TNA IMPACT 10 20 2016

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
October 20, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Mathews & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Results by: Gerald Bocook of

The show opens with a recap of last Impact’s main event, EC3 vs Moose with the winner facing Lashley tonight to determine the new Number One Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In addition, last week’s No Holds Barred Championship vs Power match between Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis-Bennett. We also see two weeks ago, Eddie Edwards defeating the most dominant TNA World Heavyweight Champion in history, and comments from his challenger tonight, Arrow villain Cody. No, really, did anyone else see that?

“Wrestling has more that one royal family.” Cody heads to the ring to start off the show. He talks about being from a small town in Georgia, that he likes country music, and starts talking about The Night Hank Williams Came to Town, about how he left his former employer not because of money but because of moments. Cody says that he remembers being 15 years old, travelling with his favorite person in the whole world, waiting for the moment to tell him that he wants to follow in the footsteps of the American Dream. Rhodes got intense, scary, but after a moment leaned over and said “Okay, but only if you’re the best.” Cody says that being the best means being the World Heavyweight Champion whether that’s in a four-sided ring or a six-sided ring, and that he promises that will become the World Heavyweight Champion.

This brings out that Champion, Eddie Edwards. Eddie enters the ring and poses with the Championship before grabbing a mic. Eddie says he respects Cody. His journey, his choices, his legacy. Everyone respects that. Cody is good at reinventing himself, and now he can be who he wants to be; that’s the great thing about Impact Wrestling. Eddie says that he knows who he is because of the Impact Zone; they bring that out of him. Does Cody truly know who he really is?

Cody says he’s the “Brandi Rhodes thrilling, giant-killing, moustasching, formerly-dashing, Impact-crashing, Cody (Rhodes.)” Cody says Eddie will know exactly who he is when he beats him for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Eddie blasts Cody for thinking that his winning tonight is a foregone conclusion. Eddie beat the “unbeatable” Lashley. Eddie did it. Eddie knows some people think it was luck, but Eddie’s here to prove that luck had nothing to do with it. And Eddie was born to be a wrestler, and will prove that he’s a legitimate World Champion, and if he has to beat Cody for that, then Cody is going to lose.

And now Lashley comes down. He enters the ring, and both Cody and Eddie are prepared. Lashley says he sees the future; Lashley destroying whichever of those chumps win tonight. It doesn’t matter who wins tonight, because neither of them will survive against Lashley. Whoever stands in his way will get hurt.

Moose might have some words to say about that, and we’ll find out as he makes his way down to the ring. Matthews says that their match is next!

— Commercial break —

Back in the Impact Zone, and this match is ready to go!

World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Match
Moose vs. Lashley

Lashley circles Moose and the two tie-up and start to brawl. Lashley gets the better of Moose with a club and pops Moose up into a vertical suplex. Lashley celebrates but Moose pops right back up and as Lashley turns, Moose starts to get the Moose choo-choo engine goin’! Moose connects with a few big rights and has Lashley reeling, Moose goes for the Game Breaker, but Lashley cuts him off with a cross chop to the throat! Lashley takes to the ropes, but Moose with a big dropkick stops him dead! Lashley rolls out of the ring and Moose follows, European uppercut from Moose. Moose whips Lashley, but Lashley reverses, sending Moose into a steel post! Snap suplex from Lashley on the outside as the referee admonishes him. Lashley smashes Moose’s head into the steel steps before connecting with a solid shot and rolls Moose into the ring. Lashley follows in, and starts raining down some heavy punches to Moose’s face before being backed up by the referee. Lashley pulls Moose up, Moose with a big chop, but Lashley just starts pummeling Moose with kicks and clubbing blows, backing Moose into the corner and hitting him with some solid shots. Moose gets whipped across the ring and Lashley charges with a shoulder tackle and connects. Lashley whips Moose back across the ring, does a big charge, and another huge shoulder tackle! Lashley plays to the crowd, whips Moose back across the ring, but Moose reverses and sends Lashley into the corner. Moose charges in, but Lashley gets his foot up and staggers Moose. Lashley pops up on the middle rope, but Moose with a HUGE dropkick sends Lashley sprawling out to the floor! Moose hits the far side ropes and MOOSE WITH A RUNNING DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE SENDS LASHLEY FLYING! Holy crap, Moose! Don’t kill your damn fool self!

