.

He fails to hang it as Mordetzky catches up to him and they trade some right hands before Bobby Lashley is able to knock down the ladder and deliver mass amounts of Spears to every competitor in sight!  Lashley goes to hang the title himself, but “The Bearded Terror” as The Pope refers to him, is able to take Lashley out.  EY starts pandering to the crowd as they chant “YOU SUCK!” at him.

Just as he is about to secure the win, Eric Young is joined on the ladder by PJ Black as he launches himself from the corner and onto the ladder in one motion!  Lashley then flies out of nowhere as he accurately rocks EY with a Top Rope Spear.  PJ Black then is able to hit a very impressive 450 Splash off the ladder and onto Bobby Lashley!  PJ takes advantage of the situation and is able to re-climb the ladder for his third try at winning only to…SUCCEED!  PJ Black becomes the 2nd ever TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

Winner – PJ Black 

EC3 makes his way out to the ring and simply holds his title above his head, signifying he is ready for the challenge of PJ Black next week at TNA Turning Point!!

That is the end of the show tonight folks!  Thank you all for joining me.  Please don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter @FordTheFish to know exactly when and where what is going on!  Everyone enjoy Ring of Honor next on Destination America!