TNA IMPACT 11 03 2016

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
November 3, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Mathews & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Results by: Gerald Bocook of

We get a recap of the events that saw Eddie Edwards dethroning Lashley for the World Heavyweight Championship and leading up to the rematch, our main event, tonight.

The newest Knockout, Brandi Rhodes, starts us off on her way to the Impact Zone to a pretty loud pop. Brandi says that she and Cody have been through a lot in just three years of marriage. They’ve had to make some tough decision, but that is marriage. Cody has been supportive of Brandi’s decision to come to Impact Wrestling, and she hopes he’s proud of her. She couldn’t be prouder of him. Cody was “this close” to being World Heavyweight Champion, and then Lashley happened. Brandi has some bad news for Lashley; Cody is a fighter. Lashley may not know the blood that runs in Cody’s veins, but he is going to find out, and Lashley is going to wish he put Cody down the first time.

Brandi says that her future… is going to be interrupted by Maria and Sienna. Maria wants to talk to Brandi about her future. In this business, if you have no one, you have nothing. And now that her li’l hubby got hurt, Brandi has nobody. So the choice is Brandi’s; go home and be a good wifey, or stay here and swim among the sharks. Brandi thinks Maria is threatening her, but Maria would never threaten Brandi, she doesn’t threaten anybody; she gives people opportunities. She opens doors. But sometimes, she shuts them in people’s faces. Like Allie. Allie had a lesson to learn, and she learned it, and now, she’s going to be a better assistant. But Brandi, Maria sees something in her. Maria wants to give Brandi an opportunity. Join Maria’s Lady Squad, become the woman she can be, and not just ride her husband’s coat tails. Brandi is her own woman; she makes her own decisions. And her name is “Rhodes”, and that means something around here. It is a name that demands respect. And while she might not have Maria’s respect, she sure doesn’t need Maria’s help for any damn thing. Maria asks if she’s sure about that as Sienna gets in Brandi’s bubble. Brandi backs up, but suddenly swings and starts blasting Sienna with elbow strikes! Sienna is chased across the ring and sent flying into the ropes as Brandi turns to face Maria, who looked like she was sneaking up on Mrs. Rhodes. Brandi and Maria argue, and Sienna is back up, clobberin’ Brandi with a running elbow! Sienna stomps at Brandi, then gets in the guard and starts punching. Sienna pulls Brandi up and hits the AK-47! Maria and Sienna celebrate in the ring.

Tonight, we have three Title Matches. The DCC will challenge World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys, Eddie Edwards defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Lashley, and up next, Aron Rex defends his Impact Grand Championship against Jessie Godderz.

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Eddie Edwards. Five-time World Tag Team Champion, Triple Crown winner, and now, World Heavyweight Champion. We get a nice mini-doc about Edwards, from his upbringing in Boston to his training under Killer Kowalski, to taking Impact Wrestling by storm with Davey Richards as The Wolves, Eddie’s injury in a match against Richards, and tonight, Eddie Edwards defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Lashley.

Jessie Godderz is coming to the ring and he’ll be challenging Aron Rex for the Impact Grand Championship now. The announcers call attention to Aron Rex’s taped fingers, asking of the rings he wears come off when the tape goes on.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Jessie Godderz vs Aron Rex (C)

Round One
Three minutes on the clock, here we go. They go for a tie-up, but Godderz ducks low and gets a go behind before picking the leg and taking Rex down. Godderz gets kicked off, might’ve been going for the Adonislock, and Godderz charges, only for Rex to sweep him. Rex with a cover; on– fast kickout by Godderz.

They meet in the middle of the ring, Godderz gets a headlock in, keeping it secure as Rex tries to throw him off, and Rex starts smashing Godderz in the side to break. Rex gets free, Godderz ducks a lariat and starts connecting with rights. Rex is taking these blows hard, and Godderz just keeps ‘em comin’, backing Rex into the corner. Godderz drags Rex to a neighboring corner and slams his head into the top turnbuckle pad. Godderz drags Rex across the ring and slams him again into the top turnbuckle pad, and then again on another neighboring corner. Godderz wrenches Rex’s wrist and sends him across the ring, Rex off the ropes, Godderz with a dropkick! Godderz covers; one, t– kickout.