Moose rolls Lashley back into the ring, and Lashley is getting to his feet as Moose follows in. Moose charges Lashley in the corner, connects with a big flying elbow, whips Lashley to the far side ropes, Moose pops Lashley up and hits a damn nasty-looking spinebuster and then follows up with a running senton! Moose covers and hooks the leg; one, two, t– kickout!

Moose picks up Lashley from behind, winds Lashley up for the Game Breaker, but Lashley ducks– big Dominator spinebuster of Lashley’s own to Moose! Lashley covers; one, two, th– kickout!

Lashley stalks Moose as he gets to his feet. Lashley charges Moose in the corner, big lariat! Lashley props Moose up on the top turnbuckle, Lashley up on the second rope with the front facelock, and Lashley with a superplex! Moose is almost immediately back up to his feet, stalking Lashley who staggers up, Hitstick from Moose! Moose covers; one, two, thre– Lashley kicks out!

Both men take their time to get to their feet as the ref starts the down count. Both men staggering to their feet, and they start trading blows, nasty shots from both men! Lashley with a back elbow but Moose responds with a big boot! Moose winds Lashley up for the Game Breaker, Lashley ducks this time, hits the ropes, Spear! Lashley hooks the leg and covers; one, two, thre– kickout! That was as close as close gets!

Lashley argues with the referee, then heads to the corner and stalks Moose. Lashley gears up, Moose staggers, Lashley charges, Moose side-steps and sends Lashley flying into the corner! Moose winds Lashley up a third time, Game Breaker connects! Moose grabs Lashley before he can roll out of the ring and covers; one, two, thre– Lashley kicks out again!

Moose is first back to his feet He pulls Lashley up, sets him against the ropes and headbutts Lashley. European uppercut follows. Moose whips Lashley to the corner, charges, big splash by Moose! Moose sets Lashley up on the top turnbuckle, grabs Lashley by the neck, and he shouts “Go to hell!” but Lashley kicks him away, Lashley dives out of the corner, TORPEDO SPEAR! Lashley scrambles to the cover; one, two, three!!

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Lashley by pinfall (Torpedo Spear)

Lashley scrambles up the ramp to celebrate as Moose looks on in disbelief. At the top of the ramp, Lashley does his old WWE entrance pose, big smile on his face, just to rub some salt in.

Last week, the Broken Hardys celebrated their continued reign as World Tag Team Champions when Broken Matt had a prem-o-neetion, just before The Tribunal came from the crowd to attack them! In the back, Borash is with The Tribunal, and JB wants to know, why? Bastille Baraka asks if The Tribunal has Billy Corgan’s attention now. Baron Dax says the Great War is over, the Hardys are week, and The Tribunal are going to take their gold, as the feed cuts out.

Static takes the screen and the clock runs fast. The three “anonymous” men in suits and masks say the clock counts down and chaos will arrive tonight.

— Commercial break —

Life got you down? Missing person? Sick mama? Broken car? Friends owe you money? Internet bullies? Landlord won’t get off your back? Can’t quite pass that math class? Detention again? Any problem, big or small? No problem. The Fixer. Call now! Kids, get your parents permission before calling!

Tonight, Eddie Edwards defends his World Heavyweight Championship for the first time. His opponent? The grandson of a plumber, Cody!

It’s time for the Fact of Life!

Eli welcomes us to the Fact of Life. And he’s Bound for Gold, dummies. Yeah. Eli hears the crowd chanting “E-Li Drake” more and more every week; the undeniable kavorka of E-Li Drake. But don’t get lost in the sauce; just because a room full of 40-year-old virgin nerds says his name doesn’t make them cool; it makes them dummies, yeah. Don’t come jumpin’ on Eli Drake just because he’s Bound for Gold.

