TNA IMPACT 11 17 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Orlando, FL
November 17, 2016

A video package airs that recaps The DCC’s emergence in TNA and the ending of last week’s Impact main event between Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake. Edwards successfully defended his world championship, only to be attacked by the DCC after the match ended. The DCC unmasked themselves and they were revealed to be newcomer Eddie Kingston, the returning Bram and former TNA World Champion James Storm.

TNA World Champion, Eddie Edwards kicks off this week’s Impact in the ring. He talks about the giant target on his back, now that he is World Champ. He is fine with that. Says that he is ready to face anyone that has targeted him. He calls out The DCC and challenges them to come out. The DCC appears on the screen. They tell Edwards that their quest is not about titles. That they are here to create chaos. They announce that they accept Edwards challenge. The DCC arrive on the scene, back in their white masks. As they head to the ring, Eddie Kingston takes off his mask and attacks Edwards from behind. Storm and Bram unmask and help Kingston when Edwards starts to fight back. They triple team Edwards until Jeff Hardy runs out and makes the save. The show goes to it’s first break.

Back from the break. Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy are outside of the office of “The Boss” backstage. Aiden O’Shea is guarding the door. Edwards and Hardy demand to see the boss to make a request. O’Shea lets them in. The camera man tries to follow them but O’ Shea doesn’t allow him access.

Aron Rex vs. Jessie Godderz

This is not an Impact Grand championship styled match. No rounds here or judges. Godderz goes after Rex and dominates the early going. A lot of brawling in this one. Rex eventually turns the tables. Raking Jessie in the eyes and grounds him, and applies a chinlock. Jessie tries to fight back but is grounded again. Rex reapplies a chinlock. Aron ends up throwing Jessie to the outside. Rex then throws Jessie into the guardrails and rolls Jessie back in. The Pope on commentary says that Rex has been around the world and done it all… Funny to hear a TNA commentator say that when that is a standard WWE line for TNA talents that come into their company.

Rex applies yet another chinlock on Gooderz. Jessie fights out of it and hits some back elbows and clotheslines. He rakes Rex in the eyes to give him a taste of his own medicine. Godderz takes Rex to the outside of the ring and rams his head into the ring steps. Action back in the ring. Jessie hits a martial arts kick on Rex and gets a 2 count. Godderz tries to suplex Rex, Aron breaks out and clips Jessie’s knee. He goes for a Royal Arch submission, Godderz counters and puts Rex in The Adonis Crab. Rex taps out.

Jessie Godderz defeats Aron Rex by submission

Maria is backstage with Allie, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness. Laurel is on her cell phone. Tells Sienna that Braxton Sutter just sent her a cute text message. A curious Allie is surprised and disappointed that “Mr. Braxton” is texting Laurel. Laurel tells Allie that “He does more than just text me”. Allie gets really sad when Laurel tells her this. Maria rubs it in Allie’s face. Tells her that some people don’t know their place in the company. Maria then says the same thing about Brandi Rhodes. Makes fun of Cody for getting injured and how Brandi is now left alone to fend for herself. Maria tells Sienna and Laurel that they are the most dominant team in The Knockouts division and that no one wants to team with Brandi Rhodes.. Maria looks at Allie and says “Isn’t that right?”. Allie shakes her head and reluctantly tells Maria that she will never go against her, and that she won’t team up with Brandi. Sienna gets in Allie’s face and says that no one is dumb enough to go against them. They all stare Allie down and try and intimidate her, as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. A recap is shown of Gail Kim‘s attempt to make a major announcement last week. How she was interrupted and attacked by Rosemary…. Gail Kim is now backstage with Jeremy Borash. She announces that she has to vacate The TNA Knockouts Championship. She is doing this because she suffered in her match with Maria recently. A disclaimer appears on screen that says that a new TNA Knockouts Champion will be crowned in 2 weeks.

We are now back to Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards. They are leaving the office of “The Boss”. Aiden O’Shea asks them how it went. Jeff says that it was smashing…. Just kidding…. Jeff and Eddie tell Aiden that they got a 2 against 3 match with The DCC. Where anything goes.

Laurel Van Ness & Sienna w/ Maria & Allie Vs. Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne

Brandi enters the ring. Maria is on the mic. She teases Brandi that she has no partner and is all alone. Maria says that she knows someone that might want to be Brandi’s partner. Maria looks in Allie’s direction and says that she has a tendency to get confused sometimes. Maria dismisses Allie from ringside and sends her to the back. Brandi tells Maria that Allie wasn’t her partner tonight. That she chose someone else. A 5 time Knockouts champ. Out comes Madison Rayne. She hugs a departing Allie on the stage.