Godderz grabs the legs and starts trying to lock in the Adonislock, Rex spins out but Godderz holds on, back to his feet, attempting the Adonislock again. Rex struggles to not get turned over, Godderz switches tactics and slinghots Rex into the corner, Rex smashing off the top turnbuckle, bounding off and into a back suplex from Godderz with Rex landing high on his shoulders! Godderz plays to the crowd and then covers; one, two– Rex kicks out.

Godderz picks Rex up and tosses him into the ropes like a heap, and Rex hangs on, kicking Godderz from the disadvantaged position, and Rex pops up, shoving his forearm into Godderz’ face and rushing the corner. The referee forces a break and they break. Rex goes for a big strike but Godderz ducks under, takes to the ropes, Rex goes to chase and Godderz with a flying body press! Godderz falls into the pin, but the ref takes forever to get into position; one, two– kickout!

46 seconds left in the round, Godderz pulls Rex up, wrenches the arm, and then locks the arm over his shoulder, the arm bar forcing Rex to a knee. Godderz in full control, corkscrewing Rex down to his belly, and Godderz transitions into a Fujiwara arm bar, wrenching the shoulder like mad. Rex squirms and twists, rolls Godderz up with a small package; one– barely a one-count and Godderz rolls back into the Fujiwara, twisting back into control, but Rex manages to get to the ropes.

Both men up as the 10-second warning hits, Godderz tries to pull Rex into the ring but Rex has tied himself up in the ropes and won’t let go as the clock runs out!

End of Round One.

The two competitors are separated as we see a replay of Jessie Godderz’ big dropkick. The scores have come in.

Round 1 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Aron Rex 9 9 9 27
Jessie Godderz – W 10 10 10 30

Round Two
Tie-up in the middle of the ring never happens as Rex goes for a kick to the gut and follows with a headbutt sending Godderz to the corner. Rex snapmares Godderz out of the corner and then drops a knee on Godderz’ head. Rex covers; one– kickout.

Rex goes right for a grounded headlock, taunting Godderz. Godderz gets to his feet, elbows out of the hold, takes to the ropes, but Rex cuts him off with a knee. Rex with a suplex, floats over; on– not even a one-count.

Rex with a chin lock, Godderz trying to break out, wriggles out, Rex transitions to a headlock, and then slams Godderz to the mat. Rex follows-up with an elbow drop, but Godderz moves out of the way, Rex lands hard, Godderz rolls Rex up; one– Rex with a rope break.

Rex pounces on Godderz, attempting another suplex, but Godderz blocks the attempt with an inside cradle; one, two– kickout!

Rex pounces on Godderz again, headbutts sending the challenger reeling. Rex sends Godderz into the corner, runs in, Godderz moves out of the way and Rex crashes into the turnbuckle pads. Godderz with a school boy; one, two– kickout!

Rex with another headbutt, and another, and a clubbing forearm. Godderz staggers, is sent to the ropes. Rex charges, Godderz gets a boot up. Godderz grabs Rex from behind, rushes the ropes and off the rebound gets Rex with a reverse victory roll; one, two– explosive kickout from Rex sends Godderz flying!

Rex is back up quick, forearm shot to Godderz’ back as Jessie struggles against the ropes. Rex sends Godderz to the corner again, runs in, Jessie again moves out of the way as Rex splashes the corner, and Godderz with a lariat as Rex turns around! Back elbow and another lariat both send Rex to the mat. Aron back up, power slam by Godderz! Godderz hooks the leg; one, two– kickout!

21 seconds to go, and Rex pulls Godderz down to the ropes. Rex tries to take advantage, but Godderz has other ideas– double-leg takedown into the Adonislock! Godderz gets the Adonislock on in full as the bell rings to end the round!

End of Round Two.

The two men are separated as we see a reply of Aron Rex’s jumping knee drop from early in the round.