Speaking of “Bound for Gold”, our guest tonight is walkin’ around with gold himself; the Impact Grand Champion, Aron Rex. Rex comes to the set, Championship held high, to a cacophony of boos from the Fact of Life audience. Before Rex begins, he wants to know what everyone thinks of the Impact Grand Championship belt, and the audience cheers. Rex says it took him a long time to get the chance to compete for a Champinoship, and it means more to him than anything he could ever say. He loves it, he loves the opportunity he has at Impact Wrestling, and he loves what they’re going to create together. Rex sets the Championship down on Drake’s desk as both men sit down. Drake says that Rex is an interesting character, he has an interesting way of doing things, and Eli didn’t like him when Rex first came to Impact. “Was it my new haircut?” Rex asks. Drake says Rex came in guns blazin’, he said some stuff, Drake said some stuff, he rubbed Drake the wrong way. But now, Aron Rex is walkin’ around with some Gold, he did what he had to do to win it, and he did what he had to do to keep it when he beat Jessie Godderz last week on Impact, and there ain’t no shame in that game.

Rex says he has to reluctantly agree with Drake. Nobody likes a trash talker. Drew Galloway was one, and Rex left him in his rear-view mirror and called him “inferior”. Eddie Edwards, give it up for Eddie, but Aron beat Eddie for the Impact Grand Championship, so wouldn’t that make Aron Rex the guy around here? And as for Jessie Godderz, Rex breaks it down Jersey-style; “Bro, please, are you serious?”

Drake says there are a bunch of guys gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship. Drew Galloway – dummy, yeah. Eddie Edwards – dummy, yeah. Lashley – dummy, yeah. Not one of them has a thing on the man who is guaranteed to be the next World Heavyweight Champion, the man who is Bound for Gold; E-Li Drake.

Rex wants to know where Drake got the button. “Special order, don’t worry about it.” Rex wants to flip the script, ask Eli a question. If Drake is Bound for Gold, where’s that leave a guy like EC3? Drake says he’s bound for the toilet, dummy, yeah. Look up “wasted potential” in the dictionary and you’ll see EC3, dummy, yeah. Drake looks at EC3 and he has to say “giant piece of trash”. Suddenly, EC3 tries to crash the Fact of Life set, yelling that he’s going to kick the ever-loving crap out of him as security stops him and Drake yells to go to break.

— Commercial break —

Ethan Carter III is in the ring, saying that Eli Drake has his security in place, and that’s good, cuz if Carter gets in there, he’s going to destroy all $68 worth of that damn set. He’s gonna hop on that desk, assume the position, and take an “EC2” right on Eli’s face! They show Eli’s reaction and he’s gobsmacked, while Aron Rex has this look of utter “What did I just hear?” Carter says he’s going to get some uranium and plutonium and nuke the damn set if he gets anywhere near it. Drake says Ethan shouldn’t be here, he wasn’t invited, he should be arrested! Carter says he should challenge Drake to a fight. Why doesn’t Drake prove that he’s the Number One Contender, the next World Heavyweight Champion, by fighting a Champion? And if Drake doesn’t want to, EC3’ll bring the fight to Eli Drake. All Eli has to do is push that damn button and Ethan’ll punch ‘im, yeah. He’ll kick ‘im, yeah. He’ll choke ‘im, yeah He’ll main ‘im, yeah. He’ll leave Eli Drake for dead, just press the button! They cut back to Eli who just stands stunned as the crowd chants “Press the button! Press the button!” and Aron Rex looks at the button as if he was just given the keys to the castle. Eli looks like he’s had it and slams the button, dummy, yeah! “What’re ya gonna do about it?!” he yells and hits it again, and again and again, and EC3 just smiles before exiting the ring. He walks up the ramp towards the security personnel, and then dives into the lot of them! Drake charges as Carter gets back to his feet and the two start to brawl! Aron Rex tries to separate them, but Carter slugs him in response and knocks him down! Drake and Carter continue to brawl, but Aron Rex attacks Carter from behind, and now it’s Carter fending off both Eli Drake and Aron Rex! A purple blur, it’s Jessie Godderz! He pulls Rex off of Carter and they’re slugging it out! Security eventually succeeds in separating everyone.

