TNA IMPACT 08 19 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: August 19, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Jeff Jarrett starts off the show.  It feels like 2005 all over again…or maybe just last week (considering the Global Force Wrestling shirt).  Jarrett solidifies the idea of a ‘historic’ main event in which GFW wrestler PJ Black (new King of the Mountain Champion) will challenge Ethan Carter III for the TNA World Championship.  Ethan Carter III interrupts him and claims this is not his place anymore and hasn’t been for a long time, because it is as he says, “the house that the Carters built”.  EC3 even flubs a bit (possibly on purpose) by referring to PJ Black as The Dire Wolf (great song by the Grateful Dead!) instead of The Darewolf.  Karen Jarrett gets on the mic to defend her man and insinuates that EC3 is attacking the various people backstage (like Bully Ray and Drew Galloway).  EC3 is ultimately given the choice by Jeff Jarrett when he refuses to defend against PJ Black:  “Either defend in the main event like scheduled…or be stripped of the title.”

We go backstage to The Pope and Josh Matthews promoting the rest of the show including Gail Kim vs. 2/3 of the Dollhouse in a Steel Cage, Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake in a No DQ Match, and Bram vs. Mr. Anderson in the “Open Mic Match.”

Drew Galloway briefly is seen backstage addressing the attack on him.  He seems rather confident that it was Eli Drake and that he has coming to him what he deserves.

Bram vs. Mr. Anderson

Brawling begins the match, as with just about any match involving Bram.  Anderson quickly gets a table involved and lands a very innovative Finlay Roll off the apron through the table.  The Loud One climbs the ladder but couldn’t seem to get a good grip on the hanging microphone before Bram knocks him off.  The British Brawler gets up on the ladder, but Anderson brings him down, only to fall victim to a move similar to the Edge-O’ Matic and a strong Impaler DDT.  Bram obviously idolized The Brood growing up.  Bram gets a chance to grab the mic, but chooses to inflict more pain instead.  The ladder gets set up in the corner as Bram begins to toss several steel chairs in the ring.

Anderson tries The Mic Check into the chairs, but Bram reverses it and gives his opponent the opportunity to whip him into the ladder sitting in the corner.  Bram then Powerbombs Anderson off the ladder and into the pile of steel chairs!  He now grabs the microphone and apparently the match isn’t over yet.  As he swings with the mic, he ironically takes a Mic Check from Anderson into the pile of chairs.  Anderson then uses the mic for some mounted punches followed up by his normal mic gimmick where he says his name abrasively.  He clocks Bram one last time with it and gets the win.

Winner – Mr. Anderson

Bobby Roode catches Jeff Jarrett backstage and forces him to pay attention.  Roode asks him why he was snubbed for consideration in the King of the Mountain Title match last week.  Jeff avoids his question on the pretense that he needs to go see Dixie about EC3 defending his title tonight.

Backstage, EC3 begs his “Aunt Dee” to not strip him of the TNA World Championship.

James Storm comes out with Manik and Abyss, bullrope in hand.  Storm says, “What we lack in blood, we make up commitment.” He says that he has their loyalty and they have everything their heart desires. Mahabali Shera is called out even though Storm still refers to him as Koya.  He says Shera joined the business because he wanted to make a good living for his family, but as Storm says, “Dying ain’t much of a living, boy!” before asking him to re-pledge to The Revolution.

In his broken English, Shera plays to the crowd and even has his music started up to show off how much he likes to dance, much to the chagrin of James Storm…even momentarily getting Manik involved and having fun.  Shera is then called a joke by Storm, but he says that he also likes to fight as he punches Storm in the jaw.  The numbers game quickly wins as Abyss attacks and promptly Chokeslams Shera to the canvas.  Manik is then forced and is a bit hesitant…but ultimately hits his Frog Splash on Shera.  Storm then leaves Shera for dead after a shot with his bullrope to the face.

Backstage, we see Gail Kim and The Dollhouse heading to the ring for their upcoming Steel Cage Handicap Match.

Coming back from commercial, PJ Black is calling out EC3 backstage.  Eric Young crazily interrupts him and calls him a thief for taking “his” title, going on to say that it’s his time to take what is rightfully his.  I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see Eric Young as the culprit for these attacks and that he pleads “insanity” in the end.

Gail Kim vs. Marti Belle & Jade in a “2-on-1” handicap match

Gail avoids both opponents well with rolls in the early going.  Jade catches up to her eventually and mounts her with a blatant choke.  A poor man’s version of the Total Elimination ala The Eliminators from ECW is hit by The Dollhouse.  Marti hits a Corner Cannonball for a two-count.  The Dollhouse is in total control of the match and tries to escape the cage for the win.  Kim miraculously is able to scale the cage and bring both of them down, especially with a Hurricanrana off the cage to Jade.  Double-Arm Choke from Jade as she tours Gail around the cage, slamming her into all six sides.  The Dollhouse goes to escape again, but Kim thwarts them again by hitting a Moonsault after knocking them down from climbing.