Round 2 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Aron Rex 10 9 9 28
Jessie Godderz – W 9 10 10 29

And now the stage is set; Godderz will win the Impact Grand Championship if the third round goes to time, but this exactly what happened the last time Godderz challenged for the Impact Grand Championship and Aron Rex pulled off the victory.

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Round Three
Rex charges but Godderz with a standing switch transitions into a side headlock. Rex is doing something shady that draws the ref’s attention, but that draws the ref’s attention from Rex trying to gouge the eyes of Godderz to break the headlock! Rex feigns innocence and starts on the attack, clubbing Godderz across the back. Rex follows Godderz as the Bro-Man staggers around, and Jessie with a nice right takes Rex off his feet! Godderz still can’t see and nearly clobbers the ref as Rex recovers. Godderz sees Rex hanging out near the corner and goes after him but Rex rakes the eyes again, and as Godderz is staggering around, Rex connects with a big right hand, dropping Jessie Godderz dead cold. Rex covers; one, two, three.

Winner and STILL Impact Grand Champion: Aron Rex by pinfall (Power of the Punch)

The crowd boos Rex with the decision. The referee has to wait until Godderz stands for the announcement. Godderz, when not looking like he just woke up from KO-ville, looks mad. Rex calls for a mic and wants a round of applause for Jessie Godderz in a hard-fought loss.

After a preview of tonight’s other two Championship matches, we get a look at the high-flying X-Division with Team X Gold’s Team Go For Broke, palin’ around and talking about how great they are together in Team X Gold and in the X-Division, period.

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Team X Gold continues next with the Helms Dynasty coming to the ring with Marche Rockett. Rockstar Spud is out in competition, followed by Decay. Getting into the ring, Spud tries to direct traffic with Decay, but after some sideways glances, his orders become more… suggestions. Light suggestions, really. Almost pleas. Team Go For Broke is next out, and we’ll be getting a Triple Threat where members from each team will be participating.

Team X Gold Triple Threat
Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, and Marche Rockett vs Rockstar Spud and Decay vs Team Go For Broke

Trevor Lee, Crazzy Steve, and X-Division Champion DJZ will be starting things off for us. Lee with a running clothesline attempt on DJZ who ducks and goes after Crazzy Steve with a right. Lee charges DJZ again and gets punched in the face for the trouble. DJZ in control, fighting back both men, and he heads for the ropes and is gonna try something on Crazzy Steve but gets kicked in the gut by Trevor Lee instead. Steve and Lee start fighting over who gets to beat up DJZ as DJZ is hanging on the ropes. They settle for oneupsmanship, with Steve and Lee trading off headbutts and elbows to DJZ in turn. Double team Irish whip, double clothesline is ducked, DJZ with a standing switch on Lee and shoves him into Crazzy Steve. DJZ grabs both men in fingerlocks, heads to the ropes, springs off the middle rope, legs up over the top rope and springboards backward off of it, sending Lee and Steve flying! I hope I properly conveyed what that move was! Both opponents exit the ring, and DJZ takes to the far side ropes and over the top with a senton! DJZ rolls Lee back into the ring, front facelock applied and DJZ drags Trevor Lee to the TGFB corner to tag in Mandrews.

Double team Irish whip sends Lee to the far side ropes, and off the ropes Team Go For Broke with stereo basement dropkicks send Lee head-over-heels crashing into the mat! Crazy Steve is back in and Mandrews ducks a lariat, victory roll, but Mandrews rolls through and connects a double stomp! Trevor Lee gets hit with a few forearm smashes, Mandrews pops up for a hurricanrana and gets caught as Trevor Lee sends him into the turnbuckle with a powerbomb! Out of nowhere, Crazzy Steve collides with Mandrews in the corner with a cannonball! Steve covers; one– kickout!