Tonight, Eddie Edwards will defend the World Heavyweight Championship, but next, the Broken Hardys will defend the Tag Team Championships against The Tribunal.

Reby is on the stage playing the piano rendition of Broken Matt Hardy’s theme. Matt comes out and plays at orchestrating as Reby transitions into Brother Nero’s theme. “Brother Nero, what will be the fate of The Tribunal?” Nero sings along to the music, “They’ll fade away and classify themselves as obsolete.” “OBSOLETE!” Once Matt and Nero are in the ring, Reby leaves the piano and heads to the ring. Matt says that many things in life are perspective. Last week, The Tribunal was told to make an impresshin, make an impact. And when they viewed it, they might’ve seen opportunity when they attacked the broken brilliance of Matt Hardy and the nefarious Brother Nero, but that is not how Broken Matt viewed it. Matt viewed it as two wicked men trying to take food off King Maxel’s plate, off of Nero’s two daughters’ plates. And because of their crimes, Broken Matt sentences them to deletion!

This brings out The Tribunal, wearing their best SHIELD cosplay outfits.

— Commercial break —

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Broken Hardys (c’s) vs. The Tribunal

In the Impact Zone, we have a brawl as the bell rings. Matt attacks Baraka in the corner and Nero takes the fight to Baron Dax. Dax smashed into the corner and Nero mounts the corner and rains down with punches as Matt smashes Baraka into the corner. Matt and Baraka out of the ring and Matt beats Baraka’s face into the apron. Nero drags Dax into the center of the ring and hits him with a jawbreaker as Matt gets to the team corner. Nero with a wristlock on Dax and tags in Matt. Matt on the second rope and hits Dax’s arm with a flying elbow strike.

Matt takes control with a wristlock and repeatedly clubs at Dax’s elbow, knocking the man down again and again. Matt follows up with a shoulder elbow breaker, but Dax pushes Matt to the ropes and forces a break, which Dax reinforces with a knee to the gut. Dax with a right, then shoves Matt to the ropes and connects with a back elbow, sending Matt sprawling as Dax tags in Basile Baraka.

Baraka kicks Matt into the corner and then drives his knee into the Broken one as he tags back out to Dax.

Dax with a straight kick, then an elbow to the back of the head. Dax picks Matt up as Reby tries to rally the crowd, headbutt knocks Matt down and Dax starts to choke him in the ropes until the referee makes him stop, at which points Basile Baraka continues to choke Matt against the ropes from the apron. Nero storms the ring but the referee stops him as Dax throws Matt to the middle of the ring. Dax stalks Matt, elbow drop– misses as Matt Hardy rolls away! Matt stumbles to his corner and makes the tag to Nero!

Nero storms Baron Dax and blocks a punch, hitting Dax back against the ropes with punches and kicks. Irish whip to the far side ropes, Dax reverses, and Nero off the ropes connects with a big flying forearm. Manhattan drop by Nero leads to Dax on his back, and Nero splits the uprights with a leg drop before rolling back and connecting a basement dropkick to the face of Baron Dax! Nero is feeling it, waiting for Dax to get up, and Brother Nero goes for the Twist of Fate– but Dax blocks it! Nero fights Dax to connect with the Twist of Fate, but settles for a big DDT instead! Nero covers; one– broken up immediately by Baraka!

Matt storms the ring to come to Nero’s aid and clubbers Baraka before dumping him out of the ring. Dax stumbles to a corner and Nero faces across him as Matt drops down near Dax’s corner, and Nero charges, leaping off Matt, but Dax catches Nero with a forearm and Nero crashes into the mat! Dax mounts Nero and starts raining punches in before Dax tags in Basile Baraka.

Baraka stomps at Nero and chokes him with his boot, tags Baron Dax back in as he picks Nero up and Nero fights out of Baraka’s grasp only for Dax to cut him off and start choking Nero! He shouts something that I couldn’t hear of Josh Matthews plugging Wolf Creek before slamming Nero to the mat by his throat. Dax covers; one, tw– quick kickout.