Some forearms to both of her opponents followed by a nice double team Bulldog/Hurricanrana combo on The Dollhouse.  Double Suplex by The Dollhouse turned into a Double DDT by Gail and this is just getting out of control.  Gail listens to the fans and decides that she is not finished with them even though they seem spent.  She traps them both between the cage and ropes before beginning to hit a pair of Stinger Splashes on them both.  A team flub happens as Marti jumps at Gail from the top rope and takes out her partner.  Gail sets up Marti for the Eat Defeat and gets the win!

Winner – Gail Kim

Backstage, “Aunt Dee” sides with Jeff Jarrett and is forcing EC3 to defend his title tonight or be stripped.

Matt Hardy is seen backstage trying to challenge EC3 again.  Tyrus gets in his face and says if he has a problem with Ethan, he has a problem with Tyrus.  Matt says that he is a problem solver, so it’s time he fights Tyrus.

Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake

Eli gets a short but sweet promo on Drew Galloway in before Drew makes his entrance.  Eli attacks Drew during his entrance, before he can even get his ring jacket off.  Galloway recovers and clotheslines Eli over the top.  Drake gets a bit of offense in when Drew whiffs a chair shot into the post and a fan-assisted jumping splash attempt from the barricade.  Big Body Slam from Eli for a two-count before he tosses Drew outside.  Eli remains on the apron and hits an awkward clothesline off of it, but he seemed to have hit Drew with his fist instead.  Drew returns from an Irish Whip in the ring with a clothesline and a few punches in the corner.

The Scot gets crotch’ed in the ropes as he tries to return with chair in hand.  Drew is able to regain control of the match and calls for his Sick Kick-like finisher (eat your heart out Roderick Strong!) and goes to introduce a table into the match.  Baseball Slide by Eli into the table takes Drew right out.  Drake misses with a crutch to Drew, but not with a low blow!  This time the crutch connects with Drew’s spine.  The table is set up in the corner as Eli goes out and grabs another table to put up in the middle of the ring.  He goes to the top rope after laying Drew on the table, but gets a dropkick from Galloway for his troubles.  Drew then sets up for and NAILS an Air Raid Siren (better known as White Noise by Sheamus in WWE) through the table off the middle rope!  Galloway gets the win.

Winner – Drew Galloway  

Backstage, Velvet Sky catches Taryn Terrell and threatens that Gail Kim is looking for and will eventually find her.  Josh Matthews alludes to Taryn being in a “house of horrors” instead of her normal “dollhouse”.  She even backs Taryn into Gail Kim herself, who handcuffs Taryn to something bolted to the floor and Velvet backs the cameraman out of view.

Eric Young comes down to the ring and he claims he should be in the Main Event tonight, “and everybody knows it!” He claims to be the most dangerous man in TNA and best wrestler in the world because he is responsible for what happened to Kurt Angle.  Chris Melendez interrupts the Crazy Canadian and asks for another rematch regardless of the fact that Eric Young has repeatedly defeated him.

EY says he has nothing to prove to Melendez and tells him to leave, but soon changes his mind and says that Melendez actually does have something he wants.  He says that if Chris puts his leg on the line, EY will grant him the rematch.  A little skirmish ensues and Sarge comes out on top over TNA’s self-proclaimed “Big Game Hunter”, Eric Young.

Matt Hardy vs. Tyrus

Tyrus absorbs a few Hardy punches as the bell rings, but has his own bell rung by a Jawbreaker from Matt.  He slams Matt down with authority (trademark Gorilla Monsoon 1987) and hits a Yokozuna-like splash on Hardy.  He goes outside and gouges at Matt’s eyes, but misses a splash attempt to sandwich Matt between himself and the steel post.  Big time “Shi-Plex” by The Man Dinosaur (as The Pope refers to him) that leads into two Twists of Fate back-to-back for the abrupt and decisive Matt Hardy victory.

Winner – Matt Hardy

EC3 blindsides Matt from behind as he celebrates and takes him out with the title.  He challenges Jeff Jarrett to, “Send out your best so I can sacrifice them on my Altar of Perfection.”

PJ Black vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Ethan Carter III

EC3 seems overwhelmed by PJ Black as he is attacking the champ from all angles and flying all over the place.  Carter slows him down and starts to get the match back to his pace with some knife-edge chops in the corner followed by a High Angle Back Body Drop, and finally a Rear Chinlock.  PJ turns up the speed a few notches with several versions of splashes in the corner and from the top rope.  Black takes a bit too much time getting to the top rope for his signature 450 Splash and EC3 is able to hit a Superplex for a close two-count.

Impressive Short Arm Reverse Elbow from Black leads into a Moonsault off the top for a two-count of his own.  He misses another Springboard Moonsault and takes a Powerbomb out of a School Boy for a pair of two-counts for the champ.  Ethan calls for the 1% (better known as Dirty Deeds or The Headlock Driver by Dean Ambrose), but falls victim to a Sit-down Powerbomb from Black that almost secures Black as a double champion!  They trade forearms and kicks until PJ gets the advantage.  He nails a Springboard 450 Splash and EC3 miraculously kicks out!  Carter is able to stop a 2nd attempt and get the win with the 1%’er, successfully defending his title cleanly.

Winner – Ethan Carter III

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is still talking to Dixie.  He proposes to Dixie that he run Impact Wrestling every week.  Dixie seems reluctant, but confident that he could do it.  She says she needs a week to make it happen.  Next week is advertised with all three TNA Championships being defended.