Lee tags out to Everett as Josh Matthews struggles with another advertising transition. Everett decides that maybe he should work with Steve instead of against, and they both go after Mandrews who is struggling to his feet in the ropes. Everett charges TGFB’s corner and knocks both DJZ and Sutter off the apron as Steve continues to kick at Mandrews. Everett charges Mandrews in the corner and starts stomping at him before Steve throws him aside and attacks Mandrews, biting at his face! Everett kicks Steve aside and starts choking Mandrews with his boot as Crazzy Steve tags in Rockstar Spud.

Spud starts kicking at Mandrews, but Everett tags out to Marche Rockett who throws Spud aside to stomp at Mandrews. Poor Mandrews. Spud gets Rockett’s attention by slapping him on the back and yelling at him, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I’M ROCKSTAR SPUD!” to which Rockett replies, “YOU WANT SOME OF THIS, MAN?!” which shuts Rockstar Spud up good. Spud looks bewildered, and then comes up with a plan. He tags in Abyss, before flipping off Rockett.

Abyss and Marche Rockett go nose-to-nose, and Rockett goes to strike first but Abyss blocks and connects with a right! The two men start trading off, but get nowhere. They both hit opposite ropes, charging for lariats, they both connect, but neither man goes down! To the ropes again, both men connect with shoulder blocks, neither man goes down! Nose-to-nose again, their attention is drawn to Mandrews, on the apron, springboards in and takes both men down to the mat with a dropkick! Mandrews leaps to TGFB’s corner and makes the tag to Sutter!

Rockett tags out to Andrew Everett who charges in and is taken down with a right punch from Sutter. Crazzy Steve charges in despite not being tagged and he’s also punched down! Everett knocked down by a lariat, and Steve follows suit. Trevor Lee tries to get Sutter’s attention and does, as Sutter charges the corner and knocks Lee down to the floor! Everett tries for a lariat but Sutter catches the arm, spins Everett around and hits a jumping neckbreaker! Steve charges Sutter and gets power slammed! Abyss returns to the ring, grabs Sutter by the neck, chokeslam! Andrew Everett gets a short arm whip into the Black Hole Slam! Steve grabs Abyss and begs him to grab his throat. Abyss obliges and chokeslams Crazzy Steve onto Andrew Everett! But the referee has had enough, and Abyss and Crazzy Steve have been ejected from the match for violating the tag rule! Spud is freaking out, but he’s still in the match and Braxton Sutter is on him lightning-quick! Sutter lariats Spud in the corner, kicks him right in the head, Spud staggers out, into the Flatliner! Sutter covers; one, two, three!

Winners: Team Go For Broke by pinfall (Flatliner)

Team Go For Broke celebrates as the Helms Dynasty wonders what the heck happened when they were knocked out on the floor.

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We get a continuing look at World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards, starting from his injury in a match against Davey Richards, his hiatus where he was married, and his short-lived return to the ring with Richards, when Richards would be taken out of action with an injury. Edwards would go on to achieve singles success, winning the X-Division Championship at Slammiversary, his first TNA singles Championship. We then see Edwards and Lashley getting geared up for tonight’s main event.

Reby Sky plays Broken Matt to the stage, who praises her playing. She then starts to play Brother Nero’s theme, and Nero appears. Matt asks Nero what will be the fate of the men in black? They’ll fade away and classify themselves as obsolete. Matt and Nero are in the ring and Matt has a mic in his hand. He says that the crowd’s “Delete!” chant is absolutely tantalizing. Two weeks ago, the three mysterious masked businessmen came to the ring after their match with The Tribunal and these men wanted to point at the greatest tag team in all of time and space. So, masked businessmen, as opposed to pointing at them, why not come face them? Broken Matt is summoning you, now.