Dax has Nero by the hair and holds on as Nero tries to break away and tag Matt in, but instead he’s dragged to The Tribunal’s corner and Dax tags in Baraka.

Baraka clubs Nero across the back, turns him around, snapmare, and a leg drop across Nero’s neck. Baraka covers; one, two, th– kickout!

Baraka with a head vice, Nero fights up to his feet, Reby getting the crowd to rally, and Baraka clubs Nero again before taking to the ropes, big flying body press! Baraka covers; one, two– kickout.

Nero tries to tag Matt but Baraka is on him, dragging Nero by his arm back to The Tribunal’s corner and making the tag to Baron Dax, picking Nero up as Dax enters the ring.

The two men shove Nero into the corner and look like they’re going to whip him across the ring, but instead slam him hard into The Tribunal’s corner. Baraka holds Nero in place and Dax whips Baraka out of the corner, and then right back in, splashing Nero hard! Baraka throws Nero out of the corner and right into a big lariat from Baron Dax! Dax covers; one, two– kickout!

Dax stands between Nero and Matt and taunts Nero. Dax looks to go for a gutwrench suplex but Nero with a side Russian legsweep! Both men crawl to their corners as the crowd rallies behind the Hardys, and both men make the tag!

Basile Baraka and Matt Hardy both hit the ring and start to brawl mid-ring, Matt gets the advantage quick with forearms and then headbutts, Baraka shoves Matt away to create some separation but Matt will have no such nonsense, grabbing Baraka’s arm and biting it! Baraka tries to get away and does for just a second, throwing a kick to Matt’s head, but Matt catches the leg and starts to bite it now! Baraka gets to the corner and Matt lets go of the leg, opting now to bite the face and ear of Basile Baraka! Matt stops after a moment and a nice sumo suplex from Matt brings Baraka hard to the center of the ring. Dax charges Matt, but Matt just sends him right down with a forearm. Matt charges Baraka in the corner and the splash connects, Matt with a headlock scores the big running bulldog! Matt covers; one, two– kickout.

Matt stalks Basile Baraka, looking for the Twist of Fate, but Baraka shoves Hardy away and attempts a clothesline, he’s caught, Side-Effect! Hardy covers; one, two, t– kickout!

Hardy leads the Impact Zone in a “Delete!” chant, kick to the gut of Basile Baraka, Matt Hardy looking for the Twist of Fate, but Baron Dax storms the ring and levels Matt with a lariat! Matt staggers to his feet, right into a double team spinebuster from The Tribunal! Baraka covers; one, two– Nero breaks it up!

Baron Dax tried to stop Nero from getting in to break up the pin, and he gets a Twist of Fate from Brother Nero for his trouble! Baron Dax rolls out of the ring as Matt connects with a jawbreaker right into Nero for a Twist of Fate! Baraka staggers around into a Twist of Fate from Broken Matt! Matt covers; one, two, three!!

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Broken Hardys via pinfall (Twists of Fate)

Matt leads the Impact Zone into another “Delete!” chant as the arena blacks out and the screen goes to static. 3, 2, 1. The three “anonymous” men from the vignettes are standing in the ring and The Tribunal is still laid out. Two of the masked men look at each other before attacking The Tribunal! The Tribunal are dumped out of the ring as the masked men stare down House Hardy, but Matt just laughs.

In the back, Allie is looking into a mirror, trying the old “talk to yourself in the mirror before talking to someone you want to confront” bit. Allie wants to tell Maria that she’s a human being and doesn’t deserve the way she’s been treated lately, but she can’t get the words right. Braxton Sutter happens upon the scene and asks if she’s okay, and she replies that she’s had a bad time, but bad times don’t last. Braxton saw what happened and doesn’t think that any of this is her fault. Laurel van Ness pops into the scene and tells Braxton that he doesn’t have to be nice to Allie, but instead they should feel sorry for people like her. Maria needs to talk to Allie, so she better get gettin’. Laurel then tells Braxton that he looks good, but I think he looks confused.