Brandi chases Maria to the outside of the ring. Madison starts out with Laurel and slaps her silly. Sienna is in and she takes over. Slams Rayne down to the mat. Sienna and Laurel double team her in the corner. They both control the next few minutes of the match. Rayne eventually fights back and tags in Brandi Rhodes. Brandi looking great as always, but greener than grass. Attempts two clotheslines that The Warlord would be proud of. Sienna gives her a big boot, Brandi fights back and hits a dropkick that had the elevation of Mascarita Sagrada. Brandi then hits what looks like a code breaker on Sienna. Goes for the cover, Laurel breaks it up. All 4 women are in the ring. Sienna goes for The AK47 on Brandi, She counters and hits what Pope calls “A Shot of Brandi”. Looks more like a sip of cold water to me. Some type of inverted ddt, kind of sort of… to get the win.

Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne defeat Sienna & Laurel Van Ness

We are now at The Hardy Home in North Carolina. Matt is on the computer. The joke is that he is deleting emails…. He is wearing a gray blazer. Reby walks into his office with their son Maxel. Matt is eating candy. Reby says that he doesn’t like candy. Matt says that there was candy left over from Halloween. Reby tells Matt that there would be less candy, if he didn’t give kids Green Beans instead. Matt says that it’s absurd that someone would give kids beans instead of candy. Reby asks Matt why he isn’t helping his brother Jeff at The Impact Zone. Matt says that the last time, he interacted with Jeff. He was acting like a savage. Matt says that it is a lesson to Jeff that communication works and that violence doesn’t. Matt receives an email from a “Young Bucks Newsletter”… Matt says that he doesn’t even like rap music and he deletes it. Reby tells Matt that he has amnesia and that she has brought some videos, to help him get back his memory.

#1 Contenders Match For The TNA World Championship
Bobby Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs. Trevor Lee

Fatal Fourway styled match rather than a 4-Corners match. First man to record a pinfall or submission wins the match and becomes the #1 contender. Lee, Bennett and Lashley all gang up on Carter early on. They throw him out of the ring and start going at each other. Lashley dominates both Lee and Bennett. Suplexes The Miracle and press slams Lee out of the ring and onto EC3…. Back from the break. All 4 men are in the ring now. Lashley delivers a german suplex to EC3. Trevor Lee and Mike Bennett actually team up and go after Bobby Lashley. They end up throwing him out of the ring. They then concentrate their efforts on Carter. Both take turns hitting boots and knees to a fallen EC3. When it comes time to attempt to pin Carter. Lee and Bennett start arguing. Lashley recovers and gets back on the apron. Bennett knocks him down… The Miracle then calls a truce and shakes hands with Trevor. They both start beating down Carter again. It doesn’t take long for them to start bickering again. Bennett sees Lashley getting back. He goes back outside and throws Lashley into the ring post. Meanwhile in the ring, Trevor Lee hits a great looking on EC3. Goes for the pin but The Miracle breaks it up. Fans actually chant “Kill The Troll” when Bennett briefly squares off with Lee. Both men decide to continue to work together against EC3. Emotions eventually boil over and they start shoving each other and then fighting. They knock each other down. Carter is back on his feet and hits a flurry of offensive moves on Bennett and Lee. EC3 hits flapjacks on both of them. Carter tries to give the 1 percenter to the both of them. While he is mid air, Lashley runs into the ring and spears Carter. Bennett runs over and gives Lashley a cutter. Lee then grabs Bennett and perfoms a dead lift suplex for a near fall.

Trevor Lee then attempts a fishermen’s buster on Carter. EC3 breaks out of it. Bennett is back up and superkicks the both of them. He then delivers spinebusters to Carter and Lee. The Miracle turns around and Lashley greets him with The Dominator. Lashley attempts to spear Trevor Lee but he counters it in mid air and hits “The Collison Course” on him. Attempts a pinfall on Lashley but Bennett breaks it up. Lee double stomps Bennett and then flies onto both Lashley and Carter at ringside… Very good showing for Trevor. Lee and Carter are now in the ring together. Carter counters Lee and hits The TK3 on him. Then follows that up with a sleeper. Lee taps out.

Ethan Carter III defeats Trevor Lee, Bobby Lashley and Mike Bennett to become the #1 contender to The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Just like last week, rather than celebrating his victory. Carter storms out of the ring and marches quickly to the back.

Back at The Hardy House. Reby is playing videos for Matt. She is attempting to help him regain his memory. Reby plays clips from Maxel’s first birthday party. That party happened to also be a part of “Final Deletion”. When Matt sees that “Vanguard 1” sends a hologram of his image onto Jeff’s wall. Matt asks how that his head end up there. He also sees himself mowing the lawn over Jeff’s design. Matt questions why he would do something like that. Calls it an “evil awful thang”. Matt then sees himself on video, playing the violin and shooting fireworks at his brother Jeff. Matt is appalled by his behavior. Matt says that he doesn’t want to see this video anymore. Gets up, walks away and sneezes. Makes a comment about the changing of seasons.