The lights go out, and the clock ticks. Blue lights fill the Impact Zone and the men stand behind the Broken Hardys. “Masked businessmen, I knew you’d come.” Matt and Nero turn and start brawling with two of the three men, but the masked men are getting the upperhand over the Hardys, one stomping away at Brother Nero and the other choking Broken Matt as the third just stands there. The third man grabs Nero in a front facelock and calls over the man choking and stomping Matt to lift Nero’s legs as the man who had been assaulting Nero alone now charges and kicks Nero in the chest! As Nero falls to the mat, the third man knees him in the head! The second man returns to choking Matt, and after the third man grabs one of the World Tag Team Championship belts and then drops it, all three men exit the ring and leave through the crowd. Until Nero grabs a microphone, that is. Nero tells them to put the brakes on and gets their asses back in the ring if they want a fight. Nero is up, so is Matt, and they’re ready to go. The three men head back to the ring and one is immediately taken out with a Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy! One receives a dropkick through the ropes from Nero as he tries to get into the ring! Nero then heads on the apron and dives off with a double axe handle to the masked man as the third man enters the ring and is set upon by Broken Matt! A bell rings!

World Tag Team Championship Match
DCC vs The Broken Hardys (C)

The man in the ring with Matt tries to smother Matt with his glove, and then starts punching Matt in the head. Outside, the masked man Nero is tangling with slams his head into the announce table before gouging Nero’s eyes. Matt starts fighting back against his competitor, but the man who was attacking Nero comes in to distract Matt and lead a 2-on-1 assault. The man elbows Matt down, then tags in the original competitor.

Double team Irish whip, and both men shoulder block Matt. As one leaves to the apron, and we see Nero struggling onto the apron of his side, the man in the ring lays heavy rights into Matt Hardy’s head. He pulls Matt to his feet and with a punch, sends Matt reeling to the corner. Irish whip sends Matt across the ring and the man charges, Hardy gets a back elbow up, Matt starts clawing at the man’s head before getting his arm around the man’s neck and falling with a unique neckbreaker. The man and Matt both makes tags at the same time.

Nero explodes into the ring, ducking a lariat and rebounding off the ropes to knock the legal member of the DCC down with a striking elbow, off the ropes again to attack the other member of the team with a running kick, Irish whip, reversed, and Nero comes off the ropes with another elbow strike. Nero sets up a Twist of Fate on the legal man, but the other man attacks Nero from behind. Another double team Irish whip, Nero ducks the double team clothesline attempt, comes off the ropes, double clothesline takes both men down! Nero connects with the Twist of Fate, covers; one, t– broken up by the other member of the DCC!

Matt comes in to attack the non-legal man, and the third member of DCC enters the ring to attack Hardy! The ref calls this one off!

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys via disqualification

Matt and one of the men brawl up the ramp and to the back, as Nero and chases one of the men through the entryway. The third man shoves the referee and starts choking him with his boot. He lets up and leaves the Impact Zone.

In the back, the brawl continues, as the DCC members gain the upper hand over the Hardys. One attempts to attack Matt with a chair but Matt cuts him off and Matt throws him over a table before grabbing the man and pummeling him with punches. The other man has laid out Nero and now attacks Matt, and the two brawl out of the arena to the outside where Matt throws him against a security trailer. I think that’s Obadiah Stane in the trailer, watching as the two continue to brawl. Matt shoves the man into a trash can and slams the lid on him yelling “DELETE! DELETE!” Nero and the second man continue to brawl in the back, and Nero is on the losing end here, on the run and being stalked as the man tries to gouge out his eyes. Nero starts getting some shots in then slams his head into the table and throws a chair at him.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Grado about his match last week when suddenly Nero and the second man break in. Grado grabs his cell phone out of his fanny pouch and asks Nero if he can get a selfie, and Nero obliges. Grado celebrates his selfie as Nero continues to brawl with the masked man. They make their way outside, and the man hits a low blow! Matt comes to his rescue, attacking the man, and telling Nero that he needs a refresher. Matt heads to a container labeled “Lake of Reincarnation” and throws it at Nero. When the water recedes, it’s Immortal Jeff Hardy! He has the Immortal Championship and clobbers the member of DCC with it as Matt shouts “Goodnight, masked businessman!” Immortal Jeff lights a cigarette and takes a drag, then puts the cigarette out on the forehead of the masked businessman who screams bloody murder. Returning to the man that Matt had been assaulting with the trash can, still laid out, Matt goes to the operator of a forklift and tells him “Operator of heavy machinery, I need you to forklift that man!” to which the operator replies “Can’t do it.” Matt bites the man’s arm and orders him, “Drive!” as he relinquishes. They chase the masked man until he dives out of the way, and Matt stops the forklift. He tells the man, “I am still going to stick a fork in you,” and starts slamming his head against a pallet on the forklift, yelling “Delete!”