— Commercial break —

Another “The Fixer” commercial plays.

A recap of the three masked men beating down The Tribunal is shown. They show another vignette of the men sitting behind their table. They say that this attack was just the start. They will not be stopped. No one is safe. It’s about control and chaos. You won’t know who, when, or where, but they are here to stay.

In the back, Cody is getting ready for tonight’s main event. Lashley walks up and tells him there’s a lot of pressure on him tonight. A lot of pressure on Eddie, too. Aron Rex was supposed to be a savior, but poof. And now there’s Cody. All this hype, legacy, Lashley doesn’t see it. But good luck tonight. Cody feels like that’s not a genuine “good luck”, but that’s okay. Cody doesn’t really need it, nor does the man that beat Lashley; Eddie Edwards. Lashley says that if Cody paid attention to what happens around here, he’d know that Eddie is going to get what he deserves, and if Cody wants to keep running his mouth, he might not make it out to the ring for tonight’s match. Cody says it’s not running your mouth if you can back it up. Lashley says that sooner or later, their paths will cross.

A recap of last week’s Knockouts Championship match.

Maria comes to the ring in a sparkly dress, with Laurel van Ness and Allie in tow. In the ring, Allie fetches Maria a microphone as the crowd chants for Allie. Maria says she’s not the leader of the Knockouts Division because of a conspiracy in TNA. TNA can’t handle the truth, that Maria is the greatest Knockout in TNA’s history. She could blame Gail Kim, or Billy. But the only person that deserves the blame is…

“Me?” Allie asks, puzzled. Allie says she’s been so loyal to Maria and– Maria cuts her off mocking her, saying that Allie is to blame for what happened at Bound for Glory, the one to blame for Maria not being Knockouts Champion. Maria should get rid of her. Laurel says Allie should be kept around. Allie is the kind of person that’s just good for serving people like Maria. Maria wants an apology, but Allie says “No! I’m not to blame, you’re to blame!” and then looks shocked at what she said. Maria flips out on her, saying that Allie needs to be taught a lesson as Laurel van Ness attacks Allie. Allie tries to get up, but Laurel with a Curb Stomp puts her out. Maria says Allie’s going to have a match with Laurel van Ness. Maria and Laurel celebrate a job well done.

In the back, Lashley approaches Eddie Edwards, and Edwards is up and ready for a fight. “We gonna do this?” Lashley says Eddie Edwards is a feel-good story and nothing more, and it could end tonight. Yeah, it could, Eddie says. That’s the whole point. But Lashley has to face the fact that he regrets underestimating Edwards. But Eddie pleads with Lashley to take the bet and bet against him again. Eddie knows it’s mind games but that doesn’t mean that Eddie is afraid of him. LAshley says that everybody better be afraid of him. “Let’s do it right now,” Eddie says, and Lashley backs away.

Elsewhere in the back, Tyrus is talking to Mahabali Shera. Tyrus tries to use an analogy but Shera Draxes is up pretty bad. Tyrus tells him to stop with the dancin’. Shera is paying Tyrus to fight for him. If Shera follows the path that Tyrus blazes for him, he’ll be a Champion. Tyrus picked one of the top superstars in Impact for Shera to fight tonight. As Shera walks away, Tyrus says he’s gonna need a miracle.

— Commercal break —

In the back, EC3 and Jessie Godderz challenge Aron Rex and Eli Drake to a tag match.

Mahabali Shera comes to the ring, no dancing, no Bollywood nonsense, and waits for his opponent. It’s Mike Bennett! This is my shocked face. D:

Mahabali Shera vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/ Maria)

Shera tries to intimidate Miracle, but Bennett laughs and calls him a joke. Shera flexes and Bennett slams him. Bennett with a chop and Shera looks like a fly just landed on him. Bennett goes for a kick and that catches Shera off guard, and Bennett chops him back to the corner. Bennett looks at Shera in disgust, chops, but Shera no-sells again and walks out of the corner. Bennett chops, Shera explodes and yells at Bennett before scooping him up for a slam. Bennett escapes to the apron, Shera grabs him, but Bennett hot shots him. Bennett slides in, clobbers Shera and then starts to stomp at him. Bennett smashes Shera into the corner, kicking and punching away. Snapmare out of the corner, chin lock, and Bennett applies the pressure as Maria cheers him on. Shera fights to his feet, forces Bennett’s hands to separate, and another big scoop slam rattles Bennett. And a second. And a third. Irish whip sends Bennett to the corner and Shera chases with a big flying splash! Shera with a big bearhug, he has Bennett up, but Bennett rakes the eyes! Shera’s blinded and walks right into Bennett– MIP! Bennett covers; one, two, three!