‘Fact Of Life” with Eli Drake

Drake is at his talk show set. The phony audience track plays after everyone of his comments. Drake talks about EC3 becoming The #1 contender. Cue the boos from the track. Eli calls out Ethan to be his guest. Drake calls Carter a choker. Says that he wants to save him the humiliation of choking again. He challenges EC3 to put up his #1 contendership against him in a match next week. EC3 refuses. Says that when he asked Drake to put up his Bound For Glory against him. Eli refused. So that’s why Ethan refuses Drake’s offer now. As Carter goes to leave, Drake has an alternate proposition for him. Eli says that if he doesn’t beat EC3 to become #1 contender. He will not challenge for the world title for 1 year. The same offer, Ethan gave Eli a few weeks back. Carter responds by declining but he accepts Eli’s proposal under a different condition. That if EC3 beats Eli Drake. Eli can’t talk for one whole year. Drake accepts EC3’s challenge. Carter grabs the mic and gestures that Drake will never speak again.

Jade is backstage cutting a promo for Impact on Pop Tv. She is interrupted by Abyss and Crazzy Steve. They tell her that Rosemary will decay her. Jade asks where Rosemary is. The Decay tells her to go find Rosemary…… Back from the break. Jade is heading up the stairs to the rafters of The Impact Zone. That same place, Sting used to hang out years ago…. Jade is calling out for Rosemary as she heads to the top of the stairs.

Bssile Baraka vs. Mahabali Shera

Bowling shoe ugly type match. One half of the tribunal going up against the man who defended Al Snow last week. After The Tribunal turned on him. A lot of brawling here with Baraka in control early. Shera fights back and hits a power slam. Follows that up with clotheslines and a body slam. He goes for a camel clutch but Basile counters and rolls up Mahabali with a handful of tights and gets a close fall. Shera fights back and gets Baraka into a camel clutch. Baraka taps.

Mahabali Shera defeats Basile Baraka by submission

Baron Dax runs out immediately after the match. He attacks Shera. The Tribunal then beats down on Mahabali. Al Snow comes out and is blowing his whistle. Teasing that he is still supporting The Tribunal, even after they attacked him last week. Snow gets in the ring, attacks The Tribunal and saves Shera. Snow then mockingly does a Mega Powers handshake with Shera.

Jade is now approaching Rosemary at the top of The Impact Zone. Rosemary is laughing at Jade. She calls Jade, Gail Kim’s chosen one. Rosemary starts going into a rant. Jade tells her that she doesn’t know or care what Rosemary is saying. She tells her that they will be facing each other for the vacated Knockouts Title. Rosemary tells Jade that she is darkness and chaos. Jade says that she is not scared of her. Rosemary points to the Six Sided ring below and suggests that they meet in a steel cage.

Impact Main Event

(The DCC) James Storm, Eddie Kingston & Bram vs Eddie Edwards & Jeff Hardy

Gone are the black suit and white ties for The DCC, but they still have the masks on and are wearing hoods with standard wrestling gear. There is no DQ in this match. Edwards and Hardy go right after The DCC. They overcome the uneven advantage early on. Jeff hits a twist of fate on Bram. Edwards hits a shot of caffeine dive on The DCC. Jeff then flies off the top rope onto them as well. All 5 men start brawling on the outside. The numbers game finally catches up on Edwards and Hardy. Storm gets hold of a chair and strikes Jeff Hardy with it. Kingston and Bram double team Edwards. They start setting up tables at ringside and throw chairs into the ring. Storm strikes Jeff with a bottle of beer on the outside, as the show goes to break.

When the show returns. Storm is still battling with Jeff on the outside. While Kingston and Bram are working over Edwards on the inside. The DCC dominates the next few minutes of the match. Jeff finally gets hold of chair and strikes Storm with it. James battles back with a low blow. Meanwhile, Kingston has set up two steel chairs in the ring. He tries to suplex Edwards on it but Eddie reverses it and suplexes Kingston onto them instead.

Storm comes into the ring and hits a back cracker on Edwards. Jeff is in now… Jeff hits a jaw breaker on Storm. Hardy charges at Storm in the corner. James move out of the way, and Jeff ends up running into a steel chair. James then hits “The Eye of The Storm” on Jeff and it leads to a very close fall. Edwards is now back inside the ring. Bram is in as well. Bram goes after Edwards and takes him to the apron. He then DDT’s him off the apron and through a table set up at ringside.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm are now back up in the ring. They start exchanging strikes. Jeff hits the twist of fate on James and goes for a second one, but Storm counters and hits “The Last Call” superkick on Jeff Hardy. He covers and pins him to get the victory.

The DCC defeats Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy

Impact ends with The DCC celebrating their victory.