Immortal Jeff and the man he was fighting are brawling again, the man opens up a storage container and throws the Immortal Championship into it, and throws Immortal Jeff against a guard rail. The man dumps Immortal Jeff Hardy into the container, along with the container of the Lake of Reincarnation, and closes the lid before rolling it until it crashes into a wall. Back at the forklift, the lift has now been raised and Matt is gouging at the eyes of the man, “Your eyes are so lovely, ah, yess!” Back at the container that Immortal Jeff was tossed into, the lid explodes off the box and there stands Brother Nero, shouting “Jeff in the box!” Nero delivers a Twist of Fate to the man. We then return to Matt, who shouts “It’s not Halloween anymore; take off the mask!” and rips the mask off, revealing another mask underneath! Matt laughs and then is kicked off the raised forklift, hitting the hard concrete below! Nero runs to Matt’s aid, asking if he’s okay. Matt replies, “Of course. Who are you?”

Ethan Carter III is walking backstage in a suit. Since Bound for Glory, EC3 hasn’t been having the best times. In these dark times, there’s been one nagging voice, that of E-Li-Drake. They traded barbs, they traded jabs. Carter is heading to the ring. Let’s settle this.

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In the Impact Zone, Ethan Carter III stands mic-in-hand. He talks about tonight’s main event, but it’s a spot he wants. It’s a spot he’ll do anything to get back. But he doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time, because there’s a sliver-tongued s.o.b. in the back that likes to talk smack about EC3 non-stop, so Eli Drake, come out here.

Drake comes out. Let ‘im talk to ya. Look at this dummy just waitin’ to hate. He’s just makin’ noise. But maybe Carter should use his inside voice before Drake puts his “keister” outside. Carter invites Drake into the ring. Drake is cool where he is. Carter calls Drake out for saying that Drake earned everything but Carter had everything handed to him. Drake reiterates that in the audience’s minds, Drake is still miles below Carter but in reality, Carter isn’t in Drake’s league. Carter says that he was given a name and given an opportunity, but he earned everything else. He earned going undefeated for an eon in this company, that he went through the TNA Hall of Fame like a hot knife through butter, that he defeated the “greatest living wrestler alive” [sic], Kurt Angle, for a World Heavyweight Championship. Ethan Carter III has earned everything he has, the opportunity to run with that ball, the fact that when you say this company’s name, it’s synonymous with EC3, and the fact that he’s the damn man around here. The crowd chants for EC3.

Carter says that Drake has a golden ticket, but he’s too scared to cash it in. Drake wants so bad what Carter has, what Carter earned. Earn it. Drake doesn’t need what Carter earned. That’s what Bound for Gold does. Drake is gold. Carter says Drake is a dickless bastard. Drake is Bound for Gold, but show the people that he deserves it. Put Bound for Gold on the line against Ethan Carter III. Drake says he’s going to pass the savings along to EC3 and not deliver a keister kicking right to EC3’s front porch, because that’s the worst deal Drake has ever heard. EC3 says if Drake puts his Bound for Gold on the line, EC3’ll go to the bottom of the barrel, just like Drake wants. Call him “Ethan Mid-Carder III”. Carter will never challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship again. Drake says okay, let’s make history. Next week, it’s going to be E-Li Drake against… whomever the World Heavyweight Champion is, because Eli Drake is cashin’ in. Eli Drake’ll be World Heavyweight Champion and EC3’ll still be Ethan Mid-Carder III because Drake won’t let Carter anywhere near his World Heavyweight Championship. And that’s not an insult, that’s just a fact of life.

In the back, Borash is with Lashley, and Borash wants to know why Lashley attacked Cody. Cody was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lashley says it was a message that Eddie Edwards made a mistake to try and get in Lashley’s head. Cody’ll never be back. And that was just a warm-up. Tonight is going to be a slaughter. Edwards’ wife and kids will watch his dream die.