Winner: Mike Bennett by pinfall (Miracle in Progress)

Another interview vignette for the main event tonight. Cody talks about how he likes Eddie Edwards, and Eddie Edwards talks about how he is Mr. A-I-P, Anything is Possible. Cody wants to beat Eddie Edwards to become World Heavyweight Champion, and it’s sad that it’s Cody’s job to put an end to Eddie’s dream so Cody can have his own. Eddie says Cody won’t be putting an end to this dream, not tonight.

— Commercial break —

Back in the Impact Zone, DJZ is being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell regarding Team X Gold. DJZ says that Team X Gold is carrying on the tradition of innovation that the X-Division is famous for. Different wrestlers, styles, philosophies. DJZ says his team will set the standard. Rockstar Spud comes to the Impact Zone and wants to know why he wasn’t invited. DJZ wonders if Rockstar Spud heard the news. What news? Nobody likes him! Spud isn’t happy. Spud says since him being excluded was done behind his back, he went behind DJZ’s back and made a team of his own. But they’re better than X. Better than Y. Better than Z. Spud says he’ll be seeing DJZ.

Pope and Matthews set us up for the main event.

Cody comes to the ring with Brandi Rhodes and preens a bit as we await the arrival of the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Edwards.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Cody (w/ Brandi Rhodes)

Cody walks to the middle of the ring, and Eddie offers his hand. Cody takes it and they shake hands before Cody steps back. Cody rolls in on Eddie, but both men are light on their feet here, circling each other. Tie-up in the middle of the ring, Eddie forces Cody back into the corner, ref forces a break, clean break as dueling chants in the Impact Zone. Tie-up in the middle of the ring, Eddie with a go-behind. Cody works an arm free, wrist lock, transitions into a headlock. Eddie shoves Cody off to the ropes, Cody rebounds with a shoulder block taking Edwards down. Cody hits the ropes again, Eddie rolls to try and trip Cody but Cody leaps over, off the far side ropes, Cody slides but Edwards leapfrogs, Cody up as Eddie takes to the ropes and knocks Cody down with a shoulder tackle. They repeat the sequence in opposite roles, except at the end, Cody trips Edwards and pins; one– kickout.

Edwards sweeps and pins; one– kickout.

DUELIN’ DROPKICKS! Stand-off. Crowd pop. Big “Cody!” chant.

— Commercial break —

Cody has an unusual abdominal stretch going on with Edwards’ arm hammerlocked. Eddie twists out, transitions to a headlock, Cody pushes Edwards into the ropes and shoves him off, Eddie grabs onto the far side rope and kicks Cody in the head twice, following up with a kick to the knee! Eddie in the corner, stalks, shining wizard! Edwards covers; one, two– kickout!

Edwards pulls Cody up, chops him hard, and then headbutts Cody. Irish whip, Cody with a short-arm reversal, drops down, and kicks Eddie in the side of the head! Edwards in the corner and Cody props him up before a loud overhand chop to the chest, and another. Edwards explodes out of the corner, tosses Cody into the corner and responds with a knife’s edge chop so hard that it bounces Cody out of the corner and Edwards follows up with another. Cody drops into a drop toe hold taking Edwards down, and Cody takes Edwards’ back and applies an arm bar. Eddie struggles, makes it to the ropes. Cody props Edwards up in the corner, whips him across the ring but Eddie slides, charges Cody and chops him down. Cody back up, and he’s chopped back down. Cody pops up, fires off a lariat but Eddie ducks, goes for a back suplex but Cody rolls off, lands on his feet, Edwards chops him hard! Edwards takes to the ropes, Cody chases, Eddie off the ropes, Cody off the same ropes, Eddie stops and turns around and Cody levels him with a flying forearm! Cody with a lariat takes Edwards down again. Eddie goes for a lariat of his own, Cody catches it and pulls Eddie down into a reverse front facelock, looking for the Crossroads, but Eddie grabs Cody’s head and with a snapmare escapes. Eddie staggers to the ropes, Cody gives chases and Eddie sends him flying over the top! Cody lands on the apron, forearm to Edwards, Cody jumps to springboard off the top rope but Eddie leaps up and catches Cody with a kick to the side of the head, sending him tumbling to the floor!

Eddie lets out the wolf howl and hits the far side ropes, suicide dive connects and sends Cody careening into the guard rail! Cody tries to get away but Eddie stops him with a headbutt, rolls Cody back in, Eddie on the apron and Cody springs off and connects with the Beautiful Disaster sending Edwards crashing to the outside! Eddie staggers up and Cody springs off the middle rope, to the top, and a flying splash connects with Edwards, sending both men tumbling to the entrance ramp! Both men stagger up and Cody drags Edwards farther up the entrance ramp and scoop slams Edwards on the steel! Cody picks Edwards up and runs him back to the ring. Cody on the apron, stalking Edwards, Cody springboards in, Edwards gets out of the way, Cody lands on his feet and careens into the corner, Edwards charges, Cody with a boot up. Cody hops up on the middle rope, Edwards with another leaping high kick staggers Cody. Edwards folds Cody up and charges into the middle of the ring with the Chin Checker! Edwards covers; one, two, thre– kickout!

Edwards heads to the top rope leaps off, but Cody ducks out of the way and Edwards rolls through. Cody in the corner and Edwards charges, Cody side-steps but Eddie stops his momentum before crashing into the corner, back elbow from Edwards staggers Cody, Eddie now hops up on the second rope but Cody stops him with a shot to the gut. Cody pulls Eddie into a front facelock, not looking for a superplex, no, Cody with a Muscle Buster! Cody covers; one, two, thr– kickout!!

Cody looks stunned, but gets to his feet and regains his composure. Cody looks for a Figure Four, but Edwards kicks him off. Cody doesn’t take too kindly to that and just straight punches Edwards in the face. Cody starts to let loose, another punch as he taunts Edwards. Edwards explodes with a forearm smash, and Cody responds in kind. The two start trading forearm smashes, but Edwards puts and end to that and starts chopping at Cody. Cody ends that and picks Edwards up in a fireman’s carry, sits Edwards on the top turnbuckle. Cody climbs up the ropes, looking for perhaps a superplex this time, but Eddie resists and gets clubbed in the back for the trouble. Cody on the top rope, pulls Edwards up, top-rope superplex! Both men land hard! After a long moment, Cody lifts his legs, trying to float over, but Eddie catches him with a cradle! One, two, three!!

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards by pinfall (inside cradle)

Cody pulls at his hair and slams the mat, looking devastated that he lost as Eddie Edwards has his hands raised in victory. After replays, we see Edwards and Cody face-to-face, but Cody offers his hand. The two shake hands, and as Eddie goes to leave, Cody stops him, lifting Edwards’ hands in victory. Edwards repays the kindness. Eddie leaves the ring and Cody apologizes to Brandi on the outside. Cody poses in a corner as Brandi gets on the apron, but someone is running down the ramp– it’s Maria! She yanks Brandi off the apron and Brandi’s head smashes into the apron! Maria grabs Brandi Rhodes and runs her into the steel ring stairs! Cody hears the commotion and hops out of the ring, chasing Maria off. Maria is at the entry ramp as Bennett comes out, and they taunt the downed Rhodes and her husband.

1) Lashley def. Moose to become World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender
2) The Broken Hardys def. The Tribunal to retain the World Tag Team Championships
3) Mike Bennett def. Mahabali Shera
4) Eddie Edwards def. Cody to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

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