Another Eddie Edwards retrospective. Edwards was a fighting X-Division Champion, taking on all comers. Until he ran into the World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley. Inside Six Sides of Steel, Lashley was unbeatable and walked away with the World Heavyweight Championship and the X-Division Championship in a winner takes all contest. Afterward, Eddie would lose his mentor, but Eddie would rise to the occasion. After being given a World Heavyweight Championship match against Lashley, Eddie Edwards would do the impossible and unseat Lashley.

Up next, the World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards looks to prove that him defeating Lashley wasn’t a fluke.

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We get some cool extended entrances for both men, showing them walking through the backstage area as their music starts and Josh Matthews puts both men over huge. Jeremy Borash introduces the match as the “Super Fight: Edwards/Lashley II: the rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship”, even though it’s the third big match they’ve had.

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World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lashley vs Eddie Edwards (C)

Bell rings and both men take their time tying up. Lashley immediately wrenches the wrist and puts on the tension, bringing Edwards to a knee. Edwards hops up and twists, reversing control, and putting Lashley into a headlock. Edwards wrenches the headlock in and Lashley responds by picking Edwards up and throwing him down on the mat face-first! Lashley goes for an elbow drop but Edwards rolls out of the way and Lashley crashes. Both men back up and Lashley charges, Edwards ducks the lariat, chop! Edwards backs Lashley into the corner with more chops, but Lashley explodes out and picks Edwards up, charging a corner and slamming Edwards into it. Lashley drives a shoulder and a knee into Edwards’ midsection then starts punchin’. Lashley sends Edwards across the ring, Edwards hits the turnbuckle pads and comes out of the corner with a lariat that floors Lashley! Lashley up, Manhattan drop from Edwards! Edwards sends Lashley to the ropes, Lashley reverses, Edwards off the ropes slides under a grapple attempt and is back to his feet, kicks, but the kick is caught and Lashley comes around with a back elbow that floors Edwards. Lashley flexes for the crowd. Lashley picks Edwards up, German Suplex– no, Edwards lands on his feet, tries to gain his footing but Lashley barrels him down with a shoulder block. Lashley grabs Edwards and slides him out of the ring under the bottom rope, and Edwards slams onto the floor. Lashley exits the ring and Eddie slides in, on his feet, slingshots himself out of the ring and a flying body press takes Lashley down! Edwards grabs Lashley and sets him against the guard rail and connects with a big chop! And a second one sends Lashley to the floor. The crowd chants “one more time!” and Edwards obliges. As Edwards celebrates, he breaks the count, and Lashley is up, exploder suplex from Lashley sends Edwards flying and landing hard on the outside!! Lashley slams Edwards’ head into the steel ring steps, and another exploder has Edwards crashing into the entrance ramp! Lashley breaks the count again, very nonchalantly, and returns to Edwards, picking Edwards up and throwing him into the crowd! Lashley returns to the ring and celebrates, taunting the crowd. Lashley drags Edwards back around the ring and hammers him down. Lashley just beats on Edwards, and he’s taken off his wrist band, he’s choking Eddie Edwards, and he’s blocking the ref’s view of it!

— Commercial break —

Back at the Impact Zone, Lashley covers Eddie Edwards incredibly non-chalantly; one– kickout.

Lashley locks in a grounded side headlock, in full control, but Edwards is struggling to his feet. Edwards tries to elbow out, but Lashley throws Edwards down. Lashley picks Edwards up and punches him down. Lashley picks him up again, and it’s a palm strike taking Eddie to the mat this time. Lashley picks Edwards up again, big punch, Edwards ducks, jaw breaker! Lashley is reeling, and Edwards with a chop sends Lashley to the corner. Irish whip out of the corner, Lashley reverses, Edwards hits the corner hard. Lashley charges, Edwards gets a boot up and drops Lashley! Edwards falls out of the corner, staggers to his feet, gets up in the far side corner and charges Lashley, connecting with a flying forearm. Edwards takes to the ropes, charging the corner, but Lashley out of the corner connects with a flying body press! Lashley falls into the cover; one, two, t– kickout!

Lashley sits Edwards up and drives an elbow on his head. Lashley follows Edwards as he crawls towards the corner, and a riding stomp drops Edwards. Lashley takes his time, taunting Edwards, and follows up by driving Edwards head into Lashley’s leg with a stomp. Lashley picks Edwards up, delayed vertical suplex, and Lashley has him up for a couple seconds before Edwards flips off and picks Lashley up– Blue thunder bomb! Edwards is too spent to follow up, though, he can’t make the cover. Both men are struggling to their feet, Edwards in the corner, Lashley charges but Eddie gets his boot up, Lashley grabs it, though, throws it down, goes in for the lariat but Edwards ducks out of the way, chop! Chop! Chop! Lashley shoves Edwards down, charges, Edwards with a back elbow takes Lashley off his feet! Another back elbow! Edwards shoves Lashley against the ropes, Irish whip, reversed, Edwards hangs on to the top rope though. Lashley charges, Edwards drops down, Lashley goes flying over the top rope! Edwards howls, takes to the far side ropes, suicide dive connects! A fan actually helps Edwards up, and Edwards rolls Lashley into the ring. Shining wizard!! Edwards covers; one, two– kickout!

Edwards is on Lashley. Irish whip, reversed, Lashley pulls Edwards up onto his shoulder and flips him, Lashley looks like he’s about to lose his balance but manages to deliver an absolutely devastating Dominator! Lashley takes his time covering; one, two, thre– kickout!!

Lashley is blaming the referee, but soldiers on. Lashley pulls Edwards up, but Edwards whips Lashley into the corner. Edwards chases, Lashley gets an elbow up and stops Eddie in his tracks. Lashley hops up to sit on the top turnbuckle but Edwards with a leaping kick to the head sends Lashley to the floor! Edwards takes to the far side ropes, another suicide dives connects, smashing Lashley into the guard rail! Edwards rolls Lashley back into the ring. Lashley getting up slowly, Edwards charges, looking for the Boston Knee Party, but Lashley is up and catches Edwards with a nasty spinebuster!! Edwards rolls away, and Lashley can’t makes the cover. Lashley to his feet, pulls Edwards up, sits him on the top turnbuckle and gives him a punch for good measure. Lashley up on the ropes, front facelock, looking for a superplex, but Edwards denies him! Edwards manages to lift Lashley up and throw him, dropping Lashley face first on the mat! Edwards staggers up, lets out a howl, leaps off the top for a double stomp, but Lashley rolls out of the way! Edwards lands and rolls to his feet, charges the corner but Lashley pulls the referee in the way and Edwards smashes the ref! Edwards goes to check on the referee but Lashley throws Edwards across the ring, SPEAR! Lashley connected with all of that, Lashley covers, but the referee is out! Lashley shouts down the entrance ramp for another referee, and when he sees one coming down he goes back for the cover; one, two, thre– kickout!!

Lashley is incensed! He can’t believe it! Lashley takes out the referee! The first referee comes back in and calls for the Championship to be handed to him; he’s going to call the match as a DQ because of Lashley’s actions! Lashley won’t let him, and is yelling at the referee. He grabs the Championship out of the ref’s hands and turns around– BOSTON KNEE PARTY!!! Edwards covers; onetwothree!! Fast count!!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards by pinfall (Boston Knee Party)

Edwards celebrates in the ring, and we see some replays of the events at the end of the match. We return to Edwards heading up the ramp, World Heavyweight Championship raised.
1) Aron Rex def. Jessie Godderz to retain the Impact Grand Championship
2) Team Go For Broke def. The Helms Dynasty and Marche Rockett, and Rockstar Spud and Decay
3) The Broken Hardys def. DCC by disqualification to retain the World Tag Team Championships
4) Eddie Edwards def. Lashley to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Next Week
– Eli Drake challenges Eddie Edwards for the World Heavyweight Championship